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N Central Region:

Chianna, female - IL
Lola - Adopted!!!
** Oliver, male - IN
Tero - Adopted!!!

S Central Region:

Bella - Adopted!!!
* Cain, male - AL
* Mack, male - TX
* Murphy, male - TX
* Pepper, female - TX
Taz - Adopted!!!

Northeast Region:

Bandit - Adopted!!!
* Blitz, female - NJ
* Dallas, female - NJ
* Della, female - NY
Ginger - Adopted!!!
** *** Jethro, male - NH
Leyla - Adopted!!!
Nikki, female - NY

Southeast Region:

Archer - Adopted!!!
Boss, male - TN
Cash - Adopted!!!
Cassidy - Adopted!!!
* Cruz, female - NC
Dixie, female - LA
* Farrah, female - FL
Jax, female - FL
Kayla - Adopted!!!
* Lexi, female - SC
Ox, male - FL

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Dot, female - NM
Tia - Adopted!!!

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Alternate Listings: A-M
Updated: June 29th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: July 4th

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Regal Entertainment Group: "Come join us at Regal Ithaca Mall Stadium 14 and watch the movie Max on the big screen. Check the showtimes on AMBR will have an information table set up in the Lansing, NY theater. Movie goers can enjoy seeing the story of Max, a military Malinois get a second chance and AMBR will be there to share information with those interested in the breed and Malinois rescue."

Details 2015 Rescue Agility Trial Camp Bandy July 24-26 2015
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Senior Malinois are 7+ years old - visit our Senior Malinois page to find out why the Senior Malinois may be the perfect choice for your family.

And Why NOT a Senior Malinois?
Read Ty a Senior Malinois's Story

Jax approx 9-11 yr old spayed female - FL

Fee: $100
Malinois Foster Jax - 25KB Malinois Foster Jax - 32KB
Malinois Foster Jax - 26KB Malinois Foster Jax - 32KB
Malinois Foster Jax - 52KB
Malinois Foster Jax - 46KB
Malinois Foster Jax - 60KB

Jax was trusting and friendly and warmed to each of the rescuers on her path from the shelter to her foster home.

Jax is a big (63 lb) senior female who was picked up off the street in Miami. She had obviously been on the street for a long time, given her body condition, which was extremely thin, greasy, scabby and covered with fleas and ground in dirt. She tested positive for erlichia and anaplasma, and also had a huge mass protruding out of her side that made her physically uncomfortable and unstable in addition to painful. But she was trusting and friendly and warmed to each of the rescuers on her path from the shelter to her foster home. There, she was bathed, wormed, and fed, and within days, managed to open up the mass on her side which drained more than quart of fluid. After a course of antibiotics, she perked up quite a bit and showed no obvious signs of illness or injury. She is heartworm negative, and on flea and heartworm preventative.

Jax is friendly to all people, and tolerant of and gentle with all dogs we've met, big and small. She has not been tested with cats. She will chase squirrels across the yard alongside the resident, highly prey-driven mal, but it's not known if she'd bother if she were alone. She will bark at neighbor dogs, as well, if the bark-fest is instigated by the resident dog. The only other barking she does is if you're holding a ball but not throwing it!

Jax is estimated to be between 9 and 11. She is still underweight and underconditioned but her energy and attitude are great. Her teeth are well worn and her muzzle is white. But her eyes are clear and she'll play ball with anyone willing for hours. Other than playing ball, she wants nothing more than to snuggle. She will try to lift her huge bony body into your lap or bed if given the chance. She has a solid appetite but is not food driven; balls are her thing. She loves and is very tolerant of kids. She crates well, and behaves well confined in a room during the day. She was not house-trained when she arrived, but has improved immensely. She will have the occasional accident if not taken out immediately upon wake up or arrival of her person. She chews up balls and chewy children's toys (plastic things) but has ignored stuffies (leaving them for the other resident mal).

She gets along ok with the other senior female in the household; although they've had words about food at times, the fights have been verbal only and easily diffused. She tried relentlessly to get the other dog to play with her when she first started feeling well, blocking her and slamming her, as only mals can do. The resident gal wants none of it so Jax has backed off considerably, though she runs alongside her, ever hopeful, at least several times a day.

Jax would make a great addition to a family with another active dog who wants a pal. She has obviously not always been a street dog as she can be gentle and is very happy lying on a rug by your side as you surf the net or talk on the phone. She's a little bit hand shy and cowers if something large is waved by her head, or if shouting goes on around her. But these events have never caused her to even growl, much less snap. She knows "sit" but not much else. However, with her desire to please and ball drive, I suspect she could learn a lot. She has a lot of love to give, and a lot of life left in her. She deserves to live her final years in comfort with loving people around her.

For more information about Jax, please contact: Sara

If you want to apply for this dog, click Jax's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Sara, Jax's coordinator.

Tero 8 yr old neutered male - IA

Fee: $100
Malinois Foster Tero - 21KB
Malinois Foster Tero - 21KB
Malinois Foster Tero - 30KB

Tero is a dark, handsome boy!

He has lived with children and gotten along well. His foster home suggested that he may have been spoiled in his former life, so training and a firm hand will be a big help.

Tero would be best suited to a home with no other male dogs.

For more information about Tero, please contact: Mike

If you want to apply for this dog, click Tero's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Mike, Tero's coordinator.

Tia, 6 yr old, spayed female - NM

Fee: $100
Photo of Malinois Tia - 8KB
Photo of Malinois Tia - 9KB
Photo of Malinois Tia - 9KB
Photo of Malinois Tia - 11KB
Photo of Malinois Tia - 19KB
Photo of Malinois Tia - 16KB
Photo of Malinois Tia - 20KB

I am a six year old (seven on May 5th) Belgian Malinois.

My given name is Xanti From Mike's Place in the Netherlands. I was adopted, along with my sister, at 10 weeks old. My sister and I have the same sire (Biesser Van Joefarm) and our mothers had the same father (Klemm vom Roten Falken), so we are actually 3/4 sisters. We were best friends with occasional fights, but now we fight. So, I am looking for a home where I can be either an only dog, or at least an only female dog. I loved a male GSD until he passed and have two male GSD friends with whom I get along with fabulously.

I am loving, playful, loyal, trustworthy (with babies!), energetic, and smart as the dickens. However, I have separation anxiety and am wary of some people and other dogs. I do NOT like raised voices, or zombie movies. I like snuggles and balls. I have been socialized in stores, restaurant patios, hiking trails, public restrooms, and more. I have basic and intermediate obedience training, basic agility, basic free-range sheep herding, and basic ring-sport training.

The perfect home for me would be a steady, structured environment with some space and good fences where I could be with my human(s) most of the time. I like to work and am high drive! I can figure out puzzles, love to fetch, will box you, lick your ears, and will pull you for miles if you hitch my harness to your bike. I am ready to GO! However, I will lie on your feet while you're on the computer, too. Let my pack leaders know if you're interested by sending me a message. Woof!

For more information on Tia, please contact: Erin .

If you want to apply for this dog, click Molli's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Marcia, Molli's coordinator.

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