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N Central Region:

Cairo - Adopted!!!
* Cassidy, female - IL
Messi - Adopted!!!
** Mischa, female - IA
Roscoe - Adopted!!!
Yona - Adopted!!!

S Central Region:

Asha, female - LA
Jessie - Adopted!!!
* Eva, female - TX
** Jill, female - TX
* Koda, female - AR
Mia, female - TX
* Sydney, female - TX

Northeast Region:

Amy - Adopted!!!
Angel, female - NJ
* Riley, female - VA
** Stella, female - VA
** Susie, female - MD
Zeus, male - NY

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southeast Region:

* Briggs, male - NC
* Gracie, female - GA
Kite, male - GA
Remy - Adopted!!!
* Wanda, female - FL

Southwest Region:

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Alternative Sources

Do you know of a Malinois in a shelter??? Go here for the list of ABMC contacts experienced in ID and rescue procedures.

The Rescues presented on this page are not part of the ABMC rescue program. Please contact ONLY the person or organization listed as the contact, for the Malinois you are interested in. The webmaster and ABMC Rescue have no additional information, on Rescues listed here, other then the profile provided with each dog. Please contact the person or organization listing the Malinois with additional questions.

ABMC is unable to provide any guarantees or information other then the profile seen here on the Alternative Sources webpage.

Are you fostering a Belgian Malinois rescued from, or facing, a life threatening situation that is not part of the ABMC Rescue program? To have your Malinois listed on the "Available thru Other Sources" page contact the website coordinator (for submitting Malinois to be included on this page only) for instructions on how to submit your Malinois' profile and photo. ALL Malinois submitted, to be included on this webpage, absolutely must be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS! In the meantime, review the profiles listed in these pages to assist you in creating one for your rescue Malinois.

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

While every effort is made to insure the integrity of the listings on this page the final responsibility for finalizing an adoption rests with the rescued Malinois's foster family and the adoptive family.

  • Make sure that ALL agreements are received in writing.
  • Understand the contract you will be asked to sign.
  • What innoculations, spaying/neutering, heartworm medication, health care has the Malinois received?
  • What responsibilities are being assumed, by you, the adopter.
  • What procedure will be followed if, for some reason, the adoption doesn't work out.
  • In the event that the adoption doesn't work out will the adoption fee be retained or refunded?
  • Will the foster family arrange for return of the Malinois to them or another foster family of their choice?

The above information is provided simply as a guide to help insure that your adoption is successful. Foster families can and will vary somewhat in the manner that they transfer ownership of their ward.

Information, on this page, regarding adoptable Malinois is provided by the listing person or organization and is neither checked for accuracy or completeness. Information is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. The health status and behavior of any pet found, adopted through, or listed on the Alternate Source page at is the sole responsibility of the person or organization listing the same and/or the adopting party, and by using this service, the adopting party releases ABMC Rescue and, from any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected with the adoption of a Malinois listed on the Alternate Source webpage.

Alternate Sources Malinois Rescue Listings

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

* New listing  --   ** Updated  --   ***New Contact Info

Alternate Listings: A-M
Bosco, FL -  Carlos, FL -  * Edge, NY -  Hans, WA -  Katie, WA -  Kennedy, MA -  Loki, OR -  Monkey, ID

Alternate Listings: N-Z
Paulie, NC -  Strider, MD -  Tempe, NC -  Teodoro, NC Wall-e, KY

The adopter assumes all risk when adopting a Malinois linked to or listed on this page.


Josie - Adopted!!!  -  Dundee - Adopted!!!  -  Kiran - Adopted!!!  -  Duke - Adopted!!!  -  Penny - Adopted!!!

Bosco, approx 4 yrs old, neutered male - AR

Photo of Malinois Foster Bosco - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bosco - 13KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Bosco - 30KB

Someone must have loved Bosco at one time but didn't bother coming to the shelter to claim him when he got away.

Bosco came to our shelter as a stray back on November 21st. We estimate that he is around 4 years old and is already neutered. Someone must have loved him at one time but didn't bother coming to the shelter to claim him when he got away. Bosco is good with other dogs and walks well on a leash. Anyway, we are looking for an adopter for Bosco as his time is running out at our facility. I *think* he is a BM but I am no expert on the breed. Here is his link with pics: Cabot Animal Shelter, Cabot, AR.

For more information on Bosco, please contact: Brandy.

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Carlos, approx 3 old, neutered male - Pompano Beach, FL

Photo of Malinois Foster Carlos - 11KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Carlos - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Carlos - 15KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Carlos - 17KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Carlos - 17KB

Meet Carlos, he’s a very playful boy and has a lot of energy.

He is about 3 years of age, neutered and up to date on shots. He is great with people but is selective with other dogs. He loves going for rides in a car, but doesn’t like cars when they drive by. Carlos is located in Pompano Beach, FL.

He is currently located at ShepherdHelp SHARE rescue in Pompano Beach, FL

For more information on Carlos, please contact: ShepherdHelp SHARE.

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Edge, 1-2 yrs old, neutered male - Hampton Bays, NY

Fee: $117.50
Photo of Malinois Foster Edge - 14KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Edge - 14KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Edge - 7KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Edge - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Edge - 31KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Edge - 12KB

Edge was surrendered to the shelter in October 2013 because his owner was moving and could longer care for him

Edge is a very happy boy and his favorite thing to do is play fetch. He is learning how to play frisbee and enjoys a good game of tug. Edge would make a great running partner but our guess is also that he is going to make a great house dog. He previously lived in a home with a toddler and teenagers. Although Edge has previously lived with a cat, he needs to be the only pet in your home. He does not get along with other dogs. Edge loves training and has a great foundation in obedience. He can be a little slow to warm up to new men but if you can throw a tennis ball he is your new best friend. Please contact us if you are interested in meeting Edge!


Edge is currently located at Southampton Animal Shelter in Hampton Bays, NY.

For more information on Edge, please contact: Charlotte Blake.

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Hans, 1 yr old, neutered male - WA

Fee: $300
Photo of Malinois Foster Hans - 16KB

For an active, Sport home only, 1 year old Hans is a sweet, wonderful, energetic, drivey, active dog with lots of energy and lots of love.

He loves to be around people, but can also be reliably left alone in a contained space for periods of time. He is friendly with people and other dogs, but has not been proofed for children or small animals.

We've been working quite a bit on basic household obedience. He knows "bed" (as in "go to bed"), "quiet" (for whining or fussing), "no bark", "off", "sit" and "go potty". He has a designated potty area outside and goes there every time, but he doesn't like to get his feet dirty, so it needs to be cleaned up on a regular basis. He has had no accidents in the house for over a week, and he stopped "marking" inside the house after just a few days.

We have been working extensively on "give" and he is catching on very quickly to that. He will "wait" for his food until he is told "okay". He needs to work a bit more on "off", as he has a tendency to jump up on people and things when he is excited.

Outside, we have been working on "here" and "come". We play outside and work constantly on "give". He still pulls on the leash when we venture beyond the back yard, but I think this is just a matter of training and experience.

He is both toy and food motivated. He loves his ball, and frisbee. He has one designated plush toy that he has nearly destroyed, but has been very good about not tearing up anything soft that was not specifically given to him. He has, however, gone after some hard plastic items when left alone. He can get very excited when playing with toys and can accidentally nip at fingers. He responds very quickly to a sharp "ouch!" to let him know that he has bitten someone, and will back down immediately.

He will give up a toy for food, and has never nipped at my hand for a treat. He also seems to have a fairly high prey drive. He is curious and alert whenever we are outdoors, and wants to investigate every rustle-of-leaves. He is capable of jumping over a 2 foot barrier, and does jump up onto the furniture, but gets down when told. However, he will not climb stairs.

Hans would be a wonderful sport dog. I'm sure he could learn agility, he loves to chase the frisbee, and he does not seem to be afraid of the water (though he does not like rain). He needs an active home, with plenty of attention and some supervision. He does not particularly care for being alone. He would probably be fine in a home with other medium to large dogs. Again, because of his prey drive, I don't think he would do well in a home with small children or smaller pets.

He is not bothered by loud noises, and has been proofed through the Chinese New Year, the Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Win, and an extremely loud washer & dryer. In fact, we often run the dryer at night so that he will fall asleep.

Hans is a sweetheart, and I suspect I will be sorry to see him leave us. He greets me every morning with an enthusiastic tail wagging and a wet slobbery kiss. When I am busy at my computer, he lays down on the floor at my feet, but when I stop working he is always ready to play.

For more information on Hans, please contact: Sonya

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Katie, approx 6 yrs old, spayed female - Redmond, WA

Photo of Malinois Foster Katie - 10KB Photo of Malinois Foster Katie - 9KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Katie - 13KB Photo of Malinois Foster Katie - 13KB

Katie is a beautiful, good natured, very playful, and vocal GSD/Belgian Malinois

Katie can be nervous around strangers (men at first and we have worked on this she has improved greatly) she can also be reserved and immediate introductions from her person need to be done. Besides good looks, she is crate trained, potty trained, LOVES car rides!

True to her breed, she is very energetic much more so than her biological age She loves squeaker toys, and will play fetch and enjoys a good tug of war. She has not been observed as a digger or climbing while in the yard and seems content to stay in her enclosure.

Katie could still use more formal training and I have purchased a pre-paid 8 week obedience course at Canine Behavior Center, in Redmond Washington for her new owners. Katie gets along with other dogs (she may be best though with another male or as an only dog), and she now will tolerate cats. She will chase but more playful than wanting to cause harm. She does chase squirrels and other prey animals.

Katie has an old injury to her back leg and I have the disk with x-rays. The leg appears to have been broken and re-healed, and it was not advised by either vet to operate as the bones have fused. This does not stop her she runs and plays and can climb stairs, and a hiking course with the best of them. She is incredibly playful and would do best with a family who knows this breed or is very dog savvy....a first time dog owner would not be a consideration. She would greatly benefit from an active family where daily walks, hikes or runs could be added to her day.

Katie is spayed, current on rabies, DHLLP and microchip and is ready for her new home!

Katie is currently fostered with two female Boxers and three cats in Seattle, WA.

Application, contract and home check required. Must be a home owner with a secure 6' plus fence.

For more information on Katie, please contact: Teresa or call 425-444-6162.

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Kennedy, 4.5 yrs old, neutered male - MA

Photo of Malinois Foster Kennedy - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Kennedy - 23KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Kennedy - 22KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Kennedy - 16KB

Hi! my name is Kennedy and I am looking for a loving, furever home.

I was rescued from a very unsafe beach for dogs in Puerto Rico. I am now located in Dedham Massachusetts. I am about 4.5 years old, 70 lbs - but I need to fatten up, full bred Belgian Malinois, neutered, fully vetted, vaccinated and microchipped.

Everyone tells me that I love all people and there is nothing better than spending time with my human friends. But here is more good news - they say I seem to be good with other dogs and I walk well on a leash.

I should go to a home with children over 10 years old only because of my size and strength. I have very good energy - a good balance between calm and playful. I promise I will provide unconditional love to my new family. Can't wait to meet you. Love and Kisses, Kennedy :)).

For more information on Kennedy, please contact:

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Loki, 2-3 yrs old, neutered male - Portland, OR

Fee: $300
Photo of Malinois Foster Loki - 24KB

Loki is very forward and confident, will walk up to anyone on a walk and say hi - with no aggression towards people.

Loki is a very good natured, easy going (for a Mal) boy of somewhere between 2-3 years old. He is up to date on vet care, on Heartgard+ and Advantix monthly, and is microchipped. He knows several instructions including SIT, DOWN, WAIT, HERE, and also has a marker word YES, and release word BREAK. He is also reliably house trained (although in a new home you should take extra time to acclimate him), and is crate trained (he is calm in the crate, and sleeps very soundly in the house). He is very forward and confident, will walk up to anyone on a walk and say hi - with no aggression towards people. He also seems to have very minimal drive towards cats or squirrels. He can be a bit nervous as he gets to know his new home, and has shown a fear of larger bald men, but loves women and kids of all kinds.

He has a history of hunting for food scraps, so will counter and shelf surf, and is currently on a homemade dog food diet that he likes. He likes lots of things but has a sensitive stomach, new stuff can give him the runs easily, so care in introducing new food and treats should be exercised. He's currently a nice healthy medium sized weight of about 70#. He does like Greenies, and he also likes Barky Bark and pizzle sticks. In general due to his sensitive stomach, I would not recommend varying his diet; get to something that works and STICK WITH IT.

Loki is energetic, although not overly so if you're used to the breed, and is very driven to please his person. He will play with other dogs, but is probably best as someone's only dog (his play can get very excited, so other dogs should be very self confident, able to handle that). He will air-snap when excited and when he wants something. Loki can get very vocal at a fence when other dogs or odd sounds (kids on scooters) go by, but is otherwise extremely quiet.

Loki LOVES tug and tennis ball fetch. He is fantastic at tug and is very accurate on his strikes, good on his OUT, and enthusiastic in play (he will bring the tug back to keep play going). Loki also loves a chase-it toy, as he has a good prey drive. He does love to dig, is a fan of eating grass / sedge, and will chew on any trees/shrubs in the yard.

Loki can exhibit some resource guarding, especially early on. That can manifest as toy-guarding or person-guarding (he has growled, but has never bitten). That said he does cuddle and loves the couch, and easily lets his handler remove a toy from his mouth, or open his mouth to check for "stuff". He doesn't have any issues with nail clipping, nor does he have handing issues in general (rubbing paws, rubbing ears, inspecting teeth, etc). He will in general bond to his one person.

Loki needs some leash walking work as he gets out of body on a walk when near other dogs. It's not "aggression" in the classic sense, but he vocalizes (burbles - you'll understand it when you hear it) and loses focus on everything else but the other dogs. On a walk you should have a management tool in place.

Loki has a toy eating issue, he'll tear soft toys up and actually eat small parts. Only really robust toys please. Kongs are good. Harder squeaky balls are good. Soccer balls are good - he'll shred them but doesn't eat them. I would not leave even ballistic nylon toys down as he will gnaw on them, sheer off parts and swallow them. Hard Jolly Balls are a good toy for Loki.

Loki will greatly benefit from having a daily job. Agility, French Ring, or possibly tracking/SAR may be a good fit for Loki, but he doesn't have enough drive for professional work. No indications of climbing desire, but a tall enclosure is required if allowed to be loose outside.

For more information on Kiran, please contact: Sonya

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Monkey, 3 yr old, spayed female - SE ID

Photo of Malinois Foster Monkey - 7KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Monkey - 11KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Monkey - 25KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Monkey - 18KB

Monkey really enjoys making you happy and strutting her stuff. Tracking is something she can do well.

Monkey came to me February of 2011 as a re-home. Prior to that she was a with a couple that wanted to do Schutzhund with her but had never raised a Malinois type dog. So she came to me to work with. Since then we have spent a lot of time socializing her. She has been involved in Schutzhund as well as USAR K9.

Monkey has extreme prey drive, if it moves she will try to give chase or watch it with great interest. This can be both a good and a bad drive. Good in that she loves to play ball, chase it and back for more. Not so good as any small, and some big, critter/kid that moves is 'prey' to here. Cats, smaller dogs and small children are not appropriate for her new home.

Monkey does have some hunt drive if she is looking for a toy or a person with her toy. This could be helpful in some sort of low key scent work. I say low key as Monkey is a very sensitive, reactive, anxious girl. She is very reactive to loud/strange noises. This is why she failed out of POST as a SAR dog. Sensitivity and anxiety seem to keep her from settling down. Monkey has had some Schutzhund bite work as mentioned. She will play tug and bite a soft sleeve as long as the helper doesn't put any pressure/defense/fight on her. As long as the game is prey dominated she has fun and will come back for more. Monkey also has and will do amazing, sharp obedience when she is polished up. Her healing is very pretty, with the Malinois prance and great focus on handler. She seems to really enjoy making you happy and strutting her stuff. Tracking is something she can do well too. Not the worlds most correct tracker but that could be worked on.

Monkey is very loving to her trusted family and friends. Monkey does not seek out people to meet. One thing that has really helped is handing a toy/tug to new people as she meets them so that she can play. She does take some time to decide if she trust a person but when she finally does they are her best friend's.

Monkey enjoys going on walks around the block, hiking in the mountains and being a goof ball at playgrounds. She will jump up on, over, around, through most things she comes across. At times she acts like a mountain goat while hiking. Monkey needs a home that is very active outdoors. She seems her happiest then.

Monkey is pretty healthy. She was spayed in March '13. She has been current on her shots, wormed etc. Only concern the vets have is her mental stability, anxiety. They have mentioned puppy Prozac may be a good option for her. While I have taken the socialization, training approach I do think that medication may be something to consider.

I would like to see Monkey go to a home that has had experience with Mal type dogs. She needs a very active home, but a very calm soothing family. Smaller, moving critters would not be a good match for her. Nor would smaller children.

For more information on Monkey, please contact: Byron or call 801-637-0192.

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