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American Belgian Malinois Rescue, Inc.®
A 501(c)(3) Organization

Your Donations Help Malinois
Your Donations Help Rescue

Rescue is understandably Proud of the many different rescues we have accomplished over the years. None would have been possible without the help of your donations. Once adopted our rescues participate in sports; everything from agility to dock diving and some are just full time companions yet all our adopters provide what we value most, a loving permanent home.

Thank you for all YOU do to help us achieve success!

Here are links to Malinois rescue stories, one a menu of Successes over the years:

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Malinois Rescue relies exclusively on volunteers to accomplish its work. Those volunteers provide much to their Malinois foster besides a place to live while waiting for adoption; food, training, love and the structure and stability that many rescued Malinois have never had in their life. However, there are still far too many expenses that must be paid! Shelter and kennel fees, spay and neuter expenses, innoculations and other expenses that ABMR covers out of available funds.

Malinois Rescue is funded totally by donations from ABMR members, Malinois owners and Friends of Rescue. Plain and simple, we could not exist without YOU, our supporters. With constantly rising costs it is very rare for the adoption fee to cover the cost of most individual Malinois's stay in rescue. Only with the help of each and every one of you is it possible for ABMR Rescue to continue to rescue, foster and adopt rescued Malinois to new, loving adoptive homes.

ABMR Rescue and the Malinois you help can never thank you enough for your generosity in helping to save Malinois lives.

We could fill this page with the above statement and still it would not express well enough how much we value your contributions. Your donation goes to create new lives for Malinois who, too many times, have undergone abuse, starvation and neglect beyond the normal person's comprehension.

Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. If you have any questions concerning your ability to take a deduction please contact a Tax specialist. Be sure to retain a copy of your credit card email receipt or your filled out pdf form and your check for your records.

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To donate by check or money order our PDF Donation Form is still available for your use. Print the PDF form and mail with your check/money order to (Please no Care Packages to this address):

American Belgian Malinois Rescue
c/o Jim Moses
21710 Cove Point Farm Road
Tilghman Island, MD 21671

Your Donations Helped these Malinois

Dara and Eleven Puppies Rescued

Saturday, January 15, 2011 Rescue hear's about a pregnant Malinois in a Chicago Shelter. About the time arrangements began to come together in order to spring her it was discovered she had already delivered her puppies in conditions that were totally unsuitable to insure the survival of the pups. Initial photos, see image at the top of this page, showed a very emaciated Mama Mal and ELEVEN puppies confined to what looks like a P400 crate, ACKKKKKKK!

Read about the struggle to save Dara and her puppies and what your donations were used for.

Dara when she entered Malinois Rescue 13KB

Valerie Undergoing Surgery June 29, 2009

Valerie is a petite, sweet, dark Malinois that was found in a kill shelter with a compound, open fracture and less than 48 hours to a fate of euthanasia. One of our wonderful new volunteers drove across part of the state on Sunday to retrieve Valerie. Then this morning, they took her to the vet for evaluation of the leg. Sadly, a few moments ago, we got the news that her leg cannot be saved because it had been broken for at least a couple of weeks and is now badly infected. There is no choice but to amputate.

Again you wonderful people saw to it that we were able to cover the cost of the surgery! Valerie's story.

Valerie - 10KB

Valerie - 9KB

Jacob, 9-12 mos old

Jacobs's leg was broken, both the radius and ulna and with your help he had the surgery required to repair this very serious break. You can read Jacob's story.

Jacob - 18KB

Your Donations Helped these Malinois

The 6 Emaciated Mals

Rescue, from Sept 20th to Mar 3rd, took in six severely emaciated malinois, ranging in condition from bad to severe. While details of why these dogs are in this condition are hazy it is clear that their owners either couldn't or chose not to provide the care they deserved. All six were placed in foster care where they received desperately needed loving care and medical attention. Five of the six returned to full health and their original Beauty. Santos unfortunately lost the battle but had loving care and attention until the end. Beautiful Spirit, a case of extreme neglect had heartworms, whipworms, and hooks. Ice, nearly as badly emaciated as Spirit, Brooke, a tiny loving beauty at least 12-15 lbs underweight and Lyme disease positive and finally Handsome, Loving Aiden, 15-20 lbs underweight with severe fly bitten ears! You can read the full story.

Sharon N' Ozzie
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 8KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 8KB

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Ice - 9KB

Santo 10-28-09 - 03-03-10
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Santo Day 6 - 8KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 20KB
Photo of Emaciated Malinois Emma - 7KB

Photo of Emaciated Malinois Spirit - 11KB

The Parvo Litter

Parvo Pups - 7KB

There was such an outpouring of support for the parvo litter taken into rescue that I fostered three years ago. I would like to thank each of you that donated and let you know where they ended up.

One is now living in Canada, has a little girl of his own and stays busy with the horses and going places with them. One is living in Florida with a wonderful couple who adopted a malinois from rescue before adding him into their family. The last but not least is still in NC living with her newly adopted sister from the litter I fostered last summer. They love him and he is doing wonderful with them.

The 2005 NC Litter

North Carolina Pups - 11KB

The litter of seven puppies and their mother that came into rescue two years ago. I had the privilege of meeting Sara Flynn-Kramer who drove them down all the way from Florida to NC for me to foster. Again the outpouring of people stepping up to help was so gratifying. Sara later came back and adopted Layla (the puppies mother) whom she named on the trip down.

They all ended up in wonderful homes and one is doing SAR with her adoptive home. One of the litter got to ride on an airplane to her new home in Texas and handled the trip with style. They have all, through the help of each of those who so willingly gave time and efforts, ended up in wonderful homes.

The 2007 Parvo Litter

2nd North Carolina Pups - 10KB

Totally over-shadowed by the Baltimore Maryland rescue another rescue was unfolding. Three littermates, BEAUTIFUL happy go lucky purebred friendly pups, were rescued in April just days after the MD rescue. Within 48 hours of hearing the pups were in the shelter the first puppy started exhibiting the dreaded signs of Parvo. Our Florida Coordinator took these boys into her home and nursed all three of them through the parvo.

All three recovered and are now adopted!

2nd North Carolina Pups - 10KB

Your financial support and donations of time, fostering, transport etc made the rescue and treatment of these puppies possible.


The 2006 NC Litter

2nd North Carolina Pups - 10KB

The litter that came in rescue from last year are all adopted but will never be forgotten. It was amazing to be able to watch each of them grow from the five week old puppies that came into rescue to the young adults they are today. They were each special.

One got to make her home in Florida where she is doing obedience, agility, and herding and yes, I hear she loves the herding. Three of them ended up being adopted in NC and one went up to her new home up north. One went to a home that had adopted one of the parvo puppies from a few years ago. She is very much loved and is doing great with them. The only male in the litter also resides in NC and the couple that got him are doing some scent work with him. There was another little girl that also stayed in NC and she comes to visit with her adopted brother and it always makes me think when I see her how lucky they were because of people that have so graciously donated to rescue and made it possible for these wonderful dogs to have a family of their own.

Without your help, through donations, transport and time, none of these wonderful puppies would ever have found the homes they have now.

Sidra - Treated for Heartworms

Sidra - 8KB

Sidra was heartworm positive when she was pulled from a high kill shelter in Florida. Her treatment was expensive and she could only be considered for rescue because of donations made for her care. She spent four months in foster care being treated for heartworms and gaining some much needed weight. During that time she worked on her manners and learned to live in a home. After testing negative for heartworms, she was adopted and now resides just outside of Tampa with a loving family that includes two beautiful girls. They think of Sidra as their sister and this happy ending was only realized because of the generosity of our donors.

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