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Photos & Updates on Bobby from the Baltimore Rescue

Sponsors: Valerie Lussier; Patricia Schlenker, Mary Beth Buda & Jeannette Newlen, Dedicated to Little Ms. Usagi

Our sincere Thanks! and Malinois Hugs go out to each and every person that responded to this Emergency Rescue. While many people offered sponsorship of the dogs, others indicated that their donation should provide food or be applied where needed. We have foster homes for all but three of them and the first five are either in their foster home as of last night, 4/14/07, or will arrive shortly.

The Rescue Volunteers have dubbed them *The Dirty Dozen*, however the first ones to move out of the kennel are reported, by transporters and fosters, to be typical Malinois choosing to stay clean when provided an opportunity to eliminate outside. Yipppeeee!!!!! Let's hope that trend continues!

Thunder is now listed as available for Adoption

Thunder's Foster Home


Some photos of Thunder playing in the yard, playing in the house, and relaxing!

Thunder's Foster Home


Thunder came to NJ on April 21. He is an absolute doll and will make someone a wonderful companion. He learned stairs right away, but has no use for the 3 porch steps - he leaps from the bottom right up to the landing.

He walks incredibly well on a leash, and walks right up to strangers, assuming that they will love him up (which most people do). He is great around children, letting them come right up to his face, and he has shown no reaction to bicycles or cars, or kids playing baseball down the street. He hasn't met a stranger he didn't like yet. He is intrigued by the cats, but more as interest than prey. Being the respectable Malinois that he is, he has no use for gates, jumping over the 42" one with ease. So, we now have the great wall of gates to keep him contained. He is well on his way to being housebroken - he still has a few accidents - but at least they are close to the door.

I finally realized that maybe if I put a blanket on the Kuranda he might use it, and sure enough he did. The dogwalker has been coming daily and they both love each other. They take long walks around the neighborhood and play in the yard. He is learning to like squeeky toys, and I think tugging is in his future too. He is content to lay by your feet, and doesn't exactly like being in the crate if he thinks he's missing out on something.

We're working on getting a little more weight on him, and maybe some simple commands too. He is responding to his name, and even coming when called. This dogs has lots of potential and just needs a great forever home.

Photos coming soon.

Thunder - 4/6/07

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