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Animal Success Stories
Gabby's amazing improvement
Gabby when she first came into rescue. Gabby now, a happy healthy girl
Gabby - before Gabby - now, a happy healthy girl

Gabby first came into rescue as a sickly little puppy. She was located in CO but our adoptive home (Scott and Naila) was located in another state. The new owner was willing to fly into CO to pick up Gabby and since she was so small she got to ride in the cabin. Fast forward a few years and Gabby is now a strikingly beautiful, athletic girl in a happy, loving home. 



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Prince - NC

Prince was our first foster fail and came into our home in the Fall of 2018.  He slowly transitioned into our pack and became a crowd favorite amongst family and friends.  He is the sweetest bog boy you could possibly meet.  Like the rest of our dogs he competes in Fastcat and Dockdiving.  No interest in Barnhunt- he only likes the tunnels and no rats!  In 2021, Prince exceled in his favorite Dockdiving discipline Extreme Vertical.  He competed at Worlds and earned 3rd place in Teir 2 Finals.  He by far is the sweetest boy who when not competing enjoys cuddles on the couch or playing fetch with his favorite human cousin, Lexi.

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