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Belgian Malinois in Need of a Foster Home

WE NEED QUALIFIED FOSTER HOMES!! Fill out the foster app found on our main page under "the process".  

The following dogs are waiting to be placed in an ABMC approved foster home so that vetting can be done and we have the time to evaluate them for approriate placement.

Boarding fees have hit us hard this year and have caused us to slow down on intake of rescue dogs. If you are interested in contributing to our boarding needs there is a link to Network for Good on our main page

Low cost spay and neuter program

Cain Cain  
This is Cain. He is between 4-5, neutered, and UTD on vaccinations. He knows basic commands and is a very energy filled, highly driven boy. He LOVES ball! He needs a job, so he can absolutely NOT go to a home with small children, small dogs or other small animals. He gets along with dogs his size as long as they are not aggressive towards him. He is located in AL. MUST be an ABMR approved foster home. If you have questions, or are interested, please email me:  
5 year old female, foster home needed. MUST be an ABMR approved foster home. Contact Julie:  
Imra Imra  

Owner's statement:
Imra is a beautiful female Belgian Malinois.  She is a veteran Military Working Dog.  I adopted her from the Air Force in February this year after being on the adoption list for three years.  When I picked her up they said her coloration was sable.  Imra was born in Germany in May 2011.  She probably had some Military Working Dog training at the breeders.  She was enlisted in the Air Force at Lackland AFB, TX in September 2013.  In the training environment there she began to demonstrate anxiety behaviors.  Medications helped somewhat, but by August 2014 they decided she would not be able to complete her patrol dog training.  They decided to put her in the adoption program.

Imra is a sweet dog.  After I brought her home she adapted quickly to being a house pet, she is house broken, but she was not used to living with humans or other dogs.  Her civilian vet reassessed her and changed her medications which helped greatly with her anxiety, she no longer paces and pants in the house.  The only thing she is not completely over is going into her crate to sleep, though she getting better with that too, it takes a few minutes for her to settle down at night. 
Imra was supposed to be my companion in retirement, but soon after I got her my prostate cancer became very aggressive and had to take more aggressive treatments.  Chemotherapy leaves me weak and fatigued to the point I can't give her the attention she needs.  And I have no idea how long the treatments will last.  So Imra needs a new home.  She is a loving dog, I have to deter her from trying to be a lap dog.  She likes to hang around outside with us when working in the yard and she responds to voice to come back.  She does well on her leash.  She likes to chase squirrels, which she probably never saw before.  And she likes her chew toys.  She leaves our shoes and clothing alone, but not my wife's knitting basket.  She is not good with cats or small children.

Contact Jennifer:

Rebel Rebel  
Rebel is a 5 year old male currently located in Maryland. Rebel is housebroken and crate trained. He has lived with children and other pets. He can be a little mouthy but it is all in play. Rebel does not have over the top drive. Contact Julie: for more information.  
Dot Dot  
Dot, a spayed 4 - 6 year old female. She is a dominant girl and would do best in a home with male dogs. Dot is accepting of new people and is an owner turn in. Dot is located in the Albequerque area. Contact Marcia: for more information.  
Tia Tia  
Tia Tia  

Hi, I am Tia, a six (seven on May 5) year old Belgian Malinois. My given name is Xanti From Mike's Place in the Netherlands. I was adopted, along with my sister, at 10 weeks old. My sister and I have the same sire (Biesser Van Joefarm) and our mothers had the same father (Klemm vom Roten Falken), so we are actually 3/4 sisters. We were best friends with occasional fights, but now we try to kill each other. So, I am looking for a home where I can be either an only dog, or at least an only female dog. I am loving, playful, loyal, trustworthy (with babies!), energetic, and smart as the dickens. However, I have a bit of separation anxiety and am wary of some people and other dogs. I do NOT like raised voices, or zombie movies. The perfect home for me would be a steady, structured environment with some space and good fences where I could be with my human(s) most of the time. I like to work and am high drive! I can figure out puzzles, love to fetch, will box you, lick your ears, and will pull you for miles if you hitch my harness to your bike. I am ready to GO! Let my pack leaders know if you're interested by sending me a message. Woof!

Contact Marcia: or Julie: for more information.

Ash Ash  
Ash is an 8 year old, neutered male. His owner has deployed so Ash finds himself needing a foster home. Contact Janet:  
Samantha Samantha  
Samantha Samantha  
Foster home needed for Samantha, currently located in SC. Samantha is a 6 year old, spayed female. Good with people and other medium to large dogs. She has not been around small dogs, cats or children. Must be an ABMR approved foster home. Contact me email  
Qualified foster homes desperately needed in Texas. Must become an ABMR approved foster home.  
Pepper - female, spayed, UTD on shots, about 2 years old.  Amputation of left front leg due to a dislocated elbow that was never fixed.  Heartworm positive (in stage one of treatment).  Has recovered from amputation great!  Happy girl, ok with other dogs who aren't pushy.  Have no idea about small dogs or cats. Contact Penny :  
Murphy - male about 2 years old, UTD on shots, neutered, heartworm positive (in stage 2 of treatment).  An old soul in a young body.  Sweet with people, but not really fond of other dogs.  Contact Penny :  
Chip - male about 5 years old, UTD on shots, neutered, heartworm negative.  Clearly has had a rough life, but sweet, plenty of energy, knows some obedience, only negative is that he is a love nipper and not a nibble - a full nip!  Very mouthy so will not be placed with young children.  Do not yet know how he is with other dogs.  Kennels and crates easily can be a bit barky in a kennel. Contact Penny :  
Abby Abby  

Abby, 1 year-old, female (spayed and UTD) Owner Surrender in Fredericksburg, VA

The person who met and evaluated Abby for me, our volunteer took her female Malinois, River along with her per my request, as the owners seem to believe Abby is dog aggressive.  Easier to explain why they think that by phone, if/when you have time, but the bottomline, and Jenny and Abby’s current “dad” agrees, it’s situational, exaggerated by the wife/”mom” and with a little bit of training and a confident handler, Abby will be just fine.

Anyway, when Abby and River first met, Abby growled and lunged at River.  But with no reaction/response from River, and one correction from our volunteer, Abby relaxed and eventually went on an 8-minute walk side-by-side with River.

“Abby appears to be very smart, attentive, and eager to please.  As a stranger she did show some fear when I came into her home.  This manifested itself into barking and lunging my way, but when allowed to approach on a loose leash she would sniff me at the greatest distance possible.  She did attempt to jump up on me, but not viciously.  Within 2 minutes of entering the home however, she was my best friend.  She did NOT try to bite me at any time.

“Abby was fine going on a walk and taking direction from me.  She was eager to work for hot dogs and knew how to sit.  The owners said she knew "down" but she only listened when I provided some guidance.

“Abby got excited over the ball but would not play tug-of-war with it (ball on a string) or engage excitedly with me.  I believe she is used to retrieving the ball and dropping it upon coming back.  The owners stated this was her main form of exercise.

“Abby has a lot of energy and is still very young.  She needs to be provided rules and trained on how to behave.

“I truly believe that with a little training and consistency Abby could be an amazing dog.  I think she would excel at anything her family wanted her to do.  I also believe it would be beneficial to have her doing some sort of "sport," such as agility, fly ball, dock diving, etc.”

Looking for an experienced foster home for Abby. MUST be an ABMR approved foster home. Contact Tracey: or Julie:

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We wish that we could help them all but because of the number of dogs already waiting for foster homes, all prospective Mainois intakes MUST be cleared through the coordinator for the state or region, or the dog will NOT be accepted into ABMC Rescue foster care. NO EXCEPTIONS.
All information contained on this page is the property of the American Belgian Malinois Club Rescue. Contact Foster Coordinator Julie Bear for more information on any of the above Malinois. If you are interested in becoming an approved Foster Home for the American Belgian Malinois Club please fill out the Foster Application found on our web site under "The Process"