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Fostering a Belgian Malinois, is a serious responsibility. The goal of the Malinois rescue program is to be ensure that this responsibility not to be taken lightly. Fostering is a serious commitment because we usually are the last hope for these dogs. Many have been neglected, some may even have suffered abuse and they depend on us to provide a temporary safe foster home and eventually a safe, loving adoptive home.

Fill out each section as comprehensively as possible. The purpose of this application is to help the prospective Malinois foster home to address the issues that would directly affect their home and provide us with the information needed to match each rescued Malinois with a foster home of suitable experience. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for the foster home subsequently increasing the adoptability of the rescued Malinois in their care.

Prior to continuing it is recommended that you take the time to read our " Policies & Procedures Manual ". When you sign this application you will be stipulating that you have read and agree to follow the policies outlined in the manual.

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May we contact you for other Rescue related matters? e.g. ID a Malinois in a shelter? transport a rescue in your area?
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List Name of Dog(s) you are interested in fostering and provide at least one alternate:
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Explain why you think a Malinois is the best choice to be fostered by your family:

Explain what experience you have with Malinois and dogs in general.

What activities do you expect your foster Malinois to take part in with you and/or with your family?

Who will be responsible for the care and training of the foster Malinois?

Approximately how long would you expect the foster Malinois to be alone each day?

* Do you live in a:
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If you rent or lease, you must have permission from your landlord. Please list Landlords information:
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Malinois are social, pack animals that need to live in close companionship with their family and pack. While moderate time may be spent in an adequate outdoor kennel and dog house they cannot be kept outside exclusively and never chained. Do you agree to these conditions?

Are you aware of the importance of keeping a Malinois on leash or in a fenced area?

Please understand that answering no to the following questions will seriously limit our ability to find a foster Malinois for you. There are extremely few rescued Malinois we will foster where there is no fence.

Is your yard fenced? No     Yes

If yes, note the approximate size of the fenced area, and height and type of fencing material.

Are you willing and able to modify your daily schedule to accommodate a Malinois' needs, such as going outdoors into a fenced area or walking on a leash to perform bodily functions at least four times daily?

Is there a local ordinance in your area pertaining to owning/housing an animal (i.e. leash laws, required vaccinations, dog licenses, etc.)

Are you willing to keep a collar with a tag bearing your name, address, phone number, etc. on your Malinois at all times?

How many dogs have you owned in the past ten years?

Please list previously owned dogs; include breed, sex, name. Include what became of each and their age at that time.

Please list currently owned pets, give breed, sex, name and age. DO NOT include dogs no longer with you. (see previous question)

Have you ever bred or raised dogs?

Have you ever participated in dog shows?

Have you ever trained a dog before?

If yes, what commands were taught?

Are you familiar with crate training?

If no, would you be willing to learn more about it and consider the use of a crate (portable cage) as a training and transitional aid?

How would you describe your household activity level (Select Only One):
Very Quiet     Easy Going     Moderately Active     Very Active    

Estimate number of times per month that adults visit your home?

Estimate number of times per month that children visit your home?

Provide an answer for each of the 6 questions.
In addition to a regular life at home, would your Malinois:
Walk routinely with a family member? No    Yes
Attend obedience classes? No    Yes
Compete in obedience trials? No    Yes
Go to work with you? No    Yes
Travel with you? No    Yes
Be a playmate for your children or friend's/family's children or pets? No    Yes

List other participation dog sports you might be interested in.

Would you prefer a male or a female Malinois?
I have no Preference      I prefer a Female      I prefer a Male

Occasionally, a Malinois with special needs (physical restrictions or an unusual personality or preferences) is available for adoption. Would you be interested in being considered for such a "special" dog?
I might be interested      Yes, I would be interested      No I am not interested

Please add any additional information or thoughts that you feel would help us to understand you and your home as potential Malinois owners?

Do you currently have a veterinarian? Applications without a vet will not be processed. You can use the box above to explain if there are extenuating circumstances.

If yes, please list your veterinarian's name, address, and phone number:
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Please list two personal references that you have known for more than two years that are not relatives:

Reference 1.
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Reference 2.
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Prior to continuing it is recommended that you take the time to read our " Policies & Procedures Manual ".


When you click your responses below, you are stating your agreement and compliance to our foster process.

* I understand an ABMR designated representative must perform a homecheck before my foster application is approved.

* If your foster application is approved a rescued Malinois may not be ready to be placed with you immediately and occasionally an extended period of time may pass before a Malinois that matches your experience becomes available.

* I have read and understand the Policies & Procedures Manual.

* I understand if I am approved for fostering I will need to adhere to the "Policies & Procedures Manual" which is a separate document from this ABMR Belgian Malinois Rescue Foster Application.

* I understand that should I foster for ABMR Belgian Malinois Rescue the daily expense of caring for my foster Malinois is non-refundable.

* I understand if the information contained in this application is found to be false my application will be refused or recinded, the Malinois I am fostering will be returned to ABMR Rescue and my volunteer status with ABMR Belgian Malinois Rescue will be permanently revoked.

* By checking this box I am agreeing I am at least 18 yrs of age and this is a valid and legal substitution for my written signature on this legal document titled ABMR Belgian Malinois Rescue Foster Application.

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Before clicking Send please make sure you replied to all the questions.

Please check to see that you have provided a valid email address. You will NOT receive your copy of the application if you have failed to provide a valid email address.

Please allow 3-5 days for an acknowledgement. It's very possible you will be contacted sooner but, each person working with rescue is a volunteer and sometimes real life matters take precedence to rescue matters.

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