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Belgian Malinois in Need of a Foster Home

WE NEED QUALIFIED FOSTER HOMES!! Fill out the foster app found on our main page under "the process".  

The following dogs are waiting to be placed in an ABMC approved foster home so that vetting can be done and we have the time to evaluate them for approriate placement.

Boarding fees have hit us hard this year and have caused us to slow down on intake of rescue dogs. If you are interested in contributing to our boarding needs there is a link to Network for Good on our main page

Low cost spay and neuter program

Young male currently located in Florida. He has high prey drive so will not be placed with small children, cats or small dogs. Ox sits on command, is learning to walk on a loose leash and likes to jump up and look you in the eye. He likes too tug. Contact Julie:  
Macon male    
1 y male neutered.  good with people after he meets them. Contact Melissa  
2 females    
8 year old females    
These two 8 year old females are very bonded and it would be wonderful if we are able to place them together. They are currently in the shelter. We must line up the foster home/s in order to pull them. MUST be an ABMR approved foster home. The foster application is available on our web site under "The Process" . Please contact Sherri for more information.  
Diesel Diesel  
Diesel Diesel  
Diesel Diesel  

Diesel is a large boy at 8 - 10 months old. Bad things first he can pull sometimes but nice on a leash (currently learning to polish up some manners) , will counter surf if leftovers are on plates , only pottied once in the bathroom when left to go on a field trip with my son and he was alone most of the day ( not his fault) he'll try to knock the food bowl out of your hands in a rush to get it ( currently learning to sit and wait), a little mouthy but only does that when super excited I came home.

Now the good! Diesel is very loveable and a certified snuggle bug, He hasn't got the memo that he's not to act like a lap dog! Play bows n huffs in greeting to everyone, prefers to hang out with the boys when he's not trying to sniff the girls, takes a snarl& snap from the girls in stride - I think he annoys them so they will chase- not a talker and really haven't heard his voice, fast learner, knows sit down, here with in 24 hrs! ( selective hearing on the come part), he will grab your wrist (mouthy/lightly) if you catch him by the collar and make him go where you want him, his room or his crate - it's like a come on mom don't make me - I've corrected him a couple of times, that gaping mouth could startle someone and he don't need to learn he can bully later on.

Diesel is not food aggressive, just wags a time or two and doesn't even speed up his eating. I have pushed him a bit on that and he's cool with me messing with him. Just rushes to get to it at first. Loves glow in the dark balls, I'm thinking he'd love a laser light every once in awhile. He is very sociable, loves people he meets. Diesel loves to run and the chase me game is his favorite.

Diesel is not a high energy kinda guy, a good stretch of his legs and attention he's HAPPY. He amuses himself with toys and lets the rest of the pack swap out with him, no resource guarding. Contact Debra

Oden Oden  
17 Month old male currently in Maryland needs a foster or forever home immediately. Great ball drive, gets along with other dogs. It is said he lived with a cat, but I cannot confirm if he is cat safe. He has crate anxiety and needs a mentally and physically stimulating home due to his young puppy-like energy level. He needs work on leash manners, but desperately wants to please. He settles nicely in the house with his humans and loves people. May be too energetic for small childrem. Must be an ABMR approved foster home. Email Maryfrances:  
Nikki Nikki  
Nikki Nikki  
Nikki is a 5 year old, spayed Belgian malinois. She does have medical needs due to a seizure disorder and takes meds 2x a day. She is super affectionate and wants to just be with her human. Nikki is friendly with new people, kids and other dogs.  She has some basic obedience training . She is house trained and crate trained but would prefer to be out with you. She will be happy to snuggle up with someone on those cold winter nights coming up.  Nikki cannot go to a home with cats.  Please contact Marcia, for more information.
2 young males    
Michigan Michigan  
I need foster homes for two large, young males currently in Michigan. They are very sweet and loving but have had no training and were under weight when brought in. They are learning to like treats (apparently they were never even taught what those were) and are willing to work for them. They are crate trained. If you are interested, please contact Carol at MUST be an ABMR approved foster home.  
Zena Zena  

Zena is a large female that wants to belong to her own person. She is a nice girl that is learning basic obedience. She is being trained in German.

Zena very much wants to please but parts of her hold back on obedience. This is  gradually changing though, as she has been worked with positive and firm methods. It seems like somewhere in her life she had a rough start, and maybe some rough handling that makes her hold back a bit. She is learning to hold eye contact which anyone that owns a  mal knows this is a natural for them. When first asking for a down she was very unsure about being corrected meaning she was almost bracing for a correction. Once she has found out that the correction isn't coming she has started to relax and is going into the down much quicker. She responds well to patient, positive training, which is clear in the expectations and reinforces when she gets it correctly.

Since I have not had her around children and  don't know her background I would like to see her placed in a home without children. She would do best as the only dog. She needs a fair owner and not someone that jerks and yanks a dog into position. You need to be firm though but being firm  doesn't mean you man handle.

She has been good with all the adults she has been introduced to. If you let her go up and meet them she has been great.

She  doesn't like sudden movements coming at her. She does however recover very quickly. But with sudden movements, you can see that glint of bracing.

She does run and chase a ball but is not what I would call a ball crazy dog. She is learning to bring it back. When she first started she would bring it back but drop it  within 4 to 5 feet of you.

She walks well on a leash and if she starts to pull a simple reminder and she comes right back into a nice walk.

Zena is a loving gal, looking for a person who will continue her training and will patiently reward her devotion with a matching devotion. More than anything, she wants someone with whom she can bond, and belong. Will you be the one to be Zena's heart human?


For more information about Zena, please contact: Janet

male - foster found, thank you Lisa!    
TN Male    
He’s a sweet boy, loves people and gets along with other dogs (despite what appeared to be puncture wounds of sorts when he arrived/they found him).  He knows sit, down, stay and heal.  The director and her staff have put him in a sit-stay and, though you can clearly see he wants to check-out/greet whoever has come into the shelter, he doesn’t move. Contact Tracey at , Taylor at or Julie at MUST be an ABMR approved foster home. Foster application is available on our web site under "The Process".  
Qualified foster homes desperately needed in Texas. Must become an ABMR approved foster home.  
Juliet Juliet  
Juliet Juliet  
This is a girl who truly is looking for love and attention.  She's so hungry for it she will not eat her food if you're around, cause she wants pets and attention from you!  Our vet has placed her age between a year and 18 months old.  Juliet is a quiet girl when kenneled or crated, but loves to run and play outdoors!  She's quite the play instigator but can play a bit rough at times.  She is good with smaller dogs in the house, but play outdoors would need to be supervised at first.  Juliet is very fast and agile!  She loves to run and while she needs manners training, she is very sweet and learns VERY quickly.  She is also good with children, but would need to be supervised as she wants to jump up on people a lot and could knock over a child without meaning any harm. Medium size about 23 inches and probably 55 lbs. Contact Penny:
Buddy Buddy  
Buddy is about a year old, and a sweet submissive guy. He gets along good with other dogs, but can be a little shy. He is warming up but really needs a home of his own to really learn what its like to be a member of an inside home. Contact Penny, at  
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We wish that we could help them all but because of the number of dogs already waiting for foster homes, all prospective Mainois intakes MUST be cleared through the coordinator for the state or region, or the dog will NOT be accepted into ABMC Rescue foster care. NO EXCEPTIONS.
All information contained on this page is the property of the American Belgian Malinois Club Rescue. Contact Foster Coordinator Julie Bear for more information on any of the above Malinois. If you are interested in becoming an approved Foster Home for the American Belgian Malinois Club please fill out the Foster Application found on our web site under "The Process"