Message From: Anita Clark-Fanelli August 13, 2020
I am interested in one of the Mals. My baby crossed over the rainbow bridge June 19, 2020. Very big loss. Miss her so much. Perhaps another angel will help!

Message From: Ron July 29, 2020
I lost my four legged big boy (Boxer)yesterday and my life has been changed again forever. I do not believe I am one who can live without the companionship of a four legged member of my family. I cannot have another Boxer because my Sarge could never be replaced that is why I am considering the Belgian Malinois. I need someone to be with me when I take rides, walks and go to the local stores that allow Friends to accompany us. My Sarge was given a Lowes jacket so he could be a team member. We socialize a great deal so I need a good pal. I live in a rural town but I don't have a fence because I believe it is my responsibility to set boundaries to be followed. Because of my senior age I am also looking for a more mature partner. I live in Washington Missouri.

Message From: Jim Swacker June 10, 2020
Cruising the website. Thinking of adopting a Mali.

Message From: Amy April 9, 2020
Fostering alumini tonya has been a blessing and not only that, she knew I was helping her and saving her with the big help of ABMR. With out ABMR none of this would have been possible. ABMR ALUMINI TONYA is a joy shes smart, loving and gators bestfriend lol.. I would foster all over again.. love my ABMR alumini tonya my tripod malinois unicorn of the malinois..

Message From: Rosa Cella March 4, 2020
I was just checking the website

Message From: Jesse & Geno February 9, 2020
Add ABMR to your Amazon Smile account. Also, happy birthday Geno!!!!!!!!

Message From: Candy Sullivan January 25, 2020
Love the website - easy to navigate. I hope it works well for you.

Message From: Alan Buttrick January 7, 2020
we had a male malinois he was imported from France, didn't pass police school. we had to do months of socializing turned out to be a fantastic friend we had him for 14 years.

Message From: Kat December 27, 2019
I had a sweet and loyal Malinois in the past, named Willow. She was with me from March 2000 to September 2011, when she passe d away. I am not ready to adopt a Malinois at this time, because I have two other dogs. One of my dogs is 13-years-old, and in poor health. I love him dearly, but understand that he will not be around for much longer. I am thinking about adopting a male Malinois after my senior dog has passed. Therefore, I have been looking at your website. My female Malinois who passed in 2011 was not so energetic as most Malinois. I would be interested in a Malinois who was not overly energetic or prey driven. I love the breed, and understand their heart and soul.

Message From: Marc Audet December 13, 2019
I love the new website and I am watching it as it develops! Marc Audet