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Photos & Updates on Bailey from the Baltimore Rescue

Bailey has been ADOPTED! 9/01/07

Bailey - 5/18/07

Sponsors: Carolyn Zimmer, Christine Walker, Terrence Schroepfer, Edward Engel, Paul Mount, Kelly Kaplan

Our sincere Thanks! and Malinois Hugs go out to each and every person that responded to this Emergency Rescue. While many people offered sponsorship of the dogs, others indicated that their donation should provide food or be applied where needed. We have foster homes for all but three of them and the first five are either in their foster home as of last night, 4/14/07, or will arrive shortly.

The Rescue Volunteers have dubbed them *The Dirty Dozen*, however the first ones to move out of the kennel are reported, by transporters and fosters, to be typical Malinois choosing to stay clean when provided an opportunity to eliminate outside. Yipppeeee!!!!! Let's hope that trend continues!

Bailey - 7/09/07

Bailey seems to be doing well. Its a little hectic for everyone around the house these days. I got two additional fosters in about a week and a half ago. A four month old and an eight month old. Both females. But everyone is getting along well. Just a lot of playing going on. I even managed to take all five at once for a two hour hike Saturday. Bailey also went swimming with my two a couple weeks ago out at Quiet Waters in Annapolis and has been going to the dog park on a fairly regular basis.

Bailey is a sweetie. She seems to be mostly house trained at this point. I no longer crate her at all, but I don't give her full run of the house when I'm not home. Too many places are a bit too much of a mess at this point to risk it. Not crating her seems to have pretty much stopped the barking when I leave though.

She is a bit of a watch dog and announces the goings on near the house with a bark or two and still paces a bit, but seems to be settling in. She has her favorite places to lay down so the pups don't bother her when she wants a nap.

Bailey - 6/24/07

Bailey was taken out of boarding this last week and a volunteer transported her toward her Foster Home!!! She's now receiving the personlized attention that all the Baltimore Malinois have been receiving. Yipppppppeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WATCH for Bailey's listing on the website soon! Thanks to the attention she received from visitors during her boarding stay she is ready to be adopted.

One of Bailey's Kennel Visitor's


One of Bailey's Angels during this whole ordeal borrowed her long enough take her home and provide some relief to the daily boarding existence. While in her home she took some photos of Bailey who loves to run and be chased.

Bailey - 4/6/07

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