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A Senior Malinois's Story

How DID Chips End up in Malinois Rescue?

"Chips" A Perfect Gentleman

On November 15, 2012, New York City Animal Care and Control Officers picked up an elderly, medium-sized, red dog along the Belt Parkway in the borough of Queens. The Belt Parkway is a busy roadway, and a very dangerous place for a dog. The dog was brought to the nearby Brooklyn Animal Care Center (BACC). Nobody claimed him within the 72 hour mandatory hold period, and he was subsequently at the mercy of a shelter where kennel cough is rampant, and dogs are put to sleep for contracting what is essentially a cold. Although he was safe from the perils of the street, this graying senior was now in grave danger. Emaciated, flea infested, elderly, dirty, shaky, exhausted, and withdrawn, "Chips" was not a likely candidate for adoption. According to shelter volunteers, Chips ate only intermittently and often vomited his food. He walked with a limp, and his rear legs were unsteady. In poor health to begin with, Chips was rapidly deteriorating.

Due to his condition, Chips was placed on the shelter's New Hope list. Dogs on the New Hope list cannot be adopted by the general public due to poor health or temperament. They can only be pulled from the shelter by an authorized rescue organization. If not pulled by a rescue, they are euthanized.

Chips was scheduled to be euthanized on November 21st, the day before Thanksgiving.

ABMCR found out about Chips, and rallied to rescue him. Proving that it often "takes a village," to coordinate the rescue of a dog in dire need, one person volunteered to pick up Chips and deliver him within a 2 hour drive of the shelter. Another person several states away volunteered to take him as a long term foster. And finally, one person within a 2 hour drive volunteered to take him as a short term foster. Despite the upcoming holiday, many ABMCR supporters were focused on Chips, and the plan to save him was now in place!

However, the plan came together in the early morning hours of the 21st, and nobody knew if Chips was still alive. BACC starts euthanizing dogs at 6 a.m., and it was possible that Chips was dead. Within a few tense hours, it was confirmed that Chips was still alive. He would soon be headed to Connecticut to begin his journey to his new life.

Only when Chips arrived in Connecticut did ABMCR realize the extent of his poor health. He was a 1 (the lowest rating) on the Canine Body Score Scale, and his skin on his belly and inner thighs was crusted with flea dirt. This, along with the thousands of dead fleas found in his fur, was evidence of extreme neglect. A stool analysis revealed extensive parasite infestation, and he had kennel cough.

Despite his health issues, Chips is rebounding quickly in his foster home. He was initially fed small meals to avoid the complications of re-feeding syndrome (a problem that plagues starved dogs when fed their first meals following starvation), and quickly regained his appetite. He sleeps a lot (and oh how he loves his new dog bed!), but gets stronger with each walk in the fresh, country air. Through the first week of his stay, it became apparent what a complete gentleman this old soul is. Polite, calm, undemanding, and respectful without being afraid or meek, Chips is a gem. Initially stand-offish, it took a few days for Chips to realize he could nudge human hands to solicit one of his favorite things a scratch behind the ears. Chips' eyes light up when he sees children, and he is very gentle with them. As Chips' health improves, his energy level increases. Estimated to be 12 years of age, Chips loves to go for walks (and is good on a leash), but also loves to snuggle with you or in his bed. This gentleman of dogs deserves a fabulous home, living in comfort and knowing love for the remainder of his "golden years."

Chips Chips

The plight of seniors in rescue fills the hearts of rescue volunteers with so much sadness. These lovely guys and gals have spent their past lives as loved companions but for some reason suddenly find themselves dumped to fend for themselves or turned into shelters and rescue for many different reasons. They didn't reach 9+ yrs of age because they were problem Malinois. Quite the contrary! Once settled into their foster homes they become awesome companions and enjoy snuggling, walks, fetch sessions just about anything their new family introduces them to.

"Give yourself the greatest Gift of all this season.
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Chips will be ready for adoption when his recovery is complete

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