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Our sincere Thanks! and Malinois Hugs go out to each and every person that responded to this Emergency Rescue. While many people offered sponsorship of the dogs, others indicated that their donation should provide food or be applied where needed. We have foster homes for all but three of them and the first five are either in their foster home as of last night, 4/14/07, or will arrive shortly.

The Rescue Volunteers have dubbed them *The Dirty Dozen*, however the first ones to move out of the kennel are reported, by transporters and fosters, to be typical Malinois choosing to stay clean when provided an opportunity to eliminate outside. Yipppeeee!!!!! Let's hope that trend continues!

Brody's Foster Home 5/18/07

These photos were taken in the first two weeks

Brody has reallly filled out and is absolutely gorgeous! These photos were taken during his third week with me.

Brody's Foster Home 4/30/07

I thought that I would let everyone know how Brody is doing since he's one of the dirty dozen. I've had Brody for about sixteen days and he's coming along fine. We had a real slow start from the beginning but now he's blossoming into a terrific little Pup. MaryFrances was right on the money when she said that he would bolt every chance he had. For the first week, all he did was try to bolt and run away. He was terrified of me and everyone. With alot of help from my female Mal, he's turned out to be a wonderful dog.

Here I am, out in the middle of a field in the pouring rain, running around in circles like a lunatic with three dogs chasing me around, houting and hollering. Brody thought it was the greatest game in the world, my neighbors thought that I had finally lost it. To say the least, I had some explaining to do the next day but it was fun even though I was soaked.

Brody has learned to act like a puppy and is sometimes a little to bold for his own good. Today, he earned the nickname"Air Jordan." Here I am throwing a bumper for my female Mal to retrieve across a stream thats about fifteen feet wide. My female Mal is smart, she runs across the planks but not Air Jordan. He decides that after he runs across the plank, he going to beat her back across the stream so he launches himself across the entire stream but takes a face plant into the side of the embankment. It was such an impressive long jump but I thought that his nose was stuck in the side of the embankment and I was going to have to pull him out but he shook it off like a champ.

Brody still has some issues but we're working on them. You can definetly tell that he's never been in a house and has been a kenneled dog his entire puppyhood. He prefers to stay in his crate inside the house then venture inside the house although he's shown some improvement in the last two days. He's still a little reserved about being touched but he can't resist being touched when my female Mal is acting like a goof when she's being petted. I'm still amazed that he will go up to strangers and sniff their hands while wagging his tail. I have not taken him off my property besides going next door where the fairgrounds are because I feel that he's not ready for that yet. He's 100% housebroken and has never had an accident in the crate or in the house. If he has to go, he starts pacing back and forth in the house from the living room to the back door.

I can hardly believe that the shyest out of the 12 is really starting to progress faster than I could have imagine. I've couldn't have done it without my two other dogs since he looks to them for confidence. He truly enjoys the company and companionship of dogs and gets all his cues from them. Besides, he absolutely gorgeous. I can only hope that the other eleven are doing as well.

Lucky, Now Brody's Foster Home 4/23/07

Lucky's new name is Brody. It's been difficult in taking any photos of him since he doesn't like it when your facing him. I've been Lucky (no pun intended) in the fact that I've been able to find his push buttons. The last two days, he's really turned around. I can sit on the ground outside and he'll let me pet him. He wags his tail a lot and doesn't like it if he's in the kennel and no one is in sight.

I've been working on a lot of different things with him and they have been working. He's definetly more comfrontable around my dogs which has helped in the sense that he has picked up social skills (in terms of interaction) between humans and dogs. He's not very comfrontable in the house. He usually finds a tight corner and will lie there although he will get up and follow the dogs and I to another room.

He does have difficulty with fast movements around him including dogs. My dogs were chasing one another around the yard and were proceeding to run by Brody and I when all of a sudden Brody decided to bolt because he thought that they were after him. The positive point being is I've been able to correct this behavior. When I am outside doing yard work, I put Brody in his kennel so that he can observed my other two dogs behavior.

He's very secure in his kennel which makes him a little bolder in some of his actions. About three days ago, my female Mal went up to see him in the kennel and to see if she could intice him from the kennel. Brody started jumping up and down inside the kennel while play bowing. He looked so funny trying to play bow, he almost fell over trying to get it right. My female Mal started running around the outside of the kennel while Brody started chasing her on the inside of the kennel. I think that he actually started to smile. Everyday, Brody and my Mal chase each other around for 1/2 hour although Brody is always in the kennel. He definetly gets his confidence from the kennnel. This morning, he was going to try to play with my female while he was on the leash but I believe it too soon to allow. In a couple of days, I let them run loose(Brody will be on a long line) to see if she'll play with him.

He will also wag his tail when I come up to his kennel and will lick my fingers. He wags his tail when other people go up to see him in his kennel. He still has a way to go but the last two days, I can actually see the lightbulb go off in his head. Hopefully in the next couple of days, I'll be able to take some good photgraphs. His face looks like a baby bear and he's still so small that why I nicknamed him - "Little grasshopper."

PS-He's eating very well and I wouldn't have been able to accomplish as much as I have with if it wasn't for my two other dogs. It's kind of weird that both my dogs know that Brody is a special needs puppy and know when to leave him alone and when to interact with him.

Lucky's Initial Transport

None of these dogs will go up or down stairs. I'm sure they don't know what they are, nor were they allowed in the house to experience these.

What can I say? He was just neutered! LOL No, seriously, he is very shy, but wags his tail a lot. Wanted to play with the others in my yard, but was on leash.

They are awesome, no one went to the bathroom in their kennel last night, and all went straight out this morn and did their business. Potty training shouldn't be so bad with these guys. They are really smart, although they haven't figured out the step that leads to the yard!

Lucky - 4/7/07

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