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Message From: Allison S. October 9, 2021
We have our beautiful 8 yo Blaze! She is the most beautiful, loyal, loving dog I have ever met. She was a working dog and is now retired enjoying the good life with her fur brothers!

Message From: Amanda M August 16, 2021
We have 5 Mals currently and also have adopted. These dogs are unlike any other i have had. Intelligence and desire to please is beyond anything else. They keep me young for sure. I would adopt every last one if i could!

Message From: Dave August 11, 2021
just lost my Great Dane of 9yrs. I am a disabled vet looking for a new running buddy maybe you can help.

Message From: Vince B July 13, 2021
They did a great job matching my little girl to me. 2nd Mal. Adopted her May 6th and Penney has blosomed fantastically. Giot some trainer assist to get her over "stranger danger" and aggressiveness towards other animals and our livestock. Now tolerates small dogs and active kids visiting. Will play for hours with friends male Mal and Lab.

Message From: Angela Crute June 28, 2021
I adopted my pure bred Mal from the humane society about 10yrs ago and have been following your site since. She is the most intelligent, loving, and loyal dog I've known. She even loves her feline little sister. She is a one dog type of girl, but would consider this breed again.

Message From: Krista April 22, 2021
First time visiting the website for a forever companion who wouldn’t mind walks, play dates, not having to vie for attention, on the quieter side.

Message From: Teddy Hammond April 2, 2021
I have a Belgian Malinois they make great pets and great service dogs we have been together for three years they are very smart and they are very easy to learn I have never regretted from getting this breed

Message From: Anna & Steve March 28, 2021
We live in Alaska and love to adopt dogs. We hope to soon be parents for one of these beauties.

Message From: Otto's mommy January 19, 2021
I'm a huge fan of the malinois breed after having fostered a 3-4 mos mal puppy for another rescue (mostly GSDs). She's my 35th foster pup, and probably the smartest one yet. Thank you for promoting this breed and for providing a great rescue resource.

Message From: Mike Curtis January 5, 2021
I wanted to be the first to sign the guest book in 2021. I'm Roger's foster dad. Let's hope that 2021 will be better than 2020 and all the pups will find great homes.