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N Central Region:

*** Chianna, female - IL
* Gunny, male - IL
* Shay, male - WI

S Central Region:

Cote - Adopted!!!
** Hazel, female - AR
Mack - Adopted!!!
** Murphy, male - TX

Northeast Region:

Abby - Adopted!!!
* Axel, male - NH
Dallas, female - NJ
Della, female - NY
Nikki - Adopted!!!

Southeast Region:

* Angel, female - FL
Cain - Adopted!!!
Dixie, female - LA
Farrah, female - FL
Luca - Adopted!!!
Seven - Adopted!!!

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Ranger - Adopted!!!
Rocky, male - UT

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Do you know of a Malinois in a shelter??? Go here for the list of ABMC contacts experienced in ID and rescue procedures.

The Rescues presented on this page are not part of the ABMC rescue program. Please contact ONLY the person or organization listed as the contact, for the Malinois you are interested in. The webmaster and ABMC Rescue have no additional information, on Rescues listed here, other then the profile provided with each dog. Please contact the person or organization listing the Malinois with additional questions.

ABMC is unable to provide any guarantees or information other then the profile seen here on the Alternative Sources webpage.

Are you fostering a Belgian Malinois rescued from, or facing, a life threatening situation that is not part of the ABMC Rescue program? To have your Malinois listed on the "Available thru Other Sources" page contact the website coordinator (for submitting Malinois to be included on this page only) for instructions on how to submit your Malinois' profile and photo. ALL Malinois submitted, to be included on this webpage, absolutely must be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS! In the meantime, review the profiles listed in these pages to assist you in creating one for your rescue Malinois.

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

While every effort is made to insure the integrity of the listings on this page the final responsibility for finalizing an adoption rests with the rescued Malinois's foster family and the adoptive family.

  • Make sure that ALL agreements are received in writing.
  • Understand the contract you will be asked to sign.
  • What innoculations, spaying/neutering, heartworm medication, health care has the Malinois received?
  • What responsibilities are being assumed, by you, the adopter.
  • What procedure will be followed if, for some reason, the adoption doesn't work out.
  • In the event that the adoption doesn't work out will the adoption fee be retained or refunded?
  • Will the foster family arrange for return of the Malinois to them or another foster family of their choice?

The above information is provided simply as a guide to help insure that your adoption is successful. Foster families can and will vary somewhat in the manner that they transfer ownership of their ward.

Information, on this page, regarding adoptable Malinois is provided by the listing person or organization and is neither checked for accuracy or completeness. Information is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. The health status and behavior of any pet found, adopted through, or listed on the Alternate Source page at is the sole responsibility of the person or organization listing the same and/or the adopting party, and by using this service, the adopting party releases ABMC Rescue and, from any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected with the adoption of a Malinois listed on the Alternate Source webpage.

Alternate Sources Malinois Rescue Listings

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

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Alternate Listings: A-M
Beau, PA -  Bentley, VA -  * Boxer, KY -  * Brooklyn, CA -  * Cali, NY -  * Chico, IL -  Dot, female - NM -  * Indy, UT -  Keeley, CA -  Lou, GA -  * Mila, NY

Alternate Listings: N-Z
Phoebe, NY -  * Riva, VA -  * Santana, FL -  * Simone, ID -  Sybil, NY -  Taylor, WI -  Zara, CA

The adopter assumes all risk when adopting a Malinois linked to or listed on this page.


Ike - Adopted!!!  -  Roy - Adopted!!!  -  Fletcher - Adopted!!!  -  Sandee - Adopted!!!  -  Ringo - Adopted!!!  -  Rezi - Adopted!!!

Brooklyn, 1.5 yr old, spayed female - San Diego, CA

Fee: $325
Photo of Malinois Foster Brooklyn - 9KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Brooklyn - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Brooklyn - 18KB

Brooklyn is a 1.5 year old, petite, spayed Belgian Malinois with a big personality.

She weighs about 50 pounds and will love you with every ounce of her being. She very much wants to bond and to be part of a family. Spunky and very busy, Brooklyn will require a firm leader. Very typical of Malinois, she needs an outlet for her considerable energies and stamina.

Brooklyn is a social girl and really just wants to be with her people. She is happiest chasing after a chuck it ball, playing bitey face with her foster's male Mal or running on the trails. She gets along well with her foster family's kitty. There has been no aggressiveness, just curiosity. If the kitty moves quickly or suddenly, Brooklyn would like to give chase but when kitty is walking around, Brooklyn will go say hello, give a sniff and see if the cat is up for play. Dog savvy cat may be ok. She's very focused on her foster's horse.

Brooklyn is not aggressive but is an alpha female. She can be bossy with other dogs and "mouthy" when excited. She is a wonderful playmate to her foster's Malinois and they run, romp and play in the way that only Malinois will play- all out, full body contact play!

Brooklyn is a good, all around stable dog. She has not been fazed by anything she's been introduced to. She will walk on any surface, jump on anything and strange noises do not startle her. She seems to take everything in stride. Brooklyn has been out and about- from a rural area to suburban streets to an urban downtown, she's seen it all. She is fine with people on bikes, cars going by and seeing other dogs. She is solid with kids but should be supervised since she tends to get mouthy when excited. Brooklyn is a confident and forward friendly dog who needs a confident leader who will give her direction.

Brooklyn loves water. She has recently been introduced to dock diving and is already leaping off the edge of the dock. Her fearlessness and confidence (& ball drive) propel her right off the dock and into the water! Brooklyn loves to play tug. She has been learning basic obedience and manners. She is housebroken and currently being crate trained (will go in and sleep all night in her crate). Brooklyn is learning to walk nicely on leash and to heel, which is coming along beautifully. Off leash, walking through the orchards or trails, she will 'check in' often and has fantastic recall. She loves car rides and is working on house manners.

Brooklyn's forever home will need to continue her training in order for her to thrive. She needs an active home. Brooklyn would be perfectly happy living with another dog or as a solo K9 (if kept busy with owner and or family). She likes a job and can become anxious when bored or unsure. Brooklyn does not bark unless excited or as a protective warning. She loves going for runs with her foster mom. After she's been exercised, she is happy to curl up on her dog bed by your feet or sit with her head in your lap. Brooklyn loves the companionship of her people. She will be a wonderful, loyal companion for the right person.

Previous Malinois experience required.

Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit. Adoption Fee: $325. Transport along Interstate 5 is available but cost not included in adoption fee.


Contact us!contact-us/c1uuh

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Beau, 5 yr old, neutered male - PA

Photo of Malinois Foster Beau - 12KB Photo of Malinois Foster Beau - 13KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Beau - 21KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Beau - 9KB

Beau's birthday is May 23, 2009. He was adopted as a rescue at 5 months of age and boy oh boy was he unruly. He has been with his adoptive mom since that time.

Beau's last annual physical exam was with his vet at Hopewell Vet. He weighed 70.3 pounds and obtained a clean bill of health. He is neutered. Beau has always received regular veterinary well care on an ongoing basis. He is microchipped and up to date on all his shots. He receives Frontline applications on the first of every month.

This beautiful boy is house broken and "My Space" trained. When told "My Space" he will go to his bed, lay down, and stay there. He is not crated when alone is the house, but will not touch anything that is not his. He will go in his crate without any signs of anxiety if directed to do so. Beau has had extensive training via the "Nothing In Life Is Free - Dog Theory For Training". He comes with a complete list of commands that he responds to without hesitation. When shown the borders of a room (ie. kitchen) and told "No Stay" while putting hand up as stop, he will not enter the room. Beau will not jump onto any furniture or bed unless invited. He has the best canine manners imaginable.

Beau is not a barker. He will bark if there is a knock at the door to alert the family someone is there. He will howl at sirens. He LOVES physical activity. Currently he runs 2-3 miles each morning with his foster mom and then walks another 1-2 miles in the evening. He is incredibly agile and a great hiker/mountain climber. He is good off leash and will return on command. Beau is a prey driven, breed type dog and not good with small critters (ie. cats, squirrels, ground hogs, possums). He is actually able to climb a tree to get to a squirrel. He is friendly and will interact with other dogs with proper introduction.

Beau loves attention and affection. He will lie for long periods of time or snuggle while you stroke his soft coat. He is eager to please and protective of his handler. He loves to be groomed and allows his owner to trim his nails with ease.

He takes treats gently when hand fed. Some of his favorite toys include his antler, snake with squeakers, balls, and tug of war ropes. Just as much as Beau loves to play and be active, he loves to relax and snuggle once he is played out.

We really need to help this amazing boy find a forever home with a family that will adore him the way his mom has up to this point. He has been with me as a foster since June 16, 2015 and has been just darling, but he definitely is lonely and needs a permanent home. I'm sure he is confused and unsure of what is actually happening. I know one thing for certain; he knows his mom is not doing well at all. He was very sullen and depressed when he returned to us on Sunday after his weekend visit with mom. It is heart breaking to see him in this state.

Please share and crosspost. Someone out there must be willing to open there home to wonderful Beau and prove to him that his life can once again be stable with an abundance of love.

For more information on Beau, please contact: Nicole Del-Mese, 484-388-1165.

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Bentley, 18 mos old, neutered male - VA

Photo of Malinois Foster Bentley - 12KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bentley - 24KB

Wanted: An owner/forever friend who is active and up for fun adventures. Are you the one for me?

Well, I'm a blast! I'm always ready for new and exciting times and would love someone to share them with. Because I am still young, 18 mo old neutered male Belgian Malinois mix (92 pounds), and learning some manners, I'm recommended for homes with children over the age of 12.

If you have other dogs at home, please bring them to meet me. We need to make sure any canine companion can keep up with my play style. FYI: I really like the ladies and I am much better behaved around my female canine counterparts. Let's schedule a play date today! We just might be made for each other.

For more information on Bentley, please contact: Taryn or call 540 434-5270.

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Boxer, 5 yr old, neutered male - KY

Photo of Malinois Foster Boxer - 12KB Photo of Malinois Foster Boxer - 13KB

Boxer is a 5 yo, neutered boy who is looking for a new home! He is currently living in an apartment and missing his big backyard!

Boxer does need a big yard to run,he loves to chase squirrels. He is 5 years old and has calmed down a lot. I adopted him a 6 weeks, looks like, runs like, jumps like a Belgian Malinois and is extremely smart.

He is a great guard dog and loyal. He does great in a car, I always have him with me, you will never feel like you're alone he will be at your feet.

Boxer is not crate trained. He is very particular about whom he likes and he does not like people he does not know petting him, he must check them out first. He does not like eye contact. He is a dog that does best with a regular routine and not much change.

Boxer loves the people he lives with but it takes him time to warm up to new people. He must be given time to get to know new people.

He is not good with small children (can play rough, to be on the safe side).

He is not a big eater, up to date with all his shots. He is spoiled.

He is not for the weak, the crybabies and somebody who has arthritis (just saying). He needs an active home that will give him the physical and mental exercise he needs.

His downfall is rabbits; he will try to get out of his harness to chase them, he needs somebody stern and strong to keep him from pulling away. Someone who can work with him on 'focus' exercises and 'leave it' would be great! Because of his prey drive we recommend that he does not go to a home with cats.

I love him and for the right person he will be a great dog for you.

For more information on Boxer, please text me your information at 732-319-0066.

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Cali, 8 yr old, spayed female - NY

Photo of Malinois Foster Cali - 21KB Photo of Malinois Foster Cali - 18KB

Cali is 8 yrs old and needs to be re-homed.

Cali needs to be re-homed. She is a sweet 8 year old Malinois that the family has had since 10 weeks old. She doesn't get along with their 6 year old child and needs to be the only dog. Not cat tested. Cali would do best with older (teenage) kids and would make a great companion dog. Knows basic commands, low food and toy drives and low maintenance. Crate trained and UTD on shots. She has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), which is very treatable with specific supplements.

For more information about Cali, please contact: Debbie

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Chico, 7 mos old, neutered male - IL

Photo of Malinois Foster Chico - 32KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Chico - 34KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Chico - 38KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Chico - 19KB

Hi, My name is Chico, but my humans call me Sosa. I was born on February 26, 2015 to a K9 unit family.

I was purchased by an associate of my humans, but he didn't have patience with me, and ultimately left me in a shelter until my current humans found me. I had kennel cough upon rescue, but these humans were nice enough to nurse me back to health. I am now close to 60lbs at 7 months, I eat very healthy food and exercise to stay fit.

I love spending hours in the yard playing with sticks and toys. I love playing basketball and baseball. I'm good at catching the balls, although I don't like giving them back. I love playing in the kiddie pool with…guess what? MORE BALLS.

My humans say that I have personality because I tend to make funny faces when I get bored. I like cuddling with anyone who can handle my weight and I am a good protector from strangers who don't look friendly. Also I'm very obedient and a fast learner. I'm crate and potty trained and I understand my basic commands (only if treats are involved..because why not?). I'm up to date with my shoots and neutered.

When I get too excited I get nippy, my humans don't like that. So I'm trying to get better with more training. Sometimes I don't like small dogs and bigger dogs scare me. My humans say that can be fixed with more socializing too.

Currently, I live with 1 parrot and 2 senior dachshunds. I always want to play with them, but they're too boring most of the time. I have a good life, but unfortunately as the last few weeks have progressed, my humans are now full-time college students and workers. So they cant devote as much "us" time as they used to. However, they are very dedicated to finding a forever home that'll love me for the rambunctious, curious, snuggler I am.

If you think you can keep up with me and love me forever please my humans through email. Thank you for looking!

For more information on Chico, please contact:

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Dot 5-6 yr old spayed female - NM

Malinois Foster Dot - 8KB
Malinois Foster Dot - 8KB
Malinois Foster Dot - 19KB
Malinois Foster Dot - 21KB
Malinois Foster Dot - 19KB
Malinois Foster Dot - 21KB

Dot is a seriously smart girl!

She is currently being fostered with a family of three other dogs. At first she was very timid and insecure, but now her peppy personality is shining through. When her foster mom comes to play with her in the yard she bounces around in circles and even smiles. Her foster family estimates she's 5-6 years old. Dot is very active, loves to play fetch, almost always has her nose to the ground and is a dream to walk on a leash. Dot is crate trained and settles nicely when the family goes out.

It appears that she was crated for the vast majority of her life L as she is apprehensive about new noises and objects. When Dot first arrived at the foster family's house she didn't have much muscle development, but now she's a happy, athletic and affectionate pup. As her confidence builds she is becoming braver and more obedient.

For more information on Dot, please contact:
Valencia County Animal Shelter
1209 New Mexico Highway 314
Los Lunas, NM 87031
Patty Mugan - 505-866-2479 ext 3.

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Indy, 3 yr old, neutered male - SLC, UT

Fee: $325
Photo of Malinois Foster Indy - 19KB Photo of Malinois Foster Indy - 16KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Indy - 21KB

Indy is a handsome boy with soulful eyes.

Indy is a tall boy who stands about 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs in at 70 pounds. He was hit by a car and left at a shelter when he was approximately 5-6 months old. He was left unattended (without medical attention) in a kennel for four days with a severely broken leg and fractured pelvis. When Woof was able to get him out, he was in a state of shock and in bad shape. He currently has a metal pin in his left hind leg. A Woof trainer's opinion is that Indy may have PTSD as a result of the accident. This manifests in a couple of ways. He is afraid of vacuum cleaners and other tall, thin motorized things in the house. He is okay outdoors. His (possible) PTSD extends to veterinary visits.

Indy is given a sedative prior to arriving and wears a muzzle while at the vet. He is so frightened that he must be handled with care while at the vet.

Indy is very intelligent, even for a Malinois. He loves to learn new things and seems to enjoy the mental stimulation as well as the camaraderie of being part of a team. He catches on quickly. Once he understands what his person is asking of him, he will try his best to do it. It's very impressive, how fast he can learn new things and how much he wants to please his foster family. He loves solving problems and will often drop a toy at his fosters feet immediately upon figuring out some puzzle as if to say "Do it again!" Overall, he's not a destructive dog but as with most Malinois, appropriate amounts of exercise and mental stimulation are necessary.

Indy received 12 weeks of private training with a Woof Master Trainer and the foster home has continued this training. Indy's foster has made real progress on some of Indiana's issues, namely impulse control. There was a time Indiana could not resist the prey drive and would give chase to small dogs and cats. Indy has been schooled in obedience and now, will not break a 'heel' even with a cat in sight. Indy has become very tolerant of small dogs (he basically ignores them). Even with this progress, we are stating that a home without cats or small dogs is a must. However, a home with big dogs is a real plus as Indy enjoys the company of other big dogs. Indy has previously had issues with a crate if he's not with other dogs.

Indy has learned 'come', 'place', sit', 'heel', 'down', 'drop it', 'stop', 'wait', 'stay', 'get it' (as in, go get the toy), 'boom' (play dead), 'roll over', 'let's dance' (will jump up and dance with foster), 'push it' (used to open a gate or door with his nose), 'put it here' (drop a toy on target) and 'find it'. Indy could excel at nose work and easily compete in NW for sport. His toy-drive is epic and is a quick study when it comes to learning new commands or games. Indy doesn't require harsh corrections as he understands tone of voice very clearly and positive praise goes a long way with this boy.

Indy loves to tug and play ball, although his favorite toy is (by far) a Chuckit Squirrel. After Indy warms up to a person, he likes to have his ears gently rubbed and be petted. He will thank you for massaging his ears with some very sincere kisses and a happy tail. Indy is basically a very smart, gentle and sweet dog who is growing in confidence everyday.

Indy loves to be outside and is most at ease when he's nosing around, playing in the backyard, training or sleeping. He loves to be outdoors and to be engaged with his handler in a game of retrieve, tug or obedience. When not working with his foster, Indy prefers to nap in his doghouse or go into the garage and sleep under his foster's truck. Indy has a nice 'off switch' and will happily go outside to rest while his foster is inside working. Outside is Indy's preferred place to relax. He is house trained and will sit at the back door when he needs to go out to do his business.

Indy was adopted to a home and returned when a new infant came into the family. At that time, due to prey drive, Woof Master Trainer took Indy for a few months for extended obedience training. Indy was again adopted out to a home with no other animals but that owner felt he would do best in a home with other dogs.

More than anything, Indiana will need someone who is able to devote time and energy to continue the training momentum he's been receiving in his foster home. He loves to train, and loves to play. He needs to be in stable, positive environment. We'd prefer someone who has experience with fearful dogs and who can provide regular training and confidence building. So we are looking for a home sensitive to the needs of a PTSD dog. An owner (perhaps) with acreage would be most suitable. Indy would do best having other, well-behaved and stable dogs around to help show him the way.


For more information on Indy, please contact: Jan.

Alternately Visit:!contact-us/c1uuh

Previous Malinois experience required.

Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit.

Adoption Fee: $325. Transport along Interstate 5 is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

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Keeley, 1.5 yr old, spayed female - LA, CA

Fee: $325
Photo of Malinois Foster Keeley - 11KB Photo of Malinois Foster Keeley - 25KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Keeley - 32KB

Keeley, as with most Malinois, needs to be actively doing things or she is not fun to live with.

Keeley is a 1.5 year old, spayed Belgian Malinois. She holds her weight around 47 pounds and has a compact, athletic build. She's about 24 inches at the shoulder.

Keeley is ALL IN, ALWAYS! She gives 200% to whatever she is doing. She will tug (targets well) or play ball like her life depends on it and has a very nice out command. She has excellent prey drive but overall we consider her to be medium drive. Her prey drive does include live animals and she has not been exposed to cats. She has fairly good food drive but prefers tug over food. Keeley has not been exposed to kids.

When Keeley is lounging in the house she wants to be near you. Like many Mals she attaches to her people. Keeley would love to be sitting in your lap, giving you a hug. She really wants to be with her people and will climb any mountain or fence to be with them. Keeley can become a little over-attached. She continues to be crated sometimes even when her foster family is home. Multiple practices have been employed to prevent her from escalating to real separation anxiety.

She will chill out in the house but if you are up for something, she is ready. Keeley tends to be a licker. She will lick your arms, feet, anything she can reach. Foster family is working on decreasing this and have made much progress. However, if she is feeling a little stressed out comes the tongue. Keeley absolutely LOVES a car ride and crates up nicely for a drive.

Keeley has been trained to sit, down, go to place, kennel, load up-kennel in truck, wait until released for supper, and out (drop it). She is in training on leave it, stay, paw touch, target stick, nose work, leash walking without pulling. Keeley has been exposed to agility equipment such as tunnel, teeter, a-frame, jumps and can do it all. No fear of any of the equipment and tries to go fast to get her reward. She is currently working on her trick title and will have her certificate very soon.

Keeley is house trained. She will not only hold it in the house but does not like to go potty in her outside kennel. If she has to go potty she will excessively bark until she is taken out. She sleeps loose in the house, most nights, but is sometimes crated. She does fine either way. With regards to crate training, she is very good most of the time. When first left alone she will protest but will settle. She will bark if you are sitting in front of her and she is crated. However, she has no problem if you are not directly in front of her. With further training this should get better.

Keeley is typical of the breed in so many ways. Fast flying, high jumping good times. She will need a home that will give her an outlet for her considerable amount of energy. Keeley is all about playing and with an experienced handler, could easily segue her energies into competitive areas of interest.

Keeley has a tendency to be reactive around other dogs. If the dog is calm she is much less likely to react but an excited dog creates an issue. If redirected early in the sequence of events, the behavior can be managed. Like most Mals, her behavior is much better when worked.

Keeley appears very noise stable and environmentally sound. It is rare for her to react fearfully to a new place or sound. She has been fostered in a rural area but new places- parks, busy traffic areas- have not been an issue. Heavy thunderstorms have had no effect on her. During the most recent storm that rolled through, Keeley laid on the floor staring out the back door while the thunder clapped.

Keeley does not resource guard from humans. She will allow her humans to take her beloved toys. If playing ball toss or tug, she will become possessive if a dog is near. She reacts strongly if she sees another dog has a toy and she does not.

Keeley can be pushy when she wants something. She will need an experienced handler who will set fair, firm and consistent boundaries. She would do best in a single dog household. Again, with a strong leader, she may be managed with other dogs.

Strangers are generally just friends she has not met but she has shown some protective tendencies. Her adoptive owner should be ready and willing to work with her. Many of Keeley's behaviors are a work in progress but she will be a fun dog for the right person.


For more information on Keeley, please contact: Jan.

Alternately Visit:!contact-us/c1uuh

Previous Malinois experience required.

Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit.

Adoption Fee: $325. Transport along Interstate 5 is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

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Lou, age ??, spayed female - GA

Photo of Malinois Foster Lou - 17KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Lou - 17KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Lou - 15KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Lou - 12KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Lou - 15KB

Lou is a fawn with black mask Shepherd looking for new home.

Her foster family took her in as her owners were moving out of the country, and could not take her with them. She is good with children as the family she came from had three pre-teens. She is good with other dogs her size but can be too rough for smaller dogs without supervision as she is slightly toy possessive. She will let you do her nails, you can take her food dish with food in it, and she loves to be groomed. She is two years old, house broken, crate trained, spayed, and up to date on vaccinations. Located near Statesboro Georgia. She comes with her bed, brush, and a crate. She is eager to please and has a good toy drive. Currently residing on a sheep farm.

For more information on Lou, please contact: Cindy.

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Mila, 6 yr old, spayed female - OH

Photo of Malinois Foster Mila - 19KB

Mila is very intelligent and knows all basic commands.

Mila is crate trained but when lose in the house unattended she will "go" in the house. She will also get into the trash any opportunity she gets. Outside of that, she is a wonderful dog.

She has never shown any aggression towards children. She isn't fond of other female dogs but she sees to tolerate males. Sometimes she will overeat or eat too fast and regurgitate her food.

We love her but do not have the time to watch her every move. We hate how much time she is spending in the crate because she cannot be trusted. She loves car rides and does not require a leash. She does not leave your side.

For more information on Mila, please contact: Marcia.

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See Sara England's Belgian Malinois line, use code BMCR at checkout and Rescue earns 10%
Sara England Designs
Regular orders earn 10%
Checkout = Use BMCR

Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue! Mention ABMC Malinois Rescue and our Malinois Rescues benefit! - Order a Rescue Ribbon and 50% of your order is donated to Malinois Rescue! 27KB
Buy Rescue Ribbons we earn 50%
Regular orders we earn 10%-25%

Visit our page to find out how your purchase can help Rescued Malinois
Visit Beauty of the Beasts regular website and mention ABMC Rescue and BOB will donate 20% of their profit on your order to rescue.

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