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N Central Region:

Athena, female - OH
Bix, male - WI
* Echo, female - MI
GiGi, female - MI
* Havoc, male - MI
Lilly, female - CO
Lucy, female - WI
* Molly, female - IL
* Red, male - MI
Taron - Adopted!!!

S Central Region:

* Abby, female - TX
Aleta - Adopted!!!
Chance, male - KS
Duke, male - TX
Hawkeye - Adopted!!!
Jackson - Adopted!!!
Jake - Adopted!!!
* Kyra, female - TX
Mia, female - KS
Striker, male - TX

Northeast Region:

Jersey, female - NJ
Keeyo, male - VA
** Layla, female - PA
* Molly, female - MA
Tracker, male - PA

Southeast Region:

Audie - Adopted!!!
Amara, female - GA
Belle - Adopted!!!
Hexa, male - TN
Karen, female - FL
Link, male - GA
Lobi - Adopted!!!
* Mika, male - GA
Tia - Adopted!!!
Trina, female - FL

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Jett, female - CO

Dogs available from
Alternate Listings: A-M
Updated: July 18th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: Jun 20th

SafeSurf Rated All Ages

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Banzaii Permanent ID Fund

Care Angels

We are currently in need of Care packages for many of our foster families. Items used frequently, consumed by the foster Malinois or that accompanies the foster on to its new home are in short suppy. If you can provide a care package to a foster family contact one of the coordinators listed below.

Contact an ABMC Coordinator and arrange to provide Care Packages for long term Malinois Foster's. Suggestions for items to include (but not limited to) in a Care Package: coupons for dog food, treats, a safe dog toy, chews, hooves, 1" wide adjustable, safe collars- 13"- 18", most Foster families have long since used up all the spare they have. If you use it in the care, training and treating of your Malinois then assuredly the Foster home is in need of it.

Andrea   Darlene n' Jeff   Helen   Jennifer   Julie   Kathy   Marcia   Maryfrances   Paula   Sara   Sherri   Suzanne  

A * indicates multiple contributions.

Groomer Ruth Pet SalonProvided MUCH needed Grooming for Fostered Malinois, Sandy
Debbie SacarichBox of Leashes and Collars for Foster Homes
Dr. Eric GawDiscount for Veterinary Services
Cathy AlmeidaCare Package, Toys, Treats, Chews
Mal mom and pups
*Rachel SimasekBig Boxes of Treats, Toys, Collars and Kongs for Foster Malinois
Ed and Sara AndersonCare Package
Anne & John BickelVet expenses (Zeus), Frontline, Food, Interceptor & Supplements for our foster Malinois
Jeff and Dar HauserExpenses associated with fostering Malinois
Jennifer BowmanPuppy Collars, Care Package
Bones for BrandyMultiple Care Packages, Toys, Treats, Chews etc
Sponsoring a New Belgian Monthly
Sharon BurkeCare Package, Collars & Stuffed Toys
Bonnie CraigCare Package, Collars, Toys, Treats
Mal mom and pups
Debbie (Alexander-Davis) & Bob DavisToys for Sasha
Jirah KirkToy Care Package
CJ LandryCounseling Adoptive Home
Joe & Vickie MediateCare Package, Leashes & Collars
Gena NorwoodCare Package, Toys, Treats
The Charmed Ones
Catherine Shields
In Memory of Rave
Collars, Gentle Leaders & leashes
Jennifer R. Solberg, Scraps Dog Bakery and General StoreBison dog collars & a large bag of Happy Hips Lamb & Rice Glucosamine & Chrondroitin treats
Dawn Speer, Beauty of the Beasts Dog and Agility ShirtsRescue's 2007 Specialty Fundraiser, Use of Copyrighted Image
Erica and Jeff ThreadgillCare Package filled w/Toys and Treats
Ms. Sonya Ulrich
Sonya's Good Dog Services, LLC
Full Obedience Class Scholarship, McKenna
Ms. Sandi Ver Sprill
Golden Rule School for Dogs, LLC
Obedience Class Scholarship, Babeesh

Rescue Angels

The ABMC Rescue Program would grind to a halt without the people that Identify, Transport and Foster the Malinois in need of Rescuing. Listed below are the people that consistently perform some active part of the process that insures Malinois, in shelters across the nation, get a second chance with permanent adoptive families.

Patricia AnthonyTransport
Chris AckersonTransport
Kathy AdamsID, Transport
Janette ArnsonHome Check
Wyndee ArnesonTransport, Foster
Bob & Debbie AlexanderID, Transport, Foster, incoming Vet Care
Louisa ArendtTransport
Sherry BanksHome Check
Anna BalsamoID, Transport, Home Check
Helen BarclayFoster, ID, Transport, Home Check
Robin BarfootFoster, Transport
Kay BarkerTransport
Wes BarnesFoster, ID, Foster, Transport
Becky BarrVet Care, ID, Transport
Russ BeachTransport
Julie BearID, Transport, Home Check
Shelby BeckerTransport, Foster
Kathie BeesonTransport, Home Check
Mary Jo BelcherTransport
Suzanne BelgerID, Evaluate, Transport
Jenn BellFoster, Transport,
Nancy BennettID, Transport, Home Check
Bill BettsTransport, Short-term Foster
Harvey BettsID, Transport
Maryfrances BettsFoster, ID, Transport, Home Check
MaryAnn Bevinger ID, Transport, Foster
Adam BlackVeterinary Services
Edward BloodFoster, ID, Transport
Conni BorwickFoster, ID, Home Check, Transport
Maureen BowmanHome Check
Barbara BoylanTransport
Judy Bradley/Cedar Lane KnlsFostering/boarding
Barb BennerTransport
Karen BrentID
Dolores BrighamTransport
Sherri BrittanTransport, Foster
Gretchen BrownID, Home Check
Jackie BrownID, Home Check
Diane BruceTransport
Claire BundyID
Sharon BurkeFoster, ID, Transport, Home Check
Alison BurnidgeTransport
Leigh CarterID, Home Check
Stephanie CaseFoster
Kim CassidaTransport
Ann Cavender & Doug GittFoster, Transport
Josh & Bridget CeaseTransport
Al CerankoTransport
Carol ChamberlainFoster
Kathy ChampineFoster
Theresa ChristFoster
Sue ChristensenFoster
Nick Chucales & FamilyTransport
Krista ClarkTransport
Barb ClausonID, Foster, Transport, Home Checks
Chris ClaussenID, Home Check
Renee CleggTransport
Louise ClementsFoster
John & Lisa CliftonFoster/Transport
Linda ColeFoster, ID
Sandi Collier-BoltTransport
Sallyann ComstockHome Check, Transport
Mike Conaway Foster
Tim ConoverFoster, ID, Home Check, Transport
Dana Baylor ConsolinoFoster, Transport
Tracey ConnerTransport
Katherine CookTransport
Mike ConwayFoster
Jamie CorrealeFoster, Transport, ID, Home Check
Bonnie CraigTransport
Steven CraigTransport
Kiesha CrawmerID (identified Summers)
Vicki Cruz Foster, ID, Home Check, Transport
Debbie (Alexander-Davis) & Bob DavisTransport, ID, Foster
Laura Jane DavisTransport
Alessandra & Mike DayTransport, Foster
Jona DeckerFoster, ID, Transport, Home Check
Carol DennyID, Transport
Deborah DenvirTransport
Charlene DenysHome Check
Carola Di PernaFoster, Transport, ID, Home Check, Shelter Pull
Janet DoererFoster, Transport
Sara Donadei-BloodFoster, Transport, Homecheck
Donna & MarvTransport
Sandy DusenberryHome Check
Colleen DussexFoster, Transport, ID, Home Check, Wonder Woman
Don DuvalTransport
Kimberly EbingerFoster
Josh EllisTransport, ID, Foster
Shawn EngbrechtFoster
Beverly & Jim EnoldFoster, Transport
Marian ErpID, Evaluate
Mary Ann & Jim EvansFoster, Transport
Rachel FabriziID, Evaluate, Transport, Short-term Foster
Doug FairchildRescue Website Navigation Menu
Kat FarresID, Transport
Donna FefeeTransport, Foster
Julie FletcherPhotography
Ann FoleyTransport, Foster
Glenda FickTransport, Foster
Jerry & Tina FieldsID, Home Check, Foster
Charlene FoellerFoster, ID, Home Check, Transport
Melissa FryHome Check
Dianne FullerTransport
Denise GallowayTransport
Lynnette GandlHome Check
Stacy GarvinID, Home Check
Trish Gautier ID, Help, Transport
Mary Anne GibsonTransport
Allison GillTransport
Kim GilmoreHome Check
April Glover ID, Home Check
Mary & Mark GoffTransport, Foster
Sue GrafTransport, Foster
Laurie GraichenID, Home Check, Transport
Sandy GrantFoster, ID, Home Check, Transport, Vet Care
Sue GriefHome Check, Transport
Babette HaggertyID, Home Check
Bill HalsteadFoster
Maria HarrisonFoster, Transport, ID, Pull, Quarantine
Wenja HarrahFoster, Transport, ID, Home Check
Theresa HatcherHelp
Bev Hein & Bill FurlongTransport
Nancy HennonTransport, Home Check
Cynthia HildebrandShort Term Foster, Transport
Traci HilliardID, Home Check
Marsha HinesFoster, ID, Home Check
Mary HinesFoster, ID, Transport
Wendy HinesFoster, Transport, Homecheck, ID
Aileen HodgesID, Transport, Short-term Foster, Home Checks
Sharon HoffmanTransport, Foster
Dave HuffmanFoster, Transport, ID, Home Check
Nancy Hook-WiednerFoster
Larry HostetlerTransport
Stephanie JackFoster, Transport, ID, Home Check
Pennie JacksonTransport
Vojin JaksicTransport
Mickey JanuszkiewiczFoster, ID, Home Check, Transport
Pam JarvisFoster
Maya & Joe JeromeFoster, ID, Transport, Home Check
Anne Marie JockaHome Check
Carol JohnsonTransport
Rusty JonesFoster, ID, Transport
Mary Ellen KastenTransport
Debbie KeithTransport
Sue KennedyFoster
Susan KennedyID, Home Check
Jani KerseyFoster, Transport
Brenda & John KingTransport
Connie KiserFoster
Lou KlepitchTransport
Lake Brandt Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Jim Lofgren & Dr. Scott Barnard
Vet Care
Valerie & Jim LandonTransport, Overnight
CJ LandryPull, Transport, Homecheck
Nancy LaneFoster, Transport
Matt & Lisa LarsonTransport, Foster
Phillip LarsonHomecheck
Debbie LazaroID, Evaluations, Home Check, Transport
Tina LeachTransport
Frye LeBrunTransport
Dottie LeeFoster
Danielle LeGraveHomecheck
Cathy LehmanTransport
Lyn LilyestromFoster, Transport, Home Check
Joanne LincolnID, Transport
Megan Lloyd-ThompsonTransport
Ann LozierID, Transport, Home Check
Michele LubbersTransport
Thomas MaceTransport
Kathy MaddenID, Home Check
Patti MahTransport, Homecheck
Pete & Sal MansellTransport
Debbie MapesTransport, Home Check
Christine MaplesID, Home Check, Transport
Bonnie McDonaldHelp
Barb McGeehanTransport
Susan McRavenFoster, Transport, ID
Hannah MedfordTransport
Liz MersereauTransport
Lilith MeurerGracious Host, Foster
Jane MilesTransport
Maury MillsID, Home Check
Sue MillerID, Home Check, Transport
Anne MinnichFoster
Rebecca MobleyID, Home Check
Shelley MonsonFoster
Carilee MoranTransport
Nora MorganTransport, Foster
Pat MorganTransport, Foster
Susan MorseFoster, Transport, Home Check
Carol Ann MostadFoster, ID, Transport, Home Check
Linda MullenID, Home Check
Jacki MyersHome Check
Kristin NelsonHome Check
Shawn NelsonID
Diana NicholsTransport
Charolette NorrisTransport, Foster
Gena NorwoodTransport
Molly NyeTransport
Alisa OstwaltTransport
Marie PadovanID, Evaluate
Sheri PalkoTransport
Jen PatrickFoster, Meet & Greets
Lauren PaulID, Transport, Home Check
Rusty PearsonTransport, home visit
Connie PerdueID, Home Check
Karen PerdueFoster, ID, Home Check
Connie PetersTransport
Stephen PisaniID, Transport, Home Check
Melissa Poage ID, Home Check
Tom & Susan PohlmanFoster
Judy PomfretFoster, Transport
Sandy Poplin-RobsonID, Home Check
Mitzi PotterID, Foster, Transport
Carol PraissmanID
Buffy PraterTransport, Foster
Donna RhyneFoster
Moshe ReshefID, Home Check, Transport
Wally & Carol RiceTransport
Suzanne RiversID
Peggy RobinsonTransport/Foster(st)
Mark RosettieTransport
Andrea RossID, Pull, Transport, Home Check
Karline RoussearTransport
Darren RuddHome Check
John RuttenTransport
Mary SamochaFoster, Transport
Dianne San LorenzoID
Lorelei SchipkeFoster, Transport, ID, Home Check
Michelle SchiremanShort Term Foster
Risa SchluchterID, Home Check
Shayne SchuldtHome Check, Transport
Mary Jo SeemanFoster, Transport
Terry SeissFoster, Transport, ID, Home Check
Melissa & Dave SettleFoster, Help
Tina ShawTransport
Steph SheltonRehab, Foster
Cynthia SkoglundTransport
James SlaughterID, Transport, Home Check, Foster
Becky SmithID, Evaluate
Claudette SmithTransport, Foster
Doreen SmithTransport
Leslie SparrowTransport
Steve & Sonya SpencerID, Foster, Transport, Evaluate, Rehab, Homechecks, Meet & Greets
Thea SperlineTransport
Karel StangelTransport
Laura StarkeyTransport
Carolyn SteedID, Home Check
Connie SteffensTransport
Carol SteinFoster, ID, Transport, Home Check
Kate StephensonFoster, Transport
Jedidiah StoneFundraising, Dog Massage
Denise StonerTransport
Barbara SuttonTransport
Stacy & Joe TannerFoster
Kenna TateTransport
David TaylorTransport
Richard TerryID, Transport
Anthea ThackerFoster, Transport
Dawn ThrappID, Foster, Transport
Shereen ToffettiFundraising
Donna UnzellID, Transport
Laura Van TasselFoster
Kay VaughtTransport, Foster
Dave VeselyRescue Assistance, Transport
Nancy VidaFoster, Transport
Deb Vidaver-CohenID, Home Check
Natalie VivianShort Term Foster, Transport
Terri Ann VotavaID, Home Check
Maryanne VrabelTransport, Home Check
Barbara WallFoster
Linda WagonerHome Check
Becky WasniewskiFoster, ID, Transport
Sharon WebbFoster, Transport
Jane WheelerFoster, Transport, Home Check
Melissa WilkinsTransport
Dana WhitmoreTransport, Home Check
Susie WilliamsonID
Sharon WillisFoster, ID, Transport, Home Check
Terri WilsonFoster
Penny WinegartnerTransport, Foster, ID
Donna WoodTransport, Foster
Tammy WoodShelter Evaluation
Kathleen WoodburyTransport
Jan WootersFoster
Kay WrightID, Pull, Transport, Homecheck, Foster, Superwoman
Mary J Young=StilesFoster, ID, Home Check, Transport
Sue YoungTransport, Foster
Jim YounghusbandFoster, ID, Home Check, Transport
Chris ZankTransport
Carolyn ZimmerFoster
Corinne ZupanickTransport

Support Angels

A * indicates multiple contributions.

Become a Supporter of Rescue

  • Make a donation of $25.00 to $100.00 today or Sponsor a Rescue ad in the Malinois Performer, featuring one of our Malinois in Foster care, in the name or memory of one of your *kids*, in honor of a new title, a new litter, or just because you want to.

What your donations do for Rescue.

Donated By
In Name/Memory/Honor
Your name can be listed hereIn Memory of, In honor of a new litter, In honor of New Titles or Just Because :-)
Kimberly BeckerAnna Alphonsine Becker, CGC, our heart dog
Alexia Ter Hark Emerson, Beverly Shannon Gorman, Evie WilliamsIn honor of Belinda and Allan Young
Annie AndrewsCarol Knock's preferences (if any) In Memory of Carol Knock
AnonymousUse where best needed In memory of Carol Knock
Dana CraveyIn memory of Carol Knock
Diane LandauIn memory of Carol Knock
Maryanne Ryno VrabelIn memory and honor of Carol E Knock
George ColsonDedicated to Mr. Eddie, our late malinois
Kathy ColemanIn memory of my Greta
Michele HaughHomes for Senior Dogs, Dedicated to Francesca ("Chessy") Iwashko-Canges
Cheryl BavisterFor Rescue's Success
Laura Van TasselFor Rescue's Success
Nancy HenonFor Rescue's Success
Jennifer LoxtonFor Rescue's Success
Judith KlineFor Rescue's Success
* Nicole HigginsFor Rescue's Success
Angela NortonFor Rescue's Success
Garry RovnerFor Rescue's Success
Michael ChapmanFor Rescue's Success
Leesa CareyIn memory of Chet Backus
* Mark WyattFor Helping sick or unwanted Belgians
In Honor of Topaz, Striker, Wyatt, Jig, Blackie and Smoky
*China Ferrera-MoranFor Rudi our everything, adopted from ABMC Va. (Mona)
* Dale PritchardRescued Malinois
* Alysia HallFlorida Malinois Rescue - Sara Flynn-Kramer
* Keith ArchibaldRescued Malinois
Laura Van TasselIn honor of all dogs in rescue
Scott EmmettIn honor of Millie my Rescue Malinois
Carol AulickIn memory of "Andy Betts" and "Jackson Bear"
Susan and Michael BoyleIn memory of Stephanie Jack and Sharon Webb
Marlene GrossIn honor of Kathleen Champine and "Ice"
* Victoria E. BrownRescued Malinois
* Jo McNortonRescued Malinois
* Beverly EnoldFor Tucker (HiTop) my foster who passed on too soon - loved you, buddy.
Eleanor HickmanIn Memory of Tri Sorts Jordache (Beauregard Schratz)
Michael Harper 
Catherine TaylorDedicated to Rufus
Michael SimonSiri, our crazy rescued Malinois
*William Halstead 
Alice RoszczewskiDedicated to Kim McNeill & Miles Tihansky in memory of Mucha
Lewis DadismanDedicated to Bill "Dad" "Grandpa" Tillery
Kevin FrickerDedicated to Inca
Chris LandollAllison Gil
Michele HaughSupport for Homes for Senior Dogs, Dedicated to Francesca ("Chessy") Iwashko-Canges
Bryan HowellSoutheast Region of ABMC
Judith Kline
Allison StrovelDedicated to Melanie Heckart
Sharilyn MeadDedicated to Lola & Bob Meager
Beverly EnoldDedicated to Tucker (HiTop) my foster who passed on too soon - loved you, buddy.
Geoghan WendyIn memory of Jackson Bear
Sheryl Harding  
Mikel Miller 
Jennifer AllredDedicated to Annie MacDougall
Janice Saylors 
Shannon ApplegateIn honor of Inca from Cancun
Mikel Miller-Helping Udders 
jennifer loxton 
AnonymousCH Hallmark De Mon Plaisir CGC, NA
Wendy & Amy BoyerThis donation is in honor of Sadie who passed last year AND Inca who was just adopted from your org.
Julie ThomasJudi Truskey and Lucy
Janet SteegerOn behalf of Java (formerly Blaze)
Cheryl Bavister
Laura Van Tassel
Beverly EnoldIn memory of Tucker
Christine HaganThe most need
Julie ThomasJudi Truskey and Lucy
Janet SteegerOn behalf of Java (formerly Blaze)
Cheryl Bavister
Laura Van Tassel
Margaret E ClutterJim & Julie Turner, on behalf of Ritter
Beverly EnoldIn memory of Tucker
Kathie BadalamenteDedicated to Lewis, now Evan, rescued in Jonesboro GA
Wayne KlineDedicated to Paula Sherrouse ABMC Texas Coordinator
Beverly EnoldFor Tessah or another special needs Malinois -- In memory of Lin Karrel's dad
Kathy ColemanIn memory of my Greta
Nicole ClardyDedicated to Robert Clardy and Elizabeth Bircher
Timothy HamiltonDedicated to my fiance and our Mal, Michelle and Zyla
Sam GentschDedicated to Siobhan my foster Malinois
Wendy GeddingsGeorge Colson for food dedicated to Mr. Eddie, our late malinois
AnonymousDedicated to Vahva
Garry Rovner 
Angela Norton 
Carolyn Stone 
Nancy Henon 
Denise Elger 
*Laurissa Doonan 
Timothy HamiltonDedicated to my fiance and our Malinois, Michelle and Zyla
Nicole ClardyDedicated to Robert Clardy and Elizabeth Bircher
Sharilyn MeadDedicated to Lola & Bob Meager
Allison StrovelDedicated to Melanie Heckart
Jamie CorrealeXio's medical care, In Honor of Lorelei Schipke for fostering Xio
Beverly EnoldXio Schipke, In memory of PD
Sara AndersenXio's care. In Honor of Lorelei Schipke fostering Xio & In Memory of Xio
Beverly EnoldFor Tess Stinson - In Memory of Greta
Krista CapikGreta Stinson
Faye WilhiteIn Memory of Tucker & Buoy
Andrea HossIn Memory of Bouy
Maureen Dixonin Honor of adopting "Dolce"
James Kerr & Linda Syverson Kerrin Honor of adopting "Keane"
Theresa Kulbin Memory of "Toby," who died was a Mentor of "Alex"
Theresa Kulbin Honor of Joan Mullen's Birthday
Catherine TaylorIn memory of U-CD Rufus Red Dandy UD, RN, CGC, HIC March 1994 to May 24, 2010
JIll WeinbergTag (Joan and Greg Mullen)
AnonymousAllison and the Dogs
Laurette WhartonIn Honor of Kai and Ricky
E. E. BurchIn support of Malinois Rescue, So California
Debbie Lazaroin Memory of Rick Hodges, BM3, MSST NY-K-9, K-9 Explosives Handler, and Beloved Partner of Belgian Malinois "Mynx
Ms. Judy in Memory of Rick Hodges, BM3, MSST NY-K-9, K-9 Explosives Handler, and Beloved Partner of Belgian Malinois “Mynx
Mr. and Mrs. (Susan) Eric Friedenbergin Memory of Rick Hodges, BM3, MSST NY-K-9, K-9 Explosives Handler, and Beloved Partner of Belgian Malinois “Mynx
Mrs. Richard J. (Carol) Hodgesin Memory of Rick Hodges, BM3, MSST NY-K-9, K-9 Explosives Handler, and Beloved Partner of Belgian Malinois “Mynx
* Carolyn Zimmerin Memory of Rick Hodges, BM3, MSST NY-K-9, K-9 Explosives Handler, and Beloved Partner of Belgian Malinois “Mynx
Michael SimonIn Honor of Siri, our crazy rescued Malinois
Beverly EnoldIn Memory of PD - the foster that didn't make it
Karen Albright 
* Rick and Judy Appel 
Skip & Gail Breach, Cari BreachIn honor of adopting Homer
Steve and Diana CrispIn honor of adopting Madison
Sherilyn Dietrich 
Jean Duff & Salvador Sanchez 
Scott & Jennifer FlowersIn honor of adopting Koda
* Mr. and Mrs. Daniel FridericiIn honor of adopting Biscuit
Amber HoopesFor Caring for Belgian Shepherds
In honor of Luna Leendertz
Sarah Keegans 
Elisa KoulourisIn honor of adopting her Malinois
Del MeyerIn honor of adopting Kane
Laurie Miller & David ShermanIn Honor of Ahggi
Ohio State University Chapter, AOSABIn Memory of Joy Beebe
Deborah ShannonIn honor of Maggie
Lynne SwaringenIn Memory of Jolie Blanc & In Honor of Joe and Vickie Mediate who loved her
Lynne SwaringenIn Memory of Joy Beebe
Cynthia YounkerIn honor of "my rescue Taylor"
Debra WilleyIn honor of adopting Seven/Dinah
James, Ellen & "Rusty" BondPerformer Ad
Keith and Jacqueline ArmendingerPerformer Ad
Theresa KulbPerformer Ad
Judy BradleyPerformer Ad
Dr. Thomas B KlubPerformer Ad
Moonlighting Madison, STDs, aka Maggie the Rescue DogPerformer Ad
Moonlighting Madison, STDs, aka Maggie the Rescue DogPerformer Ad
Moonlighting Madison, STDs, aka Maggie the Rescue DogPerformer Ad
Crocs-Blancs Iko-Iko, Crocs-Blancs Tipitina, Sam & Hanna ShipleyPerformer Ad
Crocs-Blancs Iko-Iko, Crocs-Blancs Tipitina, Sam & Hanna ShipleyPerformer Ad
Joan Rebhan in honor of ABMC Rescue RubyPerformer Ad
Sonja TuovilaPerformer Ad
Leggi, aka Avonlea Prairie Legend and Polly FabrizioPerformer Ad
Judy BradleyPerformer Ad
Tom Sadowski and his Cardigan Welsh CorgiPerformer Ad
Laura Krause and Steve PalmerPerformer Ad
Joanne ThielenPerformer Ad
Sam and Hanna ShipleyPerformer Ad
Polly FabrizioPerformer Ad
Joan Rebhan Performer Ad
Sonja TuovilaPerformer Ad
James and Ellen BondPerformer Ad
Judy BradleyPerformer Ad
Tom SadowskiPerformer Ad
Laura Krause and Steve PalmerPerformer Ad
Kelly BackusPerformer Ad
Chris EvickPerformer Ad
Sandra DusenberyPerformer Ad
Angela McCalla and Bobby Arellano (DelRio Kennels)Performer Ad
Theresa & Thomas KulbPerformer Ad
Christy DishmanPerformer Ad
Cynthia SecorPerformer Ad
Marcia ParkerPerformer Ad
Judith BradleyPerformer Ad

Mal Pal Angels

Occasionally some rescue dogs need a little extra help, an otherwise healthy dog comes to rescue with heartworm or other easily solved problem, not easily resolved when funds are tight. It isn't easy to justify spending the extra money on one dog when there are many dogs who need help and often older dogs stay in rescue simply because they are older. Many volunteers cover the extra expenses themselves, but that makes continued volunteering difficult.

Become a Mal Pal by Cyberadopting and paying the extra expenses incurred by a specific Malinois during its stay in the rescue system. Each Mal that enters Rescue incurs basic expenses averaging about $200.00; removal from the shelter, spaying/neutering, intestinal worming, rabies, DHLPP and microchipping Extra treatments are not automatically covered.

The Malinois listed below are currently in need of special treatment. You can support rescue by becoming a Mal Pal and sponsoring special treatment in whole or in part.

Mal Pal
General FundMalinois in RescueAnonymous dedicated to Colleen Dussex, Alysia Hall, Amy Carlson dedicated to PT Palmer (malinois recently gone), Beth Healey, Carole Eklund, Carolyn Pollex, Christine Walls, Cindy Hutchcraft dedicated to Advanced Hearing Technologies, David Kampner, Dianna Thompson In memory of Boss, Edward Hesley dedicated to Kellee King, Jan Speer, Janice Saylors, Jo McNorton, Karen Ford, Keith Archibald, Kristen VandeBerg, Lana Voynich, Laurie Whisnant Whisnant On behalf of Sara A and Kay W, Leslie Sparrow, Louise Davidson, Mark Wyatt Helping sick or unwanted Belgians Topaz, Striker, Wyatt, Jig, Blackie and Smoky, Marla Vogeley In Memory of Dave Campman, Meaza Ridley, Michael Simon, Michele J Lubbers, Nicole Higgins emaciated mals, Ron Zurek, Scott Emmett, Stephen Palmer, Victoria E. Brown, Wendy Geddings, William Halstead, Jessica Fox, Judith Iannotti, Heather Rolland, David Hewitt (In Memory of Turicks Semper Fi), PhyllisDobrick (Tracy Hanna's Ripley), Linda Allen, John Chambers
Patron, Haley, Layla, BenHeartworm TreatmentElizabeth Bigelow, Lisa Doan, Sandra Redder, Valerie Shearn-Bochsler, Angela Smith, Joanne Larkin (dedicated to Izzy-b), Dana Maclean, Karen Pepp, Rebecca Pistel-Yarbro, Janice Saylors, Michael Simon (In honor of our first rescue dog, Siri and Jack, our newest dog), Cristeen Stilwell, Dianna Thompson (dedicated to All the hard working ABMC/R coordinators)
General Medical Anonymous Donations, Linda Allen, Jackie Brown, Paulinka de Rochemont, Lee Ann Doyle, Sheilah Graham, David Hewitt, Joanne Larkin, Martha M Kendall (in memory of Scout & Sundae), Dana Maclean, Angela McCalla (in memory of Paris), Vickie Mediate, Janice Ritter, Heather Roche, Jennifer Rush, Janice Saylors, Jennifer Sheppard, Michael Simon, Jan Speer, Sheena Stark, Janet Steeger (On behalf of Java and Abby), Dianna Thompson (In memory of Big Ben), Christine Walker, Debra Willey, Charles Williams (In Memory of Princess Fiona), Penny Winegartner
DukeBoardingKim Lee
OliverMedicalCharles Gallagher, David Hewitt, Mariah Walker
ShelaMedicalAnonymous, Teresa Reidel, Janet Steeger (On behalf of Java and Abby), Laura Van Tassel (dedicated to my beloved Diesel, waiting at the Bridge)
LilliMDASLisa Fay (In Memory of my beloved Lacy), Kelli Spell
Brava 'N ElectraGidget Hall
3 GA GirlsAbandonedLisa Doan, Ann Lozier , Janet Steeger, Dianna Thompson, Rebecca Pistel-Yarbro, Katharine Holaday, Robert Robinson, Don Johnson, Emily Davidson, Janet Steeger, Laura Van Tassel
TN 6-PackMedical Debra Keith, Cathie Lang, Kathleen Champine (In memory of Isis du Ciel Rouge), Kathryn Madden, Nancy Blue, Janet Steeger, Dianna Thompson, Maureen Dixon (Boomerang to the Rescue, RIP), Margo Penniman, Patricia Powell, Kayla Adams, Nancy Bennett, Valerie Shearn-Bochsler, Tina Jacobson, Kelly Gallagher, Meagan Wilson, Jo Wantuck (Brina), Carole Goetzelmann, Tonya Kraft, Martha Sandra Shaw, Maryanna Bell, Beth Richey, Janice Saylors, Susan Spinhirne, Helen Igo, Diane Huey, Charolette Webster, Kathleen Murawski, Lisa Vaughan, Susan Myers, Don Johnson (From Toes & Sydney)
Angel Hip Surgery Anonymous Donations, Bonnie J Craig, Elaine Asper, Elizabeth Ramsey, Garry Rovner, Helen Igo, Janet Steeger On behalf of Java and Abby, Janice Ritter, Joanne Larkin With thanks to ABMC Rescue from our Izzy-B who also survived a hip and femur fx, Katherine Shogren, God Bless and Speedy Healing!, Kathleen Champine, Beth Todd, Leslie Sparrow, Nancy Sander, Nina Lewis Merry Xmas Angel!, Patricia Schlenker, Sam Gentsch, Sonya Spencer, Tina Jacobson
Robby Mimi, Betty & Ian BoardingCathy Almeida, Christine Walls, Erica Boling, Jan Speer, Kim Remmel, Susan Spinhirne, Tina Jacobson, Theresa Weldon, Debra Willey, Michael Simon
RaccoonSurgery & Medical CostsCarolyn Pettigrew, Heather Roche, Jaclyn Ristich, Maureen Mahoney, Robert McNicholas, Shanda Drawdy
JazzeSurgery/TreatmentAida Welch, Angela McNichol, Bridget Kiely, Garry Rovner, Jacalyn Bilski, Janice Ritter, Thomas Simpson
KenziBoardingTammy Knight, Sonia Schmidt, Jan Speer, Debra Ferguson
IzzyIzzy's SurgeryAnonymous, Alla Donina, Alysia Hall dedicated to To Izzy-From Chloe, Amy Enman, Amy Pollock, Bonnie Craig, Carol Aulick, Carolyn Zimmer, Cathie Lang, Chris Mease, Christine Walls, Clint Falcon dedicated to Bridget Russell, Dianna Thompson, Garry Rovner, Holly Franz, Janet Steeger On behalf of Java, my rescue Mal, Jerry Frear In Honor of Bunny, Kelli Spell, Kimberly Campbell, Kristin Siarkowicz, Laura Vantassel, Lee Ann Doyle, Lynne Gourley, Margaret Jablonski, Martha M Kendall In Memory of Scout, Melissa Gordon, Mistie English, Patricia Naimo In loving memory of my five huskies, Paul Mount, Petra Wingate, Rebecca Lowe, Rebecca Tyler, Robert Ginsberg, Shannon Applegate, Stephanie Heath-Jones, Susan Clizbe, Susan Spinhirne, Tammy Strickfaden from our own Mali "Izzy" (Isabeau), Thomas Simpson, Tonya Kraft, William Halstead
JacobJacob's SurgeryAnonymous Donations, Anonymous Get Well Soon! - Bella and Tara, Ann Foley, Anne Riba, Beverly Enold, Carole Goetzelmann, Christine Walls, Dana R Hanlon dedicated to Keno Bambino, Dianna Thompson in memory of Boss who crossed the Rainbow Bridge one year ago today, Don Johnson, Gaynell Russell In Memory of Tico - forever loved & missed, Glenda Morris dedicated to my first malinois Jazz, Joanne Thielen, Kathryn Elder, Kayla Adams, Kristi Whitney, L Michael Russell, Lee Ann Doyle, Leslie Sparrow, Michael Simon, Patricia Schlenker, Penny Clark, Rebecca Tyler, Robin Campbell, Ruth Mays, S Schmidt, Susan Spinhirne, Tanya Castaneda, Timothy Wirsching, Tracy Allen, Valerie Lussier
RaccoonSurgical CostsHeather Roche, Carolyn Pettigrew, Robert McNicholas, Jaclyn Ristich, Shanda Drawdy
Dara & PuppiesMedical ExpensesAnonymous Donations, Ann Knighton dedicated to Jason and Jon Payne, Anne Witty, Beth Walker, Carole Corbin, Carole Goetzelmann, Cathie Lang, Christine Walls, Cindy Noland, Claudia Valentino, Conni Borwick, Dana Hadath, Darlene E. Agena-Hombaker, David Huffman, Debra Keith, Dennis Buda, Dianna Thompson In memory of Boss, Donna Skaff, Elaine H. Williams, Ernestine Bayer dedicated to Aunt Ruthie, Good Card Donor, Garry Rovner, Gerald Rousseau, Jan Speer, Janice Ritter, Janice Saylors, Janina Laurin, Janis Holder, Jo Wantuck, Jose Alvarez, Karen Schoenrock, Kathleen Champine, Kathleen Derrick, Kathleen Roberts, Kathleen Schaefer, Kayla Adams, Kelli Spell, Laura Jensen-Hunt, Laura Krause, Lauren Cathis, Les Doerfler, Lyda Long, Lyn Kargaard, Martha M Kendall in memory of Scout, Michael Puls, Michael Simon On behalf of Siri - our rescued Chicago Malinois, Nancy Dickson, Nancy Sanders, Patricia Schroder, Penny Clark dedicated to Barb McGeehan, Ruth Stanton, S Schmidt, Sam Gentsch, Sandra Collier-Bolt, Sherry Daniels - dedicated to Cody, Shannon Applegate, Shelia Huddleston, Steve Mccaskill, Steve Mccaskill, Susan Spinhirne, Tammy Knight, Tanya Castaneda, Terri Wilson, Tim Zimmer, Tina Jacobson, Tonya Kraft, Tracy Shubin, Tracy Yarlott In Honor of Carolyn Pettigrew, Trent Fuhrman To the dog's I have loved through my life, Vickie Mediate, Victoria E. Brown, Vicky Sanderson, William Halstead
Use for 2010: Malinois in RescueShari Goldfarb - dedicated to Betsy Ramsey, Lisa Kramer - In honor of Carolyn Ziimmer and Maryfrances Betts and all who helped in Simba's rescue, Natalie Seretis, Norma Johnson, Sean Keast, Clint Falcon - dedicated to Mike Russell, Jenifer Maksin - In Honor of Vicki Sanderson, Ryan Carman - Male Malinois, very bad condition @ Houston TX shelter, Karen Ford - dedicated to Karen Burnett, Susan Goodhope - In memory of "Max", Katie Jarstad - In memory of our very special and sadly missed mal, Bogie, Melissa Delvecchio, Sam Gentsch - dedicated to Siobhan and Sam, Sam Gentsch - dedicated Siobhan
FriscoBoardingBill Munsell, Elizabeth Ramsey, Penny Clark, Uzi Daniel
SophieSophie's Medical CostsAnonymous Donations, Amber Marcelli, Michael Simon, George Reinhart in memory of Rebel and Zeus, Tina Jacobson dedicated to Belgian Malinois "Galaxy" loved by Mary Ann Bearden and Marilyn Clotz
4 Emaciated MalinoisSpirit, Ice, Brooke and Aiden's on going treatment for StarvationAnonymous Donations; Bonnie Craig, Jude Azaren, Beverly Enold, Nicole Higgins, Christine Dufresne, David Kampner, Paul Mount, Martha M Kendall (Scout), Andria Witmer (LAZER - my first Malinois and best friend), Mark Wyatt (Belgians Topaz, Striker, Wyatt, Jig, Blackie and Smoky), Gail McPherson (In memory of Qantaqa, my friend), Rebecca Pistel-Yarbro (On behalf of my Malinois, Clay), Laura Higdon (in memory of Astor the Malinois), Amber Hoopes (In Loving Memory of "Luna"), Glenda Morris (in memory of my niece Jaclyn), Marvin (In Honor of Lin Karrels from Renee), Patricia Schlenker (In honor of Cove Points Island Magic), Cecile Sharp (with Love from Buck and Peek-a-boo, your belgian buddies), Janet Steeger (On behalf on my rescue Mal, Java), Dianna Thompson (In memory of Boss, Paula Fairfield, Petra Wingate, Rebecca Tyler, Mike Bavister, Vicky Sanderson, Tracey Goetchius, Marion Erp, Denise Schryver, Laura Krause, Joanne Thielen, Sharyl Kammerzell, Alysia Van Scoy, Kathryn Madden, Bridget Norris, Debra Kraft, Nanette Bradley, Cynthia Schweitzer, Michael Simon (Siri, the rescued Malinois who once looked like this too - but is now a very happy 10 year old)
ValerieValerie's Amputation Surgery and recoveryAnonymous Donations, Shannon Applegate (In memory of Sadie), Danielle Arnt, Bonnie Craig, Wendy Geddings, Tracy Hinshaw, Melinda Hughes, Michele J Lubbers, David Kampner, Angela McCalla, Elizabeth Ramsey, Janice Ritter, Gerald Rousseau, Nancy Sanders, Michael Simon (On behalf of our rescued Malinois, Siri), Sharon Steele, Lisa VanVleet, Susan Young, Christine Walls, Jo Wantuck
Henna's Puppiesexpenses toward raising pupsAnonymous Donations, Gaynell Russell (Dedicated to Mike & Bridget Russell & Sable, Meghan, Tico, & Shylo), Lore Dobusch, Debra Willey,
Seniors: Apache and SadieVeternarian FeesJeff and Dar Hauser
Florida Rescue QuarantineNeeds of Malinois while QuarantinedDebra Willey (In Memory of ABMC rescue, Thunder (1994-2008))
DestraDestra's Amputation Surgery and recoveryAnonymous Donations; Marilyn D Richardson, In memory of my Mother, Marilyn Vi VanDerbeck; Bonnie Craig; Susan Spinhirne, In the hope that Kathy Champine's Ice is found; Mike Bavister; E. E. Burch; Cathy Almeida; Glenda Morris; Lynne Narez; Jean Fucci, my mother who is deceased who loved and encouraged my love of dogs; Leslie Sparrow; Mary Sharp, Bowser -Dog Sharp; Jo Wantuck; Tracy Hinshaw; William Halstead; Tonya Kraft; Karen Albright; Betty Ogan; Martha Kendall; Nancy Sanders; Marion Erp; Grace Yaksich, in honor of her daughter, Carol Aulick; Deborah Lein; Barb Manghelli; Linda Kerr; George Reinhart
BoomerBoomers ongoing treatment for StarvationPatricia Schlenker (In memory of Patches and Cody), Robert & Sonya Spencer, Debra Willey (In memory of Lila and in honor of ABMC Rescues Thunder and Dinah), Michael Simon (on behalf of Siri, our crazy, rescued Malinois), Karen Groh, M. Carrigan (on behalf of Karen Burnett), Martha Kendall, Kathy Merkle, Lisa Diehl, Sharon Steele, Lee Ann Doyle
BoomerBoomer & his RehabilitationSharon Steele,China Ferrera-Moran, Laura Landi, Lee Ann Doyle, Ellyn Cahill, Nancy Sanders, Jennifer Moddle, Jan Banks (placed collection jar), Ms. Roni Davis of Soapy Dogs (provided collection jar space), Jennifer Guth (Inspired by Boomer), Seanna Bolger, Robert Robinson (In Memory of our beloved Malinois/Great Dane Lucy. She gave 14 years, 7 months, and 7 days of joy), Claudia Kasen Dedicated to Sara Flynn-Kramer, Lee Ann Doyle
IndyCarol AulickIndy's veterinary expenses
BunnyBunny's Surgery/Hydro TreatmentNancy Sanders, William Halstead, Jo Wantuck, Elizabeth Ramsey, Kellee King, Michael Parker, Jeff Minuk, Lisa Diehl, Kathleen Cummings, Melody Abraham
BunnyBunny's Surgery/Hydro Treatment Beverly Enold, For PD
Laurissa Doonan, On Behalf of Jocko
Tim Zimmer, For Grace
Martha Kendall, For Sigrid
Marvin & Donna, For Renee (Our Rescue Girl) and Lexus (Our Malinois at the Bridge)
Elizabeth Woodman, in loving memory of Xeres du Gildas
Robert Spencer, K9 Conversation
The Charmed OnesThe Charmed Ones Mal PalsMartha Kendall, Kim Remmel, Terrence Schroepfer, Burt Wagner, Debra Willey, Lisa Diehl, Michelle Primack & Gena Norwood
Twelve Baltimore RescuesVolunteers helping us walk our dogs and have let us borrow their Kuranda Beds that are not occupied at the kennel. Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue
Twelve Baltimore RescuesDiscount for boardingKathy Homan - Happy Hound Hotel, Hanover, PA
Twelve Baltimore RescuesDiscount on services and quick responseAcademy Animal Hospital
Gus, Sunny & Bailey of the Baltimore RescuesAdditional Boarding ExpenseDeborah Harris; Christine Walker; Edward Engel & Angela McCalla, In Memory of Calais
Will of the Baltimore RescuesWill's Mal PalsGlenda Morris & Michael Parker
Baby Girl aka Nikki of the Baltimore RescuesBaby Girl's Mal Pals
Bailey of the Baltimore RescuesBailey's Mal PalsCarolyn Zimmer, Christine Walker, Terrence Schroepfer, Edward Engel, Paul Mount, Kelly Kaplan
Bobby of the Baltimore RescuesBobby's Mal PalChristine Walker
Cody of the Baltimore RescuesCody's Mal PalWillian Halsted
Flame of the Baltimore RescuesFlame's Mal PalChristine Walker
Gus of the Baltimore RescuesGus's Mal PalsRob Muise; Nancy Sanders; Michael Simon, Dedicated to Rocky, Koa & Gandalf; Robyn Wass & Jeannette Newlen, Dedicated to Little Ms. Usagi
Jodie of the Baltimore RescuesJodie's Mal PalsWendy Bruening & Jeannette Newlen, Dedicated to Little Ms. Usagi
Lucky of the Baltimore RescuesLucky's Mal PalsChet & Kelly Backus
Storm of the Baltimore RescuesStorm's Mal PalsSara & Ed Andersen
Sunny of the Baltimore RescuesSunny's Mal PalNina Amla
Thunder of the Baltimore RescuesThunder's Mal PalsValerie Lussier; Patricia Schlenker, Mary Beth Buda & Jeannette Newlen, Dedicated to Little Ms. Usagi
Twelve Baltimore RescuesDonated pill pockets and BiscuitsGreenies Company
Twelve Baltimore RescuesDonated Kuranda BedsBonnie Craig, Allison Gil, Andrea Rogers, Karen Johnson, Marsha Hines-Wahrburg, Jeannette Newlen, Dedicated to Little Ms. Usagi
Charlie's StoryCharlie's Heartworm TreatmentMichelle Primack, In honor of Hobbes-My Crazy Mal! Sharon Bray
Charlie's StoryCharlie's Heartworm TreatmentDarlene Simms, all the donators from the Burlington High School Pet Wellness Expo & all Racine and Kenosha area donors
ChloeShelter FeeEtowah Valley Humane Society
Rocky (Clyde) & RoosterTexas-Illinois TransportJillian & Norman McIntosh, Karisma Kigers Transportation
WaldoLegal ServicesClyde B. Albright, Attorney at Law
VA litter of SevenAssisted with early identification, evaluation, care and safekeepingMr. and Mrs. James Slaughter
TonkaShelter FeesKelli and Dave Wald
Lynne Swaringen's Foster MalinoisContinuing discount for Veternariary Health Care of FostersDrs. Scott Barnard & Jim Lofgren, Lake Brandt Veterinary Hospital & Housecalls
4 Pennsylvania Parvo Puppies50% off Standard Parvo Trtmt FeesGerald C. Campbell, VMD & Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital
Identified puppies, got them out of shelter; coordinated their care during Parvo treatment; coordinated getting last puppy (Oscar)Isabelle Wolf
fostered LiaDr. Rob Jung
Helped with transportTracy Stucke
Helped with Transport/Fostered Gus Tracey Conner
ZolaHealth Exam & HW testDr. Patti Prato & Four Paws Veterinary Clinic
MillieBoardingMr. Mike Pulford, K-9 Country
Rescue FostersHW Meds & CapstarKate Muravnick
SedonaExam Fee & Medical EquipRobin Holtsinger DVM
BubblesVet & Shelter feesSara Flynn-Kramer
LunaVet & Shelter feesLaura Van Tassel
ColeShipping to Foster HomeNancy Vida
CalizaBoardingMaria Moreno
SimonElbow SurgeryElizabeth Reynolds, Bobbie Arellano & Angela McCalla, Renee Clegg, Patricia Winter, Cheryl Lee, Lannon's Animal Hospital, Abfall Veterinary Clinic (The Plains, Ohio), Chet & Kelly Backus, Marian & Warren Lewis, Tracy Gibliant, Joe & Vickie Mediate, Lin Karrels, Laurette Wharton, Beverly Enold, Clare & Edward Ramsey, Beth & Darren Eggleston, Gillian Hatch Carlsen, Cliff Middlebrook in Memory of Bridget & Joshua Cease
Rodeo & ShilohBoardingMaria Moreno
Mal mom and 7 pups Alouette Puppy Owners
Mal mom and 7 pups Gillian D. Sanders
HomerHeartwormAnnette and Bob Andres
Andre, Boss, Captain and other RescuesDr. Anne Mitchell & N Elm Animal Hospital
Illinois RescuesDr. Dave Emmert & Prairie View Animal Hospital
Illinois RescuesMs. Maureen Barrett, A Dog's Life, Inc
Athena & puppies Sharon Burke
Athena & puppies Golden Retriever Rescue of Central New York, Inc
Athena & puppiesFinger Lakes Kennel Club
Greta Ronnie Bizer

Sponsor Angels

Benefactors ($1000+), Sustainers ($500+), Patrons ($250+), Friends($100+)

A * indicates multiple contributions.

Your donation, as a Sponsor, can be designated specifically for Rescue General Operations Fund, Dogs w/Special Needs Fund or Use Where Most Needed. Donations not marked for a specific use will be added into the Rescue General Operations Fund.

What your donations do for Rescue.

Anonymous Friend
Fundamentally Dog, Springfield, VA Friend - In Memory of Freddy, an FBI Malinois killed in the line of duty
Carol MeyersFriend - In memory of Ace
*Mark WyattFriend - In Honor of Topaz, Striker, Wyatt, Jig, Blackie and Smoky
Michael ChapmanFriend
Karen Frechette On Behalf Co-Workers SMC Mental HealthFriend
*Michael SimonFriend - On behalf of Siri, our rescued malinois
Mike HarperFriend
Bobby Bates & his adopted Mal Larry Friend
Leslie BellFriend
Kathleen ChampineFriend
Laurissa DoonanFriend - In honor of "Jocko's Incredible Journey"
Ryke and Susan EdwardsFriend
Lisa ElsnerFriend
* Beverly EnoldFriend
Ann FoleyFriend
Friends of Catherine ShieldsFriend - In Memory of Rave
Stephanie Golub-SimonFriend
Susan KendrickFriend
* Kent & Darcy KruegerFriend
Mr. and Mrs. Warren LewisFriend - In Memory of Prince
Joan MounteerFriend
Cheryl & Dave PapeckFriend
Mr. & Mrs. PerchakFriend
Christine StramielloFriend
Steven BernetPatron - In Honor of Adoption of SAM
Carol MeyersPatron - Kansas puppy (Katy's sister) that did not live
* Jo McNortonPatron
* Keith ArchibaldPatron
* Mark WyattPatron, In Honor of Belgians Topaz, Striker, Wyatt, Jig, Blackie and Smoky
* Dale PritchardPatron
* William HalsteadPatron
Rich FaganPatron
Larry MacLeanPatron
Teresa M. MeltzerPatron
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O' RourkePatron
* Mr. David Sherman & Ms. Laurie MillerPatron
Michael Stoneman Patron - In memory of Sandy Bakewell, our friend, and "Mother" of our three Malinois, Star, Sequin and Avi.
John StephensPatron
Tom BarnettSustainer - Dedicated to Mike Simon
Michael SimonSustainer - On behalf of Siri, our rescued Malinois
Thomas A. HouffSustainer - In memory of Sandy Bakewell
Carolyn MeyersSustainer - In Memory of the Kansas puppy (Katy's sister) that did not live
Angela McCallaSustainer - In Memory of Joy Beebe
Keith Bakewell Sustainer
Laurie Wallace - Animal Advocates of Howard County, MDSustainer
Four Seasons Belgian Shepherd Dog ClubSustainer
Angela McCallaSustainer - In Memory of Hester "Sandy" Bakewell
The Pedigree Adoption Drive FoundationBenefactor (Grant)
Carol, Frank, Lisa Knock & Barb Vitarelli Benefactor
* Marvin & DonnaBenefactor
Petco FoundationBenefactor
The AKC Humane Fund, Inc.Benefactor
Carol HodgesBenefactor
Bobby Arellano & Angela McCallaBenefactor
Chet and Kelly BackusBenefactor
Claudia KasenBenefactor - Boomer & Sara Flynn-Kramer
Arnold and Claire BundyBenefactor

Enterprise Angels

Enterprise Angels provide financial support through some aspect of their business venture. Each works closely with Rescue to develop a product or campaign specifically for the benefit of Malinois Rescue. Periodically, Malinois Rescue benefits from a pre-determined percentage or quota of the business, as pledged by, or arranged with, the business owner.

Beauty of the Beasts Rescue Shirt
Order a Rescue Shirt and 100% of the profit benefits Rescue. Place a regular order, mention ABMC Rescue and BOB will donate a percentage of their profit on your order to rescue.
K9 Conversation
Enter malrescue in the comments section of the order form for your purchase to benefit Malinois Rescue
Rugpal North
Christmas Ornament and ID Tag

What your donations do for Rescue.

Donations should be sent to (Please no Care Packages to this address):

ABMC Charitable Trust - Rescue Fund
c/o Jim Moses
21710 Cove Point Farm Road
Tilghman Island, MD 21671

Please remember to indicate which of the above catagories you want your donation used for.

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