Four Emaciated Malinois Need Your Help!

How many times have you told disbelieving family and friends that in hard times
your dogs would eat before you did!

Anonymous Donations; Bonnie Craig, Jude Azaren, Beverly Enold, Nicole Higgins, Christine Dufresne, David Kampner, Paul Mount, Martha M Kendall (Scout), Andria Witmer (LAZER - my first Malinois and best friend), Mark Wyatt (Belgians Topaz, Striker, Wyatt, Jig, Blackie and Smoky), Gail McPherson (In memory of Qantaqa, my friend), Rebecca Pistel-Yarbro (On behalf of my Malinois, Clay), Laura Higdon (in memory of Astor the Malinois), Amber Hoopes (In Loving Memory of "Luna"), Glenda Morris (in memory of my niece Jaclyn), Marvin (In Honor of Lin Karrels from Renee), Patricia Schlenker (In honor of Cove Points Island Magic), Cecile Sharp (with Love from Buck and Peek-a-boo, your belgian buddies), Janet Steeger (On behalf on my rescue Mal, Java), Dianna Thompson (In memory of Boss, Paula Fairfield, Petra Wingate, Rebecca Tyler, Mike Bavister, Vicky Sanderson, Tracey Goetchius, Marion Erp, Denise Schryver, Laura Krause, Joanne Thielen, Sharyl Kammerzell, Alysia Van Scoy, Kathryn Madden, Bridget Norris, Debra Kraft, Nanette Bradley, Cynthia Schweitzer, Michael Simon (Siri, the rescued Malinois who once looked like this too - but is now a very happy 10 year old)

This page started because of 4 very needy starving Malinois rescued within days of each other. The belief was that when their immediate needs had been met we'd be able to slowly phase the page out except for periodic updates on those four Malinois. That has not happened because there has been a steady stream of similiar emaciated Malinois rescued. Today, the 26th of Mar, I am adding Sharon and Ozzie rescued the first of the month. Your donations help Rescued Malinois, some better off then the original four and some even worse. We truly appreciate all the support we receive to help Malinois in need.

UPDATE! Update: November 29, 2009

Rescue, from Sept 20th to Sept 24th, has taken in four emaciated malinois, ranging in condition from bad to severe. While details of why these dogs are in this condition are hazy it is clear that their owners either couldn't or chose not to live by the slogan above. All four are now headed for, or are already in, foster care where they will receive desperately needed loving care and medical attention as they are slowly brought back to full health and their original Beauty. Beautiful Spirit, a case of extreme neglect has heartworms, whipworms, and hooks. Ice, nearly as badly emaciated as Spirit, Brooke, a tiny loving beauty at least 12-15 lbs underweight and Lyme disease positive and finally Handsome, Loving Aiden, 15-20 lbs underweight with severe fly bitten ears!

Each of them are more then deserving of having been rescued and they each need your help and support!

You can provide that help and support for these four very deserving Malinois by donating to Malinois Rescue! 100% of your donation helps the dogs! All donations for Spirit, Ice, Brooke and Aiden will be used as intended until all their needs are met. Please make sure you designate your donation is intended to help the 4 Emaciated Malinois.

Donate with a credit card or electronic check through Network for Good. This link will take you directly to the secure server page for Malinois Rescue Donations at Network for Good .

Prefer to Mail a check? (Please no Care Packages to this address)

ABMC Charitable Trust - Rescue Fund
Four Emaciated Malinois
c/o Jim Moses
21710 Cove Point Farm Road
Tilghman Island, MD 21671

Thank you for Supporting Malinois Rescue!

November 29, 2009

Beautiful Malinois are emerging from what was Bags of Bones and it's all thanks to you, our supporters, and their wonderful dedicated foster homes. THANK YOU ALL!

Your support for our severly starved Malinois has made a huge difference in the speed of their recovery. More is needed as we see this disturbing trend continue.

If you haven't donated to help us care for these Malinois please consider doing so today. YOUR support will make all the difference in the lives of these wonderful Malinois.

See the results of everyone's donations in the updates below. Your generousity has provided much needed quality food, worming, HW treatment and other vet treatment each of the dogs have needed and will need!

Aiden was adopted the end of October and even as transport was being setup ABMC Rescue got 2 more severly emaciated Malinois to replace him.

Brooke was adopted in December.

Sharon and Ozzie 3-05-10:

Rescue became aware of Sharon and Ozzie around mid-morning on Mar 5th and through the dedicated efforts of multiple people not only were they in rescue by 6 pm but had been seen and evaluated by a very special vet on a very busy surgery only day.

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 8KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 8KB

Emma 11-23-09:

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 20KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 13KB

Emma 10-31-09:

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 7KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 9KB

2 photos taken by Hart in Aug

MD - Turned over to Hart for Animals, from a hoarder situation, Emma was almost turned down by ABMC. Photos taken in August, at great distance from her, before her actual rescue, had our committee split on whether she *was* a Malinois or not. Sheer determination by Hart volunteers and Maryfrances, resulted in our receiving a stunning Gray Malinois Girl horribly thin.

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 7KB

1 photo taken by Hart in Oct 27

We are so thankful that a few were so determined to make sure Emma made it to an appropriate Rescue. And we are grateful for the opportunity to help this beautiful gray girl!

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 14KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 17KB

Santo 10-28-09:

On March 3rd, 2010 Santo's lost his battle to recover. Run Healthy and Free Santos until the day you are reunited at the Rainbow Bridge with those that loved you and worked so hard to save you!

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo Day 6 - 8KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo Day 6 - 9KB

Day 6

Shelter Photo

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo - 8KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo - 9KB

Day 1

Day 2-3

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo - 10KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo - 9KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo - 8KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo - 12KB

FL - Comments from the Shelter Listing: Dear pet lovers: I am a sweet dog that has many things going on, I am heartworm positive and severly underweight, I also have hookworms and a lot of ticks and fleas, lucky enough at the shelter they are trying to help me out as much as they can but I will need more help, my body weight is 35 pounds.

Sara heard about Santo on the 28th and it was two days before he could be *rescued* because of the shelter's required holding period. On the 30th her husband drove down and picked him up. Sara: Santo is at my house....almost as emaciated as Boomer was...vacuum sealed and hard to administer fluids to. I have already pulled more than 200 ticks off of him (at least 50 more the next morning). We're both resting. He's going to stay with me for a few days until I'm sure he isn't going to die, and then he is headed to his foster.

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo - 9KB

Santo Day 6 doing what he loves best.....eating..... :-)

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo - 9KB

Ice 9-23-09:

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 9KB

Ice Update 03-10:

ICE has had her FHO surgery and is doing Great! The charge for surgery? 25% of the standard rate!

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 6KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 13KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 7KB

ICE - Day 16 - Ice's Foster Mom Mary reports that Ice is continuing to gain weight and is starting to really fill in. Ice and Mary's girl Strega (one of Em's pups from Miami) play like sisters and love each other.

We have been investigating the lingering injury with a back rear leg. An X-ray has revealed that there is a very old injury that resulted in dislocation of one of her hips. We are looking into the best possible solution that will be minimally invasive and produce the best long term result. The injury was not obvious when she was in such poor physical condition, and Mary is getting a second opinion on Ice's leg this Saturday.

Ice will need to be spayed soon, and then, depending on what we learn about her leg, should be ready for adoption very very soon!

FL - Named Ice because she had such a cold temperament in the shelter according to workers. They had her marked "aggressive, will bite". One of my friends went to see her and said she is not aggressive, just scared. After Ice was pulled she was fine. Even being picked up she didn't struggle. Her teeth are sparkly white and she seems to be a year or under. Her weight is 46 pounds so she is going to be a good 55-60 pounds.

Ice is lucky to have youth on her side. Emaciated and atrophied, she is young enough to bounce back from her bout with starvation at the hand of man.

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 10KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 9KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 7KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 13KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 9KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 8KB

Spirit 9-20-09:

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 11KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 11KB

Day 21

SPIRIT - DAY 19 - Spirit is turning into a regular ol' Malinois. She steals laundry from the washer/dryer as you are working with it, tugs on your shorts, and leaps and clacks for joy.

I stood on a scale with and without her yesterday and it revealed a weight of 40 pounds. It may not be totally accurate, but she was 24 pounds when she started so that is an approximately 16 pound weight gain. I think she probably has enough weight now, but needs to turn some fat into muscle (don't we all :-) No hair has returned to her legs or ears where it is missing in almost what looks like a series of burns, but at someone's suggestion I am rubbing vitamin E oil into them and hoping for the best. We are working on her socialization issues and getting her out as much as possible with and without our other dogs.

She is getting spayed next Wednesday and then will start her heartworm treatment.

Every morning she comes into the bedroom to cuddle before getting up for the day.

DAY 27: So much good has happened since Spirit came into ABMC Rescue 27 short days ago. She is happy, fun loving, and a real character! She has gained 16 pounds, was spayed on Day 25, and is set up to start her heart worm treatment on Day 37. The hair is returning to her legs and ears, and her coat is getting glossy. In addition to her physical healing, her mental scars are starting to resolve and to heal. Being severely under socialized with people, her initial interaction has been a little sketchy. So on Day 21, she and her foster mom went to a Flyball Tournament for some hardcore noise/people/dogs/distractions submersion therapy. Spirit was fantastic! She is a VERY smart girlie and learned quickly that the new people that she was meeting all had treat bags. She quickly learned to pop into a sit and beg for a treat. What an accomplishment! We took a celebratory picture of her reenacting her Day 1 picture when she was being loaded into the car. Unlike the first day when we were not sure if she would survive the long car ride, she is now a kicking bucking strong little Malinois!

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 15KB Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 18KB

Day 27 Spirit is Thriving!

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 18KB

Spirit Day 13

FL - Spirit 9-20-09, 24 lbs, is an example of what life on a chain outdoors in Florida can do to you. Scars cover her legs and body and her teeth are all broken off. Her sunken eyes are having trouble focusing, and her ears are flybit and yeast infected. Of course she has heartworms, in addition to hooks and whips. Barely able to stand at the shelter, she was helpless and attacked by her cage mates leaving her with fresh puncture wounds all over her head and huge absesses on her head and neck. Upon transport we feared she would not make the drive and administered subcutaneous fluids to her in the parking lot before loading her into the car for the trip.

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 12KB

Spirit Day 46 w/Santo Day 6

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 9KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 7KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 11KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 10KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 7KB


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