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N Central Region:

Ice - Adopted!!!
Kiana - Adopted!!!
* Katia, female - IN
Kona, male - WI

S Central Region:

Apollo, male - AR
Odie - Adopted!!!
* Thor, male - AR
Zeus - Adopted!!!

Northeast Region:

Charlie, male - CT
Grimm, male - NY

Southeast Region:

* Cairo, male - FL
Carl, male - TN
Izzy, male - AL
* Lucas, male - FL
* Marlon, male - FL
Pepper, male - SC
* Reagan, male - KY

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

* Kitasa, female - CO
Rico, male - UT
* Zoie, female - CO

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These Rescues are currently available in the Southeast area of the country. If you are interested in adopting one of the Malinois profiled in these pages contact the foster home listed in the profile.


Many police officers/trainers/SAR groups approach Malinois rescue looking for young dogs to train. Most of our rescued dogs are not suitable for these types of jobs. Some of our rescued Malinois are actually dogs that have been rejected by police departments due to their inability to do the job. While we are not opposed to adopting dogs out as working dogs, we adopt only to individuals, never to organizations or police departments. Most of our rescued Malinois have had difficult beginnings in life. The majority will make fantastic family pets, but most of them do not have the temperament needed to work day after day with a police officer or in search and rescue. All dogs adopted through Malinois rescue will be spayed or neutered prior to placement.

Cairo 2 yr old neutered male - FL

Fee: $325
Malinois Foster Cairo - 8KB
Malinois Foster Cairo - 8KB
Malinois Foster Cairo - 19KB
Malinois Foster Cairo - 21KB

Cairo is one of the sweetest dogs ever!

He is definitely going to be your next Velcro dog! When Cairo came to us I wasn't sure if he was deaf or not as human words had no meaning to him. He did not have any boundaries and basically did as he pleased in the house. He has made leaps and bounds since then! It did take some time but once he realized we were going to care for him he is not as skittish as he was when he first came here. Cairo will now alert when he needs to go outside. He knows basic commands (sit, lay down, no, come). He does know "stay" however this is still something that needs to be reinforced when opening doors.

This sweet boy came to us underweight but boy does he love to eat now! He will let you pet him and take the food bowl away with out the slightest movement or peep. He also has been taught to sit prior to eating (again this does need reinforcement as with opening doors as he does not do it every time on his own). He does eat/live in the company of other dogs (one 15lbs mutt and 1 oversized goofy residential mal). He does not try to play to often in the house unless he is in the back yard then he does enjoy running with the other dogs. He enjoys relaxing after a good hard run.

While Cairo is a very sweet and loving dog he does need to be with someone that is consistent and patient. He does know his commands but there are times where he gets so hyper and excited (normally while running in the back yard or being let in/out of the house) that he may not come right away. He does walk on a leash, after a few reminders he does not pull. He does not bark at other dogs (walking in our very low traffic neighborhood nor in and out of the vet). As I stated before we have two other dogs in house a mal and a small 15lbs. "Fiest Mix". He does not seem to pay either of them attention. He does not like the vet taking his temperature or anything near his "rear end" at the vet. It does take someone on our vet staff to hold him during this (he jumped off the table and tried to run during temp). He does not mind if we scratch near his bottom and will let us touch his tail, he just does not like the rear end deal (understandably).

He does like SOFT and CHEWY toys. He does not understand the concept of catch and will chase the ball but not bring it back. I'm sure with some training he will love catch. He will carry socks around but so far has not actually chewed anything up. He does not seem to have prey drive (cats at the vet, squirrels in the yard pays them no mind) but he will watch our chickens in their coop. He is a medium drive dog but will prefer to cuddle up next to you and be your lap dog if you let him!

"My foster mom says not everyone allows their dogs on the bed. I think she's crazy, how could you say no to this face????"

For more information about Cairo, please contact: Cindy.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Cairo's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Cindy, Cairo's coordinator.

Carl 2 yr old neutered male - TN

Fee: $100
Malinois Foster Carl - 8KB
Malinois Foster Carl - 7KB
Malinois Foster Carl - 13KB
Malinois Foster Carl - 13KB
Malinois Foster Carl - 14KB

Carl special needs, vision impaired but sees with his heart

Carl is a young Belgian Malinois who was 2 years old at the end of June 2016. He was purchased for a dual-purpose working or protection prospect. He entered rescue when a vision problem was discovered that made him unsuited for work. Both pupils are completely dilated and do not respond to light. This is not due to injury, as he has not been mistreated, he has been in a loving home where he was socialized with a family with older children and other pets, including cats and dogs. He has good ball drive and will enjoy nothing more than playing ball with you until he just lays down, tired. He is house broken and crate trained. He travels well with folk he knows but can be reactive to strangers so getting him out in unfamiliar environments with strangers can be an issue.

Carl's eyesight issue was evaluated at UT's veterinary school, department of ophthalmology in April. The condition he has is a fairly rare (in Malinois) disorder called progressive retinal atrophy caused by a genetic mutation (so no injury and no toxic exposure was involved). This disorder is what causes his retinas to remain dilated. Being progressive, it will get worse. Carl is already completely blind in his right eye and severely compromised (80% vision loss was the estimate) in his left. He will eventually, probably before too long actually, be completely blind in both eyes. There is no treatment, so there will be no ongoing expenses associated with his disorder, but there is also no hope for improvement. His condition is not causing him any pain, so there is no discomfort. He is expected to live a long, full and happy life. As you know if you have watched the videos of him fetching, he is compensating well, and is enjoying life with is foster family. We are going to do our best to place him in a home where this will continue and get better.

Now, as to what we have learned temperament wise since he came into foster care. Carl has a working dog mentality and will need a home that will exercise him and keep him active. He tends to be fearful and somewhat reactive when in new situations, and he will bite. His foster dad took a great deal of time with him when getting him out of the crate after he was transferred into our care, and wore welding gloves and a very heavy quilted jacket. Not quite a bite suit but close. Carl did bite him. In fact, his foster dad said that his new owner/handler needs to be prepared to be "bit with intent" at least a couple of times before he trusts you. However, it only took him a couple of days to build the trust with Carl, and then, his foster dad describes him as a complete love. BUT that also means that he will probably never be approachable in public by folk he does not know. He will need to be managed very carefully, and I will not be approving a home with children under teen age unless the home has extensive training credentials - the risk of a serious bite is just too great. After he trusts you, learns your smell and sound, he is engaging and affectionate, and trustworthy.

With other animals, again, he needs to build a comfort level and trust. He will need to be introduced very slowly to others, particularly if the other dogs have dominance tendencies. In his foster home, he was initially introduced to a JRT and a pit mix, both easy going dogs, and he was indifferent to them. But dominance displays or growling put him on the defensive and activate his reactivity. Over time, he was introduced to all of this foster home's dogs and he now does well with them all, but his new home will need to have the experience and discernment to read ALL the body language and to know their own animals well enough to provide the space, facilities (crates, kennels, separate areas) and time for all animals to get used to each other. Discussions on management of introductions will be part of the interview process. He needs a home that will keep him active, and will continue his training and socialization.

If you think you have what it takes to go slow and win this boy's heart, know that it will be totally worth your time and effort. Carl is a wonderful dog, with a HUGE heart and that spark and loyalty we love so much in this breed. He is very affectionate, and he enjoys nothing more than just curling up with his owner on the floor having his belly rubbed. He also enjoys his neck and the sides of his muzzle being scratched.

He is current on all vaccinations to include rabies and has tested negative for heartworm and has been on heartworm preventive since being tested. He is neutered.


For more information about Carl, please contact: Janet

If you want to apply for this dog, click Carl's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Janet, Carl's coordinator.

Izzy 1-3 yr old neutered male - AL

Fee: $325
Malinois Foster Izzy - 11KB
Malinois Foster Izzy - 11KB
Malinois Foster Izzy - 31KB
Malinois Foster Izzy - 21KB

He has an obsession with his Kong toy and it has to be with him in his crate...it is his pacifier

Izzy is a young male adult estimated to be around 1-3 years old. He is neutered and up to date on all his vaccines. He is crate trained and enjoys sleeping in his crate at night. He has an obsession with his Kong toy and it has to be with him in his crate...it is his pacifier!

Izzy has been treated for his skin allergies with medication and weekly medicated baths. His hair has finally started to grow back and he is looking so handsome! Izzy needs to stay on his special diet with his sensitive skin and stomach food.

Izzy gets along with all dogs his size and he will let a dog know in a nice way when he has had enough. Izzy can be a grouch when he is tired and likes to be left alone to take a nap in his crate when he doesn't want to be bothered. He is very energetic and hyper at times, but he calms down quickly after exercise. He loves going on walks and his leash training has improved with him wearing a gentle leader. He is very treat motivated and he is currently in obedience classes to work on his basic manners.

He is one goofy boy and the sweetest cuddle buddy ever! He thrives for attention and just wants to be loved. He will sit in my lap to get belly rubs all day long! Izzy will make a great companion for an active pet home. He would be great at agility because he loves to climb up on things or search and rescue because he loves to be busy and use that nose!

For more information about Izzy, please contact: Christine.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Izzy's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Christine, Izzy's coordinator.

Lucas 6 yr old neutered male - FL

Fee: $250
Malinois Foster Lucas - 9KB
Malinois Foster Lucas - 14KB

LUCAS - Porky No Morky

You might remember Lucas, he was quite shall we say, hmmmmm, well............FAT. In fact he was quite grotesque. It felt cruel to see him at his beginning weight. He lived with an older couple who let him balloon up and then who abandoned him at a shelter. Thanks to the wonderful care from his Foster Mom he has been shedding the pounds and learning to love. At six years old he is just coming into his own and Foster Mom reports that he is a very nice boy. He has been more energetic since the weight has been coming off. And, he could not care less about other dogs or animals; he just wants to be around people. Please give Lucas a second shot at a good life. He'll reward you w it's love and attention.

For more information about Lucas, please contact: Sara

If you want to apply for this dog, click Lucas's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Sara, Lucas's coordinator.

Marlon 9-10 yr old neutered male - FL

Fee: $325
Malinois Foster Marlon - 22KB
Malinois Foster Marlon - 18KB
Malinois Foster Marlon - 20KB

Marlon's foster family is still confused why someone would have gotten rid of such a gentle giant.

Marlon is a 9-10 year old Belgian malinois looking for his forever home to rest his head and be someone's companion. His foster family is still confused why someone would have gotten rid of such a gentle giant. Marlon is around 78 pounds now, and could use a few more pounds to fill out, he is a big boy!

He is so loveable and easy-going, not ever showing any sign of aggression but he does get annoyed by the young (puppy) malinois in his foster home. He just merely wants to be by his human and relax the day away. Ideally, he would be best suited for a home that has older dogs, as he isn't amused by the rough-housing that the younger dogs exhibit sometimes. Marlon will simply remove himself from the situation completely and go outside and find a quiet place to lay down until all the 'action' subsides. He tolerates a cat in the home and small 10lb poodle, but does get anxious around them. He shows no signs of aggression but is kept separated as to not put him in an uncomfortable situation in the first place.

He doesn't get on the furniture unless invited and is completely content laying at your feet. He has no weird quirks or negative habits to speak of, although he may have an occasional accident if left out for extended periods. He will crate but currently is left out while his fosters are gone with no issues. He is pretty vocal when they come home from work, greeting them with a deep bark, followed by very vigorous tail wags!! We have dubbed him 'Mr. Nibbles' due to his excitement when he hasn't see you in a while...simply mouthing your hands getting his big head in position for your love once home. He walks well on leash and listens well to basic commands. He is currently learning basic commands, as he was not ever taught any.

Due to his vigorous tail wagging, he has a spot on his tail that is currently healing due to hitting it on our furniture. Overall, he has settled in well, even dealing with the stress of our recent move due to us purchasing a house. All-in-all, he is the perfect guy for a laid back lifestyle! He graciously accepts any strangers into the home and is content just receiving love and attention from anyone willing to show him the love that he deserves.

For more information about Marlon, please contact: Angela

If you want to apply for this dog, click Marlon's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Angela, Marlon's coordinator.

Pepper 4 yr old neutered male - SC

Fee: $300
Malinois Foster Pepper - 11KB
Malinois Foster Pepper - 12KB
Malinois Foster Pepper - 19KB
Malinois Foster Pepper - 20KB

Pepper is looking for his new family and a new name?

Can't help it...when I hear the name Pepper I see a miniature schnauzer, not a handsome dark sable Malinois.

This gorgeous boy will need a home with an outside kennel for those times he would need to be contained, he can not be crated indoors at this time. He is fine crated outside; he rides well in crate in the car; but stresses inside the house in crate. Weird I know, but he is much more comfortable on my screened porch, either crated, or loose.

Pepper's owner had him professional trained, he excels at fetch, drop it, down, sit, wait, and place. With practice and praise his obedience skills are quickly coming back to impressive. His former family even sent along his pedigree, he is just 4 years old, and a lean and muscled 60 pounds. He is neutered, HW-, and currently up to date on vaccines.

He is fun, easy to train, learns quickly, and really wants to please. He loves to play ball, is enjoying beginner agility, he will be FAST, oh and he loves water too!

He is house trained, leash trained and works for praise, petting and a ball. He walks well on leash, both on a long line, or heeling thru Home Depot and Lowe's, where he is a favorite of the staff. He gets along with most dog, and even does well with my friends small doodle dog Ginger on walks.

For a Malinois he is moderate exercise level, and has a great off switch. He loves being inside while chewing a Kong on the dog couch, or just curled up on a dog bed. I am sure he would love to be a bed dog, he is very affectionate and adores being petted.

He is super friendly and enjoys meet and greets. Which we do a lot of since he is over excited to meet his new best friend..anyone will do!!! Due to his excitement and enthusiasm, no kids under 10, no cats.

If this guy sounds like he might fit into your life, you will need to submit an adoption application.

For more information about Pepper, please contact: Cj.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Pepper's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Cj, Pepper's coordinator.

Reagan 18 mo old neurered male - KY

Fee: $325
Malinois Foster Reagan - 8KB
Malinois Foster Reagan - 8KB

Reagan is super sweet and very athletic.

He is approximately 24" tall and 57 lbs. He's a very handsome guy. He is neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on vaccinations.

He is good with dogs his size. He has high prey drive so but not be placed in a home with cats. He is wary and reserved around strangers and takes a bit to warm up but once he gets to know you, he is fantastic and very playful. He would benefit from experiences that would build his confidence like attending obedience classes. He is exuberant and still puppyish so would likely knock small children down.

He has Malinois intensity and would be happiest in a home where he would be given an opportunity to participate in performance sports such as rally, agility or dock diving - he can jump like a gazelle. He doesn't pull on lead and he knows sit. He knows heel but you really have to stay on top of him to get him to continue in the heel position.

Reagan would be ideal for a family that has an active lifestyle and can spend the time to give him regular physical and mental exercise and training.

For more information about Reagan, please contact: Carol.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Reagan's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Carol, Reagan's coordinator.

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