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N Central Region:

Axel - Adopted!!!
* Chianna, female - IL
* Dargo, male - IL
** Laci, female - IN
Nikki, female - MI
* Oliver, male - IL
* Paul, male - OH
Riggs, male - MI

S Central Region:

Bella, female - TX
* Gunnar, male - TX
Jasper - Adopted!!!
* Jessie, female - TX
Juliet - Adopted!!!
Samantha - Adopted!!!

Northeast Region:

Angel, female - NJ
Gunner, male - NY
** Jazzy, female - NY
* Sasha, female - PA
Sassy - Adopted!!!
Scout , male - DC

Southeast Region:

* Boss, male - TN
* Jax, female - FL
* Kayla, female - GA
Karma, female - FL
Ox, male - FL

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Luca - Adopted!!!
* Tia, female - NM

Dogs available from
Alternate Listings: A-M
Updated: Mar 20th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: Mar 12th

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See Malinois currently waiting for Foster Homes!



These Rescues are currently available in the Northeast area of the country. If you are interested in adopting one of the Malinois profiled in these pages contact the foster home listed in the profile.


Many police officers/trainers/SAR groups approach Malinois rescue looking for young dogs to train. Most of our rescued dogs are not suitable for these types of jobs. Some of our rescued Malinois are actually dogs that have been rejected by police departments due to their inability to do the job. While we are not opposed to adopting dogs out as working dogs, we adopt only to individuals, never to organizations or police departments. Most of our rescued Malinois have had difficult beginnings in life. The majority will make fantastic family pets, but most of them do not have the temperament needed to work day after day with a police officer or in search and rescue. All dogs adopted through Malinois rescue will be spayed or neutered prior to placement.

Angel 4 yr old spayed female - NJ

Fee: $250
Photo of Malinois Foster Angel - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Angel - 16KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Angel - 16KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Angel - 23KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Angel - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Angel - 10KB

Angel is ready to start her new life.

She came into rescue in November with an old hip injury that required surgery. Thanks to some generous malinois folks she had her surgery in December. She is all healed and ready to play!

Angel is two years old and about 50 pounds. She loves her people, loves to snuggle and give lots of kisses. She is crate trained, knows sit, down, come and out. She likes to collect things and bring them back to her crate. She can be a little over reactive with strange dogs and people but is easily called off.

The only damage we have had is to dog beds and stuffy toys as is typical with mals.

She loves to play tug and will give up when asked. She will grab the biggest stick she can find and drag it around the yard.

Angel is not tolerant of other females so her ideal home would have a nice male dog, no young children, no cats and a fenced yard. She can't do agility but could do rally, nose work, or WagIt Games. Because she suffered for over a year with a damaged hip she will not be placed with an invisible fence so she avoids any more pain her life.

For more information about Angel, please contact: Marcia

Your Malinois Rescue adoption application must go to the coordinator for this Malinois Foster. Only this specific link to the application for this Malinois will automatically be processed and sent to Marcia, Angel's coordinator.

Gunner 4 yr old neutered male - LI, NY

Fee: $275
Malinois Foster Gunner - 16KB
Malinois Foster Gunner - 14KB
Malinois Foster Gunner - 16KB
Malinois Foster Gunner - 24KB

Gunner is Smart and Loves affection!

Gunner is a four-year-old neutered male located on Long Island New York. UTD on Shots and heart worm negative.

He would do the best as a solo dog or in a household with a mellow, non dominant dog. He is not suitable for a household with cats or small children. Gunner is housebroken and has basic obedience. He loves to play with his frisbee. He is extremely Smart and loves affection and attention but can be a bit strong willed at times. He would make a good jogging or Hiking partner.

For more information about Gunner, please contact: Debbie

If you want to apply for this dog, click Gunner's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Debbie, Gunner's coordinator.

Jazzy 18 mo old spayed female - NY

Fee: $275
Malinois Foster Jazzy - 13KB
Malinois Foster Jazzy - 21KB
Malinois Foster Jazzy - 17KB
Malinois Foster Jazzy - 18KB

Jazzy is a great dog that loves her human/s and is loyal to them.

Jazzy is a lover, with big sweet soulful eyes and loves belly rubs. She likes to put her face close to yours and look into your eyes and sniff you. She loves to cuddle on the couch with you or lay at your feet while watching TV.

Jazzy is easy to correct and learns fast. She loves to please her humans and is a pleasure to have around. Excellent in the house.

Loves to play fetch, hike and take walks. She is very athletic. She knows the command "crate up" but still whines or barks once crated. We are working on this and is getting much better.

Jazzy is house broken, knows "sit", "leave it", "out", wait" and "down". Her recall gets better every day. When feeding, she sits, waits and gives eye contact before she is released. She has good leash manners and is basically an easy dog.

She will make someone a wonderful companion. She would do best in an active home and would probably excel in a sport.

Since we do not have children, we have not been able to test her with kids.

The ideal situation for Jazzy is as an only dog or with an easy going non alpha male dog. No cats.

For more information about Jazzy, please contact: Debbie

If you want to apply for this dog, click Jazzy's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Debbie, Jazzy's coordinator.

Sasha 4 yr old spayed female - PA

Fee: $175
Malinois Foster Sasha - 6KB
Malinois Foster Sasha - 8KB
Malinois Foster Sasha - 11KB
Malinois Foster Sasha - 12KB
Malinois Foster Sasha - 10KB
Malinois Foster Sasha - 13KB

Sasha is a 4 year old sweet cuddle bunny. If I had to pick one word to describe her, it would be joyful.

It takes so little to make this little girl happy and she finds great joy in things like running free in the fenced-in yard, playing with her Cuz, getting love and affection, and the anticipation of breakfast and dinner. Here is a link to a video that shows her the first time in her life that she saw snow. Her tail never stopped and I just love the way she leaps like a gazelle.

She is beautiful with a dark face and sable, mahogany coloring. She is approximately 21" at the withers and weighs 48 lbs.

She is very bright and easily engaged when we do any kind of training - she just loves it. She knows how to sit, down, speak, hush, touch, and will 'watch' on command. She does a great 'wait' at the door and also when being fed. She does pretty good on leash although when excited by local wildlife, she can forget and pull a little but is easily reminded. We are working on her recall and she is doing great.

She is a very soft and sensitive girl which means she requires a very light touch while training. We have found that she responds as well to praise as she does to food. Her spirit could easily be crushed if trained with a heavy hand or a harsh voice. She does not like to be left in the crate when we leave the house but she does great out of the crate and is not destructive.

She adores going for hikes and playing with her Cuz. Her energy level is not over the top and she is happy to cuddle up next to you. She has extremely high prey drive so should not be placed in a home with cats or small dogs and animals. She will require a fenced-in yard because she will try to chase vehicles.

Sasha is a very special little girl. She is classified as 'special needs' because she came into rescue with pulmonary stenosis. Due to generous donations for her, she was treated, getting a balloon valvuloplasty that has addressed the issue. Her prognosis is very good and her murmur is now classified as mild. She now has lots of stamina and is not exercise inhibited. Sasha also came into rescue with several injuries. It appears that she did not have a great beginning in life. She is now healed but still has a salivary gland issue that the vet said would have been caused by trauma. It is cosmetic and not a health issue.

Sasha has enormous potential. She is very sweet and affectionate and deserves a home where she will get lots of attention with someone who can provide structure and consistency and where her people love to get her involved in their lives and activities. She would prefer to find a home where someone is able to take her with them on their daily adventures or is home a lot.

Here is another video of her:

For more information about Sasha, please contact: Carol.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Sasha's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Carol, Sasha's coordinator.

Scout 2.5 yr old neutered male - Wash, DC

Fee: $275
Malinois Foster Scout - 9KB
Malinois Foster Scout - 19KB
Malinois Foster Scout - 14KB
Malinois Foster Scout - 9KB
Malinois Foster Scout - 18KB

The things Scout enjoys most are being rubbed down with a towel (whether he is wet or dry)

Scout, a 2 year old, 65 pound male malinois, is a big love. The things Scout enjoys most are being rubbed down with a towel (whether he is wet or dry), scratching his back by walking slowly around shrubs or Christmas trees, peanut butter, quiet hikes in the woods, and snuggling.

Scout is being fostered in Washington, DC. The city has been a challenging environment for him, but he has adapted pretty quickly. Scout's perfect forever home would be quieter than his current environment with lots of open space to call his own. He would not do well with cats or small dogs. He might enjoy the company of a large, playful, confident female, though he has not had much contact with other dogs since entering rescue. For a Malinois, Scout can be a bit of a couch potato. He loves going for a hike or a sniff around the neighborhood, but he is just as happy to stay at home with his person. Scout has had limited interaction with kids, but seems to really enjoy them. Despite this we are looking for a home without children because he can be possessive of toys.

Scout loves nose work and spends most walks with his nose to the ground, checking out the goings on around the city. He is learning to walk politely on a leash and has made some progress despite low food and toy drive when he is out and about. Scout is anxious and cautious about strangers, though he has made tremendous progress in this area. Like most Malinois, he will need careful, controlled introductions to people in his home and on the street. Scout also suffers from separation anxiety. He will not stay in a crate or behind a gate when left home alone, though he has not been destructive when left loose in the house. He is working on some marking issues when left for long periods during the day, but again he has come a long way. The perfect home would be with a family where someone is home a good bit of the day.

Whether he is playing or snuggling, Scout is in his element when he is at home with his pack. Scout will need a calm, consistent, firm but loving, and most of all, patient leader who can commit to him and all of his quirks. He is a diamond in the rough, but Scout will undoubtably be a devoted companion to the person willing to commit to him.

For more information about Scout, please contact: Julie.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Scout's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Julie, Scout's coordinator.

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