Jacob needs your Help!

Jacob expenses have been paid for in part by his Mal Pals. Thank You!

Anonymous donations, Tanya Castaneda, Dianna Thompson, Patricia Schlenker, Beverly Enold, Anne Riba, Kayla Adams, Lee Ann Doyle, Glenda Morris, Ruth Mays, Don Johnson, Rebecca Tyler, Ann Foley, Leslie Sparrow, Christine Walls, Kathryn Elder, Michael Simon, Carole Goetzelmann, S Schmidt, Penny Clark, Joanne Thielen, Susan Spinhirne, Tracy Allen, Gaynell Russell, Timothy Wirsching, L Michael Russell, Valerie Lussier, Robin Campbell, Dana R Hanlon

Thank you to everyone that made Jacob's surgery possible!

Update: 10-15-2010

Hi everyone,

Thank You for all the love and support that you have given to Jacob. He is a very sweet and special boy. He came out of surgery doing great. The surgeons had nothing but good things to say about him (he is a Mal puppy are you sure??) and how sweet he was (this I know is true). The only comment that I knew was not a typical everyday comment was when they said "he was a WILD man." This is when I knew the little man was coming around just fine.

Jacob even caught the eye of a Vet Tech, so maybe this will turn out to be a good thing. The hardest part (like I knew it would be) is keeping him in the crate. He likes to be with my Yaska, who is a great sitter for him. The staples will get to come out tomorrow and the lampshade will get to officially be destroyed! We will hold an official ceremony after we get the okay from the doctor. I can't complain, he has done exceptionally well with the cone, I'm just tired of getting beat to death with it.

He went to Yaska's Dock Dog competition this weekend and was a dream. I placed him so he could see us and we did not hear one peep from him. I think he really liked the attention that he received, he is turning into a little ham. Like I expected, we have had a setback on house training, chewing and manners and… Oh, who am I kidding you guys know what a Mal puppy is all about. I've tried EVERYTHING to keep his mouth occupied and where it belongs. Toys are just not his thing so I keep a rotating stock of Kongs and rawhides available 24 hours a day. I don't like rawhides but I broke down to keep Mr. Jacob entertained. Hopefully I will get some pics update soon. He has kept me extremely busy.

Jacob was pulled from the shelter just in the nick of time by a very loving lady who held him until a foster family could be arranged. His foster mom drove 6 hours (one way) to pick up this very handsome boy. He is estimated to be around 9 to12 months old. Within one week of being with his foster family he attached himself to a foster sibling who was just beginning to show “little man” the ropes and teach him manners. At only 43 pounds and gaining Jacob has the sweetest disposition and is an absolute joy to have around. He even leaves the outside cat and the little dog alone! In just a weeks time he learned a lot and made friends all over town on evening walks. He has not met a stranger he did not like. He even attended his first barrel race and was a hit with everyone. Jacob even talked about rescue and how great everyone from ABMC Rescue was; after all it did save him from death row. Jacob promised his new friends that he would return the following day. Unfortunately Jacob did not get to go and is trying to recover from a very tragic accident that happened early Saturday morning.

Jacob was in a severe accident while outside with his foster siblings and was rushed to a local vet. Due to the weekend and a veterinary conference doctors in the area seemed to be few and far between. Needing immediate medical attention his foster mom decided to take him to a local vet referred to her by a friend. The doctor found that Jacobs’s leg was broken, both the radius and ulna. The doctor suggested that we see an Orthopedic Surgeon which will be a very costly visit with surgery. The doctor put a cast on his little leg concerned about the time it would take to get to the Orthopedic. Due to his age, activity level and what the future holds for Jacob the doctor felt this was the best decision.

Jacob was able to come home immediately and start the first recovery. The doctor let him go home early but knew by the involvement of his foster mom that he would be better at home then at the kennel until Monday. He is resting somewhat comfortably at home and is waiting on the next doctor’s visit.

Supporters of ABMC Rescue know we work very hard to maximise the number of dogs we help with the funds entrusted to us by supporters. This emergency surgical procedure was not part of our anticipated expenses, But, Jacob is only 9-12 mos old and it is unthinkable to not provide the care Jacob needs.

Orthopedic Surgery will be $2500.

Will you help meet Jacob's expenses as he recovers from this traumatic injury? GuideStar's secure server. Please make sure you indicate your donation is for Jacob's ongoing expenses.

Would you prefer to mail a check? (Please no Care Packages to this address)

ABMC Charitable Trust
Jacob's Surgery/Care
c/o Jim Moses
21710 Cove Point Farm Road
Tilghman Island, MD 21671

Jacob before his accident.

Jacob - 18KBJacob - 17KBJacob - 13KB

Jacob is at home waiting for his appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.

Jacob - 21KB
Jacob - 20KB

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