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N Central Region:

Athena, female - OH
Bix, male - WI
* Echo, female - MI
GiGi, female - MI
* Havoc, male - MI
Lilly, female - CO
Lucy, female - WI
* Molly, female - IL
* Red, male - MI
Taron - Adopted!!!

S Central Region:

* Abby, female - TX
Aleta - Adopted!!!
Chance, male - KS
Duke, male - TX
Hawkeye - Adopted!!!
Jackson - Adopted!!!
Jake - Adopted!!!
* Kyra, female - TX
Mia, female - KS
Striker, male - TX

Northeast Region:

Jersey, female - NJ
Keeyo, male - VA
** Layla, female - PA
* Molly, female - MA
Tracker, male - PA

Southeast Region:

Audie - Adopted!!!
Amara, female - GA
Belle - Adopted!!!
Hexa, male - TN
Karen, female - FL
Link, male - GA
Lobi - Adopted!!!
* Mika, male - GA
Tia - Adopted!!!
Trina, female - FL

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Jett, female - CO

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Updated: July 18th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: Jun 20th

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These Rescues are currently available in the Northeast area of the country. If you are interested in adopting one of the Malinois profiled in these pages contact the foster home listed in the profile.


Many police officers/trainers/SAR groups approach Malinois rescue looking for young dogs to train. Most of our rescued dogs are not suitable for these types of jobs. Some of our rescued Malinois are actually dogs that have been rejected by police departments due to their inability to do the job. While we are not opposed to adopting dogs out as working dogs, we adopt only to individuals, never to organizations or police departments. Most of our rescued Malinois have had difficult beginnings in life. The majority will make fantastic family pets, but most of them do not have the temperament needed to work day after day with a police officer or in search and rescue. All dogs adopted through Malinois rescue will be spayed or neutered prior to placement.

Athena 2 yr old spayed female - OH

Fee: $250
Malinois Foster Athena - 12KB
Malinois Foster Athena - 12KB
Malinois Foster Athena - 19KB
Malinois Foster Athena - 19KB

Athena is sweet and social, looking for experienced companion home.

Your new best friend, now ready for adoption! Athena is heartworm negative and up-to-date on all vaccinations and preventives. She is completely house-trained with a decent off-switch in the house. She is a sweet, friendly, and playful girl who loves to snuggle with her person. She has been moved around a lot in her short life, and is ready for her very own forever home where she will be provided with consistency, understanding, and a whole lot of love, exercise, tennis balls and tug toys. She seems to have been treated with a heavy hand in the past, and will need an experienced handler who will provide her with positive reinforcement balanced with firm, yet fair corrections when needed--Athena has good food/toy/reward drive and wants to please, but like most Malinois, will test her handler at times! She seems to prefer men to women but gets along with just about anyone.. Athena currently lives with a few other dogs, and would be fine with a small pack with similar sized male dogs with slow, careful integration. She has a strong personality, and would do best with non-dominant male dogs, and would probably love to be the only dog in the household. She has shown some resource guarding of her toys around other dogs. Just to be safe, she will not be placed in a home with young children as a result.

Athena is social in public and loves going for walks and is non-reactive to other dogs and people when out in the community. She does pull a little on the leash--but who can blame her--she is just so excited to get out and about! She rides great in the car, and does respond well to a prong collar.

Somewhere, in her past, Athena may have been in an accident and x-rays show an old injury to her right hip. Due to this, she is not a candidate for performance or serious hiking or running as she will get a little stiff when she overdoes it. She is recommended to stay on a good joint supplement. She loves going for long walks and playing tug and ball in the yard, with snuggles on the sofa afterwards.

Athena is crate trained, although she has broken out before and will get in the trash!! She would prefer someone who is not gone for excessively long hours. Athena will not be placed in a home with cats/small dogs, or small children.

Athena seems to have had a hard life, but has blossomed in her current foster home, and with the right placement, she will be an amazing companion and her personalty will continue to shine!

For more information about Athena, please contact: Dana

If you want to apply for this dog, click Athena's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Dana, Athena's coordinator.

Bix 11 mo old neutered male - WI

Fee: $375
Malinois Foster Bix - 9KB
Malinois Foster Bix - 16KB
Malinois Foster Bix - 12KB
Malinois Foster Bix - 10KB
Malinois Foster Bix - 24KB
Malinois Foster Bix - 28KB

I have lots of energy and love to go on hikes and runs!

I am UTD on shots and I am fit as a fiddle! That wasn't always the case, I was brought in to a shelter as a stray and was very thin. Living on the streets was not easy. But with lots of love and extra groceries, I have blossomed into a healthy guy.

I have lots of energy and love to go on hikes and runs! I think I could also excel in sports. Like maybe dock diving or nose work. Those look like a blast! Although I will have to get over my trepidation around water - My foster brother (pointer) is attempting to teach me how to swim but I am not sure about the water yet.

My nickname is 'love bug' because I love being with my humans! I would crawl in their lap and stay there all day if I could.

I have been learning how to be a good boy and know how to sit and stay and I can heel nicely on a leash. My foster mom says I am not very good at 'come' and I admit it is not my favorite thing but we are practicing.

I am very compliant about getting into my crate but get a little anxious when left alone for long periods of time. My foster mom helps me by giving me bones to chew that keep me occupied and keep my mind off of being alone.

I am very clever and have learned how to escape from crates that do not have carabiners and extra ties. It is very important to make sure I am safe in a crate because I can be a little destructive in the house if left loose when no one is home and will tear up trash and things. I feel remorse after the fact but cannot help myself at the time

I never had toys before so I don't understand what they are. My foster mom gives me chew bones and I LOVE these! Chewing on bones is my favorite activity.

I love playing with other dogs, large and small. We have a blast running around together!

I am a hunter and my foster mom says I have HUGE prey drive for birds and small animals so I would do best in a home without cats.

Little humans scare me so I won't be a good match for a family with small children. I am ready to find my forever home and am longing to be part of family, included in all the family activities.

For more information about Bix, please contact: Carol.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Bix's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Carol, Bix's coordinator.

Echo 1 - 1.5 yr old spayed female - MI

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Echo - 14KB
Malinois Foster Echo - 14KB
Malinois Foster Echo - 27KB
Malinois Foster Echo - 20KB

Echo loves people. She loves men. She loves women. She loves strangers. She loved the staff at the vet's office!

She loves snuggling in your lap, bringing you toys, and being petted. She even loves people more than a meaty bone. This girl will do anything for your affection. She is very social, and is confident without aggression.

Echo wants to be around people. She'll go in a crate if you ask, but she'd rather be at your feet or on the couch. She'll keep a watchful eye on you, just in case you need anything, like a check-in or to play a game of tug. While you're busy, she entertains herself by piling all her toys around her spot.

Echo has been on crate rest, but will be released soon and is eager to let her Malinois flag fly. She came into rescue after she was struck by a car and had to have a plate put in her leg. She limps a little but is still healing up. The vet said that the hardware might have to be removed at some point in the future, but for now, everything is progressing well. She does have a foot that turns out slightly, but it seems like she was born that way.

What does that mean for Echo? Well, she is bored! After two days without walks, she did eat her crate pad, but there haven't been any other destructive incidents. Echo likes doing nose work and is starting on birch scent. Her foster thinks that she would make a good barn hunter, or jogging partner. Sports with a lot of torque, like flyball or agility, probably wouldn't be good choices for her leg. Right now, Echo is busy demonstrating her top-notch snuggling skills and squeaking all the toys in her foster home.

Although you'll be smitten by Echo's dark face and glamorous fringed coat, you'll fall in love with her keen eye and intelligence. Treats are welcome, but Echo works best when you pay her in pets and praise. She knows how to sit, here, no, this way, uh-uh, tug, potty, and raise her paw. She redirects easily with a soft voice, and when she's unsure or gets hand-shy, you can sweet talk her back into a happy wiggle.

Echo does need to learn some manners. She greets people and dogs by jumping on them. Because she can be overexuberant, she is not recommended for children under ten. Other dogs generally don't appreciate her forward greeting style, so she would be best as an only dog.

Because of the crate rest instructions from the vet, it's hard to say what talents Echo will have when she is fully released. Her foster says that she expects to see medium to high drive, so daily exercise is a must. She also thinks that homes with small dogs, cats, etc. are probably not a good fit.

Echo also pulls on the leash and weaves a bit. It's hard to stay on course when there are so many smells to follow! And so many bugs to chase! Or it could just be that she's looking for toys, since she likes to carry a stick when she walks. She will need some more training, but is so responsive that she will catch on quick. She might even be a candidate for competitive obedience— her foster is impressed with her intelligence and willingness to please.

Car rides are fun for this pup. She has a crate for travel, and when she first gets in, she'll bark briefly to tell you, "Let's go!" As soon as you start moving, she settles down. She is definitely interested in cars on the road, but her foster thinks that if you teach her to sit when the car passes, that Echo will learn what's expected from her.

Her foster says that this "really, really, good girl" might be a good choice for a first time Malinois home. Her dream family might even have a teenager who would like to play ball with her and let her sleep on the bed. No matter where she goes, Echo is going to have a full heart to share with you.

For more information about Echo, please contact: Valerie

If you want to apply for this dog, click Echo's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Valerie, Echo's coordinator.

GiGi approx 2.5 yr old spayed female - MI

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster GiGi - 24KB
Malinois Foster GiGi - 29KB

GiGi is a super snuggler

GiGi is a spayed female born 4/1/16. She is heartworm negative, UTD on shots, microchiped. Has also been vaccinated for K9 influenza. She is a super snuggler once she bonds with you. She is fearful of strangers. No kids or cats. Ok with low key dogs. Can get nippy when excited. Corrects easy. Crate and house trained. Loves to play ball.

For more information about GiGi, please contact: Gwendolyn

If you want to apply for this dog, click GiGi's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Gwendolyn, GiGi's coordinator.

Havoc 2 yr old neutered male - MI

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Havoc - 21KB
Malinois Foster Havoc - 10KB
Malinois Foster Havoc - 22KB
Malinois Foster Havoc - 18KB
Malinois Foster Havoc - 24KB

Dock Diving Anyone?

Hey everyone! My names Havoc. Havoc's a really cool name that means widespread destruction, but it doesn't really describe my personality. Love Bug might be a more apt name for me. I'm just looking for my one and only true love. I desperately want my forever person!!

I lived with a nice lady that I really loved. Things changed for her and I just didn't have a place to live any more. I bounced around a little and now I'm in a great foster home with ABMR.

I know some commands like heel, sit, down, roll over, and paw. I'll happily do those things but I'm happiest when I get to dock dive. I love, love, love water. I love the water so much that my foster mom gave me a wading pool. My favorite game is to get down in the pool, roll up like a donut, and cover everything including my head, nose, and ears! My previous mom taught me a lot of other things like lure coursing and frisbee.

I don't really love to play fetch. Weird, right? But I'll still do a lot of other sport things. If you like to be on the "go go", I like to be on the "go go". Foster mom says I have something called "A nice off switch." I don't know what that means but I do know I'll follow her everywhere and if she stops moving I just lay on her feet.

I do know how to heel but my previous mom used a training collar on me. My foster mom likes a flat collar. I pull and pull on that flat collar, but I'll stop when she tells me. When I first came to my foster home I was very sad. I missed my mom so much. But foster mom and my foster siblings made it so fun that I got over that in a few days. I expect it would be the same at your house too. I'm currently living with male and female dogs. They're all big. I play with most of them and am respectful of those I don't play with. There's a huge Akita male here and I'm a little intimidate, so I avoid him for sure. I let him greet me and sniff me even though I'm nervous. For the most part he leaves me alone and I appreciate it that way.

Now that I'm not afraid of my foster mom I love to show affection. I'm even brave around the other dogs and jump up for hugs. I like men and women equally, pretty much anyone that will show me attention. I'll do anything for a treat. I just BOL (bark out loud) when my foster mom says I'm food motivated. Who isn't? Especially with all the new yummy things I'm getting to try.

I'm up to date on shots, neutered, and heartworm negative. I think I'm the total package and hope you do too.

For more information about Havoc, please contact: Valerie

If you want to apply for this dog, click Havoc's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Valerie, Havoc's coordinator.

Lilly 3 yr old spayed female - CO

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Lilly - 10KB
Malinois Foster Lilly - 10KB
Malinois Foster Lilly - 13KB
Malinois Foster Lilly - 12KB

Lilly is a sweet girl who wants to be with her humans and play with other dogs.

Lilly is estimated to be about 3 years old, spayed, is fully vetted, and heartworm negative. She is leash trained, knows basic commands, such as "sit, off, and no," and is currently being crate trained. She is able to clear a 6' fence, so precautions should be taken. She rides well in the car and enjoys going for walks in the mountains. Lilly likes to be with her humans and does not like being left alone. She loves to take naps next to her human and cuddle. She does well around kids and loves playing with other dogs. Lilly has an overall lower drive, low toy drive, but a high play drive.

For more information about Lilly, please contact: Roxanne

If you want to apply for this dog, click Lilly's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Roxanne, Lilly's coordinator.

Lucy approx 1-2 yr old spayed female - WI

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Lucy - 8KB
Malinois Foster Lucy - 8KB
Malinois Foster Lucy - 8KB
Malinois Foster Lucy - 19KB
Malinois Foster Lucy - 21KB

Lucy has the most soulful eyes you've ever seen, and she is a gorgeous girl.

You would have to be made of stone not to melt when she looks at you. Her foster parents say that she is incredibly sweet and loving, and has many quirks that would make you laugh

Lucy was found as a skinny stray in Topeka, but is at 47 pounds and still working her way up to a healthy weight for her frame. Her teeth are worn, either from being chained or kenneled. She may have had a litter in the past, but has been spayed while in foster care. Her foster family says that Lucy had not had much, if any, socialization when she came to them. They have been impressed with how quickly she learns and her focus. She has been soaking up new skills like a sponge. She is house trained now, and likes going in her kennel for a treat.

The first thing Lucy learned about is that she really likes massages. She didn't seem to understand what was happening the first time she was massaged, but quickly leaned into it. She especially likes being massaged around the base of the tail, but will let her fosters touch ears and feet without fuss. Lucy loves physical affection and has good recall, because she has learned that recall means attention! When her fosters hold out their arms, Lucy comes running to be petted.

Lucy's fosters say that she is a velcro dog to the max. When they sit on the couch, she wants to be between them. She likes to rest her head over the foster mom's shoulder, "It's almost like she's reading over my shoulder." This cuddle-bug loves people, but when she can't have a lap, she'll curl up around a pillow.

Lucy does well with bones smeared with peanut butter, balls, and likes using the snuffle mat. Like a lot of Malinois, she can vaporize a stuffed toy in a flash. Her foster thinks she might do well with nose work, or would be a good companion for someone who likes to run. Lucy seems to hesitate when it comes to jumping, so probably wouldn't love agility. Lucy is medium-to-high energy, but her fosters feel that she would be okay for a first time Malinois family if they had working dog experience and she had daily exercise.

Lucy is learning about life in the house, basic manners, not stealing food from the counters, and to wait her turn to go outside. She loves both her foster parents, and is learning to get along with the other dogs in the home. There were some issues with dog reactivity at first, but with the help of a behaviorist, Lucy is learning appropriate dog manners

She is beginning to be allowed to play with the other dogs and getting roaming privileges at home. Her foster says that Lucy recently had an hour long play session with the Tervuren and other Malinois in the home, and it went very well. Lucy played chase for a while, then took herself out for a timeout when she started to feel overwhelmed. Her fosters feel that she could share her home with a non-dominant dog if the introduction was very gradual, but that she would love being the only dog and soaking up all the snuggles

Lucy has not been exposed to children or cats, but loves to chase birds when she is outside. Her foster thinks she would be fine with older children. Her fosters say that she was timid at the vet, but was polite to the staff. They are still working on public introductions, so Lucy has not gone shopping or been around a lot of strangers. She enjoys car rides and is very treat motivated, so that's a good place to start.

Lucy has a sense of humor and will surprise you. She doesn't eat socks and shoes, but she will steal them! If you catch her in the act, she pretends she didn't know that the smelly things weren't for her. She also likes to carry her food bowl around after meals. This mischievous girl can send you on a scavenger hunt, but it's part of her charm. She also loves couch cushions. Her foster mom says it is adorable when she hugs them between her paws and snuggles them under her head.

Lucy makes her fosters laugh and they are proud of how much she has learned about life as a pet. Now that she's getting the hang of house life, she will be starting obedience class in April. Lucy has a very sweet temperament and lots of love for the right family.

She wants most of anything to show you affection, to snuggle, and to sleep by your side. She would thrive with a family of her own to help socialize her and teach her about the good life.

For more information about Lucy, please contact: Jen

If you want to apply for this dog, click Lucy's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Jen, Lucy's coordinator.

Molly 2 yr old spayed female - IL

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Molly - 14KB
Malinois Foster Molly - 16KB
Malinois Foster Molly - 10KB
Malinois Foster Molly - 16KB
Malinois Foster Molly - 13KB
Malinois Foster Molly - 16KB
Malinois Foster Molly - 20KB
Malinois Foster Molly - 14KB

Molly loves to be outside and enjoys playing rough with other dogs (currently living with 3 other Malinois).

Molly is a calm, sweet 2 year old spayed female, up to date on her shots. She is not a large female, weighing in at 54 pound.

She doesn't care for a tennis ball, but she will play fetch with sticks and chase the occasional squirrel. She'll even walk along side you when you mow the lawn. She likes going on walks and will walk nicely beside you, she doesn't pay much attention to barking dogs in the neighborhood. She's housebroken and settles nicely in her cage once you get her in there (treats), she's still working on going in on command. She rides nicely in the car and will either lay down or ride with her head out the window.

Molly is fearful and takes time to warm up to new people, so you will need to take it slow with her. She seems to prefer women over men, but with time she is ok with men too. Once she is comfortable with you (a day or two) she will be your best friend! She will follow you around the house, lay next to you while chewing on her bone, sleep at your feet, and she likes to bury her head under your arm while you pet her. She can be a little mouthy, but easily redirected with a bone or toy. She does get excited when coming out of her cage and jumps up, but she settles down after a couple of minutes.

She can get possessive about her person and she is currently not getting along with the male Malinois in the household. She can be dominant and will let him know not to come to close to her human. She does seem to settle down if you yell her name.

She hates thunderstorms and will not willingly go outside when it's storming. If she hears thunder in the distance she runs in side. She doesn't bark and get crazy when it storms, but she will hide (her favorite spots being in the closet or bathroom).

She is very mellow for a Malinois and rarely ever barks. She has lived with 4 cats and a Jack Russell Terrier with no problems. She's a smart, very sweet girl who's looking for her new best friend.

For more information about Molly, please contact: Marcia

If you want to apply for this dog, click Molly's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Marcia, Molly's coordinator.

Red 12 mo old neutered male - MI

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Red - 31KB
Malinois Foster Red - 25KB
Malinois Foster Red - 49KB

Red is a miracle, and he needs a miracle, too. This puppy came into rescue with the odds stacked against him.

It's a good thing that he doesn't know that, because he shows signs of a Hollywood-worthy comeback. And you could be the person who helps him do it. Red lived in the closet of an apartment until he was 11 months old. He got bathroom breaks at night, and that was it. He was discovered when the landlord did a surprise inspection. And this terrified puppy found himself dumped at the shelter. Can you imagine?

That's how he wound up in rescue. Red didn't know anything about the world. He didn't know about treats, or toys, or freedom. He didn't know about cars, or kids, or what to do with people. In just a couple of months with his foster, he has learned so much. The best thing he has learned? To run. This boy loves to zoom around the backyard. Joy doesn't start to describe what happens when he explodes into a full sprint. He loves to play king-of-the-mountain on the mulch pile out back, and the wrestle with the other dogs.

It's obvious how much Red appreciates his new life. His foster says that it's adorable how he will flop at her feet and smile for a moment. It doesn't last long before the zoomie-bug strikes again and he's off! All that running and play means that this pup is growing into his muscles and looking healthier every day.

He never had toys or balls before, so he's not really sure what they're about. He is learning, and the other day had a good tug-of-war session with the rope. But for the most part, he just wants to run in the grass and play with the other dogs.

Red has an incredibly loving nature, and is learning to trust. He can learn from watching how the other dogs behave, as well. Red is too cautious to be a velcro dog, but he likes affection and wants to be good. His foster loves how he will lay his head in her lap, and watches her as she moves around the room.

This pup is so smart and has immense potential, but he will need a special family to bring it out. He missed crucial developmental phases during his first year, so he is easily startled and can get stressed. Red has such a gentle nature that he is never aggressive, but he can shut down and be timid. Excessive praise or noise intimidates him, so you'll need a soft and patient touch when you're training. He knows "come" and "sit," but right now he is mostly learning about how to live in the home.

He has some quirks that will need smoothing out. He is afraid of thresholds, such as coming back into the house. He is learning. Sometimes he will follow the other dogs in and out, but sometimes he needs your help to get past that scary doorway. He used to play hot lava inside, such as being afraid to get off the couch, but he is getting over it. Stairs are okay now, and he is brave enough to move from room to room.

It used to be that any sudden noise would cause Red to panic and bolt to the end of his leash for several minutes. Now, it only takes him a few seconds to get his bearings. If you give him time to think things over, he is able to handle new situations. He has fewer triggers than he used to, and shows that he is able to learn. A family that is willing to socialize him slowly will find a loving and loyal companion for life.

Red is great with small to mid-sized dogs. Large dogs like Great Danes frighten him and he doesn't react well. With dogs that are around his size, he runs, plays, and shows good dog etiquette. His foster thinks that he would love to have a big sister to teach him "how to dog" better, and that his play style is classic "no hold barred" Malinois.

Red is not recommended for a house with small children because of his aversion to sudden noises and his low threshold for stress. He does well with most adults, and will even cuddle with strangers who are visiting your home! He is "a very kind dog" who likes affection and will do the classic Belgian Turnover.

For the right family, Red is going to be an amazing dog. He has made so much progress in a very short time, despite starting out at a big disadvantage. He's quiet and doesn't challenge the rules as much as most Malinois, so he would probably be fine with a first time Malinois family. What he really needs are people who are patient, loving, and willing to show him all the things he missed. For his part, he has shown that he is gentle, willing to learn, and has a natural sense of frolic and joy that just need a way to come out.


For more information about Red, please contact: Jessica

If you want to apply for this dog, click Red's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Jessica, Red's coordinator.

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