Homecheck Guidelines for Adoption of Belgian Malinois

NOTE: All Family member's *MUST* be present during the home check. No money should be collected at the time of the home check.



Member's EMAIL:

Why a Belgian Malinois?
What is your level of experience in the breed? If the person has not had a Malinois, ask about any experiences they have had with Malinois and what are their expectations? I'm looking to hear if they have an understanding of how much love and attention is required, if they understand that a Malinois can destroy if s/he decides to take a chunk out of the furniture, if they have a sense of how smart these little sweeties can be. I'm also trying to get a feel for the person. Are they too soft that they could be bullied or let the dog get out of hand or too tough.

What is your lifestyle (active, passive, etc)?
How many Belgian Malinois have you spent time with?
Is spouse/significant other also interested in getting another Malinois? YES NO
How often do your dogs visit a vet?
What type of HW preventative do you use? What type of Flea/tick preventative do you use?
How many hours a day will the dog be alone?
Do you use a crate when not home? YES NO
How will you provide adequate exercise for your Belgian Malinois?
Will you be able to bathe, groom, pick up all feet, clip toenails, show bite, and touch your
Belgian Malinois all over so your vet will appreciate your dog? YES NO
Are you willing to socialize your dog by taking s/he out to meet other animals and people and taking s/he on outings with you? YES NO
Are you truly willing to share your life with this dog as a member of your family? YES NO
Will your neighbors accept this dog into their community? YES NO
Do you realize the possible expense involved with this dog, proper diet, proper vaccinations,
and heart worm preventative, what if this dog is injured? YES NO
Belgian Malinois are prone to things such as hip dysphasia. Are you prepared for this
mentally, physically and financially? YES NO
Do you realize Belgian Malinois shed? YES NO
What sort of fun things do you think you'll do with your Belgian Malinois?
Under what unforeseen conditions would you give up a dog?
Do you understand an ABMC dog can only be returned to ABMC? YES NO
Does anyone in the family have allergies to pets? YES NO If YES, explain?
What other dogs are in your neighborhood?
Are they confined or running loose? Confined Running Loose Both
If other dogs or cats live in the home, how do you plan to introduce the new household member?
Will you be willing to keep us posted about the dog - either through written statement or possible follow up home visits and maybe even pictures? YES NO
Will you be willing to try to educate others about this breed? YES NO
Do you have information resources? Feel free to ask ABMC for support? YES NO
Where will the dog reside? (At this time you may ask to see yard, the rest of the home, where dog will be when family is gone, or you may wait until the talking is over)


Fenced yard? YES NO Type of fencing? Locks on gate(s)? YES NO
Cleanliness of house?
Condition of the yard?
Check for anything left out that would harm an animal:
Antifreeze - YES NO
Oil Spills - YES NO
Pesticides - YES NO
Chemicals YES NO
Poisonous Houseplants - YES NO
Sharp Objects - YES NO
Ragged pieces of metal or fencing - YES NO

List any concerns.
How adults treat current pet(s)?
How kids behave towards their Belgian Malinois/current pet?
If no dogs, how do children behave in general?
Physical condition of pets.
Do current pets look clean? YES NO
Any problems or potential problems noticed? Fleas? YES NO Ticks? YES NO
Excessive scratching? YES NO
Bad breath that could indicate bad teeth? YES NO
If they currently have no pets, previous experience and pictures if possible.
Does their house look too pristine to accept pets inside? YES NO
Emotional - how they (the potential adopters) act, towards you, Spouse, Children and Current Pets.
Any known temperament problems of current pets? YES NO
If yes, please explain.
Would an existing animal not accept a Belgian Malinois in the home? YES NO
If yes, explain.
Belgian Malinois/current pet(s)'s attitude towards other dogs?
Other Pets

Any Obedience Training? YES NO

Were all adults present during the home check? YES NO
Did you read through the Adoption Contract with the potential adopters? YES NO
Do they understand the terms of the contract? YES NO
Do they have any questions about the contract? YES NO
If so, what parts did they have questions about? Please assure them that a board member or coordinator will contact them to explain any portions they have questions with.

Comments from person that did the house check:


Would you leave your own personal dog(s) in the care of these individuals? YES NO