Approximately Jan, 2008 - Aug 21, 2008

It is with heavy hearts we report that Xio passed away Friday night, Aug 21, 2008. Our thanks are extended to everyone for their efforts to help ensure Xio would return to the Happy Healthy Malinois she once was. It wasn't meant to be.
The ABMC Rescue Committee

Xio lost her fight for life last night and was mercifully allowed to go to rest forever by her heroic foster mom Lorelei. She rests peacefully now with no pain or discomfort. She left this earth knowing how much she was loved. She will be remembered for a long time. She fought long and hard but became too tired to continue on. Numerous volunteers helped her make her way from Florida on up to CT and back to SC where she was cared for until she died. Along the way she touched many people’s hearts including the veterinarians and their staffs in NC, CT, and SC. Her last transport was after she had been stricken suddenly ill, and was extremely scary with tireless volunteers moving her in her very weakened and deteriorating condition to Lorelei’s home. We were all so hopeful that this journey would end well, and that Xio’s biggest new problem would be chasing the chickens at Lorelei’s house! From the time she was rescued from the shelter, she was never alone, she was comforted, protected, and she was loved and held all the way to the Rainbow Bridge.
Sara Flynn-Kramer
Xio's Coordinator

Xio’s Story

Xio was pulled from a high kill shelter in Miami because she was such a sweetheart….the kind of girlie who would rest her head in your lap and close her eyes when you would pet her. A team of volunteers worked hard to get her all the way to CT where she arrived healthy as a little horse and happy as a little lark. She was running around like a nut and playing until August 7th at 10PM she started having severe seizures of unknown origin. Xio was transported to a wonderful vet’s office in CT where she was observed and cared for and every effort was made to determine a cause for the seizures. Realizing that she was going to need round the clock care, Lorelei in SC offered to foster her and a very dramatic and scary transport was undertaken to move Xio from CT to SC on August 16th and 17th. Her condition was guarded but we remained hopeful and were still looking for answers. Numerous tests were done to determine a cause, but Xio ran out of time before we were able to reverse the course of her mysterious illness. Donations for her treatment will be used to cover her expenses at the three veterinarian’s offices where she was treated and tests were run. Once again, we want to thank all of you that helped this darling little girl that touched all our hearts.

Xio Post Surgery - July 24 2008

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