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Saturday, February 26, 2011

For details on how you can support Dara and her puppies and have the opportunity to become the owner of Dara's Diamonds visit Dara's Diamond Earrings

Update: February 27, 2011

Your Support for DARA and her PUPS Urgently Needed!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Supporters of Dara and her puppies:

Anonymous Donations, Ann Knighton dedicated to Jason and Jon Payne, Anne Witty, Beth Walker, Carole Corbin, Carole Goetzelmann, Cathie Lang, Christine Walls, Cindy Noland, Claudia Valentino, Conni Borwick, Dana Hadath, Darlene E. Agena-Hombaker, David Huffman, Debra Keith, Dennis Buda, Dianna Thompson In memory of Boss, Donna Skaff, Elaine H. Williams, Ernestine Bayer dedicated to Aunt Ruthie, Good Card Donor, Garry Rovner, Gerald Rousseau, Jan Speer, Janice Ritter, Janice Saylors, Janina Laurin, Janis Holder, Jo Wantuck, Jose Alvarez, Karen Schoenrock, Kathleen Champine, Kathleen Derrick, Kathleen Roberts, Kathleen Schaefer, Kayla Adams, Kelli Spell, Laura Jensen-Hunt, Laura Krause, Lauren Cathis, Les Doerfler, Lyda Long, Lyn Kargaard, Martha M Kendall in memory of Scout, Michael Puls, Michael Simon On behalf of Siri - our rescued Chicago Malinois, Nancy Dickson, Nancy Sanders, Patricia Schroder, Penny Clark dedicated to Barb McGeehan, Ruth Stanton, S Schmidt, Sam Gentsch, Sandra Collier-Bolt, Sherry Daniels - dedicated to Cody, Shannon Applegate, Shelia Huddleston, Steve Mccaskill, Steve Mccaskill, Susan Spinhirne, Tammy Knight, Tanya Castaneda, Terri Wilson, Tim Zimmer, Tina Jacobson, Tonya Kraft, Tracy Shubin, Tracy Yarlott In Honor of Carolyn Pettigrew, Trent Fuhrman To the dog's I have loved through my life, Vickie Mediate, Victoria E. Brown, Vicky Sanderson, William Halstead

Update: February 27, 2011
Dara and four of her pups have recovered and are doing wonderfully well. Without your help, they would not have survived. Thanks so much to all who donate to Malinois Rescue and help the many Mals in need! Dara and the pups will be available soon for adoption. Loving, active homes who are willing to give these sweeties a job or a sport to enjoy will be preferred. Pups may be available on spay-neuter contracts to the right homes.

Interested applicants can contact Beverly

Saturday, January 15, 2011 Rescue hear's about a pregnant Malinois in a Chicago Shelter. About the time arrangements began to come together in order to spring her it was discovered she had already delivered her puppies in conditions that were totally unsuitable to insure the survival of the pups. Initial photos, see image at the top of this page, showed a very emaciated Mama Mal and ELEVEN puppies confined to what looks like a P400 crate, ACKKKKKKK!

Within 3 hrs word came that, through the combined efforts of several people and rescues, transportation to a foster home was being done the next day. By the evening of the 16th they were in their foster home and under gone their first vet check.

Within days Dara was fighting for her life in intensive care, suffering from severe emaciation and pneumonia. After several days in the critical care unit, Dara is recovering in isolation at her foster home.

Her puppy's saga however continues. Now being hand fed they began to succumb to a bacterial infection and were placed on antibiotics. The sad part is that by the 20th three puppies had been lost and an additional three puppies would die before the infection passed. Pink girl, one of the five remaining puppies, has had to be hospitalized because she aspirated formula.

The on going expenses for Dara and her puppies now tops $4200.00, and expected to grow. Our supporters know that this is a major expense for our rescue so we are asking for help to meet all the medical expenses this wonderful, sweet, rescued Mom and her puppies have created for our Malinois Rescue Fund.

Your contribution today toward Dara and her puppies will be used, as always with our special needs rescues, specifically to cover Dara and the pups medical expenses.

ABMC Rescue works very hard to maximise the number of dogs we help with the funds entrusted to us by supporters. This emergency rescue with the on going medical needs were not part of our anticipated expenses. We just couldn't turn away from Dara and puppies because she and the conditions she was in are the reason we all are part of the Rescue.

Our very sincere Thanks!
ABMC Rescue

Please indicate your donation is intended to benefit Dara and her puppies medical expenses!

Donate with a credit card or electronic check through Network for Good. This link will take you directly to the secure server page for Malinois Rescue Donations at Network for Good .

Prefer to Mail a check? (Please no Care Packages to this address)

ABMC Charitable Trust - Rescue Fund
Dara's Care
c/o Jim Moses
21710 Cove Point Farm Road
Tilghman Island, MD 21671

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