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Cindy Garcia, Coordinator

About Tasha - FL

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: 350.00
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
  • Current Size: 50 Pounds
  • Current Age: 6 Years 2 Months (best estimate)
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Fence Required: Yes(6 foot)
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
  • Owner Experience Needed: Breed
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

Located in Naples, FL

Tasha is a nice girl, and we hope to learn more about her once she gets to foster. She arrived at ABMR on 12/14/2020.

Update from foster Jan. 3, 2021:

Tasha's been with me for just about 2 weeks now.  She's come a long way already, but still has a ways to go too.  She spent the first 1-3 days just decompressing - sleeping an impressive amount.  Some things that we've learned over the last two weeks...
*She has shown some pretty typical Mal behaviors.  In general, she's an anxious girl... but then she's more than happy to lounge in the house (as long as you are), was non-reactive to fireworks (while we were in the house), has been indifferent to strange/loud noises, and completely ignored any smells or noises from other animals (more details below).  She clacks when she's excited (which is mostly just on some walks outside, since otherwise she's pretty reserved).  She loves rolling in the grass... and then sliding on her belly, while clacking.  While she is anxious in new situations, she settles pretty quickly and easily, as long as you do.  (She's come to work with me, the vet, and house sitting and while she's initially nervous, she'll settle down as soon as I stop moving around).
*She snores, like it's a competition.  I can hear her from a different room, behind closed doors.  At least it does help to confidently know that she's sleeping, and not getting into any trouble (since silence usually means something naughty is going on).  She doesn't just snore when she's sleeping soundly at night.  She also snores while in my office at work, and even while at the vet's.
*She doesn't like the car, but she's getting better.  She's very ungraceful climbing into the car - like she doesn't know where to put her back feet and instead relies on pulling herself up (I have a small four door sedan, so we're not talking about a huge step up here)... but even this has improved in just the two weeks.  The first few trips, she had to be picked up and put in the car, now she'll willingly climb in with little encouragement.  When I first picked her up, she refused to lay down for the entire 1.5hr drive home - instead just pacing, panting, and digging through the blankets that were made into a comfy bed for her.  She still gets anxious, but she will actually lay down now, it still takes a bit though.  Instead, she prefers to watch where we're going from between the two front seats and drool down the back of my arm.  She'll still dig through blankets or towels that are put there for her too.
*She's kind of housebroken.  She doesn't like to have accidents in the house/crate (and these have been rare), but she also doesn't like to potty in any consistent time, place, or situation either.  She rarely goes on a 'quick potty walk' - like those when you first get home, or before you're getting ready to leave.  I've also taken her on 5 mile walks when she didn't potty too; but then we've gone on 5 mile walks when she goes 5 times.  I honestly can't figure out her preference... I'm not sure she really knows yet either.  
*She doesn't like to be crated, but does well overnight (when she's tired).  She'll easily sleep through the night, in or out of a crate, with little fuss.  She doesn't like being crated, or left alone, for long(ish) periods of time during the day; I had to level up on her crate, since she figured out how to escape from the 'normal' wire type crates.  That being said, she'll hang around you quietly, literally all day long (snoring most of the time), if you're just near her.  She's not a velcro dog (not yet at least), but she likes to be in someone's general vicinity... and she's not picky about who that person is, just someone.  She won't touch toys, chews, treats, food, or anything else when she's crated.
*It took just over a week and a half for her to finally chew one of the hundred different ones that I bought her; she decided she likes trachea chews.  But she still only likes these if someone is around (she won't eat it if she's alone), preferably when someone is just sitting (more on that below).  She will take treats, sometimes, and only specific ones; if she's nervous, anxious, or distracted, she has 0 food drive.  (All this being said, she eats her meals just fine - while someone is around, preferably relaxing; she does like canned food - she eats her meds/pills like a dream with just some canned food).  We still haven't found a toy that she'll even acknowledge exists... but I'm hoping this will come as she continues to get more comfortable.  
*She's timid, but friendly and accepting of strangers - male or female.  She is always timid and anxious, but overall she's done great in all new situations/with new people - on walks, in new places, coming to work, at the vet, etc.  She'll try to dodge if she can, but she has not offered any type of snap or defensive reaction.  (I don't have kids and really don't interact with any, so no experience there, other than passing them in parks/on walks, and she doesn't react any differently to them as she does to adults).
*She does really really well in the house, when someone is home.  Day or night, she is honestly happy just hanging out... as long as you're lounging.  She's anxious when you're up and moving... if you're in the kitchen making food, she's pacing circles around you  (panting).  But as soon as you're sitting down, relaxing, laying down, watching tv, etc. she's more than happy to find a spot in the corner and take a nap (and will promptly start snoring).  She doesn't need to be on top of you (she actually hasn't made any effort to come up on the furniture), but just likes to be 'in your presence'.  
*She's great on the leash, like impressively great - 90% of the time.  She'll walk on a loose leash for a good amount of time.  However, she has occasional 'panic' moments and will try to back out of a leash/collar; because of this, we're always wearing two when we're anywhere without 100% confinement.  These moments are brief and she snaps out of them very quickly, but for that brief moment, she is honestly trying to get out of the situation - they are usually if someone or something is coming towards her or if she doesn't want to do/enter something (like the car, a new place/building/entrance), but as long as she can't slip out of the collar, and with a brief pause, she quickly composes herself and moves forward.  These moments can sneak up on you (or her), because she'll happily walk past bikes, groups of people, strollers, rollerblades/skateboarders, on a loose leash and without a flick of her ear.  She is uncomfortable getting the least put on - she gets nervous if you just lean down to clip on her leash - but she's fine once it's on.  She's also very ungraceful for the first step or two with it on - if it's coming out of somewhere/something (like if you're letting her out of the crate, or out of a confined area, or out of the car; she'll try to ungracefully scramble past you, but once we're past that 'first-step-is-a-doozy' moment, she's fine again.  We're working on this, but it's still her initial reaction.
*She doesn't seem to know any commands (she blatantly ignores sit), at least none that we've figured out yet, but she's also really not food or toy motivated.  Since it's only been two weeks, and we're mostly working on decompressing and just 'figuring things out', I really haven't been focused on 'training', but we have been consistently using certain commands for routine tasks (crating, getting in the car, etc.).
*She's been around my cats several times now (briefly and supervised) - she'll go nose to nose, but will back away when my big boy hisses.  With proper training, introductions, and supervision, she should be able to live with cats - she is curious and interested (low/level tail wag), and respectful (backs up/down and responds to commands).  She may chase a flighty cat, but I'm not sure she'd have any idea what to do with it if she actually caught up to it.  If they're not practically nose to nose, she is completely oblivious - she made absolutely no displays of even remote interest in my cats (who were separated by a single door in different rooms/areas of the house, and make quite a bit of noise), until they were literally in her face... and even the first time, she really just whined to get past my cat to come inside.  With confidence, maybe she'll be a little more difficult, but as she is now, I think she'd do well with someone who will work with her.
*She's been similar with dogs as well - we've done very brief interactions and she does similar to how she's done with cats.  She's respectful of the handler and quickly disengages and will walk past them.  (I'm hoping to have a more interactive play date with well balanced dogs - sometime this week to get a little more information).  She can easily be in a home with other dogs separated by a gate, single door, etc.  On walks, she's not reactive at all, but can get very nervous if a dog is coming towards her and she's not 'prepared' for it.  One of the worst panic moments she had was a larger dog that was walking in our general direction - not particularly close, and they really weren't misbehaving or making any noise, and she just had a panic moment... but then we passed about 15 more dogs on that same 5 mile walk, some in very close proximity, big and small, and she handled it extremely well if I quietly distracted her with some pets and we stepped to the side.  I should have a better idea of how she does with more dog interaction within the next week or so, but she definitely isn't outwardly aggressive or reactive.
*She has shown a very small amount of prey drive that is (so far) quickly overridden by fear.  She's been exposed to horses (on leash only, with a fence in between); she seems excited for about 3 seconds, until she realizes how big they are and if they look at her - then she's scared.  I think she would be easily workable, but also do think that she would attempt to chase them if she could... but then she'd probably run away.  Caution, slow introductions, and proper barn etiquette would be a must for her.  
*She was being walked around the side of the barn and, unknowing to her, past the chicken coop - one of the chickens panicked and started flapping their wings before she even knew they were there... and I thought she was going to have a heart attack.  She had no desire to check out what they were, she just wanted them to stop flapping and making noise.  
*Overall, I think she has a ton of potential to be a solid family dog.  I know she'd prefer someone that is home more than not (or she would like to go with you), but that's not always realistic.  She definitely needs some training (routine and confidence building), but I don't think she if going to be quite the project that many other (younger) mals typically are.  I do think that more behaviors, potentially some negative ones, will come out as she continues to gain more confidence and get comfortable with someone and her home, but I haven't seen anything truly concerning or that I believe (at this point) needs true behavior modification.  I think she'll be easy for anyone with Mal experience, and I think she'd even potentially be a good starter Mal for someone that has similar breed experience (GSD, herding breeds, etc. - at least ones that may have displayed similar anxiety type behaviors).

Tasha was picked up as a stray, and upon further examination by a vet, two tumors were noticed. Both masses were removed during spay surgery today, so we are waiting on pathology results.

Vet estimates her age to be 6, but of course she could be much younger.

Apply to adopt here:     https://malinoisrescue.rescuegroups.org/forms/form?formid=5725

For more information contact Cindy Garcia at MalRescueMiami@yahoo.com

More about Tasha - FL

Does Good in the Car, Requires a yard, Leashtrained, Cratetrained, Affectionate

ABMR thanks you for taking the time to look at our malinois available for adoption. 

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