Malinois Found
Miami, FL

Injured Malinois: Her owner has been Found

Miami, FL

We have located her owners and appreciate everyone's help in solving this mystery. A Foster Home with a HUGE heart has been found for this girl...THANK YOU TERRY!!!!. Her injuries are currently so serious that she is unable to walk, but we remain hopeful that with good care and medical treatment she will recover. She is safe in a home setting getting exceptional nursing care. The good samaratin who found her is staying in contact with us. In addition to picking her up out of a busy lane of traffic, has contributed financially to her care to date and also to her continued care....THANK YOU DEB!!!!

Photo of Injured Malinois Found in Miami Florida - 13KBPhoto of Injured Malinois Found in Miami Florida - 10KB

Found: Female Belgian Malinois - Jan 14, 2012

Injured when hit by a Car!

  • Breed: Belgian Malinois
  • Color: Fawn color with a Black Face
  • Black, upright ears
  • Sex: Female

Female "Samari" Needs another Good Samaritan to Help Her!


A good Samaratin took this injured Malinois to an emergency clinic and paid for her care after she was hit by a car. We are actively looking for her home, and need to find a place for her by the end of Wednesday. She is in Miami, FL. They scanned her and there was no chip and she has no collar. She has to have belonged to someone recently because she is very healthy weight wise (sort of fat :-), her skin and hair look really good and she is so sweet and friendly. We have posted flyers all around the area where she was found and gone to several farms and homes to see if anyone knows her and have had no success to date. Can you help her??? We think she is about 5, spayed, and very gentle!!!!

Photo of Injured Malinois Found in Miami Florida - 26KB

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