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Amy - Adopted!!!
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** Susie, female - MD
Zeus, male - NY

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* Briggs, male - NC
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Remy - Adopted!!!
* Wanda, female - FL

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Remy approx 8 yr old neutered male - FL

Fee: $150
Photo of Malinois Foster Remy - 15KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Remy - 20KB

Remy is a super, 8 yr old working line senior boy with very high drive and extremely high prey drive

Remy was surrendered to rescue in early June. The couple who owned him had adopted him from a shelter one year prior, and despite never having a Malinois before worked very hard to have Remy be a socially acceptable, sweet family member. The issue was that Remy is a very high drive working line boy, who has extremely high prey drive! It appears that he was never socialized to dogs, and only minimally socialized to people. So far everyone he has met since in foster care has been greeted enthusiastically, but Remy will do the leaping love nips if not watched carefully. His owners did well with him and worked closely with a trainer, but the Homeowner's Association did not agree that Remy was under control, and demanded that Remy be removed from the neighborhood.

Remy does need daily "work", and plays ball or with a disc twice daily here. He is a great example of a working line Mal, and has quite the sense of humor. When he is being walked, he will carry his tennis ball, and if it's not available he will find something (a stick, a pine cone, a palm frond, etc.) to carry for the half mile trail here. When retrieving his disc or the ball, he will drop it on command, but do the "mind-meld" stare at it until it's picked up and thrown.

Since being in foster care, Remy has learned to control himself when on leash, but isn't trusted to be loose with other dogs or small animals. Remy is a wonderful, loving, rather dominant boy who needs an experienced handler, and will only go to a home where he's the only dog. He is good with older kids, tho, as long as no bicycles are being ridden in his vicinity. He attacks the lawn mower wheels and I'm certain would do the same with a bike, resulting in a bad outcome. He is a very strong, physical dog, so needs to be with someone who can handle him. He does very well with consistent leadership, and needs clear concise boundaries. He learns very quickly, and after one correction hasn't pulled or lunged to get at the squirrels and rabbits in the woods here. If he were not on leash, though, I have no doubt he would pursue and likely catch whatever critter crossed his path, cats and small dogs included.

He was a bit overweight when he came, but is now slim, trim and quite handsome, and we're working on building his endurance. Remy could be a fabulous running buddy for the right handler. He is around 8 years old (but acts much younger), HW negative and on monthly preventative, UTD on all shots, neutered and is microchipped. Remy is housebroken, and his former owners stated he was left loose in their house and never got into anything! He kennels well, and is one of the cleanest Mals I've seen. To go on a drive he will crate up and ride quietly if given a toy to keep him company.

It would be preferable if Remy could be adopted in the southeast U.S. If you are experienced with high drive working Malinois, have no other dogs, and would like to give this great boy a forever home, please do fill out the application! Remy is a special dog who will win your heart if given the chance he deserves.

For more information about Remy, please contact: Sara

If you want to apply for this dog, click Remy's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Sara, Remy's coordinator.

Susie 9 yr old spayed female - FL

Fee: $100
Photo of Malinois Foster Susie - 13KB Photo of Malinois Foster Susie - 10KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Susie - 16KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Susie - 14KB
Photo of Malinois Foster Susie - 24KB
New Photos!
Photo of Malinois Foster Susie - 10KB Photo of Malinois Foster Susie - 9KB

Susie's personality: Very friendly.  Loves!!! everyone. Will work for food. Settles nicely in the house.

No "accidents" in house or in her "dog suite."  Not destructive (except for stuffies, pressed rawhide bones, etc.).  Her memory foam indoor bed, her outdoor bed, all furniture, etc. are all respected.  She does need exercise and a "job."  She appears to be a typical higher drive working line mal.  The evaluator at PlayDog Excellent said that she was "pushy" (how unusual for a mal :D ) but that with her intelligence, athletic ability, and strength she would probably excel at most dog sports (agility, flyball, lure coursing, etc.).  She is very "nosey" and would probably excel at nosework also.  She needs work with her focus and consistency with obedience.  She is an independent thinker (a mixed blessing) but could learn to follow a leader who provides her with dog sport "fun."  As I said she will work for treats. She is seeking a person to bond closely with...a person who will provide her with lots of physical and mental stimulation....she gets bored very quickly. She will allow you to touch her all over, mouth, feet, ears, etc. without problem.  She loves to be petted and groomed, and will roll over to have her tummy rubbed, even by a less than gentle toddler. She will come to the edge of the bed in the morning and give you morning kisses if she is allowed to.

She knows sit, down, come and stay but is only partially reliable, so additional training will be needed. She is a very strong girl who doesn't know her own strength, and can pull and push pretty hard. She seems highly intelligent and wants to please her owner so she can be trained, but in the meantime, a pinch collar is highly recommended for control. She cannot be left alone in a fenced back yard (even six foot privacy fence) as she will get bored and launch herself over the fence. So you can see, even at her age, she is very athletic, and shows few signs of her age. She is a bit overweight though and lacks muscle tone so more exercise would be great for her.

OK here are the negatives: loves to greet you by jumping up and wrapping her paws around her (working on this); when she wants to show you something she sometimes takes your hand in her mouth and tries to lead you (working on this too); sometimes shows her affection by "nibbling" on your arm (grooming nibbles). Very strong and athletic and could knock younger children and older adults down easily. However, she is extremely gentle with her foster's toddler – very tolerant of the hyper energy, occasional shrieking, poking, prodding, hair pulling and smacking. Seems any human attention is good attention.

Susie loves her human's attention and needs to be an only dog. While with fosters, she has had mixed responses to other dogs, but will be snarky and eventually aggressive if another dog gets too much attention. This is not general dog aggression, but seems to be strictly limited to her person, and other dogs in the household. She is fine on walks, and prefers to ignore other dogs when with her human. Those she has met, her responses were totally appropriate. NO CATS. Cats would not be safe around her.

Although she likes to have "her person" all to herself, and can be pushy or demanding, she can also settle in the house. She can be very content to lie on her bed nearby.

She is hard to get good pictures of because she won't sit still.  She is very beautiful with her dark face and heavy black overlay, expressive dark eyes, beautiful conformation (in my opinion...very elegant looking). She has one "floppy" ear caused by trauma (according to vet...scar tissue present); several small tumor like things on her back the vet said weren't cancerous.  They can be removed when she has a dental so she won't have to be put under more than once.

For more information about Susie, please contact: Janet

Your Malinois Rescue adoption application must go to the coordinator for this Malinois Foster. Only this specific link to the application for this Malinois will automatically be processed and sent to Janet, Susie's coordinator.

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