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Animal Success Stories
Gabby's amazing improvement
Gabby when she first came into rescue. Gabby now, a happy healthy girl
Gabby - before Gabby - now, a happy healthy girl

Gabby first came into rescue as a sickly little puppy. She was located in CO but our adoptive home (Scott and Naila) was located in another state. The new owner was willing to fly into CO to pick up Gabby and since she was so small she got to ride in the cabin. Fast forward a few years and Gabby is now a strikingly beautiful, athletic girl in a happy, loving home. 



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Duke - NY

Duke, where does one start with this amazing dog.  In early 2019 we received a call regarding Duke and them needing to find him a home with an experienced handler.  We had seen his profile and were very interested in him however was reluctant due to his issues with men. There was even discussion of him being destroyed if the right home could not be found.  After some thought we decided that we would move forward with fostering him.  From the moment he arrived he settled right in almost as if he knew this was his last stop.  The road has not always been easy- he had severe issues with men and strangers however after lengthy training and exposure we have worked through a lot of his issues.  In time we were able to integrate him into canine sports and now he travels all throughout the country to compete. Duke competes in Fastcat, Barnhunt and Dockdiving.  He is one of the best and most intense sports dogs of our pack.  But more importantly he is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever owned.  Duke was a diamond in the rough and we could not be more grateful to ABMR for selecting us to be his forever family!

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