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* EssyMae, female - VA
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* Matilda, female - PA
Molly - Adopted!!!
* Ranger, male - NY
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Tracker - Adopted!!!

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Amara, female - GA
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Jett - Adopted!!!

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Successful Rescue Stories

Yana's Cinderella Story

© 2010 Eileen Anderson
Published in the Dec/Jan 2010 Performer

February 2009

Yana and her brother were close to death when ABMC rescued them in February 2009. They had been tied in a pole barn, along with several other dogs, for over two months in freezing weather. At nine months old, they weighed 39 and 36 pounds—just bones covered with flesh. Somehow they had managed to survive on very little food or water and with no human contact except for hands that threw in a bag of dog food or perhaps wielded a weapon. When I saw Yana's picture I cried. Her eyes were sad and sick; her muzzle was covered with bite marks—apparently food was a commodity that had to be fought for. I knew I wanted her. I needed to help her learn Love, Trust, and Self-Confidence. I also needed a "girl dog" to help ease the emptiness left by the sudden cancer death of Cleo, my Tervuren therapy dog, eight months before.

Photo of Rescued Malinois, Yana and Argus - 17KB
Photo of Rescued Malinois, Yana and Argus - 13KB

Photo of Rescued Malinois, brother and sister, Yana and Argus

Photo of Rescued Malinois Yana - 17KB

Rescued Malinois Yana

Photo of Rescued Malinois Argus - 17KB

Rescued Malinois Argus

My grown offspring made several feeble email attempts to convince me I did not need another dog—particularly another Mal. A semi-retired teacher, I moved to a remote village in the Adirondack Mountains a year ago –bringing with me Cleo, my Tervuren who unexpectedly died soon after the move; Caesar, my five year old rescued Mal (labeled as "too much dog" by one of my daughters);Urchin a thirteen year old Bengie Look-a Like; and Rosie, the demanding Queen Cat.

Prayers were answered. My application was approved.

March 2009

Caesar and I met Yana. ABMC had spent $3,000 in vet bills to rehabilitate her and her litter mate. Her foster Mom had worked wonders in three weeks. Yana had gained over 10 pounds, was walking on a leash, was crate trained and had experienced living in a real home. She was extremely shy but offered hesitant kisses to people she deemed "special". Caesar checked her out and approved. I loved her gentle feminine nature. I settled my two Mals in the car and we headed for our home in the mountains.

Initially in her new forever home Yana was frightened and stayed close to me for reassurance. Yet she was also inquisitive and cautiously explored her new surroundings: There was a crate with a quilt in it reserved just for her. There was a furry ball of a cat, but this creature didn't even spaz or run. There was a fat little yellow dog who seemed too old to bother with. There were toys and shoes, boots and slippers in every room of the house! Outdoors there was a big pen to play in, a yard with lots of grass and trees, and a street with no cars. BEST of ALL: there were no other strange people in this house besides her new Mom AND the absolutely gorgeous canine Prince Charming who had ridden in the car with us lived here!!

Yana, with the fickleness of an adolescent female, quickly forgot her brother and fell head-over-heels in love with Caesar. She wanted him with her at all times—preferably near enough to touch. Until she learned more of Trust, there were some severe episodes of Separation Anxiety whenever Caesar (or Mom) disappeared from sight. With Caesar she was relentless in her displays of affection and invitations to play. He, being a perfect gentleman, did not reject her advances, but instead ran to me to protect him from rowdy games of Leap-Frog or non-stop kisses and leg love bites.

Yana with Caesar - 17KB Yana with Caesar - 15KB
Yana with Caesar - 19KB

Yana with Caesar Shortly after being Adopted

May 2009

I took Yana to four puppy socialization classes—over an hour's drive away. We were late for the first class and presented quite a Dog Whisperer scenario as we attempted to enter the training ring. Correction: I was trying to enter; Yana was attempting to avoid entering. The instructor took over and Yana went through the gate. She sat and trembled for the remaining 45 minutes of class. Second Class: it rained and class was held in the indoors arena—up a very long, steep staircase. No Way! I couldn't even get Yana through doors into strange buildings by myself; I was not about to attempt stairs. The instructor's very young, strong, masculine assistant did it before Yana could say NO. I felt rather foolish (and old), but I swallowed my pride. This was about Yana—not me. There was free socialization before and after class. Yana found a quiet man sitting with an equally quiet full-grown German Shepherd. As I visited with the man, Yana kissed his hand and lay down behind his legs. By the end of class she was socializing with people and dogs of her choosing—offering shy kisses. The instructor and I were incredulous! By lesson four, Yana was completely relaxed, lying down between exercises. (I thought she was sick!). In addition, she had mastered basic commands.

August 2009

Yana has learned Love and is relaxed and secure in her role as a member of the family. She still adores Caesar, but she no longer attempts to destroy her bedding, crate and all, when I leave her alone to go hiking for several hours with Caesar. Caesar has learned to "get a toy" or to reprimand Yana if she gets too rambunctious. She accepts him as Alpha Dog and submissively begs forgiveness if he rebukes her. His pride in being Top Dog is enhanced by her reliance on him when they occasionally have to board for a weekend. She has learned to play by herself with a tennis ball or to chew a Nylabone if he wants to snooze. Caesar now seems rather flattered by her adoration and willingly accepts her morning kisses and leg love bites. He is her role model, and she mimicked him until now she too can dribble an indestructible ball—with the appropriate accompanying squeals. She is presently mastering catching a Frisbee in mid-air as she has watched him do with expertise.

Rosie, Dominant (and Only) Cat, has enlisted Yana's partnership in a strategy to get Mom out of bed by 6 am every morning. Rosie repeatedly stalks by Yana's crate, challenging her to attack .Yana answers the challenge with outbursts of ferociousness. Everyone gets up. Yana gives Rosie one chase to the kitchen and then ignores her until dinner time. Rosie gets breakfast and goes down for her all-day nap. The dogs go out, get a biscuit, and go back to sleep. Never mind about Mom.

Urchin has learned to stay out of the way of fast-moving Belgians. During the Dog Days of summer, he spends most of his time sleeping on the couch or under the computer at my feet. Yana is usually too preoccupied with her own concerns to remember he exists. Once in a while she thinks of playing, "Let's Wind Up the Little Dog." If Urchin can't handle the invasion on his own, Caesar steps in to tell Yana that such behavior is not acceptable.

Caesar has also taught Yana that while Mom is drinking her morning coffee or eating her dinner, it is not only considerate, but also highly advisable, to gnaw on a bone, rather than play "Pop Goes the Weasel" in the living room.

Yana has gained a great deal of Self-Confidence and is learning the meaning of Trust. She now comes eagerly when I get out the leash to take her for a walk—no longer reluctant to leave Caesar and the security of the house. Her foster Mom was right when she said that the Adirondacks would be the perfect home for Yana. Yana likes Quiet—in the house and outdoors. We walk along country roads, on paths bordering the golf course, on trails in the woods, and in cemeteries. (I am having fun reading gravestones and Yana doesn't know there are people there.) I talk or sing to her as we walk, and she is happy and relaxed—her tail no longer tucked between her hind legs.

Yana in 2011 - 15KB
Yana during a walk through the Adirondacks in 2012 - 15KB

Yana during a walkin 2011

Yana during a walk in the Adirondacks in 2012

There is no Petsmart here for socialization endeavors, but we do visit the small community library, which is quite busy in the summer. She is comfortable by my side, watching and listening as I search for books or visit. When we get home from our excursions, she runs to greet Caesar, and then does her Butterfly Dance in the center of the living room. When she leaps and does her pirouettes in the air, I know she is happy—with herself above all.

Her crate is very personal and special to her. She has learned to make her own bed to ensure comfort at all times. Sometimes when it is warm in the house, she pushes her quilt all to one side and lies on her back with all feet in the air, the fan blowing on her belly. Once she is cool, she scrunches the quilt into a king-size pillow for her head and shoulders. When ready for a long, deep sleep, she spreads it out as a bed and stretches out full length. She goes to her crate on her own accord when she is ready for bed at night—sometimes leaving an all-family snuggling or chatting session. She likes to have her meals served in her crate, so she can eat slowly and enjoy each mouthful without worrying about its being stolen.

Yana is still very shy and not ready to be touched by strangers; however she did initiate snuggling with my daughter who was visiting me for several days. I have learned to respect her right to be cautious and reserved. She is very observant and needs to assess each new situation. I am patiently giving her the time she needs and I see progress weekly. She thanks me by whispering in my ear.

Today Yana is beautiful. Her coat has come in soft and full. The cream color of her neck seems to reflect the pink of her collar. Yesterday at the vet's she weighed in at 67 pounds. Her eyes are warm and gentle –no longer expressing sadness and terror. She is truly becoming the princess she was intended to be. A true lady lying in her wading pool, all she needs are pink soap bubbles.

Princess Yana as an only dog - 17KB Princess Yana as an only dog - 15KB

Princess Yana now enjoys life as an "Only" dog!

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