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Sunny aka Calan has been ADOPTED! 9/01/07

Our sincere Thanks! and Malinois Hugs go out to each and every person that responded to this Emergency Rescue. While many people offered sponsorship of the dogs, others indicated that their donation should provide food or be applied where needed. We have foster homes for all but three of them and the first five are either in their foster home as of last night, 4/14/07, or will arrive shortly.

The Rescue Volunteers have dubbed them *The Dirty Dozen*, however the first ones to move out of the kennel are reported, by transporters and fosters, to be typical Malinois choosing to stay clean when provided an opportunity to eliminate outside. Yipppeeee!!!!! Let's hope that trend continues!

Sunny's Transport to Foster Home 5/19/07

What sweet, sweet dogs these are! Baby Girl is so laid back - and Sunny, well he's not as laid back, but just as sweet!


Sunny - 3 yrs old - 4/4/07

Sunny - 3 yrs old - 4/6/07

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