ABMR Malinois in Need of Foster Homes

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The following dogs are waiting to be placed in an ABMC approved foster home so that vetting can be done and we have the time to evaluate them for approriate placement.

Boarding fees have hit us hard this year and have caused us to slow down on intake of rescue dogs. If you are interested in contributing to our boarding needs there is a link to Network for Good on our main page https://www.networkforgood.org/donation/expressdonation.aspx?orgid2=81-6099454

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Rebel, currently located in FL, is in need of an experienced foster/adopter. He has come a long way in the nine months he has been with his current foster home but he needs to move on now and either go to a permanent home or to another experienced foster home. He was apparently kept tied to a car and had little to no training. He was very emaciated and has put on much needed weight. He has been neutered and is heartworm negative. He is 5+years old and is a very handsome, energetic dog.

He knows his basic commands and has finally learned to take treats gently with a reminder to “take it easy” so additional training will be much easier. He is starting to discover toys though he is not sure what to do with them other than tear them up or run into his crate with them. He has not tried to get out of the 4 foot chain link fence either over or under. He has learned not to jump up on people but forgets sometimes as he is starting to become happy and is excited to see you but will stop with the “off” command. He has learned to “leave it” and is much better about his counter surfing but can be an opportunist so still needs watching when out of his crate. He has been improving with his house training but occasionally will mark objects inside.

He walks well on a leash using a prong collar but does pull if just using a regular collar. He shows appropriate behavior when encountering people on his walks but can be skittish with barking dogs.

Rebel wants to please and learns new things quickly. He is very sweet with Foster mom but is very reactive to people that come into the house and seems to still have some trust issues. On that note, he is also reactive to the vacuum and garbage bags.

He gets along well with his foster mom's female Malinois and loves to be with her but does play very rough. He has had a couple of encounters with dog savvy cats with no incidents but I think he would chase them if they run and am not sure what he would do as he has caught and killed a couple of rodents. Not sure how he would be with small children in the home but may be too rambunctious.

He would do best in a rural area as he can be quite vocal. He likes to remind you if he thinks it is time for a meal. He howls when he hears trains or sirens and though it is somewhat endearing it is not so much at 2 a.m.

Rebel is a good boy and would be a great companion for someone who can continue working with him, has the time to keep him out of his crate more and help him with his trust issues and socialization. Must be American Belgian Malinois Rescue approved. Reasonable transport can be arranged.

Contact Sara, flynnkramer@aol.com

What Kendall needs right now is a place she feels safe; a person without a heavy hand, as she cowers like she has been beaten. She completely ignores other dogs, but was loyal to her mate that she was found with on the street with, refusing to leave his body (he had been hit by a car). She loves every person she has met so far. Has not been tested with cats or kids.

Basically, Kendall is a dog off the street. A clean slate. NOT housebroken, doesn't know any commands, doesn't walk well on a leash and doesn't even realize a collar is going to choke her when she bolts to escape. However, she is very quiet in the crate and will not give you any trouble. The only time she does bark is while riding in the car.

We estimate Kendall to be around 4 or 5 years old and appears to have been bred at least once, and may have recently had puppies. She is in overall good health, has been thoroughly tested for diseases. (She will be spayed and UTD on all vaccines before she goes to foster.)

On the up side, she is friendly and willing to learn. In less than 2 hours she learned what a crate was and went in on command and that remains her safe space. I am sure she will be a quick learner, but this is not a ready-made dog. She will require work, but she will come around. I have not seen one ounce of aggression in this girl. I love her to pieces and gave her a kiss goodbye when I left her at the vet. Super duper sweet girl.

I know the perfect home is out there to give this dog some much-needed TLC.

Contact: Cindy

URGENT - need a foster home for Joey. He is currently located in a shelter in MD but we do not have a lot of time to find him a safe place. They estimate him to be between 1.5yrs - 3yrs old. He needs to go to a home without children and small animals.

Here is what the shelter has observed...He is aloof and independant at first but once he gets to know you, then he is sweet and leans on you. He is quiet in his cage. He is very ball motivated, trying to get them all in his mouth. He is super sweet with us.

If you can help, please contact me at aulickc@gmail.com

We wish that we could help them all but because of the number of dogs already waiting for foster homes, all prospective Malinois intakes MUST be cleared through the coordinator for the state or region, or the dog will NOT be accepted into ABMC Rescue foster care. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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