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N Central Region:

Austin - Adopted!!!
* Gunter, male - IL
* Nikki, female - MI
** Laci, female - IN
* Riggs, male - MI
* Sundance, male - MI

S Central Region:

* Bella, female - TX
Dolcia - Adopted!!!
* Glory, female - TX
* Jasper, male - OK
* Juliet, female - TX
** Maverick, male - MO
* Samantha, female - MO

Northeast Region:

Angel, female - NJ
Ariel - Adopted!!!
* Gidget, female - NJ
* Gunner, male - NY
* Jake, male - NJ
* Jazzy, female - NY
Jenn - Adopted!!!
Roy - Adopted!!!
Sassy, female - NJ
Susie - Adopted!!!

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southeast Region:

* Angie, female - GA
** Diesel, male - LA
Gunner, male - FL
Lincoln, male - NC
Sam - Adopted!!!
Taz - Adopted!!!
* Zena, female - NC

Southwest Region:

More SW Info

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Alternate Listings: A-M
Updated: Dec 13th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: Dec 13th

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Belgian Malinois Rescues

Alternative Sources

Do you know of a Malinois in a shelter??? Go here for the list of ABMC contacts experienced in ID and rescue procedures.

The Rescues presented on this page are not part of the ABMC rescue program. Please contact ONLY the person or organization listed as the contact, for the Malinois you are interested in. The webmaster and ABMC Rescue have no additional information, on Rescues listed here, other then the profile provided with each dog. Please contact the person or organization listing the Malinois with additional questions.

ABMC is unable to provide any guarantees or information other then the profile seen here on the Alternative Sources webpage.

Are you fostering a Belgian Malinois rescued from, or facing, a life threatening situation that is not part of the ABMC Rescue program? To have your Malinois listed on the "Available thru Other Sources" page contact the website coordinator (for submitting Malinois to be included on this page only) for instructions on how to submit your Malinois' profile and photo. ALL Malinois submitted, to be included on this webpage, absolutely must be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS! In the meantime, review the profiles listed in these pages to assist you in creating one for your rescue Malinois.

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

While every effort is made to insure the integrity of the listings on this page the final responsibility for finalizing an adoption rests with the rescued Malinois's foster family and the adoptive family.

  • Make sure that ALL agreements are received in writing.
  • Understand the contract you will be asked to sign.
  • What innoculations, spaying/neutering, heartworm medication, health care has the Malinois received?
  • What responsibilities are being assumed, by you, the adopter.
  • What procedure will be followed if, for some reason, the adoption doesn't work out.
  • In the event that the adoption doesn't work out will the adoption fee be retained or refunded?
  • Will the foster family arrange for return of the Malinois to them or another foster family of their choice?

The above information is provided simply as a guide to help insure that your adoption is successful. Foster families can and will vary somewhat in the manner that they transfer ownership of their ward.

Information, on this page, regarding adoptable Malinois is provided by the listing person or organization and is neither checked for accuracy or completeness. Information is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. The health status and behavior of any pet found, adopted through, or listed on the Alternate Source page at is the sole responsibility of the person or organization listing the same and/or the adopting party, and by using this service, the adopting party releases ABMC Rescue and, from any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected with the adoption of a Malinois listed on the Alternate Source webpage.

Alternate Sources Malinois Rescue Listings

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

* New listing  --   ** Updated  --   ***New Contact Info

Alternate Listings: A-M
* Abby, IN -  * Ali, CA Ayla, WA -  * Bentley, VA -  Brinks, IL -  Chekotah, TX -  Gitmo, PA -  Haylee, OK -  Irene, TX - 
Katie, WA -  Lucky, NY -  Luka, IL -  * Malikai, NJ - 

Alternate Listings: N-Z
* Phoebe, NY -  * Remington, CT -  Romeo, NC

The adopter assumes all risk when adopting a Malinois linked to or listed on this page.


Leah - Adopted!!!  -  Tesla - Adopted!!!  -  Willow - Adopted!!!  -  Kafka - Adopted!!!  -  Carlos - Adopted!!!  -  Tia - Adopted!!!

Abby, 13 yrs old, spayed female - IN

Photo of Malinois Abby - 24KB

Because of poor health, Abby's owner had to give her up.

Abby is very sweet and her only health problem is some arthritis. She would love to get one-on-one attention, and she would give you her unconditional love. Abby is very sweet and good with other calm, non-aggressive dogs. She weighs about 45 pounds. Abby deserves a loving home to live out her years.

For more information about Abby, please call (219) 677-2961 or email Last Chance Rescue.

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Ali, 1 yr old, spayed female - Lodi, CA

Adoption Fee: $325
Photo of Malinois Foster Ali - 27KB Photo of Malinois Foster Ali - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Ali - 12KB

Ali is an extremely friendly and fun girl who loves to be with people! At about one year old and likely a Mal/GSD mix

Ali has some basic obedience (sit & down), she is willing to learn and is food motivated. Ali loves treats and rawhides, she will chase a ball and carry it for a short time but her interest is transitory. Since she is still young, she will need structure and re-enforcement of her obedience. She does well in an air kennel. She is extremely athletic and agile and enjoys jumping.

Ali will require a commitment to training and will need ongoing obedience. Agility, nose work and hiking with her people would continue her development. She takes corrections well. Ali needs someone to invest some time with her and she will re-pay you with plenty of laughs as she is a fun loving girl.

Like most Malinois, Ali has prey drive and is interested in cats, so a 'no cat' home would be preferable. However, she does not fixate on cats and is easily distracted. Because she is young, she has shorter attention span and other puppy like behavior. Ali will need a secure fence and attention from her new owners since she is athletic and will need an outlet.

She is a fun rather than competitive dog. She may not be serious enough to compete but she may blossom with the right people.

When meeting other dogs Ali's hackles rise in excitement and though she has not shown any aggression her body language can be confusing to both dogs and people. She has a lot of puppy enthusiasm! Ali's foster home has resident dogs and they tolerate her puppy exuberance. However, when Ali met a strong male Malinois, she was actually submissive (with raised hackles). She would thrive as an only dog.

Please do your homework on the Belgian Malinois breed. While a great breed, they are definitely not for everyone.

Our adoption process includes 1. Completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit.

For more information on Ali, please contact: Jan.

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Ayla, approx 4 yrs old, spayed female - WA

Photo of Malinois Ayla - 11KB
Photo of Malinois Ayla - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Ayla - 26KB

This is lovely Ayla, a Belgian Malinois and she is ready for her forever home.

During her time in foster she continues to grow and let her true personality come out. She requires a semi-active home at the least, but would be overjoyed with lots of adventures. She rides wonderfully and respectfully in the car non-crated. She will sit and wait for her meals, toys, treats, etc. She does put her front feet on the counters from time to time, but has never taken anything. She is extremely malleable to most anything you want to do - hike, play fetch (tho needs more work on drop it), cuddle in bed, roll around with a male Malinois, go for a walk, hang out with me at work, etc.

She prefers to use the bathroom offleash, but has gone a few times while on leash. We have had no inside house accidents or crate accidents. However if she is at my work (Vets Office) if she is in a large run she will 'use' the run, and do a little barking and whining.

She is highly respectful of my Vet patients while walking through the ICU. If a dog stops at her kennel, at home or work she will growl, but never has escalated from there. Any person is fine with going in her kennel whether she knows them or not. At home she will give a warning bark to people/dogs outside the fence walking by.

Ayla will need an astute handler when it comes to body language as her prey drive is High and she means Business. A 6' fence is an easy obstacle should she really want what is running across it. That being said, her new home can NOT have cats, chickens, small dogs or anything other small critter. At work if she even hears a cat she is up and ready to take action.

As for other dogs, she loves Primo, my male Mal and respects him as Alpha. Another alpha female may be a challenge as would any dog that is always in her face. She warms up - but slowly and requires a dog to give her space. She will approach and engage when she is ready. Smalllish dogs only with constant direct supervision and over 20lbs would probably be best. She has met my Border Terrier/Schnauzer and is interested, although maybe Too much... he is 13lbs. They have never been offleash together inside or outside the house.

On our adventures, she is fun, curious, has stamina, inquisitive; yet cautious. Prey drive will kick in with bicyclists, joggers, and some children- especially those moving quickly. However she greets children out in the pet store in a sit and will give gentle kisses. That being said we feel a home with calm children over 12 would be best.

Ayla is still submissive and may lightly urinate at times - mostly when someone stands and leans over her - such as to put a collar on her. Because of this I ask her to jump up at my waist to 'put your collar on'. We have been working on having her sit and trying it while at her side and in front of her.. she is progressing nicely in this area.

Ayla will be destructive with toys outside her kennel, but has never destroyed any toy within. She does have food sensitivity and becomes severely itchy with poultry and grain. She does well on salmon and sweet potato and only itchy on and off. Her stools become soft and mucousy with diet changes. She tolerates vet exams just fine - but go slow with rectal exams. Nails trims are best on her side on the table. She can get snappy in any other position.

She will excel in any discipline - protection, agility, dock diving, high jump, etc. Ayla is goofy, gregarious, silly, stoic, engaging, loyal, and has many, many endearing qualities. While she does have some 'can't haves', her list of 'can haves' far exceeds. She is truly a special package for the right, loving forever home.

Preference will be given to homes with a secure 6'fence and someone not gone for many hours a day.

Our adoption process is an application, phone interview, and home visit. Please do your homework on the Belgian Malinois breed.... while wonderful, loyal, smart and protective they can be a handful and not for a first time dog owner. They thrive on regular positive training, lots of exercise, boundaries and a firm but fair, experienced handler.

For more information on Ayla, please contact: Jan.

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Bentley, 18 mos old, neutered male - VA

Photo of Malinois Foster Bentley - 12KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bentley - 24KB

Wanted: An owner/forever friend who is active and up for fun adventures. Are you the one for me?

Well, I'm a blast! I'm always ready for new and exciting times and would love someone to share them with. Because I am still young, 18 mo old neutered male Belgian Malinois mix (92 pounds), and learning some manners, I'm recommended for homes with children over the age of 12.

If you have other dogs at home, please bring them to meet me. We need to make sure any canine companion can keep up with my play style. FYI: I really like the ladies and I am much better behaved around my female canine counterparts. Let's schedule a play date today! We just might be made for each other.

For more information on Bentley, please contact: Taryn or call 540 434-5270.

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Chekotah, 6 yr old, spayed female - TX

Photo of Malinois Chekotah - 9KB
Photo of Malinois Chekotah - 8KB
Photo of Malinois Chekotah - 14KB
Photo of Malinois Chekotah - 19KB

Chekotah is a great gal who has a lot of love to give to the family lucky enough to adopt her.

Chekotah came to us from Hunt County Animal Shelter in North Texas. She was scheduled to be put down soon when we stepped in to save her. Big thank you to the volunteers who helped transport her down.

Chekotah walks well on a leash and knows her place command (stay on object until released). She is very healthy and active for her age with no known health issues. She is energetic but not over the top, and she settles well in the house. With some leash walks, she could even live in an apartment.

She does well with other large dogs, however she should not be placed with dogs under 20lbs as she views toy breeds as prey objects if they act nervous. Same with cats. She has a high prey drive so small animals are out.

She has been around children ages 4 to 7 and did great with them. She is house trained and crate trained and has learned the three house rules well: 1) No teeth where they shouldn't be; 2) You come when you are called, and 3) you are silent in the crate. So yes, excellent recall, no chewing except on designated toys/chew things and crates up nicely. She is a confident girl who is looking for a person to bond with and to share life with.

Chekotah is utd on shots and HW negative. Just a great, great gal who has a lot of love to give to the family lucky enough to adopt her. So, feeling lucky?

For more information on Chekotah, please contact: Micheal.

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Gitmo, 3 yrs old, neutered male - PA

Photo of Malinois Gitmo - 12KB
Photo of Malinois Gitmo - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Gitmo - 25KB

Gitmo is a wonderful boy that loves toys, going for walks, and snuggling with his owners.

Gitmo is a medium energy boy that is just as happy playing as he is to be curled up with you. He is highly environmentally sensitive though and will need a home with patient people that are willing to work with him on his stressors. He would also do best if he was the only dog in the home.

Gitmo wants to be your shining star. He loves to make you happy and doesn't share that spotlight well. He has never shown any aggression towards people but can be very shy with them until he gets to know them.

Gitmo would make a wonderful dog for the right family. He is housebroken, crate trained and has basic obedience training.

For more information on Gitmo, please contact: Amber or call 814-421-7078.

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Haylee, 3.5 yrs old, spayed female - OK

Photo of Malinois Haylee - 23KB
Photo of Malinois Haylee - 19KB
Photo of Malinois Haylee - 19KB

Haylee is a very loving 3.5 year old spayed, female that weighs 48 lbs.

We rescued her at about 6 weeks old. I am not sure of any possible breed mix but her vet says she is likely full blooded or close to it.

Sweet. Very smart. Very trainable but has not been worked with much. She knows basic commands and will walk without pulling (sometimes that takes a few minutes of redirection).

Haylee is a cuddler and lies near my feet if I'm watching tv or at the computer. She has always slept in bed with either my son or me. She is a house pet and generally goes outside for short periods or for potty breaks. She is not destructive and the right home for her would allow her to be free. No crates please.

She is friendly to other people when we walk but she is aggressive towards other animals. This is worse ever since last summer when I rescued another dog that viciously attacked Haylee. Haylee never started a fight and attempted to get away. It reassures me that the right person could help her get over her fear and aggression. She has not spent time with children and is not friendly to kids she does not know.

Haylee has the typical tendencies of the breed. She loves to play fetch, find, chase, and keep away. She is alert and a great security comfort for me. I am moving and away from home a lot so am searching for a new home for this girl. We adore her and will only give her to someone that truly seems a perfect fit. I am seeking someone with training skills. It may be best if there are no other dogs in the house and no young children.

For more information on Haylee, please call or text Joyce at 405.812.9089.

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Irene, 2 yr old, spayed female - Dallas, TX

Photo of Malinois Irene - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Irene - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Irene - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Irene - 20KB

Irene is a 2-year old Belgian Malinois mix who has been a stellar foster dog.

Irene was found living alone in a city park almost a year ago. Irene is great in a family situation and is nothing short of devoted.

She does great with kids and loves to be a part of the action. Irene is a great protector, but is playful and kind of a goofball.

Irene does well with other dogs, though she needs a slow introduction. She's fully vetted and spayed.

But, Irene is heartworm positive and has been working through the 'slow kill' method since January. She is completely asymptomatic and loves to go for a short jog.

Application and adoption fee required.

Potty trained, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Heartworm positive, Devoted, Prankster, Good running partner, Eager to please, Fantastic dog!

For more information on Irene, please call Amanda, (678) 665-8571.

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Katie, approx 6 yrs old, spayed female - Redmond, WA

Photo of Malinois Foster Katie - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Katie - 9KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Katie - 13KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Katie - 12KB

Katie is a beautiful, good natured, very playful, and vocal GSD/Belgian Malinois

Katie can be nervous around strangers (men at first and we have worked on this she has improved greatly) she can also be reserved and immediate introductions from her person need to be done. Besides good looks, she is crate trained, potty trained, LOVES car rides!

True to her breed, she is very energetic much more so than her biological age She loves squeaker toys, and will play fetch and enjoys a good tug of war. She has not been observed as a digger or climbing while in the yard and seems content to stay in her enclosure.

Katie could still use more formal training and I have purchased a pre-paid 8 week obedience course at Canine Behavior Center, in Redmond Washington for her new owners. Katie gets along with other dogs (she may be best though with another male or as an only dog), and she now will tolerate cats. She will chase but more playful than wanting to cause harm. She does chase squirrels and other prey animals.

Katie has an old injury to her back leg and I have the disk with x-rays. The leg appears to have been broken and re-healed, and it was not advised by either vet to operate as the bones have fused. This does not stop her she runs and plays and can climb stairs, and a hiking course with the best of them. She is incredibly playful and would do best with a family who knows this breed or is very dog savvy....a first time dog owner would not be a consideration. She would greatly benefit from an active family where daily walks, hikes or runs could be added to her day.

Katie is spayed, current on rabies, DHLLP and microchip and is ready for her new home!

Katie is currently fostered with two female Boxers and three cats in Seattle, WA.

Application, contract and home check required. Must be a home owner with a secure 6' plus fence.

For more information on Katie, please contact: Teresa or call 425-444-6162.

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Lucky, 6 yr old, neutered male - NY

Photo of Malinois Lucky - 13KB
Photo of Malinois Lucky - 14KB
Photo of Malinois Lucky - 38KB
Photo of Malinois Lucky - 21KB

A handsome hunk, Lucky is a dashing six year old, 65 lb, gorgeous fawn neutered male in the prime of his life.

Lucky was originally adopted from a shelter in Lompoc, California, and went to live happily on a big ranch with lots of other dogs and animals. Lucky is an excellent watch dog and affectionate family companion. He gets along well with other dogs, cats, and older children. He knows basic commands, walks nicely on a leash, and has no bad habits such as digging or chewing. He's perfectly housebroken and travels very easily in the car. Lucky can be left alone in the house all day, and he won't be destructive. He does have some weakness in his hips, so he doesn't need strenuous exercise.

Lucky's family recently had a sudden move to upstate New York. Although they were fortunate to find a "dog friendly" complex complete with a dog park, there are no private yards and Lucky is not adjusting well to life on a leash in a densely-populated environment surrounded by a continual parade of new dogs and people. Despite working with a trainer and efforts with herbal remedies, he is becoming increasingly anxious and aggressive on-leash.

Lucky would love to live in a place with his very own yard to protect again. He is healthy, loving, and well cared-for, and a good choice for someone looking for a mature, low-maintenance larger dog.

  • A few more things to know about Lucky:
    • He will chase livestock (horses, cattle, chickens, goats, etc), so be prepared for training if you have livestock.
    • He was once kicked in the head by a horse; he was VERY lucky indeed and suffered only a minor hairline fracture in the bone under his eye.
    • He has had rattlesnake aversion training!
    • His hips are weak, but he hasn't been diagnosed as dysplastic. As long as he doesn't go for long runs or very strenuous walks, it's almost unnoticeable. Rough play with other dogs should be kept to a minimum. On occasions when he has gotten sore, he has been given Metacam.
    • Lucky has leash aggression; new owners should be prepared to learn how to work with this.
    • He's terrified of thunderstorms.
    • He's nervous about meeting new people, particularly men, and especially men with hats.
    • He will wait till invited to cuddle up on the couch or bed. He loves to cuddle.
    • He chases his tail when excited, it's very silly!
    • He adores any and all squeaky toys.
    • When someone new comes to visit, he'll find a toy and tear it up into little bits... quirky!
    • Current owner is happy to provide all paperwork and answer any questions, etc.

For more information about Lucky, please contact: Debbie.

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Luka, approx 2 yrs old, neutered male - IL

Photo of Malinois Luka - 28KB
Photo of Malinois Luka - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Luka - 13KB

Luka is a goofy, fun boy who is all about play. He loves his squeaky toys

Luka is a 2-year-old male. He is a goofy, fun boy who is all about play. He loves his squeaky toys and has become a pro at two-toy fetch, sitting to trade for the toy. He walks politely on leash and ignores most dogs that bark at him on walks.

Luka needs an experienced owner. He is strong-willed and has a protective nature. He responds nicely to kind but firm leadership. A yard with a visible fence is important. He enjoys the companionship of his foster sister GSD, but would do fine as an only dog.

Luka wants most of all to have his forever people to bond with.

For more information on Luka, please contact Jenne.

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Malikai, 10 mo old, spayed female - NJ

Photo of Malinois Foster Malikai - 22KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Malikai - 10KB Photo of Malinois Foster Malikai - 9KB

Malikai, excellent with children dogs and even cats.

Crate trained friendly girl in need of an active home. Prefer a sport me your bio. Application process applies

For more information on Malikai, please contact: Kim Lumba.

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