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Central Region:

Hawk, Adopted!!!
Miley, female - TX
Rosie, female - OK
Tommy, male - TX

Northeast Region:

AJ, female - OH
Belle, Adopted!!!
** Blue, male - MN
Brandy, Adopted!!!
Brody, male - CT
* Bunny, female - PA
* Dax, male - KS
* Chopper, male - NJ
** Dutch, male - MA
Ginger, female - OH
Helo, male - MI
Izzy, Adopted!!!
* Kairi, female - KY
* Kaiser, male - IL
* Keane, male - WI
Mike, Adopted!!!
Raven, Adopted!!!
Redd, male - NJ
* Rex, male - MA
*** Rudy, male - MD
Terri, female - NJ

Northwest Region:

Chloe, female - ID
Gabby, Adopted!!!

Southeast Region:

Cooper, Adopted!!!
* Ivan, male - NC
* Jenna, female - GA
Loki, Adopted!!!
* Shelly, female - KY
Tasha, female - FL
Trooper, Adopted!!!
Xena, Adopted!!!

Southwest Region:

Bosco, male - MT
Mac, male - CA
Mick, male - CA

Dogs available from
Alternate Sources
Updated: Feb 25th

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Bones for Brandy supports Belgian Foster homes by sending Care packages to sponsored Malinois. Packages can include, but are not limited to Treats, Toys, Kongs, Ropes, Leashes, home made liver treats, whatever you would like to send. Sign up at http://www.bonesforbrandy.4t.com and pick your month and Malinois.
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Rescued Malinois Puppies!
Puppies, Puppies and More Malinois Puppies!

March 2006

Send a Care Package

Malinois Rescue have the following litter of puppies in foster care.

Please take into consideration the difficulty of getting a puppy from its location to your home, and how it will be accomplished, when picking an application to fill out. With so many puppies becoming available at the same time ABMC is unable to arrange for ground transport. Fill the application out completely. Partially filled out applications will not be considered.

Permanent adoptive homes will be picked based on the combined information from applications, reference checks and home checks. Preference will be given to potential homes willing to pick their adopted puppy up in person.

Shipping by air will be considered; however; be prepared to pay for the following three items in advance:

  1. Veternarian issued Health Certificate (Required by Airline Regulations)
  2. An appropriately sized crate depending on the age/weight/size of the puppy being adopted
  3. Freight charges: Determined by the airlines and varies according to the size of crate required and the airline used.

Puppies will not be released for adoption until they are spayed/neutered so at this time there is no estimated time of availability. Spaying and neutering will be dependant on the foster family's veternarian.

Central Region - Texas: A Malinois mom and her eight 3 week old pups were turned into a Central Region shelter by their owner. Currently being fostered by a great foster home; watch for Mom on the Central Region's page once her nursery duties have been completed and she can be spayed. Dad is an unknown factor and might very well have been a 'traveling salesman'. The puppies will become available for adoption after spay/neutering.


The Texas puppies are now about 4 1/2 to 5 months old. All are spayed, neutered, current on shots & on heartworm preventative. All the pups are soft, stable temperament, wanting to bond with a person. They are energetic but not over the top.

Visit our regional listing pages for Malinois available for adoption and file your adoption application for the Malinois that catches your eye.

Photos of the Malinois Puppies!
Sailor-8KB Sailor-8KB

Sailor is extremely social, quick learner, has some separation anxiety but should be able to overcome this with some training. Food motivated, moderate toy drive. Kennel trained. Would be a good snuggler, would alert to new things in his environment but is not barky. Hungry to have his own person & have things to do with that person.

Shamrock - Green Girl-8KB Shamrock - Green Girl-8KB
Shamrock - Green Girl-10KB
Shamrock - Green Girl

Babs - Pink Girl-7KB Babs - Pink Girl-8KB
Babs - Pink Girl

Onxy - Black Girl-9KB Onxy - Black Girl-8KB
Onxy - Black Girl

Shiner - Red Boy-13KB Shiner - Red Boy-7KB
Adopted! Shiner - Red Boy Adopted!

Babs & Shamrock!-9KB
Babs & Shamrock

Onxy, Babs & Shamrock-11KB
Onxy, Babs & Shamrock

Bella Pups
White Girl - 8KB Red Boy - 9KB
White Girl     &     Red Boy

Orange Girl - 8KB Purple Girl - 8KB
Orange Girl     &     Purple Girl

Lt Green Girl - 9KB Green Girl - 9KB
Lt Green Girl     &     Green Girl

Blue Boy - 7KB Yellow Girl - 9KB
Blue Boy     &     Yellow Girl

We're growing up!

We're growing up!-31KB

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Malinois Rescue
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