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Sponsor: Christine Walker

Our sincere Thanks! and Malinois Hugs go out to each and every person that responded to this Emergency Rescue. While many people offered sponsorship of the dogs, others indicated that their donation should provide food or be applied where needed. We have foster homes for all but three of them and the first five are either in their foster home as of last night, 4/14/07, or will arrive shortly.

The Rescue Volunteers have dubbed them *The Dirty Dozen*, however the first ones to move out of the kennel are reported, by transporters and fosters, to be typical Malinois choosing to stay clean when provided an opportunity to eliminate outside. Yipppeeee!!!!! Let's hope that trend continues!

All the dogs exhibited clear signs of neglect but Bobby was of the object of grave concern because of his lack of weight and the multitude of sores on his body from fleas, aggrevated by his living conditions. As a result one of the volunteers took Bobby home and her photos and comments will be found below.

Bobby's Adopted!


Bobby has been adopted and now looks like an entirely different dog!

None of the advancements any of the dogs have made would have been possible without many people opening their hearts and making donations to provide care for them. And none of them exhibit the drastic changes that have occurred because of that generosity as much as Bobby does.

Thank you! Each and everyone of you.


Bobby's Foster Home


Bobby is now a healthy 56 pounds. I would guess that he weighed about 30 pounds when I first brought him home. All of the Baltimore dogs are very sensitive to having their feet touched. I have finally got Bobby comfortable with me handling his feet. Although I didn't know it at the time Bobby does have a couple of medical issues. He has an eye condition that may eventually leave him blind in his right eye. Right now he is being treated with steriods and an antibiotic ointment. He is wonderful about getting the ointment in his eye and the vet said that he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. And THAT'S the truth, he is a real sweetheart. He also has virtually no gum around his front teeth ( the small teeth) and the vet expects that they may fall out in the next year or two. We may go for a consult with the doggie dentist (yikees!). My husband needs that gum surgery, wouldn't it be something if we got Bobby done first (G). I don't know if Bobby will ever be 100% normal emotionally but he has come a long way and I won't stop trying to build his confidence and make him feel secure. At this point it looks like he may just become another member of the Bear Pack.

Bobby's Foster Home


Here is a picture of Bobby today. As you can see he is enjoying the good life now. He LOVES his Karunda bed.

He now no longer curls up as far into his crate as possible. This is a step in the right direction, he must be feeling more secure.

It took him 4 days until he wagged his tail for us. It took 10 days before he made a sound. He only barks when we are coming in or getting his food ready. He is learning to play and LOVES running laps around the front yard. He heels perfectly (to me) without a leash. I would consider him very velcro to whoever he decides is his person. It's fun watching him do things for the first time. He has discovered the fun in sniffing dandilions and eating grass. He eats grass like a cow with big hunks of it sticking out of his mouth. I need to get a picture of that. His hair is almost entirely grown in. When he fills out he is going to be a very handsome boy.



I want everyone to see the change in him in just one week. His personality is rock solid.

Bobby hasn't had an accident in the house in days. So.... if he is truly housebroken, it took 4 days. Yes, I agree they seem to be very smart. It was a big deal in my house when Bobby wagged his tail for the first time, he is making huge strides!!

Bobby, one of the Baltimore 12, is just wonderful. He is so calm and gentle, totally relaxed in this setting, it amazes me. He is still a little hand shy but is coming along with that too. He hasn't had an accident in the house in days so if I'm lucky it took only 4 days to house break him. It took him four days also to wag his tail for the first time but it was a thrilling moment for me. He did that when I came home after being away for a couple of hours. I am starting to see some regular dog behavior. When he first came to us he kept his tail firmly tucked between his legs, ears back, head down and wouldn't look at us. Now his head is up proud, ears are up too. When he's out in the yard the tail is either up or out straight and he has this very proud gait. I've even seen what I will call "bursts of joy", they only last for 10 - 20 seconds but it is wonderful to see. He flings his head around and prances. He has also learned that if he does his "business" and comes right to us he will get a cookie. And he has discovered if he only goes a squirt or two here and there he gets LOTS more cookies! His bald spot on his back is almost completely filled in. I found a nice product that I am using on him. It is a human product that I found in Target's suntan lotion section. It is by Banana Boat and it is a spray on Aloe gel for after sunning. It is moisturizing his skin, getting the stink out and making his coat nice and shiny. I highly recommend it! Plus you can use it too. I've included some pictures below:

Learning To Play

Bobby - 18-24 mos - 4/4/07

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