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N Central Region:

** Chianna, female - IL
Star - Adopted!!!
Whisper - Adopted!!!

S Central Region:

* Chip, male - MO
* Mocha, female - TX

Northeast Region:

* Abby, female - NY
Dallas - Adopted!!!
Della, female - NY
Guinnevere, female - PA
Loki - Adopted!!!
Rex - Adopted!!!
* Sadie, female - MD
* Scout, male - MD
Spartacus - Adopted!!!
* Vida, female - NY

Southeast Region:

Angel, female - FL
Asher - Adopted!!!
* Copper, male - GA
Dixie, female - LA
Farrah, female - FL
Finn - Adopted!!!
* Jasmine, female - GA
* Katie, female - GA
Lazer, male - FL
Ollie - Adopted!!!
* Sammy, male - GA
Sky- Adopted!!!

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Onyx- Adopted!!!

Dogs available from
Alternate Listings: A-M
Updated: Jan 29th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: Feb 3rd

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These Rescues are currently available in the Northeast area of the country. If you are interested in adopting one of the Malinois profiled in these pages contact the foster home listed in the profile.


Many police officers/trainers/SAR groups approach Malinois rescue looking for young dogs to train. Most of our rescued dogs are not suitable for these types of jobs. Some of our rescued Malinois are actually dogs that have been rejected by police departments due to their inability to do the job. While we are not opposed to adopting dogs out as working dogs, we adopt only to individuals, never to organizations or police departments. Most of our rescued Malinois have had difficult beginnings in life. The majority will make fantastic family pets, but most of them do not have the temperament needed to work day after day with a police officer or in search and rescue. All dogs adopted through Malinois rescue will be spayed or neutered prior to placement.

Abby approx 2 yr old spayed female - NY

Fee: $275
Malinois Foster Abby - 12KB
Malinois Foster Abby - 17KB
Malinois Foster Abby - 24KB
Malinois Foster Abby - 21KB

Hello everyone … My name is Abby … and I'm looking for my FOREVER home.

Do you think you've got what it takes to be MY forever Mom or Dad?

Here's a little bit about me: I am (almost) 2 years old and weigh 50 lbs. I am a very athletic  girl. I have tons of energy … and require mental/physical exercise daily. I am crate trained and housebroken. I love squeaky toys but if I start to shred them, they are taken away from me. I love to walk, hike and can play fetch all day long. I love, love, love to tug. If I am walking down the stairs with you on a leash and you tell me slow, I walk slow right next to you.

Oh it gets better … I am working on my basic commands and doing really well. Oh and BTW, I am food motivated. My "out' is getting better every day. I am super smart and sometimes will bark at you to tell and show you what I want. I take treats very gently from your hand. Oh and I LOVE bones. I'm a good listener and a fast learner. But even so, an experience person/handler is a MUST.

But wait, there's more … I am a spunky and drivey Malinois, but my prey drive is low. I have great ball/frisbee drive. I can play fetch for hours. I've gotten much better bringing the toy back. Sometimes I drop it too far away and my Foster Mom stands there and waits until I pick it up and bring it really close. My Foster Parents strongly believes I would excel in a sport; agility, flyball.

Things you need to know about me: It takes me a while to trust. (Oh, BUT once I get to know you, I love to give kisses and get belly rubs. Just so you know.) I am very sensitive and take easy corrections. I need to be introduced to other dogs slowly/properly and with supervision.  Yes I know that's a given, but not everyone fully understands proper protocol. I do not do well just thrown into the mix. Yelling or talking loudly REALLY scares me, even if you aren't talking to me. My recall is not the greatest, but I work on it every day with my Foster Mom. I can be mouthy when played with if no toy is present.  I am trying to stop that, but know I can be easily redirected. I can resource guard with other dogs, but not with my humans.  I've gotten much better, in fact, I hardly do it anymore. Not young kid tested, but probably would do ok with Mal-savvy pre-teens and up. I do best with firm but fair rules and guided structure. I did not know how to play before, but my furry Foster Brothers and Sisters taught me how to play. But I do need to be supervised when playing, as sometimes "play" can escalate. I do NOT like to be challenged by other dogs – dominate or otherwise. I am wary of strangers, so proper introductions are needed. I walk nicely on a leash, but can lunge at moving vehicles.  But, if you watch my body language – like good dog owners/handlers should do – you can tell when I am about to do it. Tell me to leave it and I will.  I can be redirected easily.

So, enough about me, tell me a little about yourself, assuming you are interested in giving me my FOREVER home.


For more information about Abby, please contact: Barbara.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Abby's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Tracey, Abby's coordinator.

Della 10 yr old spayed female - NY

Fee: $100
Malinois Foster Della - 13KB
Malinois Foster Della - 14KB
Malinois Foster Della - 14KB
Malinois Foster Della - 15KB
Malinois Foster Della - 25KB

Della was brought to the vet's office as a Euth request!

Della, a 10 year old female Mal, was brought to the vet's office as a Euth request because they no longer wanted her!! The vet refused and she is now there waiting for a forever home. She is a total sweetheart and appears to be in great condition/health. She craves attention and wants a person to love. Della is good with dogs her size but wouldn't recommend her with cats, small dogs or young children. She has been kenneled for quite some time so she is a little barky, but that is something that would resolve once she is back inside a home.

For more information about Della, please contact: Debbie

If you want to apply for this dog, click Della's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Debbie, Della's coordinator.

Guinnevere 8 yr old spayed female - PA

Fee: $100
Malinois Foster Guinnevere - 11KB
Malinois Foster Guinnevere - 12KB
Malinois Foster Guinnevere - 30KB
Malinois Foster Guinnevere - 32KB
Malinois Foster Guinnevere - 25KB

Guinnevere is a total love bug!!

Guinnevere is a very sweet 8-year-old spayed female. She was found as a stray and when she came into the shelter, she was in very bad shape. It was apparent that she had been overbred, and very neglected. With the loving care from her foster family, she looks like a totally different dog.

Guinnevere stands approximately 24" at the withers, weighs 63 lbs and is a fawn color with a black mask. Her foster mom is quite impressed with her conformation and describes her as follows..."she has a really lovely topline which is amazing considering all the puppies she's had. She has nice short hocks in the rear which allows a dog to cut and turn easier (more agile) and her hocks are nice and parallel. Breed standard calls for the tailbone to come down to the top of the hocks at least...hers is even longer and you don't find that too often anymore! She's clearly American old-style in head and strong, strong forequarters. She's a well put together girl!"

Guinn might not be a puppy per her chronological age, but she apparently hasn't been told that. She views life with the spirit of a puppy, always eager to make the most of every moment and absolutely loving life. She has a one-of-a-kind, larger than life personality and is so playful and silly. Being with her brightens the gloomiest day and her happiness is infectious. She has some very endearing habits like her eating ritual. She will carry her food bowl to various places as she eats her meal, never spilling a drop of it as she moves it.

The lucky family that adopts Guinnevere will find she is a very quick study. She didn't appear to know any behaviors when she arrived at her foster home but has learned to sit and focus on her handler. She has already learned she must sit and wait at the open door to the outside until she is released. She is house trained, is a dream to walk on a leash and is an angel in her crate. She is very quiet and not destructive.

She is well behaved in the car and great company, not making a peep. She has passed motorcycles, bicycles, people, animals and she never barks or reacts but simply lies down quietly in the back seat.

She loves to go for long walks and play ball. Her ball is her prized possession. She is not extremely high energy and is content to lie at your feet while you read, work on the computer or watch a movie. She adores belly rubs and will eagerly roll over so you can attain maximum contact and coverage. She is like glue and wants to stick to her people as close as possible and would crawl into their pocket if she could.

Guinn doesn't know a stranger. She quickly accepts new people and eagerly solicits affection from everyone she meets. She is very well behaved at the vet, allowing the vet and techs to poke and prod her while maintaining her unflappable, cheerful disposition.

On her very first visit to the vet, Guinn was diagnosed with Ehrlichia, which was in the chronic stage. She has made a remarkable recovery due to the wonderful care given by her foster mom and dad and her titers show that the Ehrlichia has been beaten!! Her blood values are still recovering and we are told, it can take bit before they are totally back to normal. This has not affected her quality of life what so ever and as mentioned above, she has the heart of a puppy. Guinn will do best in a home where she is the only dog. She will not go to home that has cats. Guinnevere is extremely bright and eager to please. She is very sweet and affectionate and deserves a home where she will get lots of attention with someone.

Here is a Photo Collage of Guinnevere:
Video of Guinnevere playing ball.
Video of Guinnevere Enjoying tummy rubs.
Video of Guinnevere enjoying her walk.

For more information about Guinnevere, please contact: Carol.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Guinnevere's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Carol, Guinnevere's coordinator.

Sadie 3 yr old spayed female - MD

Fee: $275
Malinois Foster Sadie - 11KB
Malinois Foster Sadie - 12KB
Malinois Foster Sadie - 20KB
Malinois Foster Sadie - 11KB
Malinois Foster Sadie - 28KB

Sadie has a playful, puppy-like nature.

Sadie is a three-year old Malinois looking for a loving home with an experienced Malinois owner. She has a playful, puppy-like nature and is loyal and attentive to her owners. Sadie will do best with an owner who can help her rehabilitate from her past and help her move forward, developing confidence and skills along the way.

Her current family loves her, but feel that their current living situation is not ideal for her needs. Sadie needs a calm, stable environment with no children. She does well with other dogs once acclimated to them – she has been living with a male Shiba Inu for a year, and previously lived with a male Malinois.

Sadie is happiest when she is with her owner and able to get lots of exercise! She loves chasing balls outside, rolling in the grass and going on hikes. She does well with recall when off leash and is attentive during play. Inside, Sadie likes stuffed toys and napping! She loves sleeping in her dog bed or on the floor at your feet.

Sadie has completed Basic Obedience Training and has also had in-home training sessions with an experienced Malinois and police dog trainer. However, Sadie is still very anxious around strangers and doesn't do well with strangers in the home. Sadie also has a fear of leashes, thunderstorms and loud, authoritative voices. She needs work being comfortable with her leash. For this reason, it would be best if Sadie was placed in a home with a fenced in yard or safe non-fenced yard so that she can simply be let outside without needing a leash each time as she works through this particular phobia. When cornered or feeling very vulnerable, Sadie will give a warning growl to let you know that you are doing something that is very scary to her. She has never bitten, and instantly shows "remorse" after she has growled. She gives warning growls out of fear and lack of confidence, not out of aggression or maliciousness. Sadie is house trained and crate-trained, so when new people visit, Sadie can go into a closed room or her crate so that she doesn't experience the anxiety of meeting new people all at once!

Her current family has taken Sadie on many adventures and vacations. Sadie travels well and likes to explore new places. She walks well on a leash once outside.

When in the proper environment, Sadie is a sweet and loving girl! She loves to cuddle and do tricks for treats. Her current family is hoping that the right owner for this sweet dog will be found so that she can live a happy and fun life!

For more information about Sadie, please contact: Marcia

If you want to apply for this dog, click Sadie's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Marcia, Sadie's coordinator.

Scout 1 yr old neutered male - MD

Fee: $275
Malinois Foster Scout - 15KB
Malinois Foster Scout - 20KB
Malinois Foster Scout - 31KB

Athletic boy looking for his new job

Scout is a one year old male Malinois. He spent the first part of his life in a crate outside, and he does have some damage to his ears because of it. He is 45 pounds, and he is on the smaller side.

He is an enthusiastic fence jumper. He jumps our fence for the sheer sport of it if let in the yard off-leash. Scout does very well with our two resident female Mals and two beagles that come to our house daily. He is untested with cats, but I would say a house with no cats would probably be ideal.

Scout does ok with small children if heavily supervised. He gets very excited easily with loud, boisterous play, and he could knock over a child.

We are still working on housebreaking and basic commands. He is very much a blank slate, and he will be true velcro dog to the lucky person who chooses him.

For more information about Scout, please contact: Taylor

If you want to apply for this dog, click Scout's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Taylor, Scout's coordinator.

Vida 6 yr old spayed female - NY

Fee: $175
Malinois Foster Vida - 18KB
Malinois Foster Vida - 28KB

Don't let Vida's grey face make you think she is an old girl!

She is about 6 years old and full of life. We are still polishing some manners and commands and she will need some continued training. She appreciates a good snooze on the couch but would also love to be a part of an active family who will adore her.

Vida would do best in a home with no cats or small dogs, as she has some prey drive. Other non-dominant dogs would be ok. Vida can play a little rough so she would do best in a home with no small children. She is spayed, UTD on shots and HW negative. This middle aged lady deserves a second chance at a good life.

For more information about Vida, please contact: Debbie

If you want to apply for this dog, click Vida's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Debbie, Vida's coordinator.

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