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In Pennsylvania...Meet Clara! In the right home, this girl has the potential to be someones once-in-a -lifetime heart dog! She is a 3.5-yr old spayed female, ready for adoption! Clara was originally found as a stray and had puppies while at the dog pound. Some other Rescue group came and took the puppies but left poor Clara behind. She was pulled by ABMR and placed in a foster home. Clara has been working hard and has learned a lot of new skills and manners. She has a ton of personality and is quite confident in expressing her strong will and spirit-- she will need an experienced handler to bring out her best! Clara is not super high energy, but she is super intense and needs firm, and fair boundaries or she will take over! She targets well, and with training, will focus on her handler well and has obedience training. Clara has not shown any aggression towards people and she loves everyone and will bond to her person with the same intensity as she approaches everything in life. She is very affectionate! This is a Malinois that puts everything she has into everything she does and makes you want to be a part of it all! She loves to play ball and go for walks, but can be reactive towards other dogs while on a leash. Clara is dog aggressive and cannot be around other dogs--with fair corrections and redirection, she can stay calm and focused, but is very hypervigalant around other other dogs and animals. She is house broken and crate trained, but does not like to be crated when someone is home--and she will remind you of this!!!. She has not been destructive in her crate or home. Clara has a lot of prey drive, so no cats or small dogs. Clara will not be placed with children under 6 or 7 yrs This is a nice dog, who needs an experienced handler, but will reward you with years of dedicated companionship. Clara is currently located in Pennsylvania, but reasonable assistance with transportation is provided. For more information about Clara, please contact: Dana Clara's Adoption Application 

For more information about Clara, please contact: Dana

Clara's Adoption Application 

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