Message From: Jim Swacker June 10, 2020
Cruising the website. Thinking of adopting a Mali.

Message From: Amy April 9, 2020
Fostering alumini tonya has been a blessing and not only that, she knew I was helping her and saving her with the big help of ABMR. With out ABMR none of this would have been possible. ABMR ALUMINI TONYA is a joy shes smart, loving and gators bestfriend lol.. I would foster all over again.. love my ABMR alumini tonya my tripod malinois unicorn of the malinois..

Message From: Rosa Cella March 4, 2020
I was just checking the website

Message From: Jesse & Geno February 9, 2020
Add ABMR to your Amazon Smile account. Also, happy birthday Geno!!!!!!!!

Message From: Candy Sullivan January 25, 2020
Love the website - easy to navigate. I hope it works well for you.

Message From: Alan Buttrick January 7, 2020
we had a male malinois he was imported from France, didn't pass police school. we had to do months of socializing turned out to be a fantastic friend we had him for 14 years.

Message From: Kat December 27, 2019
I had a sweet and loyal Malinois in the past, named Willow. She was with me from March 2000 to September 2011, when she passe d away. I am not ready to adopt a Malinois at this time, because I have two other dogs. One of my dogs is 13-years-old, and in poor health. I love him dearly, but understand that he will not be around for much longer. I am thinking about adopting a male Malinois after my senior dog has passed. Therefore, I have been looking at your website. My female Malinois who passed in 2011 was not so energetic as most Malinois. I would be interested in a Malinois who was not overly energetic or prey driven. I love the breed, and understand their heart and soul.

Message From: Marc Audet December 13, 2019
I love the new website and I am watching it as it develops! Marc Audet

Message From: Janet Anderson December 5, 2019
Beautiful dogs. We've had 2 in my extended family. I'm learning more about this specific breed's behavior patterns. I would like to give financial gift to this effort. Two questions here as a military spouse. Do you, or have you had any of these beloved dogs trained for military or police service, or Wounded Warrior, PTSD Vets? My other question is, what of the precious dog, picture on the cover of your newsletter who happens to be running, while on fire? Is that dog alright?? Thank you for all that you do. Janet

Message From: Derek December 5, 2019
Love this site