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N Central Region:

Athena, female - OH
Bix, male - WI
* Echo, female - MI
GiGi, female - MI
* Havoc, male - MI
Lilly, female - CO
Lucy, female - WI
* Molly, female - IL
* Red, male - MI
Taron - Adopted!!!

S Central Region:

* Abby, female - TX
Aleta - Adopted!!!
Chance, male - KS
Duke, male - TX
Hawkeye - Adopted!!!
Jackson - Adopted!!!
Jake - Adopted!!!
* Kyra, female - TX
Mia, female - KS
Striker, male - TX

Northeast Region:

Jersey, female - NJ
Keeyo, male - VA
** Layla, female - PA
* Molly, female - MA
Tracker, male - PA

Southeast Region:

Audie - Adopted!!!
Amara, female - GA
Belle - Adopted!!!
Hexa, male - TN
Karen, female - FL
Link, male - GA
Lobi - Adopted!!!
* Mika, male - GA
Tia - Adopted!!!
Trina, female - FL

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Jett, female - CO

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Alternate Listings: A-M
Updated: July 18th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: Jun 20th

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Dog First Aid , this first aid guide is 4 x 6, pocket -sized and spiral bound for easy use.

In Dog Tricks world-class trainers offer more than 80 challenging and unusual activities to teach your dog, including simple tricks that even the most stubborn pets can be taught to perform.

"Easy Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats" , by C. J. Puotinen

"Anti-Aging for Dogs" by John Simon, Steve Duno
Pets; Dogs - Care/Health; Dogs - General

"Apologizing to Dogs" by Joe Coomer

"Arthritis (Essential Guide to Natural Pet Care)" by Joan Hustace Walker, Dogs; Diseases; Alternative treatment; Pets; Arthritis in animals

A reader from California , February 9, 1999
It saved my dog's life!

"The Well Adjusted Dog" , is a wonderful book that taught me how to fix my dog with a few easy movements. My dog now can walk again and never goes on the floor! Thank-you DR. Kamen!

A Dog of Flanders ,
(Dover Children's Thrift Classics)
by Ouida

Crate-Den Training : A Safe & Private Space for Your Dog , by September B. Morn

Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Dog and Cat , by Rick L. Cowell (Editor), Ronald D. Tyler (Editor), James H. Meinkoth

Girl on a Leash , The book is a compelling account of a Chinese girl's journey from dysfunction to wholeness with the help of dogs. It illustrates striking human-animal interactions in multicultural settings.

I read * Lads Before the Wind , * through the first time like a novel, glued to every word. The second time, I underlined it and wrote in the margins. Now I refer to it all the time, dipping in and out.

Frisbee Dogs , If youre serious about raising and training a Frisbee dog, and becoming a skilled thrower as well, this book is a must.

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats , this practical and entertaining guide, the top veterinarians and animal experts in the country offer more than 1,000 effective tips for treating common pet problems, such as: allergies, bad breath, ear mites, fleas, itchy skin, paw problems, teething pain, weepy eyes, and wounds.

Choosing & Caring for a Shelter Dog : A Complete Guide to Help You Rescue & Rehome a Dog , USED BY OVER 350 SHELTERS AND RESCUE GROUPS !!!! If your looking for a canine companion - read this book.

Enjoying Dog Agility : From Backyard to Competition , the new Obedience sport that's sweeping the country agility training offers a challenge to you and your dog that keeps both of you interested entertained and coming back for more.

Born to Win : Breed to Succeed , the most comprehensive dog book of our time. Who but Pat Craige winner of ten Hound Groups at the Westminster Show could write the definitive dog book that explores every facet of breeding and exhibiting top winning pure bred dogs.

A-Z of Dog Diseases & Health Problems : Signs, Diagnoses, Causes, Treatment ,

Housebreak Any Dog : The Permanent Three-Step Method , housebreaking is the most common training problem faced by dog owners, yet it can be mastered with patience, firmness, and the invaluable techniques found in this book.

The International Encyclopedia of Dogs , in a true encyclopedic format, the dog breeds of the world are represented in words and over 300 color photos.

Dogs : Homoeopathic Remedies ,

Flyball Racing, The Dog Sport for Everyone , Flyball, a ball catching race for dogs, has tremendous spectator appeal. Special features of the book include construction plans for all jumps as well as the Flyball box, the F.A.T. (Flyball Aptitude Test), and training methods based on positive reinforcement.

How To Photograph Dogs , Pets are the subject of approximately 40 percent of all photograph. With the help of this book, the amateur (and professional) can learn to take beautiful, calendar quality photographs of their dog.

The Merck Veterinary Manual (8th Ed) , The vet student's bible. There's a reason my friends and I refer to this as the vet bible; it has an incredible amount of information stated concisely in an easy-to-find format. HIGHLY recommended.

Canine Orthopedics , Damaged bones, along with soft tissue injury and strictures, can cause wear and tear on joints. This can lead to lameness, discomfort, pain, impaired function and irritability. Although we may not think of it or realize it, that sweet, loving companion can turn into an irritable grouch if even the simplest orthopedic problems exist. Canine Orthopedics will give all dog owners enhanced insight to use for themselves and communicate more effectively with the veterinarian.

Control of Canine Genetic Diseases , by George A. Padgett, George Padget

The issue of genetic diseases in dogs is a matter of major concern for every dog breeder. How to understand the mechanics of inheritance, how to deal with percentages, predictability of outcome and how to breed away from such scourges as canine hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and other debilitating conditions are all covered.

Kennels and Kenneling : A Guide for Professionals and Hobbyists , This book may be everything you need to get started!

Agility Training - The Fun Sport for All Dogs , This is a great book for starting out in agility!!!!

Homeopathic Medicine for Dogs : A Handbook for Vets and Pet Owners ,
by Hans Gunter Wolff

Dog Tricks - Step by Step , Written by the trainer of former presidential dog Millie, Dog Tricks provides a built-in success formula by allowing dog owners to teach the tricks which they feel are best suited to their dogs. Full-color artwork complements the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

All About Agility , Agility has so exploded in popularity that the scene has gotten big and confusing. This book will sort it all out, with a friendly, chatty overview of Agility in all its incarnations.

Canine Good Citizen , This book should be issued with your dog license. I am a dog nut, a diehard fan of Job Michael Evans and Mryna Milani, owner of more dog books than I can lift at one time.

The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog , It's THE book to have, Naturally! This book deserves more than just 5 stars. Besides complete instructions to formulating a natural diet for any kind of dog, incuding puppies and sick pets, Volhard and Brown explain the details of alternative veterinary care options.

Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats ,
Very effective and practical self-help treatments

James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories , For the first time, the favorite dog stories of the world's most beloved vet are collected in one lavishly illustrated volume.

Just What the Doctor Ordered : A Complete Guide to Drugs and Medications for Your Dog , by Race Foster

The Consumer's Guide to Dog Food , For anyone who's wondered what the differences are in the huge variety of dog foods out there, and what's best for the dog, this book tells them. With new products hitting the shelves every day, the dog food industry is booming. This book demystifies canine nutrition and compares the ingredients in leading brands in clear, simple, objective language

Guide to Owning an Aging Dog , by Yvonne Kejcz

Animal Appetite , Dog's Life columnist Holly Winter, challenged to write about human behavior, sinks her teeth--and those of her beloved Alaskan malamutes, Rowdy and Kimi--into two mysteries. Eighteen years ago publisher Jack Andrews succumbed to poison in his coffee, leaving two suicide notes--and his golden retriever chained to the desk.

The Art of Raising a Puppy , The monks of New Skete have been breeding and training dogs at their New York monastery for more than 20 years. Their philosophy of raising dogs accentuates the essential human-canine bond, whereby owners must learn to understand a dog's instincts, needs, and behavior.

Natural Health Care for Your Dog , Dog owners are told what they need to know about canine physiology, including symptoms, treatments, first-aid, medications, ticks, fleas, other parasites, diet and nutrition and much more.

Black Ribbon , Dog expert Holly Winter and her champion malamute, Rowdy, spend a week at Waggin' Tail Camp in Maine, where a dog owner turns up dead in a freak accident and Rowdy sets out to sniff out the guilty party.

So Your Dog's Not Lassie , Outlining the eight traits that put dogs in the hard-to-train category, this book provides specific techniques for overcoming them. Owners learn to motivate pets by using body language, food, and specially adapted training styles.

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats , A classic natural pet-care book from two celebrated veterinary specialists in chemical-free nutrition, treatment, and natural healing for pets. offers valuable natural and holistic advice on a host of pet topics, including, but not limited to, diet, exercise, environment, coping with a pet's death, and how to care for a sick animal.

The Barker Street Regulars , Rowdy now accompanies Holly on weekly visits to the Gateway Nursing Home, where they meet Althea Battlefield and her two elderly, admiring cohorts, Hugh and Robert, all fanatic devotees of the Master (as they call Sherlock Holmes). When Althea's grandnephew is murdered everyone is horrified, but it's the plight of Ceci herself, who is being victimized by an unscrupulous animal psychic, that finally unites this unlikely group in a crime-stopping spree.

Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right , takes a unique no-force training approach, shows how happy dogs learn faster and have fewer problems when training sessions feel like playtime. Fifteen exercises demonstrate how dogs learn and reveal how to change a dog's behavior, while stories, facts, and step-by-step instructions make this book easy to understand.

Housebreaking & Training Puppies: A Complete and Up-To-Date Guide , by J. R. Gardner

Evil Breeding , When dog writer Holly Winter receives her first book contract, her research leads to some surprising, and deadly, discoveries.

The Well Dog Book , Written by the same experienced veterinarian responsible for the popular, The Well Cat Book, this reference gives dog owners the skill, confidence, and knowledge they need to raise a healthy pet. Special sections on emergency first aid, breeding and pregnancy, care of puppies are included.

Advanced Schutzhund , Well written this book helps to explain a very complex subject. Ivan's methods are humane and help develope the dog's natural abilities based on the dog's drives. This book is in the same catagory as Helmut Raiser's "Der Schutzhund (translated by Armin Winkler), Gottfried Dildei and Sheila Booth's "Schutzhund Obedience" and Sheila Booth's "Purely Positive Obedience". All three of these books are outstanding and should be a part of every Schutzhund trainer's library.

Schutzhund : Theory and Training Methods , by Susan Barwig, Stewart Hilliard (Contributor), While different training directors espouse different methods for schooling dogs in Schutzhund, Barwig and Hilliard consistently advocate time-honored methods in all three Schutzhund disciplines (tracking, obedience, protection) that are neither too trendy nor too harsh.

Allergic Skin Diseases of Dogs and Cats

Don't Shoot the Dog , clearly explains the underlying principles of behavioral training and through numerous fascinating examples reveals how this art can be applied to virtually any common situation. And best of all, she tells how to do it without yelling threats, force, punishment, guilt trips--or shooting the dog. 8 methods for putting an end to all kinds of undesirable behavior. The 10 laws of "shaping" behavior--for results without strain or pain through "affection training."

Child-Proofing Your Dog , Master dog trainer and author of Good Owners, Great Dogs Brian Kilcommons shows readers how to encourage children and dogs to be perfect companions,

The Body Language and Emotion of Dogs , By mistaking territoriality for spite, dominant behavior for love, and making other false interpretations, owners often respond inappropriately to their dog's behavior. This book combines fact, practical experience, sensitivity and tolerance to help owners build better relationships with their dogs.

The Pill Book : Guide to Medication for Your Dog and Cat , by Kate A. W. Roby, Lenny Southam, how much do you know about keeping your dog or cat healthy? Did you know that the same aspirin that can safely relieve a dog's fever can be fatal to a cat? What conditions may respond better to alternative therapies than standard prescription medications? Under what circumstances can common over-the-counter medications be hazardous to your pet's health?

James Herriot's Dog Stories , Many of James Herriot's best-loved tales are of man's best friends. Here is the complete collection of his stories about dogs and puppies, hounds and mutts.

Earl Mindell's Nutrition and Health for Dogs , dogs require exercise and proper nutrition to keep them in top physical form. While most of us are pretty good at giving our pets plenty of exercise, we don't have the slightest idea what constitutes good nutrition for dogs. Nutrition and Health for Dogs is the perfect antidote, providing everything responsible dog owners need to know about their dogs' nutritional needs.

The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat , Now available in paperback, this is the fifth edition of Levy's handbook for herbal veterinary care.

How to Massage Your Dog , In this gift book, Buckle combines her expertise in alternative medicine and her sense of humor to create a practical comical approach to New Age petting.

The Country Vet's Home Remedies for Dogs , Including information on picking a pet, choosing a vet, when to call the vet, plus homespun advice and do-it-yourself treatments for your pet, this guide.

How to Get Your Dog to Do What You Want , the host of nationally syndicated radio program The Pet Show discusses, in a step-by-step manner, how to communicate with your dog, hassle-free housebreaking, travelling with a dog, and peaceful, effective discipline.

How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend , the Monks of New Skete share their invaluable training techniques and philosophy in their bestselling book.

What Your Dog is Trying to Tell You , This helpful guide helps dog owners discern from their dog's behavior just exactly what the problem might be.

First Aid for Dogs , From cleansing a wound to making a splint, from Elizabethan collars and frostbite to premature birthing and broken bones, all the information dog owners need to take care of canine emergencies is included in this clearly written guide.

Skin and Coat Care for Your Dog

Four Paws, Five Directions , For the growing number of animal lovers seeking an alternative to Western medicine, this comprehensive approach to home animal care includes descriptions of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments, with special emphasis placed on clear, uncomplicated approaches to acupressure and diet that readers can do themselves at home.

Encyclopedia of the Dog , Contains the history of dogs; a photographic guide to more than four hundred breeds.

Caninestein - Unleashing the Genius in Your Dog , Seven out of ten Americans think of their pets as children, and they spend more than $680 million a year on their "babies, " buying gourmet food, health insurance, and even daycare. Caninestein is for these doting parents who want to make sure that their beloved pooch leads the pack when it comes to intelligence.

Knitting with Dog Hair , Already featured on Rush Limbaugh radio, in People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and in hundreds of newspapers, this "fur-rocious" book provides the ultimate guide to "putting on the dog".

Dogs & Puppies in Cross Stitch , by Lynne Porter

Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs , by Geoffrey Llewellyn

Emergency Care for Cats and Dogs : First Aid for Your Pet , by Craton R. Burkholder

UC Davis Book of Dogs : The Complete Medical Reference Guide for Dogs and Puppies , by School of Veterinary Medicine Staff, the editor of The Cornell Book of Cats teams up with the faculty of a distinguished school of veterinary medicine to provide this authoritative guide for dog owners, breeders, and trainers.

"Call of the Wild (Scribner Classics)" by Jack London, Wendell Minor

"Bach Flower Remedies for Animals" , by Judy Howard, Stefan Ball

Vet on Call : The Best Home Remedies for Keeping Your Dog Healthy (Dog Care Companions)

"The Dog Whisperer : A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training" , by Paul Owens, Norma Eckroate

"Dogspeak : How to Learn It, Speak It, Use It to Develop a Happy, Healthy, Well-Behaved Dog" , by Bashkim Dibra, Mary Ann Crenshaw, Bash Dibra

"Epilepsy (The Essential Guide to Natural Pet Care)"

"Good Owners Great Dogs" , by Brian Kilcommons, Sarah Wilson

"Hip Dysplasia (The Essential Guide to Natural Pet Care)" , by Joan Hustace Walker

"I Love My Dog, But... : Ultimateguide to Managing Your Dog's Misbehavior" , by Joy Tiz

"Island Dog" , by Rebecca Goodale

"Love of Dogs" , by Todd R. Berger

"Paws to Consider : Choosing the Right Dog for You and Your Family" , by Brian Kilcommons, Sarah Wilson

"What Dogs Teach Us : Life's Lessons Learned from Our Best Friends" , by Glenn Dromgoole, Glen Dromgoole

"Canine Parables: Portraits of God and Life" , by Paulette Zubel

"A Complete History of Fighting Dogs" , by Mike Hoban

"Dog Breeds of the World (Illustrated Encyclopedias)" , by Peter, Dr Larkin, Micke Stockman, Dr. Mike Stockman, Dr. Peter Larkin

"Dogs : A Portrait of the Animal World (Portraits of the Animal World)" , by Marcus H. Schneck

"Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs" , by Donald Hamilton

"Canine Nutrition" , by Lowell J. Ackerman

"For the Life of Your Dog : A Complete Guide to Having a Dog in Your Life, from Adoption and Birth Through Sickness and Health" , by Greg Louganis, Betsy Sikora Siino

"The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog" , by Eugene O'Neill, Adrienne Yorkins, Neill, Eugene O, adrienne Yorinks

"Lend Me an Ear : The Temperament, Selection, and Training of the Hearing Dog" , by Martha Hoffman, Mark Anderson

"Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats : The Ultimate Pet Diet" , by Kymythy R. Schultze

"Wild Discovery Guide to Your Dog : Understanding and Caring for the Wolf Within" , by Discovery Channel, Margaret Lewis, Elizabeth Marshall

"Chicken Soup for the Cat-And-Dog Lover's Soul : Celebrating Pets As Family With Stories About Cats, Dogs and Other Critters (Chicken Soup for the soul" , by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Marty Becker, carol Kline, Page Lambert

"Color Atlas of Cytology of the Dog and Cat" , by Rebecca Baker, John H. Lumsden

"Honest Dogs : A Story of Triumph and Regret from the World's Greatest Sled Dog Race" , by Brian Patrick O'Donoghue

"New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats : Over 1,000 At-Home Remedies for Your Pet's Problems" , by Amy D. Shojai

"The New Dog Handbook" , by Dan Rice

"Saunders Manual of Small Animal Practice" , by Stephen J. Birchard, Robert G. Sherding

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