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N Central Region:

Charlotte, female - MI
* GiGi, female - MI
Gypsy - Adopted!!!
** Lilly, female - CO
Pepper - Adopted!!!
* Raiden, female - MI
* Taron, male - MI

S Central Region:

* Aleta, female - TX
** Braum, male - TX
Britta - Adopted!!!
* Chloe, female - TX
* Jake, male - TX
** Jill, female - TX
* Luke, male - TX
* Lucy, female - WI
** Mia, female - KS
Murphy - Adopted!!!
Rebel - Adopted!!!
* Striker, male - TX
* Ziva, female - KS

Northeast Region:

* Duke, male - NY
* Keeyo, male - VA
Travis, male - VA

Southeast Region:

** Audie, male - LA
Amara, female - GA
* Charlie, male - NC
* Link, male - GA
Trina, female - FL
Ziva - Adopted!!!

Northwest Region:

More NW Info

Southwest Region:

Dogs available from
Alternate Listings: A-M
Updated: Mar 30th
Alternate Listings: N-Z
Updated: Mar 4th

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See Malinois currently waiting for Foster Homes!



These Rescues are currently available in the Southeast area of the country. If you are interested in adopting one of the Malinois profiled in these pages contact the foster home listed in the profile.


Many police officers/trainers/SAR groups approach Malinois rescue looking for young dogs to train. Most of our rescued dogs are not suitable for these types of jobs. Some of our rescued Malinois are actually dogs that have been rejected by police departments due to their inability to do the job. While we are not opposed to adopting dogs out as working dogs, we adopt only to individuals, never to organizations or police departments. Most of our rescued Malinois have had difficult beginnings in life. The majority will make fantastic family pets, but most of them do not have the temperament needed to work day after day with a police officer or in search and rescue. All dogs adopted through Malinois rescue will be spayed or neutered prior to placement.

Amara 18 mo old spayed female - GA

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Amara - 13KB
Malinois Foster Amara - 33KB
Malinois Foster Amara - 21KB
Malinois Foster Amara - 18KB

Amara is an energetic young girl, a diamond in the rough looking for her special person(s).

Amara is an 18 month old spayed female currently located in GA. She is HW negative and up to date on shots. For Amara, we are looking for an experienced adopter and would also consider a foster-to-adopt to the right person. After a rough start, life has been looking up for this happy girl lately. She was picked up by the Sherriff's department in July of this year as part of a neglect case along with her litter of 8 puppies. The puppies have since found homes and Amara has been in foster with ABMR since they were weaned.

Since October of this year Amara has also been in professional training to learn about the things humans call 'manners'. This is especially important since Amara loves meeting new people. It's hard to remember your manners when you've never really had the chance to be a puppy yourself, and then all of a sudden people say you are 'too mouthy' when you're just excited and trying to make friends! But Amara has made great improvements in this area while in training and gets along well with the other dogs there. Amara is also crate trained.

Amara will require an experienced and patient handler who can continue her training and help her shine. She is a sweet, smart, high-drive girl who could excel in sports once someone harnesses her energy. Amara will not be placed with cats or young children (under 12) because of her boisterous nature. A fenced yard is a must.

For more information about Amara, please contact: Jennifer

If you want to apply for this dog, click Amara's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Jennifer, Amara's coordinator.

Audie approximately 3 yr old neutered male - LA

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Audie - 10KB
Malinois Foster Audie - 10KB
Malinois Foster Audie - 17KB
Malinois Foster Audie - 10KB
Malinois Foster Audie - 10KB
Malinois Foster Audie - 24KB

Audie was a stray from a high kill shelter in the Chicago burbs. He knows sit, down, gives paw and high five.

Are you looking for a big boy that is tennis ball/ Kong obsessed? Then Audie is your guy. He weighs about 80 pounds and just loves to run around. As long as he has a ball or a Kong in his mouth he's a happy boy.

Audie not big on giving up his Kong but he will trade up. He wants a family that is interested in doing a lot of training. He would love nosework and tracking. The shelter gave his age at 5 but his teeth are absolutely beautiful so we place his age at closer to 3. He will need a home without children, cats or small dogs.

He's housebroken. Audie will need an experienced and confident owner. He does not like to be confined and his new owner will have to continue to work, using positive training methods, to encourage Audie into a crate or kennel. Audie is working on his dog to dog manners - he plays very rough and can be inappropriate with other dogs. He is not aggressive but is currently learning better manners.

He is not a candidate for a dog park or a home with many other dogs. Audie needs an experienced owner who has the time to spend with Audie and who will enjoy working with him to continue his training.

For more information about Audie, please contact: Brett

If you want to apply for this dog, click Audie's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Brett, Audie's coordinator.

Charlie 3 yr old neutered male - NC

Fee: $350
Malinois Foster Charlie - 14KB
Malinois Foster Charlie - 15KB
Malinois Foster Charlie - 29KB
Malinois Foster Charlie - 23KB
Malinois Foster Charlie - 32KB
Malinois Foster Charlie - 30KB

Charlie has the triple threat covered— he's gorgeous, intelligent, and an impressive athlete.

High ball drive, high food drive, and high toy drive. This boy is all Malinois, with upgrades— he loves kids, tolerates cats, and even has an off switch! Charlie came into foster care with a serious leg injury. It was old and the joints had fused. It slowed him down and had pressure sores, so the vet recommended removal. Now that he's not encumbered, Charlie is wicked fast and his foster mom says that he would actually be a good candidate for agility. The only problem with missing a front leg? He can't quite figure out how to high five anymore, but he still tries.

Charlie seemed to be fully trained when he came into foster care. He knows sit, down, stay, here ("come" or to a whistle), drop, ettt/no. He will even accept commands from a toddler! He walks well on leash and is not destructive in the home. He loves to play fetch and will drop the ball on command.

Charlie is neutral toward other dogs. He isn't interested in bouncy invitations, and respects it when another dog doesn't want to share the ball. He does not show signs of aggression. He just doesn't have much interest in other dogs. Charlie has plenty of energy, but because he's dog-indifferent, his foster thinks he'd be fine in a home with an older dog who is past the playful stage.

Charlie will play with the cats in the home, and has not shown any aggression toward them. In fact, one cat was aggressive toward Charlie, and he makes sure to give that cat plenty of space. It's a different story for squirrels. Charlie seems convinced that they are just deluxe toys and he can't wait to catch one.

Charlie has a keen eye and a confident personality. He is recommended for a malinois experienced handler. He is smart, willing to learn, and affectionate, but he also has an independent mind. His foster thinks that he would respond well to firm, consistent instruction, but that if there were shouting or heavy-handed management, Charlie might react poorly.

At some point in his past, Charlie had a bad experience with his collar, and he will grumble if an adult suddenly grabs at his collar. He does not do this with the children. His foster has been doing drills to help him with putting the leash on and off, and Charlie is getting more comfortable. His foster also recommends a muzzle for ear cleanings and nail trimmings, because he feels vulnerable being laid on his side. He does well for baths, and loves the rubber scrubby.

Charlie has some skin allergies that the vet thinks are food related. His foster is testing foods to find one that agrees with him. He does have some patchy hair on his rump from the allergy, but it seems to improve with better foods. He is not taking any medication.

Charlie is very fit and active. Having only one leg has not slowed him down at all. His foster thinks that he would excel at agility, but would also be good at competitive obedience or nose work. He likes to go jogging and is "pretty fast." He has good endurance and does well on outings. His foster says that they have not gone shopping together, but from what they have seen, he is "environmentally pretty sound." He likes hiking and might be a good sporting dog.

Charlie's foster says that he bonded quickly with their family, and that he is a good boy. She thinks he would thrive in a home with kids, and be fine with cats. Because he is smart enough and confident enough to be a challenge for a weak handler, someone who has Malinois experience is recommended. This boy is a looker, and will be a loving companion and a lot of fun for the right house.

For more information about Charlie, please contact: Cj.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Charlie's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Cj, Charlie's coordinator.

Link 11 mo old neutered male – GA

Fee: $375
Malinois Foster Link - 12KB
Malinois Foster Link - 12KB
Malinois Foster Link - 11KB
Malinois Foster Link - 14KB
Malinois Foster Link - 22KB

Link is a friendly, easy-going pup looking for his forever.

Link is an 11 mo male available for adoption in GA. He currently weighs in at 42 lbs so still has a bit of growing to do. Link is a nice calm boy for his age and does well with other dogs, dog-savvy children and even cats! While in his foster home, Link has made great strides in his obedience training. He is still learning to focus a bit better, he is still a pup after all and easily distracted.

Link is house and crate trained. He also does well outside of the crate for example at night when people are home. In the house, Link is quiet and does not bark much. He walks well on a leash and likes playing with tug toys. He does well out in public, loves meeting new people, and does good with the vet. He is a great running and hiking partner!

Due to his past, Link does have a tendency to lose focus on the handler and occasionally reverts to repetitive behaviors such as licking crate walls or spinning. These behaviors do not have a neurological origin and he can be successfully redirected without too much effort. The behaviors have all but disappeared while in foster, but given this background we are looking for a more experienced home for Link where he can continue to thrive and learn without reverting. A quieter home with plenty of one-on-one attention would be preferable for Link. Transportation assistance to the right home is available for Link.

For more information about Link, please contact: Jessica

If you want to apply for this dog, click Link's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Jessica, Link's coordinator.

Trina ??? yr old spayed female - FL

Fee: $300
Malinois Foster Trina - 14KB
Malinois Foster Trina - 18KB
Malinois Foster Trina - 18KB
Malinois Foster Trina - 15KB
Malinois Foster Trina - 42KB
Malinois Foster Trina - 22KB
Malinois Foster Trina - 35KB

Hi! They call me Trina Bina Turquisina but that seems like a lot so usually its just Trina or Tri-Tri.

I was picked up 5 months ago as a stray and landed in the county shelter; I wasn't feeling well, had a bit of a nasty cough and a giant lump on my side that was really annoying. ABMR took care of that cough and had that lump removed. They said I'm a cancer survivor (whatever that is) !!

So... here at foster momma's house now it's super cool and she said I'm getting trained! I have learned all the basics: sit, down, stay, place, come when called, fetch, out, leave it! I'm house broken, I like the couch and sleeping in bed with you but I also don't mind the doggie cot or being in the crate overnight. I don't have social skills with other doggies so I MUST be your only pet. NO dogs, cats or small children! I LOVE all the big people I meet and show them by giving smoochies!

I'm kind, beautiful and have the softest fur. I love my back scratched and will snuggle up to you to get more lovin. I 'm around 8 years old but don't let my age fool you - I have loads of energy to chase the ball, frisbee and play a rousing game of tug! Foster mom says I need someone that will be stern with my commands because I used to grab and snatch at objects that weren't mine and still like to pretend whatever is in my mouth is mine forever. But if you tell me what to do and you really mean it, I WILL do it!

My new family must understand that I can't be with other dogs, I will obey commands if you ask me seriously and I will love you with my whole self forever and ever.
Love, Trina


For more information about Trina, please contact: Cindy.

If you want to apply for this dog, click Trina's Adoption Application which will automatically be sent to Cindy, Trina's coordinator.

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