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N Central Region:

Charlotte, female - MI
Desi - Adopted!!!
Diesel - Adopted!!!
Mesa, female - IL
* Rico, male - MN

S Central Region:

Diesel - Adopted!!!
Dottie - Adopted!!!
Jackie - Adopted!!!
* Jill, female - TX
* Loki, male - MO

Northeast Region:

* Asher, male - MD
* Blue, female - MA
Grimm, male - NY
* Harley, female - MA
* Kaley, female - VA
Lucy, female - PA
* Rebel, male - VT
Ziva - Adopted!!!

Southeast Region:

Andie- Adopted!!!
* Arko, male - GA
* Callie, female - SC
* Hutch, male - LA
Loki, male - LA
Lucas - Adopted!!!
Ofa - Adopted!!!
Phenix - Adopted!!!

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Hank - Adopted!!!
Scarlet - Adopted!!!

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Do you know of a Malinois in a shelter??? Go here for the list of ABMC contacts experienced in ID and rescue procedures.

The Rescues presented on this page are not part of the ABMC rescue program. Please contact ONLY the person or organization listed as the contact, for the Malinois you are interested in. The webmaster and ABMC Rescue have no additional information, on Rescues listed here, other then the profile provided with each dog. Please contact the person or organization listing the Malinois with additional questions.

ABMC is unable to provide any guarantees or information other then the profile seen here on the Alternative Sources webpage.

Are you fostering a Belgian Malinois rescued from, or facing, a life threatening situation that is not part of the ABMC Rescue program? To have your Malinois listed on the "Available thru Other Sources" page contact the website coordinator (for submitting Malinois to be included on this page only) for instructions on how to submit your Malinois' profile and photo. ALL Malinois submitted, to be included on this webpage, absolutely must be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS! In the meantime, review the profiles listed in these pages to assist you in creating one for your rescue Malinois.

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

While every effort is made to insure the integrity of the listings on this page the final responsibility for finalizing an adoption rests with the rescued Malinois's foster family and the adoptive family.

  • Make sure that ALL agreements are received in writing.
  • Understand the contract you will be asked to sign.
  • What innoculations, spaying/neutering, heartworm medication, health care has the Malinois received?
  • What responsibilities are being assumed, by you, the adopter.
  • What procedure will be followed if, for some reason, the adoption doesn't work out.
  • In the event that the adoption doesn't work out will the adoption fee be retained or refunded?
  • Will the foster family arrange for return of the Malinois to them or another foster family of their choice?

The above information is provided simply as a guide to help insure that your adoption is successful. Foster families can and will vary somewhat in the manner that they transfer ownership of their ward.

Information, on this page, regarding adoptable Malinois is provided by the listing person or organization and is neither checked for accuracy or completeness. Information is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. The health status and behavior of any pet found, adopted through, or listed on the Alternate Source page at malinoisrescue.org is the sole responsibility of the person or organization listing the same and/or the adopting party, and by using this service, the adopting party releases ABMC Rescue and malinoisrescue.org, from any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected with the adoption of a Malinois listed on the malinoisrescue.org Alternate Source webpage.

Alternate Sources Malinois Rescue Listings

Courtesy listings are valid for 120 days! Please update and resubmit to the webmaster if additional time is needed.

* New listing  --   ** Updated  --   ***New Contact Info

Alternate Listings: A-M
Astra, KS -  Axel, MA -  Bailey, NJ -  Bolero, MN -  Chewy, IL -  Dakota, FL -  Flynn, TX -  Ginger, AL -  Helios, MN -  Katniss, CA -  Melo, Puerto Rico - 

Alternate Listings: N-Z
* Penny, TX -  * Neo, OR -  Rambo, PA -  Razor, MN -  * Rex, CO -  Rocky, PA -  Rush, MN -  Shandy, OK -  Tesla, MN -  Trixi, MD -  Ziva, WI

The adopter assumes all risk when adopting a Malinois linked to or listed on this page.


Lucky- Adopted!!!  -  Miller - Adopted!!!  -  Romeo - Adopted!!!  -  Cagney - Adopted!!!  -  Winnie - Adopted!!!

Neo, 8-11 mo old, neutered male - OR

Photo of Malinois Foster Neo - 13KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Neo - 12KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Neo - 32KB

Neo is a really mellow and relaxed guy which just likes to be with you.

I have rescued Neo out of the Shelter down in Riverside, California. He is really skeptical at first but does warms up fairly quickly. Men do intimidate him more and he needs longer to warm up.

He likes to play with other dogs, is living right now with 3 other male dogs, 2 intact, and has no problems. The shelter told me somewhere on his journey that he killed a cat. I didn't had the chance to check on that but I would say no cats or small animals just to be on the safe side. He is a really mellow and relaxed guy which just likes to be with you.

He will enjoy hikes and traveling around with his new family. I'm working currently on his regular basic obedience like sit, down, stay etc. and also on being housebroken and kennel trained. Low ball drive, food drive is moderate. Neo is just a pet, no working drive whatsoever. He needs someone which understands that he needs time to move on from his past.

Updates on Neo can be found on Facebook Deschutes K9 Training Solutions:

For more information on Neo, please contact: Eve or call 503-509-5656.

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Penny, 7 yrs old, spayed female - TX

Photo of Malinois Foster Penny - 8KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Penny - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Penny - 23KB

Penny Lane is a 7 year old spayed female Belgian Malinois.

Penny Lane was adopted by me on September 2nd, 2017 from Austin Animal Center in Austin, TX, where she had been brought in as a stray a few weeks prior and was never claimed, owners never found, and had no microchip or collar.

Penny was very sick by the second day of owning her – she was suffering from kennel cough that advanced into severe pneumonia, confirmed by chest X-rays. She has been on Clindamycin antibiotics (two pills twice a day) for about four weeks, as of 10/18/2017. She just had follow-up X-rays on 10/16/17, which indicated she has just a little bit of infection remaining, so we are continuing the antibiotics for ten additional days, after which she should be entirely clear of infection. Despite her health issues, since getting on the proper antibiotics, her energy level and appetite appear to be what I expect to be a normal level for her, and her personality has really started to shine through.

Penny is like a little shadow to me – perhaps I should have named her Shadow! She heads-up heels next to me or follows closely behind me all around the house. She is very Velcro-y when I am home. She is currently living with my two other large female dogs – a 1.5 yr old GSD mix, and a 10.5 yr old Chow/Lab. She has always been generally aloof with them, and pack balance has not been an issue for the most part. She has been fine with people entering the house, and was fine when the dog-walker came into the house to let the dogs out without prior introduction to Penny (who was crated). She has been aloof or friendly with visits by my dad, boyfriend, or the male neighbor. She also does well in a neighborhood pack walk with the sibling dogs and the neighbor and his dog, or with my parents and their dog.

Penny can range from shy to friendly with most people, and appears to warm up quickly to folks, especially when meeting someone outside the house. I have not seen her be or act aggressively to any people, children or dogs at home, in the neighborhood, on walks, at the dog park or on hikes. I have not had her meet/greet any children. She does have "stiff" initial greetings with raised hackles with other dogs, but I remedy this by calling her to me off the greeting, then releasing her. After a few sniffs and call-backs she is pretty aloof the rest of the time regarding other dogs. She does have a tendency to try to nip and herd other dogs if they begin racing around the park or yard, etc. but I just call her off and or have her sit by me for pets, sometimes holding her collar if she seems tempted to break the sit. She can be somewhat domineering to smaller dogs in addition to the stiff body language during initial greetings.

Penny does well in the yard, which is small and is just cattle panel fencing. She does not try to break out or climb the fence, etc. but I do not leave her out there unattended when I am not home, or alone. She is crated when I leave the house and does well, doesn't bark while I am gone nor tries to break out of the crate. She is also house trained/broken. I have not had any potty accidents with her, the longest time being inside being about 8 hours. I do crate her when I am gone for the most part because she has shown the potential to tear up toys and eat the stuffing inside, and can be pushy with my older dog regarding beds, and defensive to the younger one if she falls or steps on Penny.

Penny knows and answers to her shortened name, "Penny;" she enjoys playing tug with me, and will fetch a little, and is very food driven. She seems to have mild to medium drive, so has made a nice "pet" Malinois vs. needing a lot of "working". She has also been out on solo bike rides with me. I have trained her with an e-collar for off-leash recall reliability, calling off dog-greetings at the park, off-leash hikes, etc. She did appear to have had some prior training. Penny can heads-up heel, sit, down, and shake either paw. She will let go of a tug toy with cue of enunciated "Out" and holding the toy still. Penny also knows to come when called ("Come!") and is good at staying on a place cot ("Place") for periods of time. She also will sit and wait until released to come in or outside the house. Her marker word is "Yes" when learning new skills. She walks a loose leash most of the time, and is learning to go to place with distance. She started attending group class at Sit Means Sit this month and does great in class!

Penny does have a bad habit of surfing the counter when I am out of the kitchen, which we are working on and making progress with by teaching food impulse control, setting up for success as well as planned failure, and managing access with baby gates. She also has a strong interest in garbage and trash cans and would likely get into the main kitchen garbage can if she were left alone and with access for long enough. She has a compulsion to eat dead leaves in the yard in various quantities, which later makes her vomit; so I have to catch and correct her prior to eating them, or correct her with a noise to spit them out. Penny loves the car, but can get anxious and freak out during the car ride. She has done okay on a "zip-line" in the backseat, but I usually buckle her up in the front passenger seat for safety, placing her in a downstay and pet her on the head periodically throughout the trip for reassurance. She has gotten better with staying in the down and finally just relaxing or falling asleep with each trip. She loves to crunch the toys that have a sound box in them, effectively breaking them, so if you buy the sound- or noise-making toys, they won't last long. She also will quickly ingest the stuffing of a plush toy without hesitation, so as soon as a toy begins to be disemboweled, it needs to be removed from her. In addition, she will quickly gnaw off arms and legs of stuff animals using her back teeth.

I am unsure if she has been bred before, but it seems she may have been as she has enlarged nipples. Other minor health issues include needing teeth cleaning and removal of a dental polyp, and a fatty mass on her chest between her front legs. Overall Penny is pretty easy, and is always very sweet. She is only being rehomed because of the amount of time she has to spend in the crate while I am at work, and my long-time boyfriend seems to be allergic to her. She would probably do best in a home without other dogs or any small children, but she has proven that she can live with other dogs that are not obnoxious or pushy and take cues from other dogs well.

For more information on Penny, please contact: Jenni B or call 512-956-6186.

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Rambo, 7 yr old, neutered male - PA

Photo of Malinois Foster Rambo - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Rambo - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Rambo - 14KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Rambo - 14KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Rambo - 14KB

PLEASE consider helping find a home for Rambo. His owner is going through an incredibly difficult time/hardship and has lost her home.

She needs to very quickly find a safe place for her dog, Rambo. She loves him dearly and is devastated to have to give him up but wants him to be safe.

Rambo is a very sweet, loyal 7-year old neutered male Malinois/Husky mix located in PA. He loves being a part of a family and is great with her 7-month-old son. He loves to cuddle and will put his paw or head on your lap. He is initially cautious of strangers and takes a bit to warm up to them but if properly introduced, and given time, he will accept new people. Rambo would give his life for the sake of saving his family.

He plays fetch and will release a ball or stick when told to drop it. His owner has spent a lot of time training him - he understands the following commands: come, high five, paw, other paw, two feet, sit, down, stay, leave it, excuse me and will respond to hand signals for many of these behaviors.

He loves car rides and enjoys hanging his head out of the window and when tired of that will lay down in the back seat. He loves hiking and can be taken off leash when in the woods, but will also chase a rabbit, or other small animals. He lived with a GSD and they got along very well. He is reactive to other dogs that he does not know when out and about on leash.

If you have room in your home and heart to add this sweet boy to your family, please contact Kashmira: Jan or call 484-925-9817.

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Razor, 7-8 mo old, neutered male - MN

Fee: $350 + tax
Photo of Malinois Foster Razor - 19KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Razor - 14KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Razor - 34KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Razor - 17KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Razor - 14KB

Razor is a 1 y/o malinois boy. He is actually Jersey's pup.

He was held back to see how he'd mature (he's small - 40#, 20"), but is now available for adoption.

Razor has had a lot of foundation training. Current on DA2PPL, Rabies, Heartworm Negative and preventative started. Avid Microchip implanted.

Razor loves to play w/other dogs, but he does play like a malinois: noise, body slamming and teeth. He is a high energy guy who NEEDS physical and mental stimulation. He is not a couch potato. Razor is working on his house/crate training. He does best w/a consistency and a schedule. Razor is pretty interested in cats, so he shouldn't live w/them in his new home.

Razor has been started in basic rag work (IPO). He is a momma's boy, and looks to his foster mom for direction initially, but once he gets into the game he loves it. His trainers feel he would be an excellent "first" sport dog for someone. Razor has also been started on nosework and basic obedience.

Razor is looking for a sport/performance home only. If you are experience w/high drive, mouthy dogs and want to try something like IPO, then this goof ball is for you!

Razor respects a 6' fenced in yard (although he's got some major springs in those legs!). He would do best in an adult home as he can be quite mouthy.

Razor is available through Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota. To learn more about him, watch videos, etc, and to review our adoption policies, please visit our site at: http://www.bcrmn.org.

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Rex, 10-12 mos old, neutered male - CO

Photo of Malinois Foster Rex - 14KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Rex - 11KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Rex - 24KB

Rex is a loving, sweet boy that wants all of your affection and attention.

Rex is between 10-12 months old and he is a purebred Belgian Malinois but without the crazy drive which is normal for this breed. He is a loving, sweet boy that wants all of your affection and attention. Rex has lots of energy for play, walks and adventures. He has basic house manners, is crate trained and knows a few obedience commands. Rex will need someone who will start training the day he arrives or else he will be running a muck on you in no time.

He is impulsive and has mastered the art of being a puppy. Rex has an amazing temperament where nothing bothers him and he is super good with other dogs. He does not have a high prey drive but we have not tested him with cats. We think with training he can learn to live with them but he might want to play or chase them around. We do ask that children be over the age of 10 years old.

Rex was placed in a backyard at the age of 9 weeks old and grew up all by himself for the next 4-5 months with very little human interaction. This has not stopped him from loving everyone he meets by jumping on them for kisses. Rex is a fantastic boy with lots of potential and would do best in a home that will give him a job where he can contribute and use his brain. Please visit our website at http://www.gsror.com/adoptionapp/ to complete an online application. If this will be your first GSD then please go to http://www.gsror.com/gsd-rightu/ before filling out an application.

For more information on Rex, please contact: Katie.

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Rocky, 11 mos old, neutered male - PA

Photo of Malinois Foster Rocky - 15KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Rocky - 12KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Rocky - 12KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Rocky - 13KB

Due to changing circumstances, Rocky' s family is unable to keep him.

Rocky is a handsome 11 months old male. He is UTD on shots and is neutered. He weighs about 80 lbs and is very active. Due to changing circumstances, his family is unable to keep him.

Rocky is a faithful sidekick, always ready to go on hikes, play ball and join in on all family activities. He absolutely loves to play tug.

He is house trained and crate trained. Lately, he is showing some anxiety when left for long periods of time alone.

Although he has been around a limited amount of other dogs, he has gotten along with all of them fine. He loves car rides. He does very well walking on the leash.

The family has a four year old child that Max adores. Max is a loving snuggle bunny that wants nothing more than to be close to his family and would give his life to protect them.

If you are interested in making Rocky part of your family, please contact: Marybeth.

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Shandy, ??? yrs old, spayed female - OK

Photo of Malinois Foster Shandy - 8KB

Shandy is very people friendly, but is not good with small animals.

Shandy is a beautiful Belgian Malinois girl. She is very people friendly, but is not good with small animals (including dogs). She seems to do fine with larger male dogs, but she might be too dominant for female dogs. Keeps a clean crate and is very sweet.

Adoption fee for all dogs and puppies is $120.00 each, which includes spay/neuter, vaccinations (including all puppy boosters for puppies under 4 months), worming, flea/tick treatment if needed, and collar/leash/tags.

She is currently located at Pets & People Humane Society rescue in Yukon, OK.

For more information on Shandy, please contact: Pets & People or call (405) 350-7387.

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Tesla, 1 yr old, spayed female - MN

Fee: $350
Photo of Malinois Foster Tesla - 11KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Tesla - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Tesla - 8KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Tesla - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Tesla - 20KB

Tesla is a small, but BUSY girl who came from an impound facility when she was found as a stray and unclaimed.

Tesla is a typical, young malinois that hasn't had much (read: ANY) training. She has likely been left to her own devices and due to that, comes up w/her own fun. We are working on focus and building a working relationship. She is very food motivated. Tesla likes playing w/toys too, but isn't over-the-top crazy about them. I think her drive could be built up, but she will never have enough drive for detection work, etc. Tesla is tiny...but that just makes her a pocket rocket! She can FLY if she feels like moving.

Tesla is good with other dogs, but does stupid puppy things like nipping at their necks/faces. She is good about handling a fair correction from another dog, but often needs to be corrected a few times before it sinks in. Tesla has shown a bit too much interest in our cats to recommend she live with them.

Tesla is looking for a performance home only. She will excel at things that require her to use her mind (she will likely fly in agility). She absolutely needs jobs to keep her both physically and mentally active. Tesla is at the age right now where she's old enough to do things, yet young enough to still be a sponge in training. Tesla doesn't necessarily require an experienced malinois home, but the home should be experienced w/high drive dogs. She does exhibit a LOT of typical malinois traits (mouthy, pushy, etc), so a new home needs to be prepared for that. Tesla would do best in a home w/teenage children, or just adults. She has been respectful of a 5-6' fence in foster care. (Please note, pictures and video are from her intake, just before Christmas, she has gained some weight in that time, thus filling out just slightly more, however, she's still not big by any stretch of the imagination!)

For more information on Tesla, please contact: Melissa www.bcrmn.org.

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Trixi, approx 1 yrs old, spayed female - MD

Fee: $325
Photo of Malinois Foster Trixi - 15KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Trixi - 11KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Trixi - 26KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Trixi - 28KB

Meet Trixi! This beautiful girl is located in MD and is estimated to be 1 year old.

She is 45 lb, spayed, and UTD on shots. She is sweet, smart, and eager to please and loves all humans.

She is very food motivated and knows how to sit, down, come and is working on place. She is crated trained.

Trixi would do best in a family as an only dog as she is not good with other dogs, cats, or small critters.

For more information on Trixi, please contact: Ryan.

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Ziva, 2 yrs old, neutered male - WI

Fee: $325
Photo of Malinois Foster Ziva - 18KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Ziva - 12KB

Ziva is affectionate and wants to be with people, as a matter of fact, she needs to be around people.

Ziva is a beautiful Belgian Malinois that is about 2 years old. She is spayed and current on all vaccinations. She came to us as a stray November 23rd and though she was microchipped we were unable to find her owner. She was very scared and unsure when she first came into our shelter but within a day she had calmed down and was able to be worked with her caretakers. She bonds very quickly to someone once she knows and trusts them. She is affectionate and wants to be with people, as a matter of fact, she needs to be around people. She does not want to be without companionship. She can be leery of strangers and takes time to warm up. She will alarm bark when meeting new people. She will play with a ball and bring it back to you. She is polite with her mouth but does need manners with her jumping. She has no food or rawhide issues that we know of and we have had no problems with her when taking things away.

Unfortunately, Ziva has been adopted twice and returned both times within a day or two. Both homes said she had too much energy and that they were not able to keep up with her. She did meet and play with a neighbor's dog when she was adopted the second time and did very well. It was an 80 lb. young Shepherd/Husky. The adopter said she absolutely loves to ride in the car and would lay down in the backseat and go to sleep. She did have some potty training issues in the home and seems to want to be off of leash in order to go to the bathroom so a fenced in yard would be best for her. She absolutely loves to go outside and play in the snow too. She does seem more comfortable being outside than inside we have noticed.

For more information on Ziva, please contact:
Melind Markley
Behavior and Enrichment Supervisor
Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin 
222 S. Arch St
Janesville, WI 53548

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