The Emaciated Malinois are beginning to be Adopted!

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Adopted 10-09!!!

Aiden 9-24-09:

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Aiden - 8KB

MD - Aiden is quite the love as well. He is truly handsome and he weighs about 34 lbs. He is a little bigger than Brooke, so my guess is that he should top off at 50 lbs. His right ear is severely fly bitten, and there is not any hair there, only scabby sores and raw spots. He is on Nystatin cream for that right now, and also on Doxycycline. I wanted him on that even though he did NOT come out Lyme positive, I am sure it will help with his raw ear. The report from the prior owner is that he did not care about the cats in her home, but he was on the alpha side. I saw none of that at the vet's office tonight, even as he approached other dogs in cages and runs.

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Aiden - 6KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Aiden - 9KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Aiden - 9KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Aiden - 9KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Aiden - 12KB

Adopted 12-09!!!


Brooke available for Adoption!

Brooke 9-24-09:

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Brooke - 8KB

MD - Brooke is just 30 lbs. She is a very petite and a beautiful girl. Tiny frame and tiny feet. She should weigh about 40-45 lbs to look good. She was friendly, and very, very hungry. She is Lyme positive and now on Doxycyline. According to the prior owner, she would chase her cats in the house. She did well with my 9 year old and really did well for being moved into a strange place today. She was a little shy at first, but once she realized we were there to help, she wagged her tail. She saw kittens at the vet, but ignored them.

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Brooke - 7KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Brooke - 6KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Brooke - 8KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Brooke - 6KB

Spirit 9-20-09:

Watch for Spirit's Adoption

Ice 9-23-09:

Watch for Ice's Adoption

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