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N Central Region:

* Flynn, female - IL
* Kiana, female - WI

S Central Region:

Northeast Region:

Guinnevere - Adopted!!!
Jenna, female - NY
Scout, male - MD
* Taz, male - MD
* Titan, male - NJ
Vida, female - NY

Southeast Region:

Angel, female - FL
* Carl, male - NC
Copper - Adopted!!!
Dixie, female - LA
Farrah, female - FL
Nina, female - FL
Jubei - Adopted!!!
Katie - Adopted!!!
Maddie - Adopted!!!

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

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Alternate Listings: A-M
Updated: April 14th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: April 29th

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Belgian Malinois Rescues

Alternative Sources

Do you know of a Malinois in a shelter??? Go here for the list of ABMC contacts experienced in ID and rescue procedures.

The Rescues presented on this page are not part of the ABMC rescue program. Please contact ONLY the person or organization listed as the contact, for the Malinois you are interested in. The webmaster and ABMC Rescue have no additional information, on Rescues listed here, other then the profile provided with each dog. Please contact the person or organization listing the Malinois with additional questions.

ABMC is unable to provide any guarantees or information other then the profile seen here on the Alternative Sources webpage.

Are you fostering a Belgian Malinois rescued from, or facing, a life threatening situation that is not part of the ABMC Rescue program? To have your Malinois listed on the "Available thru Other Sources" page contact the website coordinator (for submitting Malinois to be included on this page only) for instructions on how to submit your Malinois' profile and photo. ALL Malinois submitted, to be included on this webpage, absolutely must be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS! In the meantime, review the profiles listed in these pages to assist you in creating one for your rescue Malinois.

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

While every effort is made to insure the integrity of the listings on this page the final responsibility for finalizing an adoption rests with the rescued Malinois's foster family and the adoptive family.

  • Make sure that ALL agreements are received in writing.
  • Understand the contract you will be asked to sign.
  • What innoculations, spaying/neutering, heartworm medication, health care has the Malinois received?
  • What responsibilities are being assumed, by you, the adopter.
  • What procedure will be followed if, for some reason, the adoption doesn't work out.
  • In the event that the adoption doesn't work out will the adoption fee be retained or refunded?
  • Will the foster family arrange for return of the Malinois to them or another foster family of their choice?

The above information is provided simply as a guide to help insure that your adoption is successful. Foster families can and will vary somewhat in the manner that they transfer ownership of their ward.

Information, on this page, regarding adoptable Malinois is provided by the listing person or organization and is neither checked for accuracy or completeness. Information is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. The health status and behavior of any pet found, adopted through, or listed on the Alternate Source page at is the sole responsibility of the person or organization listing the same and/or the adopting party, and by using this service, the adopting party releases ABMC Rescue and, from any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected with the adoption of a Malinois listed on the Alternate Source webpage.

Alternate Sources Malinois Rescue Listings

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

* New listing  --   ** Updated  --   ***New Contact Info

Alternate Listings: A-M
Aurik, PA -  * Bella, CT -  Bolero, MN -  * Branwen, FL -  Bruno, GA -  Jersey, MN -  Mason, MN -  Mya, CA

Alternate Listings: N-Z
Ranger, MI -  Razor, MN -  Romeo, NC -  Tara, CA -  Winnie, IN

The adopter assumes all risk when adopting a Malinois linked to or listed on this page.


Brooklyn - Adopted!!!  -  Manny - Adopted!!!  -  Khan - Adopted!!!  -  Maverick - Adopted!!!  -  Rockne - Adopted!!!

Aurik, 1 yr old, neutered male - PA

Fee: $325
Photo of Malinois Foster Aurik - 9KB Photo of Malinois Foster Aurik - 19KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Aurik - 7KB Photo of Malinois Foster Aurik - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Aurik - 13KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Aurik - 18KB

Aurik is a handsome 1 year old neutered male Malinois/GSD.

He has a beautiful sable coat with a dark face. He is approximately 27" at the withers and weighs 70 lbs. He has an athletic, sturdy build.

Aurik is very intelligent and is a quick study. He's easily engaged and enjoys training sessions. He sits and has impulse control, waiting patiently to be released to eat. He knows sit, paw, down, go to bed, time to go out, and is constantly paying attention to you. He has lots of energy and loves to play. Here are a couple of videos of him playing Frisbee and paying attention.

He is great with other dogs. Here are some videos of him with other dogs.

He is 'game' to play with smaller dogs, but he plays rough so could accidentally hurt a smaller dog if not careful. Here he is trying to engage with our Beagles

He shares toys and likes to play tug o war. He is very good on a leash for walks and wants to smell everything. He would love to do nose work. He's good in the car.

Aurik has an off switch and loves to cuddle and sit in your lap. He enjoys sleeping while you watch TV and spoon or get as close as possible and relax for long periods of time.

Aurik is a very special boy with enormous potential. He is very loving and loyal and protective of his family. Prior to coming to us, he spent most of his life in a crate and was not properly socialized nor had much training. He is very cautious of strangers and must be introduced properly. He can be over protective when people come into his home.

He is a diamond in the rough and needs an experienced handler that will provide structure and consistency. He responds best to a firm but gentle hand. He would flourish in a home where he would be given a job.

He has extremely high prey drive so will not be placed in a home with cats or small dogs or animals. He will not be placed in a home with small children.

For more information on Aurik, please contact: Chris.

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Bella, 2 yr old, spayed female - CT

Photo of Malinois Foster Bella - 11KB Photo of Malinois Foster Bella - 11KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bella - 12KB Photo of Malinois Foster Bella - 9KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bella - 44KB

Bella is a two year old, spayed Belgian Malinois/Pit mix.

Her father was a Malinois Security Dog; her mother a pit bull. Bella is between 65 and 70 pounds; OK with kids; good in the house; but needs more attention than her owners can give her right now. She is housebroken, very affectionate, loves people and attention, playing in the water and snow; is very healthy and loves to run and play with her toys.

When fenced or in a pen, she will bark at other dogs. Her off leash exposure to dogs her size has been limited but when she has met males dogs her size, she has been appropriate and wanted to play. She wants to chase cats, squirrels and small critters, so cannot go to a home with cats, small dogs or other small pets.

Bella is good in her metal crate and may be crated when she is left alone, but is also good in the house and has not been destructive when left alone. She pulls a little when first walked on the leash but then calms down. She knows the commands sit, stay, get in crate, go to bed, go to room. Thunderstorms and loud noises don't phase her at all.

Bella must go to a home with a fenced yard. A home with an active family and a male Malinois or a Mal-Mix dog of large size as a companion would be the perfect fit for Bella!

Only homes within Connecticut or within easy driving distance will be considered.

For more information on Bella, please contact: Felix.

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Bolero, 5 yr old, neutered male - MN

Fee: $350 + tax
Photo of Malinois Foster Bolero - 23KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bolero - 24KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bolero - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bolero - 18KB

Bo is a very special guy who deserves an amazing home.

Bolero is a surrender from a breeder. Bolero (Bo) has been in foster care for most of his life now. Bo is a pretty typical malinois, busy, higher energy, mouthy, etc when he's comfortable. However Bo is very scared of men. He can live w/a man, provided the man is very calm, and patient with him. Bo will never be 100% comfortable w/men. Bo is great w/women, however and warms up pretty quickly to adult women.

Bolero has had basic obedience training. Current on DA2PPL, Rabies, Heartworm Negative and preventative started. Avid Microchip implanted.

Bo is crate trained and doing well on his house training. He has been around other dogs and is good w/them. He is actually quite submissive to the females he is exercised with.

Bo is learning to play with toys. Bo, once he bonds w/his people, is a highly dedicated, loyal dog. Bo has been through formal obedience classes. He does know basic commands. 50 pounds/22-23", Bo is a medium energy level dog, but he is more intense. I think if he's asked to do a job he'll give it his all and that will be a LOT.

Bo would do best in a female, adult-only home. He'd be a great dog for a single lady! We do have Bo's pedigree as well.

Bolero is available through Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota. To learn more about him, watch videos, etc, and to review our adoption policies, please visit our site at:

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Branwen, 5 yrs old, spayed female - N FL

Fee: $100
Photo of Malinois Foster Branwen - 24KB

Branwen is very sweet and loves to cuddle with her person/people, but she also loves to run around the yard and play.

is shy and timid in new situations and when meeting new people and takes a little time to warm up. She is crate trained and housebroke and knows sit, down and spin. Branwen loves to play with other large dogs, mostly males, but is okay with some females, but is not good with small dogs or cats. She will sleep all night by your bed if you let her. She is not a chewer and loves to spend her day laying around the house.

Branwen is current on all medical including bordetella and heartworm and flea prevention, and she is microchipped. And someone with Malinois experience is preferred but not required.

Branwen is located in North Florida and there is an Adoption Application, Contract and $100 Adoption Fee.

For more information on Branwen, please contact: Beth.

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Bruno, 10 mos old, neutered male - GA

Photo of Malinois Foster Bruno - 10KB Photo of Malinois Foster Bruno - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bruno - 11KB Photo of Malinois Foster Bruno - 9KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bruno - 21KB

Bruno is a highly intelligent malinois mix. He is very active and needs a lot of love, affection and attention.

He learns quickly, especially when food is involved. He is unbelievably sweet, loves to cuddle, loves food, loves to play. He is very playful, great with other dogs and kids. He has a habit of jumping when he gets excited but with more training he can be broken of that habit.

He has had some training knows how to sit, stay, lay down and comes when he's called. He is leash trained and does well on either collar or harness. He needs a diet that is high in protein especially if he is going to a highly active household and will be doing active outside things. He needs exercise daily or at least a walk daily.

He is unbelievably friendly, never met a stranger, loves to cuddle, loves to be on the bed or couch with you especially when it's time to go to bed. He picks up habits very quickly (both good and bad). He would be an awesome K-9 or search and rescue dog. This is a dog that needs a job. He likes to wear a vest and carry things in it. It makes him feel like he has a job.

He is a great family dog and has a pack mentality. He is quirky and funny. He has one heck of a personality and has one of the biggest hearts I've ever known in a dog. He needs more training with potty habits and is crate trained. If you tell him "cage" he goes right in the crate.

I would love nothing more than to keep him, unfortunately I was hurt in the job. I am in law enforcement and I am not sure when I will recoup from my injury. I can not walk without crutches so it is difficult for me to give him the exercise and attention he needs and deserves. I don't feel it is fair to him to suffer through my injury. I love him more than words can express so this is nothing easy for me at all, but I would rather him go to a forever home where he gets everything he needs and deserves than suffer through my injury.

Serious inquiries only. For more information on Bruno, please contact: Megan or call 301.442.4733.

Jersey, 1.5 yr old, spayed female - MN

Fee: $350 + tax
Photo of Malinois Foster Jersey - 32KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Jersey - 15KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Jersey - 12KB

Jersey aka "Honey" is a sweet and loyal girl who aims to please!

Honey has been shuffled around quite a bit in her short life. She was initially rescue by a couple of senior citizens who immediately fell for her enthusiasm and charm. They were shocked to find out this bubbly girl was pregnant and reached out to BCRMN for help. Honey delivered seven happy healthy pups who have all found their forever homes, and now it is Mom's turn.

Jersey has had no formal training. Current on DA2PPL, Rabies, Heartworm Negative and preventative started. Avid Microchip implanted.

Honey is a petite purebred Belgian Malinois. She enjoys being pet, brushed, belly rubs and cuddling. She is crate and house trained and has obviously been trained in obedience because she is a dream to walk or run with on a leash. She adores toys. Fetch with a ball in the backyard is her FAVORITE, she could play all day long.

Honey is initially timid around new people and dogs but quickly warms up with some encouraging petting. Honey loves having a male dog companion to play with. Honey does not, however, play well with cats and cannot go to a home with feline friends. She has been around children ages 12+ and has done great with them.

Honey does have some impressive springs in her legs but she respects the 4' fence at her foster home. Honey LOVES people and wants some of her very own. She loves ending each busy day curled up on the couch snuggling with you, however in order for that to happen, she has to be physically worn out. 45 pounds/20" at withers, Honey is used to running 10+ miles daily, plus an hour of chuck-it. While she's a lower DRIVE malinois, she is still a malinois energy level wise. If she doesn't get her exercise, she has no problem making her own fun.

She is incredibly smart and loves being taught new games and tricks to impress and engage you. Due to Honey's desire to be near people and her active energy level we recommend a home where her family are frequently home and have a consistent, predictable schedule. Honey has patiently been waiting her whole life for a forever home with active, loving people she can call her very own. She aims to please and has all the heart and smarts to do so!

Jersey is available through Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota. To learn more about her, watch videos, etc, and to review our adoption policies, please visit our site at:

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Mason, 1 yr old, neutered male - MN

Fee: $350 + tax
Photo of Malinois Foster Mason - 23KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Mason - 23KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Mason - 31KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Mason - 19KB

Mason is a busy, happy, silly, goofy guy...all of which are pretty typical young boy malinois!

Mason found himself in a local shelter and was pulled for possible detection work. Unfortunately he doesn't quite have the drive needed for such work, but that's okay! He's still a wonderful guy!

Mason has had no formal training. Current on DA2PPL, Rabies, Heartworm Negative and preventative started. Avid Microchip implanted.

Mason is a total dork, a lovable, snuggleable, dork. He is all legs and silliness. Mason is good w/other dogs but has HIGH prey drive. He can NOT live w/small dogs, cats, pocket pets, free-range birds, etc. Mason's drive for small critters is strong and he always comes out on the winning end. Mason is great w/bigger dogs and loves to play. He's never met a person he doesn't love; he's really a very social dude. Mason is house and crate trained and seems to know basic commands (sit/come). He LOVES to have things in his mouth....kongs, balls, his food bowl, etc.

Mason is a higher energy guy w/medium drive. Some of this energy is likely puppy energy as well. He is looking for an active home who will DO things with him. He'd be a fun first-time agility malinois for someone. He is a forgiving partner and just loves to learn things. He is highly treat motivated, and will work for a toy as well. He has no concept of self preservation (typical), and couldn't be more excited to DO THINGS. Mason would do best w/kids ages 12+ simply due to his size/energy. He respects the 6' fence in is foster home; he does require a 5-6' fence due to his prey drive. Mason has been exposed to agility equipment and LOVES it. He'd be an amazing first-time malinois for an experienced agility home. He'd be a 24" dog (or 26" if you want to go that route).

Mason is a very fun malinois who is looking for an active home that can give him both physical and mental outlets. Is that with you?

Mason is available through Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota. To learn more about him, watch videos, etc, and to review our adoption policies, please visit our site at:

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Mya, 17 mos old, spayed female - San Diego, CA

Fee: $325
Photo of Malinois Foster Mya - 9KB Photo of Malinois Foster Mya - 17KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Mya - 42KB

Mya is happy all the time and is lovable, affectionate but not cuddly.

Mya is a confident, lovely, strong, high drive, 17mo Belgian Malinois who, once she knows the rules is easy to live with but you have to stay on top of it! She weighs about 50 pounds and stands 23.75 inches at the withers. She is eager to learn and wants to please.

She has strong toy/ball interest and that is her current very favorite game. Anyone she sees playing any kind of ball (soccer, etc) will make her over the top excited. Foster is working on her responses to that. She will pick up a scent in the back yard and try to track it. Mya is easily distracted however and for this reason she may not be a good working/detection prospect. She loves elongated toys/tugs and has a harder time releasing these. Her known commands are down, sit, wait, stay, drop it, get in/go crate, okay (for release). Mya is able to hold her 'wait' command until released to go outside/inside or come out of her crate. She has made great progress with her foster and is testament to what Mya is capable of doing with the right handler.

She is crate trained and can be in a crate for up to 8 hours. She will volunteer to go in her crate when she feels the need. Mya is happy all the time and is lovable, affectionate but not cuddly. She does love to be petted and will lay on her back to be petted as well. It is unknown how she is with children or cats. She is good with big dogs/males but females can be a problem.

She has been exposed to a variety of things/places. She regularly attends agility trials (as a spectator), travels in the van beautifully, goes through drive-thru, has gone to the park, long walks etc. Loud noises do not seem to bother her. She has gone over an A-Frame, and through agility tunnels. She has run free while playing with another Malinois and recalled nicely.

If left unattended for a bit in the back yard she is known to dig if there is nothing else to do. She does need leash work (pulls) and the foster has been using an Easy Walker. She is reactive to highly stimulating environments and she may lunge in excitement. Foster is working on a more relaxed 'settle' response. She likes to snap at things floating in the air like leaves, feathers, dog hair and bugs. She is allowed access to the foster's closet, but she inspects but does not chew up things she finds (shoes, socks etc).

New people and experiences may worry her a little but she is gaining confidence as her exposures broaden. She will take food from anyone's hand and is typically gentle about it. She allows most everyone to touch, pet, rub her chest, touch her tail and head. She will make eye contact for food. She will approach willingly and quickly and may lunge forward (but not bark) when she sees new things that really interest her, and with commands she will sit to settle.

Mya's eyes are almost always warm and friendly and capable of good eye contact. When they are not, she is looking at something with great interest intensely. Nipping has not been observed, she loves to engage with most everyone. She is just 'so so' at the Vets as she was a little scared but she has boarded there just fine. Sometimes, if in a large crowd of people, Mya will try to climb into her foster's lap. She's too big to be a lap dog and kind of silly on her part. It is as if she's seeking closeness out of a need to feel secure.

Everyone that comes in contact with her just loves her and comment on what a lovely dog she is. Mya needs a home where parameters are set and everyone enforces them. Consistency will take her a long ways. She needs a job or lots of focused activity. She seems to enjoy the little bit of agility she has been exposed to, and probably could be excellent at flyball, dock diving etc.

Due to her high energy (she is a Mal after all!), she needs to have many opportunities during the day to release that energy in positive, mentally and physically stimulating ways.

No small animals, no small children, unknown with livestock.

She is a lovely dog that really pulls your heartstrings!


For more information on Mya, please contact: Jan.

Alternately Visit:!contact-us/c1uuh

Previous Malinois experience required.

Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit.

Adoption Fee: $325. Transport along Interstate 5 is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

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