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N Central Region:

Amarillo - Adopted!!!
Athena - Adopted!!!
Bix, male - WI
* Bobby, male - OH
Clara - Adopted!!!
Dallas - Adopted!!!
* Duke, male - MN
Echo - Adopted!!!
* Ellie, female - IL
* George, male - MI
GiGi, female - MI
Havoc - Adopted!!!
Lucy - Adopted!!!
Molly - Adopted!!!
Poppy - Adopted!!!
Red - Adopted!!!
* Travis, male - IL

S Central Region:

* Abby, female - TX
Chance - Adopted!!!
Duke - Adopted!!!
* Jason, male - TX
Kyra - Adopted!!!
Leo - Adopted!!!
Mia, female - KS
* Moka, female - TX
* Phoebe, female - TX
* Rigby, male - TX
Sopfia - Adopted!!!
Striker, male - TX
* Taz, male - TX

Northeast Region:

* Aja, female - VA
* Arras, male - MD
* Coven, male - PA
* EssyMae, female - VA
Jersey - Adopted!!!
Keeyo, male - VA
** Layla, female - PA
* Matilda, female - PA
Molly - Adopted!!!
* Ranger, male - NY
* Skeeter, female - PA
Tracker - Adopted!!!

Southeast Region:

Amara, female - GA
* Belle, female - LA
* Clara, female - KY
Hexa, male - TN
Hollow - Adopted!!!
Link, male - GA
* Malcolm, male - FL
Mika, male - GA
Trina, female - FL

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Jett - Adopted!!!

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In Memory of Wonderful Malinois Rescues

They are remembered by those that found them worthy of a Second Chance!


Old dog in a locket
That lies next to my heart
I will always love you
As I did right from the start

You were right beside me
Through the darkest of my days
It was your kind and gentle nature
That made me want to stay

Now I hold you in my arms
Your breath still warm against my hand
Our hearts still beat together
And I wonder if you understand

Through the hours that I held you
Before the light did leave your soul
I knew a way to keep you
Forever in my hold

I snipped the hair from around your eyes
So I would always see
The beauty that surrounds me
Even in times of need

I snipped the hair from around your ears
So I would always hear
Music in the distance
To quiet any fears

I snipped the hair from across your back
To bring me strength in time of need
And the power of your essence
Would always be with me

I snipped the hair from around your heart
That beat in time with mine
So I would know that love would find me
At some distant time

And so, your life slipped out of mine
On a quiet spring like day
But I knew that a part of you
Was always here to stay

Old dog in a locket
That lays next to my heart
I will always love you
Even though we had to part

Author unknown


Went to Rainbow Bridge: July 15, 2015
Grinner - 10KB
Grinner - 11KB
Grinner - 14KB
Grinner - 28KB

In October of 2013 I got a call from someone I had bought a puppy from in 1999. He said he was soon to be homeless and could I take his dog, Buddy. He had quite a few dogs that were from a show kennel that he and his wife had run before her death a couple of years before. He said this was his favorite dog, that he loved him and couldn't bear to loose him, he said it would only be for a couple of months tops, and that he would pay for everything. My husband said no, we already had four dogs, but I took him anyway.

He showed up on November first with a skinny, old Belgian Malinois, who was still intact and smelled horrible. I took him to the garage and showed him the kennel. It had a bed, water bowls and a few toys in it. The first thing he did was grab the toys and tossed them out of reach, Buddy looked crestfallen. "He can't have toys?" I asked.
"No he can't handle it."
"Does he eat them or something dangerous?"

Soon as he left I gave him a toy. He held it gently in his mouth and carried it everywhere.
That night Buddy had diarrhea and barked for eight hours straight.
The next day he got a bath and I brought him into my house.
More diarrhea, while spinning, what a mess.
Again he barked all night and all the next night.

That was annoying but the sad thing was that every day Buddy drank all of his water, as soon as I filled the bowl he drank it, I'd fill it again and he drank it. Took me awhile to realize that he had never had constant access to water, he was afraid to leave any because he was sure that there wouldn't be anymore. It took weeks for him to relax about water.

I took him to the vet and they were appalled at his condition. Thin, losing hair, rotten teeth, rotting nails and a lack of conditioning. They sent me home to work on getting him strong enough to have some teeth pulled. I put him on a quality food, kept him clean, gave him the prescribed antibiotics and started short walks.

It was crazy, he was as clueless as a new puppy, a big, old, intact clueless puppy. He urinated on my drapes, carpet and furniture. He had diarrhea everywhere.

It was clear that he had never been lose in a house so I set up an X-Pen in my family room. Even with the door open he spent most of his time in the pen, I think he felt safer there. And he got sicker, lots sicker.

I knew he needed more vet care and I was determined he would get it, but how? The owner hadn't paid for the first vet visit, or any of his food, and he was going to need many more visits, we couldn't afford that. So I called ABMC Malinois Rescue and explained the situation. They were willing to help but the owner hadn't signed him over to me and didn't want to sign him over to rescue. Poor Buddy was stuck in the middle.

By now it's almost Christmas time and I can't wait any longer. Buddy was failing fast, septic from his infected teeth. With Rescue's help we got his teeth fixed and Buddy rallied.

By the end of January I was pretty sure that the owner wasn't ever coming back for him so I contacted him and he agreed that I could have the dog. Rescue and I started working to help Buddy as much as we could.

His nails were soft and twisted, the vet said he must have spent a long time standing in wet and dirty conditions. They kept breaking off, we started Niacinamide and just kept him clean and dry. I didn't like thinking about him penned up in wet filthy conditions. We finally got a handle on the diarrhea and I got my carpets cleaned.

Buddy turned out to be sweet natured and anxious to love someone. He opened his heart to my husband and I, it was an honor to receive such devotion. He was affectionate and eager to learn. He was funny and silly. He fell in love with my little female Sheltie. It was a really long process, but everyday Buddy got a little better and a little happier.

Then in the Spring of 2015 the vet showed me a large tumor on his neck. It was positioned in such a way that as it grew, and it grew fast, it began obstructing his airway and inhibiting his eating.

It seemed like he was only healthy for like five minutes, that he declined so quickly. It was heartbreaking.

On July 15, 2015 he want into respiratory distress and I took him to the vet for the last time. I held him in my arms and the vet and I spoke softly to him as he left this world. He died, loved and cherished.

Was it a pain? Expensive? Exhausting? Yes.

Was it worthwhile? Humbling? Did it make me feel like I had done something that was with out price and the very definition of humane. Yes. And I'd do it all again.

See you at the Rainbow Bridge Buddy.


Went to Rainbow Bridge: 2014
Punch Running at the Park - 12KB
Punch Loved the Park - 12KB

Punch LOVED Agility!

Punch arrived at our house after a somewhat inauspicious start. On the last leg of his journey to Stevens Point, he nipped one of the transporters. She stuck her hand in the back of the car without looking and we all agreed that he thought that she had a treat or a toy. We all chalked it up to a nervous dog and a thoughtless move.

Introductions to our pack (Koa, Jude and Jaina – all ABMR alums plus Chase, a Boston Terrier) did not take long and went very well. He seemed to bond quickly and all liked him. He especially liked our 3 ˝ year old Malinois, Jaina. They raced around together outside and played very sweetly inside. He quickly learned the household routine and just as quickly bonded with me. We started agility training in our backyard agility course and he LOVED IT! He was a natural and a pleasure to work with and always ready for one more jump. We all fell in love with this strange little Malinois – he was only 35 pounds when he arrived at our house.

Little did we know that Punch was a very sick boy indeed and probably was sick long before he came into our home. During the second month he was with us he deteriorated quickly and we spent much time at the vets trying to figure it out. He lost a lot of weight and was failing to thrive. Too late, we determined that he was most likely suffering from EPI – Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. By the end of the second month it was hard to look at him – he had a very haunted look in his eyes and was always ravenous even though he ate lots of food. Throughout it all, he remained upbeat and loving. Unfortunately shortly after we finally had a diagnosis, he had a major health crisis and we had to let him go.

I am not sure what his past was like, I do know that he was happy with us and our pack. I feel privileged to have known him and loved him even for such a short period of time and saying goodbye was very difficult. Godspeed Punch! You have a family that will be looking for you at the Bridge!

Punch at the Park - 14KB

Linda Redfield


DOB: unknown
Rescued in 2000
Digger at 4 mos - 12KB

Before I get started on Digger's story allow me to first express my appreciation to Marcia Tokson and the ABMR staff. If it weren't for Marcia's faith and trust in someone she did not know and allow me to do what the ABMRR discourages, that being using rescue dogs for police work, Digger's story would not have been the same. So, Thank You Marcia!!

I had just become interested in fostering for ABMRR in early 2000. I had been in the Ft Wayne, IN PD K9 Unit since 1988 and was now interested in working a dog I had raised and trained from a pup. I was contacted shortly after and asked if I would be willing to foster a 4 month old male. This male had been wandering with his siblings through the streets of the city he was from and bothering people at the entrance of the local hospital. Local authorities picked the pups up and were not able to either locate or get the owner to retrieve them, so contact was made with ABMRR.

When I was contacted I was told there were original five pups and they were still looking for homes for 3 or 4. There were two brothers, Digger and Chewy, who I said I would take and asked if I might be allowed to evaluate the lads for potential police work. Although a bit reluctant, Marcia seemed OK with the idea.

As puppies Digger and Chewy were best friends. They played together, ate together and slept together. They were pretty much inseparable. I'm not quite sure why I chose to keep and train Digger over Chewy, but I'm glad I did and I believe my friend Bill Manes (who took Chewy, trained and worked him on the Boulder Co SD, CO) was too.

In June, 2000 I started working with Digger at the ripe ago of six months. We worked through the summer and fall on all facets of Police K9 training including obedience, all types of scent work, aggression control and narcotic detection. Digger continually showed just how smart, eager and quick to learn he was. Finally on Friday, December 8, 2000, at the age of 1 year and a day Digger and I received our first certification as a Police K9 Team. Digger was then sworn in as a FWPD Police K9 on Thursday, May 10, 2001, after retiring my previous partner. During the five years Digger and I worked the streets in Ft Wayne, IN Digger received numerous citations for his excellence in everything from apprehensions, to quieting disturbance by his mere presence, to narcotic finds.

Digger not only represented the FWPD K9 UNIT on the streets, but during public demonstrations, at national K9 workshops, at home and even being featured in four Belgian Malinois calendars. Digger was also asked to be the featured Belgian Malinois at a local dog show.

People who met Digger were always amazed just how gentle and friendly he was knowing the type of work he did and seeing him in action at demonstrations. Digger touched the hearts of many and was blessed by their admiration.

Digger will be missed by family and friend alike.


Doug Haskell

Digger - Ft Wayne K9 - 15KB Digger - 8KB

In memory of Micha

DOB: unknown
Welcomed at the Rainbow Bridge: 1/5/2013
Micha - 6KBMicha - 6KB

My wife Barbara and I had the privilege of caring for Micha recently. She was our first foster and we were excited and honored to be able to provide love and care for this senior girl. Our role was only to be transport to her new home in Upstate New York, probably only spending a few days with her. Her new family was anxiously waiting for her arrival. When we first saw the posting for her expressing the urgency of the situation we did not hesitate and knew we needed to be the ones to go and get her. We contacted ABMRR and worked out the details to get Micha.

As soon as we saw Micha we knew what a special girl she was. She had soft eyes and a calm demeanor. It was also clear that she need some TLC and we were excited to be able to provide that for her. As soon as we arrived home we realized something was not quite right and she needed to see a vet. Our vet determined she had bladder stones that required an operation. Over the next two weeks we got to spend a lot of quality time with this lovely girl. Although we already have three dogs of our own this girl touched us both very deeply. To come home and see her standing in the doorway with the happiest expression on her face and her tail wagging gently back and forth is a memory I will never forget. She asked for nothing but gave so much to us in return.

On the day of the surgery both Barbara and I accompanied Micha. It was supposed to be a routine operation followed by the usual recovery and rest. For reasons we will never fully understand Micha had complications and never woke up from the surgery. Soon it became apparent that she was not going to recover and the most difficult decision imaginable had to be made. We were glad to be there with her and hope that she knew that she was loved as she departed this world. She will be missed and fondly remembered for how she touched our lives.
Barb N' Mark

Micha - 19KB
Micha - 10KBMicha - 10KB

Princess Fiona

6/13/11 – 5/4/12
Fiona - 10KBFiona - 10KB

Do you believe in Guardian Angels? Most people don't. I didn't. Until Princess Fiona. Everything about Princess Fiona was a miracle, even her life. Stepped on when only a few minutes old, Princess Fiona developed hydrocephalus, or water on the brain. Puppies with this condition rarely make it to eight weeks of age. With love and a lot of care, Fiona beat the odds and made it eight weeks, and beyond. In December 2011, when Fiona was just six months old, her vet and I decided that she would need to have a very expensive shunt surgery in order to increase her quality of life and put an end to the everyday seizures from which she was suffering. Facing a $10,000 surgery was not something I could afford, and so I started to do some fundraising so that she could have the surgery.

As part of the fundraising effort, I made Princess Fiona a Facebook page. She had supporters from all over the world. Everyone who came in contact with Princess Fiona, or had learned of her story, fell in love with her. She was changing lives; everyone else was able to see the purity and goodness in this simple being which I witnessed every day.

It was around this same time that a family of neglected, and mostly feral, dogs, referred to as the Tennessee Six Pack, was rescued by the American Belgian Malinois Club Rescue. The youngest of the family, who was in the worst condition, both physically and mentally, Cyree Liberty, was moved to Texas to be fostered by another one of the coordinators for ABMR Rescue. Being the little Diva that she was, she got her own Facebook page, and she and Fiona became "friends" quickly. In fact, Fiona was one of Cyree's biggest cheerleaders, telling her that she could overcome her fears.

On April 30, 2012, I came home to find Fiona acting weird. She was vomiting everything, acting lethargic, and I knew there was something wrong. I rushed her to the emergency vet who gave her intravenous fluids and anti-nausea medication. Despite their efforts, Fiona was still vomiting. I picked her up early the following morning and drove her to our regular vet's office, where I knew she would get the best care possible. Driving there, I knew that she would not leave the vet's office alive. Later that afternoon, after having x-rays, the vet thought it was possible that she might have a blockage. He went in, and found, instead, what he described as "catastrophic damage." She had several inches of intestine that were necrotic, and necrotic tissue on her spleen. He concluded that the only way for this extent of damage to occur was for her to have experienced chronic splenic torsion, where the spleen partially twists, and lasts that way for several days, or even, weeks. He operated on her for two-and-a-half hours. He removed nearly five inches of intestine as well as her spleen.

She spent the next two days in a very critical state. She was lifting her head, but she was unable to get up and walk around. On the early morning hours of May 4th, I made the call to check on her, and found that she had passed away not long before. My world crumbled, I didn't know how I was going to be able to survive without my angel.

Later that day, something weird happened. I was on Facebook, and I was tagged in a photo on Cyree Liberty's wall. It was a picture of her, out in the house, with people around, a milestone that she had never achieved before. The following day, her foster mom came home to find two toys in her crate. One of them was, ironically, a favorite of Fiona's. It was as though Fiona was still there as Cyree's biggest cheerleader, even though she was no longer in her corporeal form.

Around this same time, I started to send up little pleas and prayers to Fiona whenever there was a sick, or urgent, malinois in a shelter. I asked her to watch over them, and to buy the coordinators some time so we could save another, and that time was always there for us. I also began receiving emails from some other coordinators asking if I minded that they, too, were sending up little prayers and pleas to her. I never minded one bit.

Most recently, I believe she played a major role in saving Chips, a senior in New York. He was scheduled to be euthanized, and the plan to save him did not come together until the very early morning hours. I prayed and pleaded with Fiona to watch over him. By the time I got in touch with the coordinator for New York who would have to make the call to put a hold on him, it was 8:36AM, two hours after they start euthanizing – and he was on the list for that day. We were sure he was already gone, but she made the call, anyway, and by some miracle, he was still alive. ABMR Rescue was able to rescue that old man that day. At that point, there was no doubt in my mind that Fiona was watching over him.

So, when people ask me now if I believe in Guardian Angels, my answer is yes. I do believe in them. I believe that, while she was alive, Princess Fiona was my angel. In death, she is the Guardian Angel to the ABMR Rescue dogs: to watch over them, protect them, and when their time finally comes to go to the Rainbow Bridge, to meet them and welcome them.

Fiona - 15KB
Fiona - 9KB


Went to Rainbow Bridge: 10/7/12
Grinner - 15KB
Grinner - 7KB

Our dear sweet Grinner (Grin & Air It MX MXB MXJ AXP AJP) went to the bridge on October 7, 2012, at almost 10 ˝ years old.

He was our wild and crazy GREAT dog. Having learned to run deer before he came to us, he was highly prey driven and was also an unbelievable escape artist. We could never really train that out of him. My husband like to say that he hasn't missed so many tackles since high school football trying to catch him as he slithered out cracks in doors that would challenge a mosquito. He escaped from boarding at Camp Bandy each time he was there until they put a roof on the outside run just for him. He never really went anywhere, he just like to be on the other side of the fence and grin at us. I offered his services to our county dog park as he was excellent at finding the weak spots in the fence but they declined J. Occasionally a deer would lead him on a romp through our woods, but he always seemed to know when to stop the chase and come home.

Grinner had some structural defects and this eventually caused torn ligaments in both rear legs. He had TPLO surgery on both of them a few years ago. Poor guy had to spend the better part of six months mostly crated in recovery. He was a surprisingly good patient and accepted it all.

He loved agility and really enjoyed coming to the trials with us. He was extremely affectionate and loved just being home and cuddling on the couch. He loved going to his favorite dog park for long runs chasing a tennis ball. Usually my husband would throw his ball and I would throw Koa's ball. Maybe he knew something was coming because this last week he frequently brought the ball to me to throw for him as well.

He was a gentle alpha and had a very big presence in our house and we miss him very much.

The Gang and Grinner - 12KB

The Redfield's


Entered Foster Care in 2003
Went to Rainbow Bridge: July 24, 2012
Rex in Malinois foster care 2003 - 12KB
Rex a Malinois foster in 2003 - 12KB

Rex while in Malinois Rescue, 2003

"Rex, my adopted Mal, passed away on July 24, 2012. I adopted him in the spring of 2004 from Lynne in Greensboro, NC. Rex and I did so many things together - running, biking, walking; and we took so many classes together - agility, obedience, tracking/trailing. We even joined a search-and-rescue group and he was doing well; but then I got sick and we had to quit. He knew me and I knew him… I've never known a dog so in tune with my feelings. He wasn't just my dog, he was my best friend. My sorrow at losing him is immense and I will love him and miss him always.

One month before he died, I noticed that he wasn't comfortable climbing the stairs. An x-ray revealed advanced spondylosis in 3 places; one place, the most advanced place was in the lumbar-sacral region. This is a very painful area because of all of the nerves. Hoping surgery could fix him; I took him to a specialist. However, further study of the x-ray revealed cancer had nearly eaten through his last rib and was eating through the sheath around his spinal column. I could not let him suffer a minute longer."

Rex, my sweet, handsome boy - 14KB

"Rex, my sweet, handsome boy"


Rescued in 2011
Went to Rainbow Bridge: 6/04/11
Mimi - 10KB

Mimi was rescued by Kay Wright while out out running as a stray in South Florida. She was being threatened by a neighbor who offered to shoot her if Kay did not come soon to "get her out of there". At about one year old, Mimi was a young waggy girl,who despite having vision issues we thought was worth saving . We hoped to give her an opportunity for a good life. She contracted Distemper while at a boarding facility in Florida awaiting a foster home to open up.

Yesterday Mimi lost her fight with Distemper after five weeks of experimental treatment from UF and extensive home nursing care. Mimi appeared to rally last Monday and spent some time outdoors exploring the backyard. She even laid in a hole provided to her courtesy of the other dogs at the house. She would often share a dog bed with one of the other dogs, especially Gina,her surrogate mom. From that day forward she deteriorated quickly losing the use of all four of her limbs. To the end she enjoyed eating baked turkey legs, and anything with butter and a little salt on it.

Mimi - 11KB

With much love and sadness,
Foster Mom Sara FK

Tall Dark & Handsome, aka Othello

Entered Foster Care in August 2010
Went to Rainbow Bridge: 8/31/10
Shelter Photos
Tall Dark & Handsome, aka Othello - 5KB Tall Dark & Handsome, aka Othello - 3KB

Foster Angel Suzanne De Blois stepped up on an emergency basis when a striking Malinois dubbed, Tall Dark and Handsome (TDK) was facing his last hours in a Florida killl shelter. We took her up on her offer, and after we pulled TDK from the shelter and drove him to Jacksonville to board for the night, Suzanne drove 12 hours round trip by herself to pick him up the next day! She renamed him Othello, and got him settled in. He was right at home and Suzanne was working hard to get him to leave her cats alone while giving him the freedom he demanded (as a Malinois :-) Soon thereafter there was trouble, he was weak in the back, and toppled down some stairs breaking, no, shattering his leg. Xrays showed severe bone loss and the vet suspected bone cancer since there was such severe bone waste. He was SUCH a great dog we had to try to save him, so we hoped for the best and did some bloodwork and then a biopsy. The biopsy results came back as osteosarcoma, could it get any worse? We started to consider amputation since xrays did not show that the cancer had spread to his lungs. But, it was not meant to be. Othello was getting weak, unable to hold down food, and tired, oh so tired. The cancer must have spread, and Suzanne called with the bad news that she felt like we just cound not continue to try to save him. Othello was too sick, to tired to go on. Suzanne told us that there was no choice but to put him to sleep. She spent one last day with him, to spend time with him and love him and then she will let him go. We are forever grateful to Suzanne De Blois for her unconditional devotion to our beloved Othello.

Safe in my foster home
Tall Dark & Handsome, aka Othello - 19KB
During Treatment
Tall, Dark and Handsome aka Othello - 17KB

Yesterday the lady gave me a liver and salmon snack and I knew there were pills in it but she told me I was a good dog, so I ate it anyway. When she got home from work it was different. She just opened the back door and ALL us dogs ran outside. She didn't even put the plastic boot on my splint and I wasn't on leash. That bossy little bitch came up with a jolly ball for the lady to throw and I grabbed it a couple of times because Wassail runs too far out and doesn't keep her eye on the ball like I do. I LOVE catching the ball! The lady decided to lift that camera up though, so I had to disappear and was able to go to the dog clubhouse. The lady calls it the workshop, but underneath is a cool hangout for dogs. The cats came up expecting a game of chase, but I let the other dogs run after them, 'cause I had to hide from that camera. I haven't run in a long time and was feeling pretty tuckered out and wanted to go inside. I couldn't make it up the steps onto the deck but the lady lifted me up and I opened the screen door with my nose and let myself inside. Those cats were really giving me the eyeball but I just ignored them unless they got close enough to sniff their butts and the lady told me I was a GOOD dog. She says that a lot, sounds like a broken record sometimes. Next time the lady came at me with some pills she stuck them in some ground raw chicken and I didn't even consider spitting them out. YUM. I wandered all around the house and let myself outside when I wanted. I really am a very good boy! My leg was starting to hurt like hell but that bite of chicken made me forget all about it. After the other dogs came back from their walk they lay around waiting for dinner. I don't lay around when it comes to food, I am right there sampling it with my nose. I LOVE dinner time. I think the other dogs got regular food plus a duck neck, but I got all treats for dinner: the duck neck, boiled chicken breast filets, raw chicken and lamb patties, tripe, and the kibble and cottage cheese that I didn't eat for breakfast. Well I didn't eat the kibble again, and those raw patties weren't so great compared to the chicken breast and duck neck. I haven't spent much time in the bedroom where everyone sleeps at night so I collapsed in there after dinner on a corner of bedding. That lady kept following me around with the camera; doesn't she get that I disappear when she points that thing at me? All in all, it was great having the run of the house and yard. When it was time for bed, the cats got locked upstairs since they are disruptive by nature and I went and hid so the lady wouldn't put me in the crate. It was weird. She didn't come to get me, but the other dogs got excited whispering to each other about their bedtime snack. I went to see what that was all about and saw they got a bite of baked chicken, and so did I!!! The lady slept on the floor so I went to flop down next to her but that bitch told me that was her person and to keep my distance. OK, OK, so I flop on the bitch's bed, then roll off of it so I'm within touching distance. Nyala has her own crib mattress and ignores the fuss. I must have dreamt about that good dinner and voila, it came back so I ate it again. The second time my dinner came back the lady got up to get a bag, paper towels, nature's miracle and little green. I cleaned it up myself again and kept it down because I had a feeling I'd need the fuel for a journey in the morning. Time to get up and she didn't put the leash on but opened the back door so out I went again. When it was light she had that camera out and I actually crawled up the steps on my own to escape inside. I was pretty dang sore from running and walking around so much but when she came to slip me more pills I tried just eating the chicken and spitting out the pills. That crazy lady is more stubborn than I am though and I HAD to swallow the dope. After the other dogs came back from their walk it was time for breakfast again. I only ate about half my rations, but it was good stuff. When the lady was getting ready to go I thought she'd put me back in the crate but instead she got my leash. Better still, she opened up the hatch of the subaru and I tried jumping in. I didn't come close to making it and she told me I was a silly galoof and gave me a boost. I love riding in the car. We went back to the vet which is where I spend most of my time if I'm not at home. That clumsy lady dropped a squeaking tennis ball right in the parking lot so I had to grab the thing and bring it inside. Everyone was nice to me because I am such a nice boy. We played tug with that ball for a while. That exhausted me so by the time the doctor came in all I could do was pant and wag my tail. Well, if you're reading this after 10:27 I already went on that journey I talked about earlier. Somehow I left that ball on the floor of the examining room, but I am running like in the old days now and there are plenty of balls here anyway. All the colors of light went through my body and my leg doesn't hurt and food feels good going through. My body went to be incinerated, but if my spirit comes back in a malinois puppy, I want to be with people like you great folks whose well wishes and actions meant lots to me when I was in pain. Thank you all for all you do. Tall Dark & Handsome, aka, Othello

Life is Good (8/31/10)
My Last Morning - TDK aka Othello - 19KB


Adopted in December 1998
Went to Rainbow Bridge: 4/28/09
Sadie - 6KB

Sadie, our beloved rescue Mal passed on 4/28/09. Sadie was adopted in December 1998. She instantly touched us and became a positive influence in our lives. She really made everything we did better. Sadie helped us get to know our neighborhood in Philadelphia, re-discover the outdoors and discover goretex and pet friendly hotels.

Sadie - 10KB

Sadie loved her machostix almost as much as she loved the chase. Sadie loved to go for walks and rides in the car, especially when we were heading up to the mountains. Sadie had a phenomenal vertical leap which never ceased to amaze people.

Sadie - 10KB

In 2004, when our daughter Claire was born, Sadie never left her side and provided that extra set of eyes we needed in the house and yard for Claire and later for our son David as well.

Sadie - 15KB

Sadie aged gracefully and was fairly active until recently. Sadly, in her fifteenth year, Sadie's spine and hips gave out. We did our best to keep her comfortable. She remained alert til the very end. We miss her very, very much.


Adopted in 2002
Went to Rainbow Bridge: 2003
Kasper - 10KB

I remember getting a call from Marcia the NE Coordinator about Kasper. She had asked if I would be interested in fostering him. I asked her to tell me a little about his background. His mother had died, he had been bottle fed and was with another rescue group up north. Kasper had been adopted out and they had reported him being aggressive with the adoptive family. I told her sure send him down. Kasper flew into the airport where I picked him up. Imagine my surprise to see this three month old pup laying in his crate taking everything in stride. I called my husband and said you are going to love this boy, wait until you see his color. My husband loves the "off color" malinois.

I brought him home let him out in the field to run around and see what he was like. I called Marcia laughing on the phone telling her he was anything but aggressive. Kasper loved to talk and was quite the vocal one. No aggression just loved to hear his own voice. So he learned very fast to speak on command and he learned equally as fast to be quite on command.

Kasper would go out into the field while I was working other dogs and he had an uncanny way of picking up everything that they were doing.

Then enters my husband. We had fostered several dogs for ABMR rescue over the years and Joe has loved them all but this boy was so special to him. He would take Kasper everywhere with him and you could see Joe and Kasper out in the field walking around and they were just talking to each other. You could see the love he had for him as well as the love Kasper had for Joe and there was very special bond between the two.

The decision was made to adopt him. There were many tears shead over this special boy because we knew at the time we adopted him he had a genetic kidney disorder and we would not have him long. The vet had given him a short time but Kasper being the special boy he was beat the expectations and lived to be a little over a year.

What will always be remembered in the short time we had him was the love that he gave and the special bond that he had with my husband. Even though his time was too short here he had a bond with Joe that most people only wish for in companion and we wouldn't trade the time with him for anything. He taught our family a lot. It was like he knew his time here was short and he was always the first to do anything and everything. Even when he could no longer go play he would watch the other dogs from the swing on my husbands lap just taking everything in and giving him back the love that only a dog can give. Kasper would still bark out his orders when the other dogs weren't working as well as what he thought they should and kept that amazing zest for life over seeing everything from the swing on Joe's lap. We will always be thankful to Marcia as well as ABMR Rescue for having the time with this very special boy we got to share our lives with.

Joe and Lynne Swaringen


Sheba - 10KB

Sheba, a Belgian Malinois, was seven years old when I agreed to foster her for the American Belgian Malinois Club rescue. They warned me that since she was so old I might find her difficult to place. Well, I found her difficult to place, but not because she was so old, but becuse I fell in love with her!

Sheba was a working dog, and really needed a job to do, so I started training her in agility. She loved it, and was very eager to work with me in the sport. Since I, also a senior, wasn't able to walk around an agility course, I had to use my electric scooter to train and show her. She learned to do all of the obstacles correctly, and to go on ahead of me when I couldn't keep up. We earned several titles in AKC and UKC agility, and she was still happily competing at the age of nine, as shown in the picture.

Carol Stein, Johnstown, OH

Jolie Blanc

Adopted in 2002
Went to Rainbow Bridge: Aug 3rd 2007
Jolie in Rescue - 6KBJolie at Home - 7KB
Jolie in Rescue
Jolie at Home

Jolie Blanc came to us in 2002 and left us August 3, 2007. She came from ABMR rescue and was our first Malinois. Besides being one of the most affectionate dogs we have ever had we learned so much from her. Due to her loving, loyal ways we were sold on Belgians.

We really don't know how old Jolie was when she came to us, everyone had their opinion of her age, but it did not matter, we were just thrilled to have her. She helped to train our younger boy when he came to our home (also through ABMR) and told him what's what.

Jolie's favorite place to sleep became our hall outside of our bedroom on the cool tile. When Bear was allowed out of his crate at night in the bedroom, she became my babysitter. She would not allow him to leave the room.

On Thursday evening her breathing became a little labored, with her having allergies, I gave her Benedryl and she seemed to get some relief. Friday morning she was still having difficulty breathing so off to the vet. The Vet said she was having congestive heart failure and he would need to keep her a few days and treat her with diuretics and heart medication. Within a few minutes of my husband getting home, our vet called and said she was gone. She had had a heart attack and they could not revive her. I think she was just waiting to be away from us to let go.

It was shocking and losing her hurts terribly. We miss her tremendously. There will never be another dog that can fill her shoes.

Our thanks go to ABMR and all those wonderful "Belgian" people that took part in her rescue and foster care. The first part of her life may have been difficult for her, but the past five years that she was with us were wonderful for her. She quickly became the "Queen of the House" and will forever reign in our hearts.
Thank you,
Joe & Vickie Mediate


Adopted in 2007
Went to Rainbow Bridge: May 2007
Kota in Rescue - 5KBKota at Home - 10KB
Kota in Rescue
Kota at Home

Kota came into our lives petrified of everything - people especially. It took awhile but he slowly started coming around and enjoying life. Kota blessed our lives and made everyone he met so happy with his willingness to please and can-do attitude. He learned many things in his time with us and met all challenges put in front of him. It was a joy to see him come out of his shell and a tragedy the way his life ended. We were lucky to have Kota in our lives and will always miss him.

We were lucky to have Kota in our lives and will always miss him.


Adopted in 2002
Went to Rainbow Bridge: Mar 2007

"Cervelle", my rescued Belgian Malinois, lost her battle with congestive heart failure this morning at the age of 12. At least she was able to live her last 3 years in the only home she never ran away from. She will be missed by her household buddies, "Raka" and "Vakt", and all of us here on the farm.

Sara, AKA Sissy

Adopted in 2001
Went to Rainbow Bridge: Feb 2007
Sara in Rescue - 5KBSara at Home - 6KB
Sara in Rescue
Sara at Home

My Husband, Mike, and I had purchased a Malinios from a breeder in 2000. His name is Nico. At the time we didn’t have children yet and he was our only baby. We decided he needed someone to keep him company during the day while we worked. We had heard about the rescue because Mike is a police officer and had contact with Mal owners. We contacted ABMR sometime in 2001and we ended up going to pick up Sara, or Sissy, as we nicknamed her. Sara was wonderful. She was such a joy for us. She was laid back and sweet. A wonderful compliment to the Malinut we already had! Nico is so full of energy and is so mischievous. They had a time getting to know each other and a time getting along at first. They settled in together and became like brother and sister. Sometimes bickering, sometimes playing. They would have never let anything happen to the other. We all fell in love with Sara. When I was pregnant with our first child and Mike worked nights she sat by my side. It was like she knew I wasn’t feeling well. Dylan was born in 2002 and we had another son in 2005. The four year old loved Sara so much. He would play with Nico and loved on Sis.

We lost Sara February 2, 2007. We aren’t sure what happened. She may have been older than first thought. She may have been sick. Either way, it has been very hard for all of us. She was so very loved. One thing we do know is that she had a good life and a lot of love from the moment we had her. We thank the rescue for everything they did for us and for our sweet “Sissy” girl.

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