Sweet, Petite Valerie Needs Her Leg Amputated

Can You Help with the Cost?

Valerie Undergoing Surgery June 29, 2009


We Met the Goal! Valerie's Surgical Expenses Are Now Covered!!!

Valerie's Angels

Anonymous Donations, Shannon Applegate (In memory of Sadie), Danielle Arnt, Bonnie Craig, Wendy Geddings, Tracy Hinshaw, Melinda Hughes, Michele J Lubbers, David Kampner, Angela McCalla, Elizabeth Ramsey, Janice Ritter, Gerald Rousseau, Nancy Sanders, Michael Simon (On behalf of our rescued Malinois, Siri), Sharon Steele, Lisa VanVleet, Susan Young, Christine Walls, Jo Wantuck

UPDATE 7-19-09: Obedience class day one!

Valerie did well....I may have over prepped by delaying dinner and using shredded rotisserie chicken as the reward. She apparently already knows sit and down and REALLY likes chicken.

She was friendly to severely rude puppies and happy to see them and was very calm and relaxed with all the new people and the store cat.

Apparently the class wore her out, she is sacked out on the carpet with the boys.

If I remember week 2 is the huge homework week...so I'll write more then, unless we have a training epiphany or train wreck while doing this weeks homework.

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Valerie Undergoing Surgery June 29, 2009

Valerie is a petite, sweet, dark Malinois that was found in a kill shelter with a compound, open fracture and less than 48 hours to a fate of euthanasia. One of our wonderful new volunteers drove across part of the state on Sunday to retrieve Valerie. Then this morning, they took her to the vet for evaluation of the leg. Sadly, a few moments ago, we got the news that her leg cannot be saved because it had been broken for at least a couple of weeks and is now badly infected. There is no choice but to amputate.

Valerie’s new foster dad has this to say about her: I can guarantee you from my half a day with Valerie, that she will be amazing even lacking a leg (and 25% less foot prints and tracking of dirt into the house should be a plus for her forever family). Keep in mind, my only exposure to Valerie so far has been when she had a bone sticking out of her inner leg....This dog grabs your heart the moment she smiles at you. She will sit nicely and accept affection and roll over to have her chest and belly scratched. She bolts into her crate when told to kennel and quickly presents her head for leash and collar removal. The solid, steady thumping sound of her tail fills the room when anyone walks by her crate, day or night.

She is a true gentle-dog and prefers the leash-holder to go in and out of doors first. She is happy to let you play with her food while she eats and will take an occasional break from nibbling to thank you for the dinner. Even at the vet office, she greeted everyone with wiggles, smiles and gentle kisses to outstretched hands.

She is simply, and quite astonishingly amazing. Please help this little lady become healthy and fulfill her new name. Valerie means to be healthy and strong. She holds the market on strong.....but she could use your help becoming healthy.

Valerie is undergoing amputation surgery as this page is being created! Usually we have time to consider all the options and ask for your help but this time there was no time. We were first notified of Valerie on Sat 6/27/09 and it was either commit or she would be euthanized. With transportation available, at least part-way, we sent out our plea for a foster home and everything slowly, if you are the coordinator trying to arrange everything, or quickly if measured in actual time, came together and by Sunday evening she was in her foster home.

We need your help to pay for the surgery for this delightful approximately 2 year old girl. Valerie will have a full, active life THANKS to multiple people stepping up to make it possible to get her where surgery could be done.

Now we need your help to pay for the estimated $1300 cost? To donate toward Valerie's surgery expense please visit GuideStar's secure server. And PLEASE indicate your donation is specifically for Valerie's surgery. Only by telling us what your donation is for can we keep our promise that it will be used for the purpose you intend.

Would you prefer to mail a check? (Please no Care Packages to this address)

ABMC Charitable Trust
Valerie's Surgery
c/o Jim Moses
21710 Cove Point Farm Road
Tilghman Island, MD 21671


Valerie - 10KB Valerie - 9KB
Valerie - 11KB Valerie - 9KB

Update: 6/30/09
Valerie - 11KB
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