Message From: Otto's mommy January 19, 2021
I'm a huge fan of the malinois breed after having fostered a 3-4 mos mal puppy for another rescue (mostly GSDs). She's my 35th foster pup, and probably the smartest one yet. Thank you for promoting this breed and for providing a great rescue resource.

Message From: Mike Curtis January 5, 2021
I wanted to be the first to sign the guest book in 2021. I'm Roger's foster dad. Let's hope that 2021 will be better than 2020 and all the pups will find great homes.

Message From: Ken November 1, 2020
Just need to finish my fence!!!

Message From: skip Conway September 27, 2020
I Love this breed, I have had Rotties since the early 80s and considering this breed, and also considering fostering this breed to get my feet wet, Thank You for all you do for them

Message From: Anita Clark-Fanelli August 13, 2020
I am interested in one of the Mals. My baby crossed over the rainbow bridge June 19, 2020. Very big loss. Miss her so much. Perhaps another angel will help!

Message From: Ron July 29, 2020
I lost my four legged big boy (Boxer)yesterday and my life has been changed again forever. I do not believe I am one who can live without the companionship of a four legged member of my family. I cannot have another Boxer because my Sarge could never be replaced that is why I am considering the Belgian Malinois. I need someone to be with me when I take rides, walks and go to the local stores that allow Friends to accompany us. My Sarge was given a Lowes jacket so he could be a team member. We socialize a great deal so I need a good pal. I live in a rural town but I don't have a fence because I believe it is my responsibility to set boundaries to be followed. Because of my senior age I am also looking for a more mature partner. I live in Washington Missouri.

Message From: Jim Swacker June 10, 2020
Cruising the website. Thinking of adopting a Mali.

Message From: Amy April 9, 2020
Fostering alumini tonya has been a blessing and not only that, she knew I was helping her and saving her with the big help of ABMR. With out ABMR none of this would have been possible. ABMR ALUMINI TONYA is a joy shes smart, loving and gators bestfriend lol.. I would foster all over again.. love my ABMR alumini tonya my tripod malinois unicorn of the malinois..

Message From: Rosa Cella March 4, 2020
I was just checking the website

Message From: Jesse & Geno February 9, 2020
Add ABMR to your Amazon Smile account. Also, happy birthday Geno!!!!!!!!