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N Central Region:

Charlotte, female - MI
* GiGi, female - MI
Gypsy - Adopted!!!
** Lilly, female - CO
Pepper - Adopted!!!
* Raiden, female - MI
* Taron, male - MI

S Central Region:

* Aleta, female - TX
** Braum, male - TX
Britta - Adopted!!!
* Chloe, female - TX
* Jake, male - TX
** Jill, female - TX
* Luke, male - TX
* Lucy, female - WI
** Mia, female - KS
Murphy - Adopted!!!
Rebel - Adopted!!!
* Striker, male - TX
* Ziva, female - KS

Northeast Region:

* Duke, male - NY
* Keeyo, male - VA
Travis, male - VA

Southeast Region:

** Audie, male - LA
Amara, female - GA
* Charlie, male - NC
* Link, male - GA
Trina, female - FL
Ziva - Adopted!!!

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Dogs available from
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Updated: Mar 30th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: Mar 4th

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These Rescues are currently available in the South Central portion of the country. If you are interested in adopting one of the Malinois profiled in these pages contact the foster home listed in the profile.


Many police officers/trainers/SAR groups approach Malinois rescue looking for young dogs to train. Most of our rescued dogs are not suitable for these types of jobs. Some of our rescued Malinois are actually dogs that have been rejected by police departments due to their inability to do the job. While we are not opposed to adopting dogs out as working dogs, we adopt only to individuals, never to organizations or police departments. Most of our rescued Malinois have had difficult beginnings in life. The majority will make fantastic family pets, but most of them do not have the temperament needed to work day after day with a police officer or in search and rescue. All dogs adopted through Malinois rescue will be spayed or neutered prior to placement.

Aleta 9-12 mos old spayed female - TX

Fee: $375
Malinois Foster Aleta - 11KB
Malinois Foster Aleta - 11KB
Malinois Foster Aleta - 10KB
Malinois Foster Aleta - 12KB
Malinois Foster Aleta - 18KB

Aleta is a lower-drive girl who loves to love her family.

Aleta is estimated to be around 9-12 months old, spayed, fully vetted, and heartworm negative. She was brought into El Paso animal services in December with a severe laceration to her shoulder and elbow. She was rescued on December 20 and taken in for surgery to attempt to repair the joint or amputate the leg. They were able to repair her leg and she now walks very close to normal. She will need consistent healthy rehab and exercise to help her rebuild the muscles on that side. After surgery, she spent 40 days in medical foster on crate rest recovering from her surgery. It was then discovered that she was pregnant and she was moved to a new foster home to whelp her puppies.

Aleta is incredibly sweet and loves to love you. She's much lower drive than the average Malinois and is very content to chill with you on the couch and offer expert snuggles. She loves to press her whole body into you, before sinking to the ground for belly rubs. Being so young, motherhood did not appeal to Aleta. She did her best to raise her pups, but soon began to loose interest in them, all while her hormones were running wild. She was very confused and overwhelmed by the 10 tiny mouths that needed her attention. Aleta needs a home situation where she can decompress and allow her hormones to settle so that she can be accurately behaviorally evaluated.

Aleta enjoys the company of other dogs in short, supervised situations where no high value objects are present. She will guard items she deems to be high value (beds, toys, people) from other dogs. This behavior could be directly related to her raging hormones, but it is unclear. Aleta also needs practice learning how to play appropriately with other dogs as she can escalate quite quickly. Aleta loves to go on walks and is fantastic on the leash- she walks in a loose leash heel the majority of the time and is non reactive to other dogs or people. She has shown some prey drive toward cats that she has seen on walks, and so she likely should not have a cat in her home. Her current foster family walks her 5-6 miles every day, but she would probably do fine with 3 miles a day if she is getting the attention and love she needs and deserves.

Aleta would do best with someone who is home most of the time as she is dealing with some separation anxiety and kennel aversion issues. Her current foster home is working on this with her. She would love to be your shadow (and she is a very loving shadow!) Her ideal family would be able to help her work on this at her own pace and learn to love the kennel and know that its ok when you leave and that you always come back.

Since she is still a puppy, she should not be trusted out and about in the house unattended- she loves sneakers and slippers! Aleta is not toy motivated but can occasionally be seen tossing a wubba around on her own when spending time in the yard, but she will loose interest in the toy after about 5 minutes. She enjoys spending time outside and likes to bask in the sun. She likes watching her current foster mom do yard work, and sometimes even helps by digging holes in the sand. Even with her gimpy shoulder, she can jump a 6ft fence from a standstill and should not be trusted alone in the yard, otherwise she might decide to take a solo adventure. She loves to chew marrow bones, Himalaya yak chews, peanut butter Kong's and just about anything else yummy. Her favorite treat is a piece of cheese. Her favorite activity is snuggling and watching TV with you after going on a walk. She really enjoys soft dog beds and nesting in a pile of blankets. She is good about not jumping on the furniture unless invited up.

Aleta has some generalized anxiety and will pace and become a bit obsessive if not being occupied- walks, snuggles and chewing all help with this. Aleta is eager to please and loves her humans with all her heart and needs a place to blossom and recover.

For more information about Aleta, please contact: Roxanne

If you want to apply for this dog, click Aleta's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Roxanne, Aleta's coordinator.

Braum 1.5 yr old neutered male - TX

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Braum - 14KB
Malinois Foster Braum - 9KB
Malinois Foster Braum - 13KB
Malinois Foster Braum - 8KB
Malinois Foster Braum - 20KB

Braum is the perfect dog for someone who wants a companion dog and to cuddle with.

Braum is estimated to be around 1.5 years old, neutered, fully vetted, and heartworm negative. He was rescued from a tough life and has some scars to show for it. A difficult start hasn't once stopped this sweetheart from being the sweetest dog, and he continues to show us his true colors! He's a big boy who's close to 80lbs and is just as sweet, lovable, and playful as can be. He's great with the kids of all ages, but due to his size, it is recommended he is around kids older than 5. He loves all people and is very fond of his foster dad. Braum never learned how to play with toys, but this may change over time if he is encouraged and shown how much fun they can be. He's great on a leash and loves attention as a reward for a job well done. He's also housebroke and crate trained.

Braum needs a family that will continue his learning of basic commands and possibly channel his athletic abilities of being able to jump a 6' fence into something more productive, such as learning agility! Braum doesn't like cats or small dogs and may get along with another dog if properly introduced, but he would be content being an only dog.

For more information about Braum, please contact: Roxanne

If you want to apply for this dog, click Braum's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Roxanne, Braum's coordinator.

Chloe 1.5 yr old spayed female - TX

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Chloe - 19KB
Malinois Foster Chloe - 16KB
Malinois Foster Chloe - 41KB

Chloe is a very active, sweet girl who would love a job and an active family.

Chloe is estimated to be around 1.5 years old, spayed, fully vetted, and heartworm negative. She is also an AKC registered dog. Chloe is a very sweet, energetic dog who would do best in an experienced home. She would need a job and frequent exercise due to her energy level. She does well around kids, but it is recommended she go to a home with kids over the age of 8 due to her high drive. She is crate and house trained but can't be trusted alone in the house uncrated. Chloe is good with horses and other dogs with proper introduction. She has basic obedience, is good on a leash, and rides well in a vehicle. She loves to play fetch and does enjoy the snuggle.

For more information about Chloe, please contact: Roxanne

If you want to apply for this dog, click Chloe's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Roxanne, Chloe's coordinator.

Jake 2 yr old neutered male - TX

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Jake - 11KB
Malinois Foster Jake - 9KB
Malinois Foster Jake - 18KB
Malinois Foster Jake - 15KB

Jake is a good boy who deserves a good, gentle home.

Jake is estimated to be about 2 years old, neutered, is fully vetted, and heartworm negative. He knows basic commands, such as “sit, crate, and no.” He is crate trained and house trained. He loves being with his people and is treat motivated. He has done well around kids, riding in vehicles, and has not been tested around cats. Jake has a very high ball and toy drive. He doesn’t seem to know how to play with the other dogs, but he gets along quietly. He is scared of thunder and loud noises. He needs a patient person for grooming as he is learning to trust people. Jake would do best in an active yet gentle home.

For more information about Jake, please contact: Roxanne

If you want to apply for this dog, click Jake's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Roxanne, Jake's coordinator.

Jill 7 yr old spayed female - TX

Fee: $300
Malinois Foster Jill - 27KB
Malinois Foster Jill - 25KB
Malinois Foster Jill - 30KB
Malinois Foster Jill - 21KB
Malinois Foster Jill - 31KB

Jill is a loveable girl who is excited to finally get her own family.

Jill is estimated to be 7 years old, spayed, fully vetted, and heartworm negative. She loves attention, snuggling, and getting lots of pets and rubs! She loves to play fetch and go swimming. She previously broke her pelvis, but she does not show any signs of slowing down because of it. She will need a home with a tall fence, preferably with a fence climbing deterrent as she is able to jump a 5 ft. fence with no difficulty. Jill rides well in the car, gets along with other dogs, children, and does very well around cats. It is not recommended that Jill be left in a house unattended for a prolonged amount of time. She will go into her crate with no issues but is very good at escaping her from her crate.

For more information about Jill, please contact: Roxanne

If you want to apply for this dog, click Jill's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Roxanne, Jill's coordinator.

Luke 1-2 yr old neutered male - TX

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Luke - 11KB
Malinois Foster Luke - 9KB
Malinois Foster Luke - 24KB
Malinois Foster Luke - 27KB
Malinois Foster Luke - 17KB

Luke is a wonderful dog who needs someone with a calm demeanor and is willing to work diligently to help him reach his full potential.

Luke is estimated to be around 1 to 2 years old, neutered, fully vetted, and heartworm negative. He's known as Bam to the ABMR but his foster has been calling him Luke and he recognizes it as his name!

Luke's foster wishes with all his heart that there was some way he could keep him, he's very special to Tyler and he would like to find him a home that will give him an even better life than he can right now. Tyler is going to school to be a doctor and doesn't have the time Luke needs. Bam came from a harsh environment near the Mexico border where he was found hungry and scared as a stray. Tyler has shown Bam that the world isn't a bad place after all and has been rewarded with a loving and beautiful boy that is ready for his forever home.

Luke needs someone with a calm demeanor that is willing to work diligently to help him reach his full potential. It's likely his original owners did not give him the guidance he needed in his early developmental periods, as it took him quite a while to begin trusting that not all interactions would result in some form of punishment.

Luke can easily become overly excited by horseplay amongst unfamiliar people in a closed setting, or during brief chaotic moments around other dogs so a home with young children, chaotic households, small dogs or cats is not recommended.

Luke is a Malinois, none the less, and his sensitivity to correction requires a soft hand that will lead him while allowing him get acquainted with his surroundings. He is a playful beta amongst his pack, and has always taken the submissive role when dogs are just being dogs at home. He thrives in controlled settings and remains very calm during 1-on-1 exercises. He is crate trained and enjoys catching Frisbees, but the more distractions that are present at any given time will decrease his receptivity to his pack. If he thinks he's in trouble, his crate is his safe haven and he will retreat there when under pressure. He doesn't pull on leash, but can be easily overstimulated by his surroundings, often times becoming frightened by passing traffic mid-stride.

He needs someone that's willing to slow things down and help him refocus when they notice any resistance from him. He is extremely loving and wants nothing more than to be given affection, he will melt into you and then smother you at any chance he gets. He knows basic commands such as sit, lay-down, and shake. His most common displacement move is to spin quickly in circles or to stand up and beg with both paws. He's got the personality of a puppy and has shown that any investment of your time in him will be rewarded with extreme loyalty and love. He's a clean slate that deserves to be someone's best friend, as long as they're willing to go the extra mile to first earn his trust.

Luke can be standoffish when meeting new dogs like at the dog park and can show aggression. It is best to watch him closely and verbally warning him seems to decrease the outbursts, he is definitely learning it is not a desired behavior. Luke will have to be properly and slowly introduced to other dogs in the family and may be happier in an only dog setting or with an extremely mellow older dog.

He doesn't show interest in strangers, but he is distrusting of new people so proper introductions will be important. After assimilating to his environment he comes out of his shell, and is happy to have them join his pack. We believe that the best fit for him is a single individual or a couple with or without other dogs. A family with small children or adolescents without experience with the breed is not recommended unless they're understanding of his needs.

Luke/Bam is full of temperament that sometimes borders on nervousness, this won't be an issue if things are taken slow with him. He does not resource guard, and doesn't show food aggression, treat training is/will be the most effective method for learning new things. He retrieves when it's 1-on-1, but when other dogs are present he will not as he doesn't want anyone else to get his toy from him.

His recall off leash is good without distractions present and he is very good on leash, at stores like Home Depot or Lowe's, he does not pull and doesn't need corrective measures to get him there. He can sit calmly by at places such as Starbucks and his comfort zone is about 10ft from repetitive stimuli such as entrances to buildings. He has never trashed anything in the house, or outside for that matter, he prefers tough chews like his benebone. He has potential for obedience work. He does not like getting in the pool. Lastly, as far as being left alone he is very stable. The crate training has been tested with success up to 14 hours, I don't feel comfortable going further than that as it was accidental and I was prepared to clean up a mess. Someone with an 8-hour workday would have no issues at all. His favorite chew toys will accompany him wherever he goes.

For more information about Luke, please contact: Roxanne

If you want to apply for this dog, click Luke's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Roxanne, Luke's coordinator.

Mia 4 yr old spayed female - KS

Fee: $325
Malinois Foster Mia - 25KB
Malinois Foster Mia - 25KB
Malinois Foster Mia - 31KB
Malinois Foster Mia - 31KB
Malinois Foster Mia - 38KB

Sweet Mia has a soft heart an incredible sense of joy.

She did not know "how to dog" when she came into foster care, but like any Malinois, she is a fast learner. It didn't take long for her to discover that it is wonderful to cuddle on the couch with her person. Now, she is an expert at giving and receiving love, and "has eyes that will melt your heart." Her fosters especially like that she will lean in when she is sharing the couch with you, and put her arm around you. If you're looking for a loyal companion, this girl is for you.

Her fosters are very proud of Mia. She has grown up so much since she came to them. "She has grown by leaps and bounds from where she was." Mia has grown out of her fear of storms and touch, and "only gets better and better." She is "goofy" and loves her orange ball. You can see her joy when she races around the backyard with it. She has also discovered that she likes the finer things in life, like the people-bed. When her foster Mom tries to get her out of bed, Mia hides her head or covers her eyes with her paws— but the wagging tail undermines her invisibility trick.

Mia has good manners. She does not jump on people, she "just wants to be petted. She's excited to see you but not crazy." Mia is usually very quiet. She walks nicely on a leash, and is learning to recall using a long line. Her fosters have taught her basic obedience. She can be free in the house, and is non-destructive. She will ride in a kennel in the care, but doesn't need it in the house. She will respect a baby gate if you want to restrict some areas. In fact, kenneling in the home makes her anxious and it is suspected that she may have been used for breeding in the past.

This smart girl didn't have much socialization when she came into care. Her fosters say that she works hard "trying to figure out what we want" and "wants to please" her family. Her fosters are amazed by "the love this girl puts out" and how she "wants to blend in with you." She is learning about balls, obedience, and how to interact in a family. Now she just wants to be with her people.

Mia seems to have not had enough attention in the past, and is a sponge for attention. She would do best with a quiet, active family that has time to spend with her. She hates shouting and worries when other dogs get in trouble. She shuts down with harsh correction, so a gentle home and hand are best. She doesn't know about children, but her fosters think she would learn to live with school age and older children. They don't recommend very young children.

Because Mia didn't have enough exposure to the world when she was younger, she is still learning. She follows her person's cues when she goes to town, and lets strangers greet her after polite introductions. In her current foster home, she and the two male dogs play gently, mouthing, rolling over, and playing foot games. She doesn't get along with the female. She might be okay with a submissive male, but can be jealous when she has to share her person. If she had her choice, Mia would probably prefer to have all the love and toys to herself.

Mia has very strong ball drive, and also a strong prey drive. Cats are not recommended, and any squirrels had better watch out! Her foster says that "she definitely has a nose." She might do very well with nosework or barnhunt activities, but probably doesn't have the personality fit for a sport home. She also really loves treats, and is working to shed a few pounds. She loves to walk and "would bond quickly with a loving family." Her favorite toy is her orange ball, but she also loves chuck-its, Kongs, and rope tugs. You should see that classic Malinois focus snap into place when the ball is in the air!

Mia's foster family is touched by how incredibly loving this girl is. They say that she is ready for her forever family. Mia continues to show more personality all the time. They want her to find her people so that she can spend her adult life loving on her people.

For more information about Mia, please contact: Jen

If you want to apply for this dog, click Mia's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Jen, Mia's coordinator.

Striker 2.5 yr old neutered male - TX

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Striker - 8KB
Malinois Foster Striker - 8KB
Malinois Foster Striker - 8KB

Striker is a very loving, energetic boy who loves people but will need an experienced home.

Striker is 2 1/2 years old, neutered, fully vetted, and heartworm negative. He is an AKC registered dog.

He needs an experienced working home and is very energetic. Striker is currently being house trained; he does well in the crate but is eager to run around when being let out. He has done great with kids, but he is not recommended to go to a home with other dogs or small animals. He does not have a ball drive but has great potential for nose work or agility.

For more information about Striker, please contact: Roxanne

If you want to apply for this dog, click Striker's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Roxanne, Striker's coordinator.

Ziva approx 6 yr old spayed female - KS

Fee: $325
Malinois Foster Ziva - 20KB
Malinois Foster Ziva - 17KB
Malinois Foster Ziva - 23KB
Malinois Foster Ziva - 17KB
Malinois Foster Ziva - 32KB

Ziva's got zoomies!

This beautiful girl is an incredible athlete with lots of energy. She can run like a rocket, and jump to the stratosphere for her chuck-it. You will love watching this acrobat sprint and leap, and she loves it, too. She'll bring the ball back and drop it so you can do it over again!

Sweet Ziva has a stellar smile, and is very affectionate. She has very nice manners, and is eager to make you happy. She knows sit, shake, stay, and is working on down. She does not counter surf and stays off the furniture. She is learning recall, but sometimes when you get the zoomies, it's hard to break the momentum! She will stay with the pack, she just gets a little exuberant.

Ziva loves mealtime, playtime, squeaky toys, and being petted. You'll know she appreciates you when she nudges and gives you a little lick. Sometimes she will follow you around the house, but she has an off switch and can rest in the next room. Ziva doesn't love her crate, but she will go in for meals and treats. She'd rather be loose in the house, and has been very well behaved in her foster home.

Ziva also likes other dogs, and has good manners. She met the foster pack with a wagging tail, and mixed in right away with the other four dogs. She is respectful of the alpha female and appropriate with the older, blind dog in the home. If the younger dogs want to play, she's in! Ziva reads dog language very well, and is submissive if one of the pack is having a bad day. Ziva is great with other dogs, and would love to have a dog-friend in her new family.

Ziva is under caution with cats. When she first arrived in foster care, she ignored them. After settling in, she was too interested, but stopped when she was called off or they hissed. Now when she wants a cat, she'll grab a toy instead. In the horse barn, she is on a long tether. She ignores the horses, and might be a good riding partner in time.

Ziva's dream home would have gentle, steady people who would provide lots of exercise and love. She is submissive, and it seems like someone was rough with her in the past. She responds best to calm and kindness. Ziva's foster says that her temperament is "so easy" and that Ziva can be shy, but never aggressive. Ziva would benefit from a family that would "encourage confidence" and provide plenty of activity and socialization.

Ziva would love to have other dogs in the home, and an active person, like a runner, to take her out. Because she is so sweet and wants so much to please you, she would be good for a first time Mal family, and her foster thinks that Ziva would love the extra attention from dog-savvy kids.

Ziva is delight, and some home will be very lucky to have her.

For more information about Ziva, please contact: Jen

If you want to apply for this dog, click Ziva's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Jen, Ziva's coordinator.

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